A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire


Tempus fugit.



This time last year I bought a Hyacinth indoor flower. I put it outside once it had finished blooming in the vague hope that it may reflower this year and much to my surprise ‘Hey Presto’.




Keeping Up Appearances : Hyacinth Bucket or Bouquet.




Bizarre is not even close.




And Love Wars.



In the comments Swim mentioned ‘Quiet Time’ and I’ve been experiencing the Sound of Silence.

On the flip side ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ and ‘A Bouquet of Barbed Wire’.



And ‘The Shadow’.



We are experiencing an amazing nosedive into Love and Pain and facing extraordinary concepts and experiences with ‘reality’. Or is it just me ? I doubt it though. IMO only one is real even though the pain of separation from God feels very real. Our reality seems very real but all the evidence says otherwise. A lot of these metaphysical concepts sound good in theory but when you face them reality becomes even more bewildering than it was before. And that’s saying something.




Who’s Who ?


7 thoughts on “A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire

  1. Heights and flights, fights and bights for those wot know their nots.

    Re: the sociology, the related subject of ‘deep water’ has been raised and I’m sure that Pamela Horizon and Tommy Lee could shed some light on the ‘Barbed Wire’. But what happened when the guns fell silent?

    Stopping to count the blades of grass must have seemed a bit pointless given the circumstances. Even today the rules of the ‘beautiful game’ are fairly relaxed about size and related matters.


    Just saying, OK?

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