The Cave



It’s MJ’s birthday on 15/2 or 2/15.



Happy Birthday from Shameless Frank.



Shine On You Crazy Diamond.



And ‘Allegory of the Cave’.



From Wiki : Allegory of the Cave.

The Allegory of the Cave, or Plato’s Cave, is an allegory presented by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work Republic (514a–520a) to compare “the effect of education (παιδεία) and the lack of it on our nature”. It is written as a dialogue between Plato’s brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates, narrated by the latter. The allegory is presented after the analogy of the sun (508b–509c) and the analogy of the divided line (509d–511e).

In the allegory, Socrates describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality, but are not accurate representations of the real world. The shadows represent the fragment of reality that we can normally perceive through our senses, while the objects under the sun represent the true forms of objects that we can only perceive through reason.

Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are actually not reality at all. A philosopher aims to understand and perceive the higher levels of reality. Three higher levels exist: the natural sciences; mathematics, geometry, and deductive logic; and the theory of forms. However, the other inmates of the cave do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life.


I think it is fairly obvious 3D reality is a form of Maya. That has been clear for many years now. The dilemma is how to leave the false reality and join with the real world and I would say it’s evident that the consciousness shift is in full swing. The Ego mind or whatever term you may care to use is desperate and holding on by its fingers. Much of it is difficult to deal with though. Shockwave after shockwave after shockwave.

Off Merovee, there has been all sorts being coming at me which I haven’t written about mainly because I don’t want to add any more confusion to an already confused state. And incredibly personal as well. Also the sheer scale of it is difficult for the mind and heart to process. Memory and ‘Remembering’ has been a large part of it. Memory is being continually pinged. I’m not sure what exactly we are trying to remember but I suppose if the memory was already there there would be no need to ping the memory.

And I realise I keep banging on about it but a reunion of the masculine and feminine within the larger Self which is causing mayhem. And Senses Working Overtime and frequency. It’s not only the First Picture of You. Just hearing a voice can turn your heart to mush as well as other senses.

On the walls of the world. Meow posibly. Annoying I’m sure for some. Maybe cats do rule the world though !



Feline It ?


78 thoughts on “The Cave

        1. 🤣🤣😂welp, that’s a lot to unpack. Thank you for the birthday wishes! (and the video, really made me laugh & I watched it several times. freakin hilarious!).
          When I was 12, I could’ve used some of that nefarious mint mixture on the Tony Hawk half-pipe jam machine to land on because I broke my arm skateboarding. That probably wouldn’t have happened if I’d clenched my hidden teeth within a simulated mouth chamber 😳
          I don’t know what you searched to find this gem, but thank you! Really excellent and I needed a laugh.♥️

    1. Look at this.
      Roob, somehow I think you might have insight about this show. I hadn’t heard of it. But it is in the list of “entertainment affected by 9/11”
      The trailer is weird and somehow out-of-sorts, in a way that reflects the whole event and shook it up. It feels like it’s not even a real show, but the trailer is copy & pasted parts of different things to try and be a show. anyway…the name is interesting.

      1. Frank, I feel like this “trailer” is a good example of the mind trying to put together something to have some comfort in logic where there is none, but it got sloppy and said “fuck it”. But on a more serious note, … what the actual fuck? This is a weird relic piece of media, right? Not just me or else I have no idea or agreement with the outside world about what is normal. This is a struggle sometimes. And when you’re in the same house, it sucks. At least Charlie knows.

      1. Cellular memory again which I believe is part of reason for vaccine.

        Every cell within our body holds information in the form of energy. This energy contains the memories of all our life experiences as well as ancestral memory and essence of our soul. It is this energy that informs our current experience of life, shapes our beliefs, and subconsciously influences our thoughts and feelings.

        Currently the incoming energies are flooding through your physical body cleansing and shifting the energetic structure and resonance of your physical from. With this shift cellular memories are being activated triggering unresolved trauma and unprocessed cellular memories giving you the opportunity to transform them into wisdom and awareness. With this transformation new streams of consciousness can enter the body updating the information contained with your cells and encouraging new ways of being and behaving that bring your internal and external environments back into balance.

        From the article :

        Memory and ‘Remembering’ has been a large part of it. Memory is being continually pinged. I’m not sure what exactly we are trying to remember but I suppose if the memory was already there there would be no need to ping the memory.

        1. And windmills of your mind.

          What jumps out at me with the video is the chat show host – Russell Harty. He was a very good presenter and died in 1988. Blasts from the past.

