The Wheelbarrow Race


Out Of Time.



From Starchild Global :

Of course, since Time and Space are mostly “illusions” of perception you are living between two realities. The old energy / alternate reality exists on the lower levels of consciousness with its linear timeline and the higher consciousness spiral timeline that exists on the higher frequencies. Each of these timelines while existing in the same “space” produces a different spatial reality. So depending on your perceptions and your soul frequencies you will find yourself either in a chaotic and fear-filled reality or in a peaceful and loving reality.



I could only hear your heartbeat.




The Upside Down is a weird place. Boots, door knocker and lamplights are upside down.



And the struggle with the collective and individual mind. Big Bro recently told me that everyone should be vaccinated. Family at war. Not really but it does create a chasm when everyone in your family has queued up for the prick in the arm. Being English the pressure is exerted in a subtle way. Catch me if you can is my policy. My life, my choice. Do what you want but give me the same choice. What is the greater good ? I take the view I am the greater good so swivel. I am polite though.

And memory again and childhood innocence. In the Upside Down pic there is a wheel barrow. When I was young at my first school we held a sports day in Timber Hill Rd close to the school. My memory of the sports day is winning the wheelbarrow race with a girl I once knew. I can’t remember her name. I held her legs whilst she sped along with her hands on the ground and legs akimbo. Before sin came into the mind.



Fast as fuck.


21 thoughts on “The Wheelbarrow Race

  1. Incredible energy in this video. Whatever ‘It’ is ‘It’ feeds off energy.

    Also why you have to pay big bucks to see the likes of FM and why we charge for our time. Payin with pain. Pain is a currency as well. In reality it is all free. The fault lines have become self evident IMO. It’s a matter of getting the energy flowing the right way.

      1. I’ve just got back inside from a trip to Holborns 1974. I was expecting Mary Poppins to show up.

        I wrote this in an email to MJ yesterday :

        ‘And energy this week is off the scale. I thought it maybe round your birthday and then adding Leo Full Moon and Aquarius Sun and something about Mars and Venus being close as well. A perfect storm.’

        I mentioned Timber Hill Rd and Fast As Fuck.


  2. Frank, only two weeks have elapsed since you wrote about the ‘ego mind’ being ‘against God’, and now you’ve declared yourself the ‘greater good’. This comes only a week after you stated ‘You are not the saviour’. I noticed that in another recent post you just couldn’t allow yourself to refer to ‘the journey’ without first claiming ‘the journey’ as your own. “Ultimately, it’s my journey” is what you said, as if everyone else is tagging along in your wake. Could it be that your occasional lapses into lovey-dovey togetherness are nothing more than icing sugar to disguise the ‘me-me-me’ solipsism that inevitably follows? Kinda looks that way, don’t it?

  3. “If the plane goes down you go down with it.” To put that in perspective for ya, what happened when Merovee went down? Nothing whatsoever, and that says it all, doesn’t it?

  4. The laboratory from Medieval Latin laboratorium, a place for ‘labor’ or ‘work’.
    The class, a division of people into groups, ‘working’ class or elite class.
    Also a group of students who are taught and learn together, in a class room.
    And the disease, ‘sin’, and the question of vulnerability. From Latin vulnerabilis, ‘wounded’.

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