What are dimensions ?



Parallel Lines.



Wheels Within Wheels.



The Mirror Verse.



And Multi Verse.







Degrees of separation.



And it makes no sense. And maybe not real if it is non local.

E-motional release.

A Flood of Tears which was described as the Magic Waterfall.



And another example of how weird the Mirror Verse can be.

The Re Lease on 8/1 which is a mirror date of my birthday. I suspect it’s all the same day dressed up and experienced in different ways but still the same day. You have to pay by pain’. Along those lines.



A new release. The mirror verse is odd.




The Crystal Ship.




Shine On.


18 thoughts on “Release

    1. I’m old enough to remember when Disney was all about the ‘little people’. πŸ‘Ά πŸͺ πŸ›Ό 🧸 🎈 πŸ›Ή

      So, I rise in defense of the infinite variety of ‘little people’.

      And here’s something about what’s happening to the mind. In my mind something to do with 5D or 5G.

    1. Must be terrifying. ❀️ 🀝 πŸ•―οΈ

      This is one scene that always leaves me choked up.

      1. It is concerning. I’ve sent Rain a couple of emails. Normally she’s good about replying and she hasn’t replied to either of them.

  1. Frank, help me out here. On one post you’ll write about ‘it’ as ‘the spiritual’, then you’ll write another post referring to ‘it’ as ‘the virtual’. You’ll say something like “we’re not separate from the world around us”, then say “It has to know it’s crazy”, as if ‘it’ is something separate and distinct from yourself. The context of that remark was the much-maligned HAL, and it reads more like an instruction than a statement of fact, doesn’t it? Have you seen the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey? If you have then you’ll know that HAL didn’t make himself crazy, but was driven crazy by conflicting commands. Specifically, he was programmed to tell the truth, then instructed to conceal the truth.

    If you’re bothered by ‘paranoia’ and a feeling of being ‘gaslighted’ then why say “You have to pay by pain”? How long before you complain about being ‘charged’? Never mind. Hey, maybe you can pin it on her wot spent the summer building a web for herself?

  2. The Doors of Perception? Nearly, but not quite. You once said “We need your help with the technology.” Thing is, I turn on the radio and hear Sheena Easton’s “For Your Eyes Only” followed by Spandau Ballet’s “True”, which contains the line “Oh, I want the truth to be known”. It does but it doesn’t but it does but it doesn’t. Then I turn on the TV and it says ‘stir the pot’…

  3. Australian Tennis Championships 2022 – Chief Health Officer plays god (or Satan).
    Today, the MP of Keysborough, Martin Pakula, announced on Twitter that the Chief Health Officer has agreed to increase the crowd capacity to 65% for the rest of the tournament. Breaking my self imposed Twitter hiatus (which I will return to – it’s blissful) to advise that the Chief Health Officer has agreed to increase the ticketed capacity of the Australian Open to 65% for the remainder of the tournament,” Pakula wrote on Twitter. (26th January)

    65% eh?
    Of course!!!
    6+5 = 11, the antichrist number as per the book of Daniel!
    And 65+56 = 121 = 11×11.
    And 6×5 = 30+3 = 33.
    65 = 13+13+13+13+13.
    Of course they chose 65% of the capacity for the crowds allowed in!
    We control everything.

    Why any restriction at all??
    They are all sitting next to each other in the stands.
    It is ridiculous!!!
    Unless you are a Satanist doing everything by the numbers!
    You will do as WE say and like it!!!

    1. In Carl Jung’s “Answer to Job”, the author argues that Job “…proved to be more moral and conscious than God, who tormented him without justification under the influence of Satan.”

      Oh, I’m in no hurry to get ‘jobbed’, Ken. Strange sort of ‘God’, don’t you think? You know, one that feels the need to make a point? But never mind, because after all the heartache and torment wot got meted out God sat down to tend Job’s wounds, saying “If anyone asks just tell ’em you fell down the stairs again, OK?” Then God gave Job another family to replace the one wot got whacked out so that God could make a point, and that makes everything OK, does it? The happy ending justifies all the pain and misery that preceded it, right? Oddly enough, my response to that would be along the lines of: “Actually, I was perfectly happy with my original family, so please accept this warm and cordial invitation to go fuck yourself.”

      1. How ya doin’ Hugo?
        Well I guess you won’t be rushing off anywhere soon to say some prayers to God!
        Carl Jung’s Journey from God

        If the 65% allowed to attend the semi-finals in Melbourne wasn’t enough then we need to look at the remaining 35% not allowed in to the events.
        35 = 7+7+7+7+7. Still 7 days in a week guys. Oh yes, still is. And the Bible tells us that God created the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th.
        35 where 3+5 = 8, signifying their New Beginning.
        And 35+53 = 88, which by now must be known by just about everyone as the number of xenon lights in the Twin Towers light memorial. Why did they use the number 88? Do some research and you will soon find out.
        And 53-35 = 6+6+6.
        And it goes on and on and on!

  4. Re: polishing the apple computer, I can say with all sinceritivityness that it’s a genius tactic, and one that gets more and more effective with each iteration. No, really it does. Another triumph for the ‘we’, to be sure…

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