          ‘Half remembered names and faces, but to whom do they belong ?’

      1. MJ

        It’s the sound of the ‘innocent murmur’ getting louder.
        A heart murmur has a regular beat accompanied by a whooshing sound. Produced by a ‘turbulent flow’ of blood from the heart.

        You may have to use headphones with this video. It’s okay with my phone but my laptop doesn’t really pick it up.

        And on a sort of relevant vein (pun intended), when the innocent murmur gets too loud, the only thing the system can and will do is remind us who controls the fake currency and therefore the enforcement of ‘the debt’.
        Interesting her name is Chrystia Freeland.

        1. Orlena, Charlie and I both have an innocent murmur ☺️ in our hearts. (literally, too). I have learned that murmurs are sometimes there, and then sometimes, not. Either way, totally innocent.

        2. Right! The mind is not okay with doing away with the 3rd party to “ok” everything! Everything I hear about crypto stuff is that I hear words and terms that distract me, and I don’t understand it. Crypto currency is about having “meeting” with an exchange that “has a good reputation”. (on a side note, crypto currency has way too many double entendres for me. I’m not amused).
          And that video is saying the same thing; the 3rd party wants you to “keep it moving”, or the overlord will freeze your accounts. Absolutely deplorable! How long until we see that we don’t need this 3rd party?! But it’s not just about currency; if I try to connect (face to face), it often just spirals into a weird tangent or the ‘connection’ is lost. To be honest, I do feel at a loss sometimes because I don’t know what to do. I think doing nothing is the thing to do. “Trying” anything is not working. What a mess. It’s like Evergreen again. Something is clogged. HELP!

          1. MJ

            It’s frustrating I know and very disheartening to experience all of this.

            Idk, but maybe it’s the lesson of Tic-Tac-Toe. And number of players zero, to force us to play ourselves until we learn.
            I know I put this War Games video up way too many times but…


            And, as unpleasant as this is to consider, I do believe we have been clearly told, it has everything to do with ‘gain of function’ research being done in a laboratory.

  1. Doug, Douglas… ‘dark water’. Could that be ‘swamp’ water? Note the connection to ‘social credit’…

    Ford… ‘to cross a body of water by walking on the bottom’…

    The bottom… the lowest? The number at the bottom of a fraction, the simple folk, the hoi polloi…

    I wonder…

    1. Fjord, ford.

      a passage.
      Something definitely feels like a Janus ritual to me.
      Here’s the old quarter.×768-1.jpg
      Looks like a d*ck to me! (every quarter before 2022 is facing this way).
      Here’s the new quarter.
      Now, what is going on here with the currency? The two five. 25252525252525
      Definitely a Janus ritual.

      1. Why would you ‘age’ a person who is not alive? See what happened? Compare the two faces (of Janus Washington). Strange.

        1. I mean, it looks like a circumcised dick (head). Which, it literally is. But looks like it, too. Jesus. Going to bed.

  2. Happy birthday, MJ

    I hope you are “happy” while this atrocity against our children is taking place.

    It’s not good enough to say, This world is not real.

    YOU people PRETEND there is no suffering going on.

    It’s all just NOT REAL.

    Well, I think the suffering is real. I don’t know how you can stand by and NOT CALL THESE MOVIE STAR HYPOCRITES OUT.

    Just don’t get you….


      1. “Trinity.

        Get him out of here.”

        That’s my directive. That’s what I am doing.


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Trinity! And yes, I am bothered by most everything. I just can’t express it.

      1. I can’t express it either in the world because like you I am a mother. Me, a single mother.

        So I get it.

        Jesus is our savior. He walked the lonely road for us, to show us that even if we are hated and rejected by the world, we are LOVED by our Creator.

        Jesus is EVERYTHING. He walked the talk, to the END, to show us, it’s the ONLY WAY OUT.


  3. You people live in LIES….

    You do not know how to BE REAL… or how to be NATURAL, without FEAR of giving away your idk UNCLE.

    WIthout giving away the DEEP DARK SECRETS, that would get you all idk, SHUNNED.



    Like me?

    I feel sorry for you.

    It’s tough, this “life.”


  4. I think all you can do is concentrate on the Now. This is in the mix though I believe. Time loops and why life repeats. And a gaggle of doppelgangers !!!!!!!!

