Wild Flowers



Time to act your age. The more I look into the psyche the more I see how infantile adult humanity behaves. It really is like a two year old throwing tantrums or teenagers being teenagers. You expect it with children and teenagers. I suspect humanity got to about the age of fifteen and then stopped maturing.

Recently I’ve come across a pattern where people are very insistent on showing me things and my inner thinking is I’m totally uninterested. Just doesn’t speak to me. Tell it to the birds or anyone else but me. No cold calling please.

I think archetypes are useful but part of adulthood is to understand you are not Superman or woman or a film star. As you grow older you become more akin to Souper Man and also I think it is a denial of your self. You want to be someone who you are not and living your life through others is a denial of your self. Your life experiences are for you and the experiences of others is for them. You are not the saviour. One of my observations I noticed when I was at the crystal warehouse was how many of the healers were focused on their clients when their own lives were in total disarray and meltdown and had a multitude of illnesses. I think this is practical at present. Self healing is the name of the game.

Part of it is taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions. I like to think I’m an adult now and will walk my own path. I listen to spirit and my heart rather than others even though obviously you learn from others as you go along but ultimately it is my journey.

You have made many mistakes in your life and experienced many defeats and part of the journey is understanding how little you know.



It all goes on at Holborns 1974. Holborns 1974 in the year of the Water Tiger is part of understanding how little I do know.





MJ sent me an email about Log Lady on Friday. ‘The circle is almost complete’.

“This truth I know as sure as the dawn: Darkness will always yield to light, when the light is strong.”

“Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river. That which is and is not.”

“It has been a pleasure speaking with you.”



And as is the way of things. Outside Holborns 1974 this morning.

Kiln dried logs.



The Home Fires are burning.


45 thoughts on “Wild Flowers

    1. Orlena

      It all goes on around Holborns est 1974. The year of the Water Tiger is in the mix as well.

      This is obviously not a real place in 3D terms. And there are other planes as well.

      It’s a paradox. I see Childhood’s End as going back to when we were young. Innocence.

    1. Ken

      That reminds me that at least the slave knows he is a slave. The slave master thinks he is free but he’s still chained to the rhythm just as much.

      Can’t remember the name of the individuals but again reminds me of a conversation between an American and Russian at time of Cold War. Maybe apochcryphal. And the Russian said ‘At least I know I’m being brainwashed’.

    1. I think you’re on to the thing that is happening. Animus anima.
      I am feeling an “energy crisis” within myself. I want to fix it. I’m not holding on to anything in particular, I’m just trying to correct the cycle and within myself. This video is not short & sweet, but it has golden nuggets.

      1. The diamond is extremely confusing. Who’s Who ?

        Memory is in the mix as well I believe.

        I had a dream last night. I was in Caterham. Can’t remember the lead up to it. I passed two female soldiers and one of them mentioned I was unvaccinated. I asked ‘How do you know I’m unvaccinated ?’ . And one of the soldiers replied ‘It’s on your clothes’.


        1. Female soldiers seem to be a particular thing in “is-real”. It has to do with “arms dealer”.


          I guess if the mind goes there (and yep, mine did), you only need one arm & hand for fore play. When interaction is reduced to swiping and stats and stuff like that, then why the hell not?
          Arms dealer
          “Ma’am, we need your finger prints.”
          her: “I don’t have any fucking arms, let alone, a finger.”

          How do you know if you are in the white lodge or the black lodge? The white lodge has love. Aphrodite. And she’s “armed”.

          1. Something about love worth fighting for. Otherwise, no. Too much trouble. The whole thing really is about energy. The 3rd dimension became demonized when something cataclysmic happened. And the ocean of emotion is just too great. I think no one would argue with that. But on the other hand (if you are luck to have one), the ocean is the all, the everything possible, and all things are possible. Even the idea that being “armed” is not a threat.

          1. Co-operation.

            It’s interesting. If this happened in the US, and the video was edited in this way, somehow, it would cause such mayhem. You can’t have an all-white crowd with a white singer and black female back-up dancers/singers, making exotic noises while the lead white male wears sequins & “royals” are dancing. That does not work in the US.

