Down The Well


Apologies if stuff I’m writing seems like gibberish but the Universe is speaking a different language to me totally at odds at present with the wider reality. It’s In No Sense. In the big picture I’m trying to remember ‘When We Were Young’ I think. Before the Fall. Maybe we all are. Down in the cellular memory. I believe we are looking at a form of diamond reality of the Self which crosses time and space and dimensions. From the 3D perspective it is difficult to comprehend. And if you feel you are being shredded and been put in a grinder that’s because you are.

Matching pairs. It’s a first memory game. Plant Lady seems to be at the heart of it. She has many names and faces.





Down The Well.



The garden.



And rebirth of the female Christ.





Feline It ?


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    1. ‘Wellcamp Facility’…

      1. Roob

        Not to be too snarky about it but, I was expecting a brown shirt. 🤨

        Too womb it may concern…there’s a saying in metaphysics, ‘subtlety becomes solid’. Just like the persona and the mask. The persona is there all the time but not tangible, then germs appear and the mask is visible. And vaccines and boosters and smoosters can’t seem to make the mask invisible again.

        I don’t know much about the history of Australia but, I think there is something about a penal colony. Subtlety becomes solid and what was there all along but not obvious is suddenly undeniable and we’re shocked but we shouldn’t be. Australia is a prison camp. 😳 With more of the same to come.

        Down the well in the land down under.

  1. Will to work employees being forced to work.

    This is what happens when the illusion starts to fall apart. And what has been going on all along becomes obvious. When what we have been taught to believe just isn’t true.

  2. Getting there slowly. I mentioned about rebirth of the female Christ in the article. There will be a Pope Rebecca. I haven’t got a lot of time for the catholic church but symbolically important.

    Pope Francis installed women as well as men from all over the world as catechists and lectors on Sunday, marking a break with what had been church law reserving those ministries to men, even if women have performed those functions in many parts of the Catholic world for decades without the formal designation.

    Francis conferred the ministries during a celebration in St. Peter’s Basilica of the Sunday of the Word of God, which he instituted in 2019, to encourage among all Catholics an interest in knowing the sacred Scriptures and their central role in the life of the church and the Christian faith.

    An attack on the priesthood and heresy.

    “Pope Francis’ commissioning of women as lectors might appear unexceptional as women have been proclaiming Sacred Scripture at Mass for decades. However, formally instituting women into the ministry of lector in the context of the Mass is altogether a different matter,” noted Donnelly.

    He observed that “from the earliest days of the Church the ministry of Lector, and the ministry of acolyte, has been intimately associated with the service of the divine liturgy, and service of the sacred ministers of the liturgy — deacons, priests and bishops. Since the days of the apostles such ministry has been reserved to men, reflecting Christ’s explicit choice of men as apostles. The close association of lector with the diaconate and presbyterate is reflected in the fact that its reception remains a necessary requirement that candidates for Holy Orders receive these ministries.”

    “In light of this,” added Donnelly, “the concern is that Pope Francis’ institution of women into the ministry of lectors is the first step towards abolishing the reservation of Holy Orders to men. Ultimately, it is an heretical attack on Our Lord’s institution of the apostolic ministry.”

    Feline It. And the weird stuff. Catechists.

        1. Orlena

          There seems to be a mirror with 5D and 5G. With 5D you get connected to the ‘spiritual’ realm and with 5G you get connected to the machine even quicker. It maybe just be a reflection of what was always there. In itself tech is neutral. Depends how it’s used and who controls it and what it is used for. IMO.

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