    If I knew you in a past life
    Would I know it if we passed by?
    Would I feel it in the depth of my mind?
    If I knew you, if I knew you in a past life

    1. i know, doppelgangers everywhere…..

      A life story populated with the same people entering your life over and over again.

      Frank, I’m getting a lot closer to its unreality. I have a squirrel that stalked me up in New York and peed on my French door back-deck windows when I stopped feeding him, and he shows up even now down here in Florida, like today when I freaked out and thought I’ve locked myself out of my van….

      Then Jesus shows me where I put the keys, and in relief I walk around the van and I see the squirrel, cautiously exiting from beneath it.

      It’s mockery, really. Satan knows I can’t hurt him in retaliation for messing with my mind…. He appears to walk on eggshells when I see that he is there, that it was him who got me to carelessly throw my keys inside, losing track of them……he’s mocking me.


      This is the End, my Friend!

      It’s just Jesus, or Satan…. nothing in between.

          1. Jesus is my Savior, in every hour of need.

            Praise Be to The Most High!

            Thank you for giving me Your Son to save me.

            When I ask for help, it is given me.

            My name?

            Um, I get asked that A LOT, and I’m never sure how to answer.

            When “they” loved me?



  5. <3

    Frank, MJ, Roob (Clickeeey!)

    We really are in this together, for better or worse!


    When I remember to laugh….thanks for that.


    It's the "Middle Way," I'm getting it now…..

    Don't fly to high, or your wings will melt!… and don't give in to the drowning depths, either…….

    Just keep on ridin'

    1. Let’s try to remember….

      Our Creator is only ….

      pure love.

      When Satan attacks and attacks and attacks….

      he’s trying to KILL your natural proclivity to ….


      Our Father’s animals bring us back to our INNOCENCE.

      Unconditional LOVE.

      It’s the only bright spot I can find.

      The Creator’s Creation.



      He wants us to come home to it!

      I’m READY!


      1. And, like Job, I have asked, How could our Father allow us to suffer under Satan like this?

        And I get it.

        The Father gave us the Freedom to choose, and thus rightfully claim our Godhood as his children on our own.

        The World is so clearly WICKED now….. He can’t SAVE us from this hell.

        Until WE ASK HIM TO.

        He wants us to SEE clearly how evil the Fallen Angel and Prince of this World IS…. “Lucifer”… Satan…. Inanna…. the Fallen Angel….. the DEVIL….

        so that we can turn our backs on him and his shitty world….

        And ask the Almighty, like the Prodigal Son did, Let me just be a servant in your household and that will be better than this HELL!

        But the Father, when he saw his lost son approaching, ordered the fatted calf be slaughtered for a GREAT CELEBRATION!

        Because his son was once lost…. but now he is FOUND.

        THAT’S how much the Father LOVES US.

        He’s WAITING for us… to come back to HIM.

          1. Robert De Niro is the Ground Zero of the Satan-if-ication of HOLLY-WOOD.

            That must be why the Father had me meet him on the set in Chicago of “Mad Dog and Glory” and shake his hand!

            “You’re going down, Mr. De NIRO (Mr. MONEY!!! Mr. Mon-EYE)”

            And I take pride in participating in your TAKEDOWN.”

            1. You do know that the guy Robert De Niro (Jimmy the Gent ) bludgeoned and kicked to death in that bar in “Goodfellas” and said “I know a place upstate where they will never find him” is buried in my backyard.

              You do know that, right?

              HAW HAW HAW

              That’s all I gotta say.

              1. You want justice for your good guy father, or uncle, or grandfather, whoever he was?

                He was clearly a “good guy,” according to the film “GoodFellas.” A man of principle. The last of the “Godfathers.”

                You know who I am.

                ALL WE need is PROOF, and we can TAKE THESE SCUMBAGS DOWN.

                Let me know if you want to “Do this.” I still own that property.

                But for now you can reach me at

                P.O. Box 1055
                Cortez, FL

                Get the zip on you own, pls.

                  1. They’re all related in that town, and it’s possible they have most likely tried to remove the grave while I’ve been down here in Florida.

                    But it’s frozen up there now, and if I go up and see they have dug it up, welp….

                    Uh yeah, you GET THE PICTURE.

                    The Burkes will FALL.

  6. That ROAR vid is not for nothing.

    It’s ME

    I’ve turned my back on the world, all you and your gossip, and me and my “family.” GAG me

    I think I’m gonna do a lot better trusting in my Creator alone.