            But what a great video.
            The “US” is wrapped up in confusion and it hints at “British Invasion” music coming from the German-ruled UK. Something is backwards. It’s the angle-ish languish. There is no problem with colors and lines. The medium is the problem and she has no arms or hands to create.
            and sometimes, no feet

            To be clear, this is not a rant or rage. It is a point I am trying to make. If all of creation here on earth is possible with these conditions, (half the population bound in some way), then imagine what could flourish if there was no binding.
            Again with the languish; “bind” is one of those words that confuses the hypnotized mind. I say hypnotised because we are all under the (spell)ing of languish. To be bound is to be “tied up” and unable to “do’ anything. To be bound is to be entwined and creating a ‘thing’, which is existence. The words confuse and hypnotize, but the realization should be to let go of the fear factor and ‘unleash’ powers of creativity. I’m in! (and out). The is and is not. A paradox is a mind thing. This must happen from the heart.

            1. MJ

              This falls into the category ‘subtlety becomes solid’. As in what was there all the time but not physically seen. Therefore it is difficult to watch but should be observed because every effort will be made to turn what has become solid, back into subtlety.
              Out of sight, out of mind. 😷 🙂 But still there. This is normalcy. 🤨

              Interesting, the captive woman’s name is Yang as in Yin-Yang, the complementary creative forces. But, Yang is the masculine energy? Shadow and light ‘bound’ together in the dance. But, still very unsure of the moves.

              In the ice dance video I posted, the announcer says something about how they communicate to each other, where they need to be. And because they do this neither one is ever ‘blocked or pulled’. The energy flows.

    1. “exposed”? Who would’ve ever thought that those two would be up to something? Ken, really?
      And I’m sure the gematria will be so revealing.

    Florida Maquis

    Bitcoin mining requires massive, massive amounts of electrical power in Texas!!!

    1. Yep. “energy crisis”.
      There’s a message here. When you’ve exhausted 50 percent of the entire ‘thing’ (yet over thousands of years) and then ignore what happened, the half that is totally exhausted might need a spark as to why this should go on.

  2. Who needs a hug? I would love to hug you, but…


    Ok, well, how about a kiss? A nice, big smooch on the cheek… oh, maybe not.


    Ok then, a fist bump.
    (see above). no arms means no hands.

    There’s a mouth.
    (but I can’t speak).


    1. We’re not drinking it. The “cool” “aid” is the “global warming”. Warming is alarming and fear is the tool being used.
      I love the stuff my dad used to say. When we’d go eat at the diner, my feet wouldn’t touch the ground and I would be fidgety and accidentally kick him in the booth. He would say “let’s dangle” and I would say “what?”.
      And he told me about Marlow books, and that he was a private detective and that it took place in a time when men could say things to women, like, “hey, toots,…want to dangle?”
      And then, he would explain it to me. To “dangle”, is to chat, or talk. In a casual way; as if to have enough room to do so and be authentic, yet soft, at the same time. The ‘rule’ was understood. The poetic languish was in agreement and harmony with what was symbolized and happening in reality.
      For feet to fidget and dangle while sitting and chatting and flirting is basically flying high.
      The “rules” and agreement worked, across the board.
      Well, it doesn’t now, does it? Wonder why? And if you pull out a book, calculator, or watch, it will be flung back at you times a million, but don’t take it personally, it is simply the expression of energy.

  3. In TWIN peaks, when Dougie Jones (Douglas, aka dark water), was drawing those things on ‘case files’, you notice he’s drawing ladders and stairs. A ladder on 2D is the same as a staircase on 2D, the difference is perspective. A staircase, drawn from the side takes up space, (across), yet is such a different perspective. This is the moon perspective, and why the moon seems like such a pain in the ass, because she provides this perspective. But if she didn’t, you wouldn’t knew that ladder is actually a staircase, would you? What’s the difference? …
    (you need arms for the ladder, not the stair case (files)).


    1. FWIW. Don’t mean that in a derogatory sense.

      ‘Aquarius has to integrate the self-love lesson of Leo, in order to make its unique contribution to the community and reminds you to think outside the box (Aquarius/Uranus) & follow your heart (Leo/Sun) for the betterment of all. What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your own essential nature (Leo/Sun) so that you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way? It is time for you to further define truth and happiness for yourself.’



      1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anima_and_animus

        Levels of anima development :

        Jung believed anima development has four distinct levels, which in “The psychology of the transference” he named Eve, Helen, Mary and Sophia. In broad terms, the entire process of anima development in a man is about the male subject opening up to emotionality, and in that way a broader spirituality, by creating a new conscious paradigm that includes intuitive processes, creativity and imagination, and psychic sensitivity towards himself and others where it might not have existed previously.