    Just me, myself and I…..

    And Yah.


      1. And you know what?

        Welp, I’m not really sure, but let me just say….

        Maybe it’s more loving for “The King” to just step out of it…. out of the DRAMA…

        Instead of being FORCED to kill his own son.

        1. The trouble is, being a woman, whenever you try to just be Christlike, and “be love” or just generate love, it is misperceived in this world as sluttiness. “Always open.” “Anything is good by me,” or what have you….

          It’s DISGUSTING.


          This world is RULED by the RULER of ALL that is DISGUSTING: That is Satan.

          The ruler of all that is hateful, tragic, disloyal, dirty….. whorish, pfft EVERYTHING THAT IS BAD is of…


          And it is not of your Creator

          1. In my last exchange with my brother, he told me that I need “psychiatric” help. Ha ha. Um yeah, and threw a false allegation at me that I had attacked what? my favorite niece, his daughter, who I am not surprised, lives far away from him and his new mob family in Connecticut.

            Wow, my brother, he’s WAY connected now! To the Archdiocese of Bridgeport Conn! Haha, yeah…. where they masterminded the fake sick psyop pf Sandy Hook!!!

            Yeah, welp, “Brother.”

            It is YOU who needs “psychiatirc” help, for getting the shot from Phizer!

            Oh, but you didn’t get the shot, you’re “connected,” so you just got the placebo.

            Good on you!!!


            1. Peace to you, brother!

              All is well….. believe it or not!

              Here is music that made me feel peace.

              I’m all about Jesus, but for me that does not preclude any “THING” clearly of PEACE, be it Tibetan or Buddhist or even Hildegard von Bingen or Bach, or even, Handel’s Messiah.


              Jesus is literally here now, holding out His Hand, for you to take and follow with him HOME.

              In PEACE.

              1. The GLOBE.


                Just replace that FAKE image of a globe floating through space (LOL) with the reality you see at the beach, the blue sky over a flat sea horizon ….. from East to West…. it’s a PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINE.

                Now that’s REAL….PEACEFUL.

                1. A perfectly straight line cannot turn somewhere into a curve, not matter how long it is.

                  A PERFECT STRAIGHT LINE.

                  The HORIZON.

                  There’s your “flat earth proof” right there.

                  It’s SO OBVIOUS!!!!

                  And you SCOUNDRELS that perpetuate the MASKS, the FAKE VAX, a fake, criminal world THAT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OFF…..

                  ARE GOING DOWN.

                  1. And let’s just be clear: I am whatever…. “Trinity”

                    And um, basically ALL OF THE BITCHUTE TRUTHER SHIT is yeah, shit.

                    They ARE ALL FAKE.

                    Including that “Bluewater” and his (Has to be a guy, am i right? Addicted to porn) images of scantily clad BOSOMY WOMEN to disco music, last of which he had RUNAWAY….


                    Oh and PRO-TRUMP

                    Just like scary SNARKY…. I think she is scary now….. after watching some of her older vids.



                    GO TO HELL

                    Melania is a f— REPTILE. A Baphomet at the very least. That means “she’s” a “he.” She has BOTH.


                    Good candidate for the ANTI-CHRIST.


                    1. My TROUBLE and GANGSTALKING really began, yes, in earnest at 9/11, but even before…. Because I was pursuing and learning about natural healing methods, cleansing myself: And I learned about lots of different people being healed from death sentences like “liver cancer” or “HIV” or um, idk ANY KIND OF CANCER…. And I learned and came to believe there is NOTHING your body can’t heal itself with.

                      The REPTILES, or “ELITE” or what have you, DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS.

                      Like Snarky says, you can basically heal yourself from any disease with just WATER.

                      Our bodies are a MIRACLE.

                      In and of themselves.

                      I guess the reptiles don’t have this gift from the Creator.

                      They must EAT humans and human babies just to stay alive.


                    2. The self-healing miracle of our Jah (Most High God-given) bodies is shown to us in “The Terminator” movies, making it seem beyond what ACTUALLY HAPPENS when we are injured:

                      We self-heal.

                      TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT

                      It’s made to be feared and to seem evil and of the enemy.

                      It’s OURS.

                      Made to seem impossible to us in these witchcraft “Holly Wood” movies like “The Terminator.”

                    3. I also have to say, that um …

                      There was nothing I could’ve done to change the trajectory of this dreama (ha, drama).


                      It was set in stone, the whole deal.

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