        Eve – Object of desire, provider of nourishment, security and love

        The first is Eve, named after the Genesis account of Adam and Eve. It deals with the emergence of a man’s object of desire. The anima is completely tied up with woman as provider of nourishment, security and love.

        The man at this anima level cannot function well without a woman, and is more likely to be controlled by her or, more likely, by his own imaginary construction of her. He is often impotent or has no sexual desire.

        Helen – Worldly achiever, intelligent and talented

        The second is Helen, an allusion to Helen of Troy in Greek mythology. In this phase, women are viewed as capable of worldly success and of being self-reliant, intelligent and insightful, even if not altogether virtuous. This second phase is meant to show a strong schism in external talents (cultivated business and conventional skills) with lacking internal qualities (inability for virtue, lacking faith or imagination).

        Mary – Righteous and a paragon of virtue

        The third phase is Mary, named after the Christian theological understanding of the Virgin Mary (Jesus’ mother). At this level, women can now seem to possess virtue by the perceiving man (even if in an esoteric and dogmatic way), in as much as certain activities deemed consciously unvirtuous cannot be applied to her.

        Sophia – Wise and fully human, equal and not at all an object

        The fourth and final phase of anima development is Sophia, named after the Greek word for wisdom. Complete integration has now occurred, which allows women to be seen and related to as particular individuals who possess both positive and negative qualities. The most important aspect of this final level is that, as the personification “Wisdom” suggests, the anima is now developed enough that no single object can fully and permanently contain the images to which it is related.

        Levels of animus development :

        Jung focused more on the man’s anima and wrote less about the woman’s animus. Jung believed that every woman has an analogous animus within her psyche, this being a set of unconscious masculine attributes and potentials. He viewed the animus as being more complex than the anima, postulating that women have a host of animus images whereas the male anima consists only of one dominant image.

        Jung stated that there are four parallel levels of animus development in a woman.

        Tarzan – Man of mere physical power

        The animus “first appears as a personification of mere physical power – for instance as an athletic champion or muscle man, such as ‘the fictional jungle hero Tarzan'”.

        Byron – Man of action or romance

        In the next phase, the animus “possesses initiative and the capacity for planned action…the romantic man – the 19th century British poet Byron; or the man of action – America’s Ernest Hemingway, war hero, hunter, etc.”

        Lloyd George – Man as a professor, clergyman, orator

        In the third phase “the animus becomes the word, often appearing as a professor or clergyman…the bearer of the word – Lloyd George, the great political orator”.

        Hermes – Man as a spiritual guide

        “Finally, in his fourth manifestation, the animus is the incarnation of meaning. On this highest level he becomes (like the anima) a mediator of…spiritual profundity”. Jung noted that “in mythology, this aspect of the animus appears as Hermes, messenger of the gods; in dreams he is a helpful guide.” Like Sophia, this is the highest level of mediation between the unconscious and conscious mind. In the book The Invisible Partners, John A. Sanford said that the key to controlling one’s anima/animus is to recognize it when it manifests and exercise our ability to discern the anima/animus from reality.

  4. Frank, re: “Your life experiences are for you and the experiences of others is for them.” If you truly believe that then why have you followed up with “You have made many mistakes in your life and experienced many defeats and part of the journey is understanding how little you know”? Why the attempt to define the experience of ‘the other’ and why the attempt to do so in terms of ‘mistakes’ and ‘defeat’?

  5. A tweet I saw last night…

    Wild flowers…

    1. Roob

      That’s the end to all the dick jokes with her. ‘Cressida Dick is ruining the country’. And fits with some of the comments. Swim posted a Moby video – Moby (Dick) and Trinity talks about Dick Off.

      I didn’t know she is a lesbian. Her partner is Helen. From anima and animus wiki page :

      ‘Helen – Worldly achiever, intelligent and talented

      The second is Helen, an allusion to Helen of Troy in Greek mythology. In this phase, women are viewed as capable of worldly success and of being self-reliant, intelligent and insightful, even if not altogether virtuous. This second phase is meant to show a strong schism in external talents (cultivated business and conventional skills) with lacking internal qualities (inability for virtue, lacking faith or imagination).’

  6. Hi Frank,
    I’ve been catching up on your blog after a period of Quiet Time 😉
    God moving over the face of the Earth or it was when I last listened a week ago.

      1. Thanks and yes I enjoyed the silence.

        Yes, the shadow is becoming apparent. Jingle Jangle and all that.

        Bring on the light.

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