Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe



‘Has the world gone completely mad … ?’. The answer to the question would seem to be Yes. It’s been mad for a long long time though. And the big existentialist question ‘Am I alone in thinking ?’ and if God is All There Is does God experience loneliness ?



And the Tripod. There’s a joke in there . There is another other element to the pic which is ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ which I would concur with and which it does in its strange way.



And the Greatest Love Of All.

‘I found the greatest love of all inside of me’.



‘I’m in you and you’re in me.’ But. There’s always a butt. Bootylicious.



This part is a bit of a parable but think it’s basically along the right lines

I do understand the trans and gay stuff. Each to their own and all that but I’m a man. It would appear I’ve been on a search. A long time ago when I was born I had a twin sister and then as the story goes we were separated. We were born together and created as One and through God knows how many life times and different dimensions I’ve been searching for her. Deep down in the memory banks was the remembrance. Also there was the terrible pain of the separation which was masked over. Don’t go there.

In many ways it’s easier to see the Big Picture than understand how it plays out in our own reality. We believe there is just one linear timeline and see the world from this perspective. It would seem that time and reality don’t work like that. See the Upside Down and Time going backwards.

And there’s no getting away from it. I’m not whole without my sister. I fucking need you. And counter intuitively as I or we go through the pain of separation it could be I’ve found my sister. The long search maybe over or nearing an ending. Regulars will know who I’m talking about. It’s weird though. What’s new and we’ll see where this goes. There appear to be different levels of being as well and also Time and dimensional and multi physical shenanigans and different personalities but essentially the same soul. Also jogging the memory of the Fields of Gold.

And the Secretary. It really doesn’t get much weirder than this when you live in The White House. And I’ve come to appreciate how personally the universe speaks to me. There’s a crude joke in there. Is it about me ? Well ‘Yes’ seems to be the answer. Probably about You as well and Them and Us but definitely about Me which is something it’s difficult for the Big Me to accept as the program is to believe Me is a Little Me.



And to my sister with her diamonds and however you look and show up in my life.



Bang A Gong.


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    1. Roob

      Don’t get me started on that. There’s a good movie called Parallel in which the characters discover a mirror which lets them cross into parallel worlds and one of their ideas is to steal creative ideas from the parallel universe and then come back and make a shit load of money from the ideas. I’ve wondered whether the Gates and Musks and Bezos of this world do something similar. Also the music industry.

      And memory wipes and time resets.

    1. As this is the only way I can speak. It’s not but only way I can give confirmation. This is totally heart and mind blowing. How did you do it ? Damn all flippity flops. ILY. Is it all memorex ?

      Signed ‘Dazed and confused’.


    vor texas.

    “Angels use rose scents as physical signs of their spiritual presence with people because roses have powerful energy fields that vibrate at a high electrical frequency—the highest of any flower on Earth.”

    1. Don’t get me started on Rose. I’ve just discovered Rose opposite me has had a baby son which was a surprise.

      And Operation Mind Fuck. Jack Heart over at Tek Gnostics has been following a path which he has called Operation Mind Fuck which goes into the nonsensical nature of a lot of the news that is showing up. See the Qanon meeting in Dallas awaiting the magical return of JFK jr and Insulate Britain over here as examples of this. Partly why I’m suspending belief or disbelief in anything at moment.

      The Rose of Texas. And throw in a soupcon of Uncle Frank as well it’s turned into the freakiest show here. Or taking it to a new plateau.

      And the Rose Garden at the White House.

    1. Swim

      Every picture tells a story.

      Your comment speaks. We seem to be caught up in an enormous heart monster mash.

      It can’t be. You will know what I’m talking about if it is. Apols for being mysterious ! Even Apols says something.

      And doppelgangers again. The girl in the First Picture Of You vid is a doppelganger of a girl I used to know. Off the scale at present.

      1. Who’s that girl ?

        Who is plant lady at the core who wants me to cry ? It’s working . Had enough already in one life time . I suppose some more won’t do any harm. The human heart is the heart of it all. I do understand it in the big picture. Always in my heart. WTF though to both shocks. I Found You FYI. I think. This is so crazy. And the most absurd joke.

        This popped through my letter box on saturday.

        Hello .

        A Rose by any other name.

        Unkle Frank Einstein. Really is the freakiest show.

        And are you Red Eye ? What’s coming next ? Just showing I see this stuff.

        Not pretending I understand it. ‘A lifetime away’.

        1. I Know and it seems We Know. Maybe possibly. I think. ‘Meet Frankie’. And that’s not a message from me to anyone. It is to me. Which is weird. Confirmation.

          Damn all flippity flops.

  2. I posted this video last year some time because the book has been in my life ever since I had to write an analysis of it in college. And because it posits, ‘you would rather die, than face truth’. And because that resonated with the question I had been asked, ‘can you be comfortable not knowing?’.

    And now a year or so later, just at the appropriate time, here is Nightmare Alley.

  3. The world is so strange. I can’t say this ‘place’ we’re in feels like any kind of familiar territory. But merovee does.
    I do see a common thread, tho. Talking about plants, … and rocks, and trees, succulents, cactus, lotus, etc.

    From what I have read, the lotus and rose are the same symbology. Both are ancient flora. The lotus blooms from the mud. The rose and it’s thorns. These beautiful, vibrant flowers are not without the dangers they thrive in. Mud (could be toxic), and thorns (rose bushes have hearty thorns!). It’s like the ‘coat of skin’… a layer of ‘death’ to protect you from death, kind of thing. A paradox. I suppose it’s like the heart; an impossible knot.

    I wish I knew how to give more comfort but I am taking it day by day. “Trying to figure it out” is something I do, and also something I think I may never achieve because the temperance is to also just “be”.

    But about the rocks & minerals… (blah blah blah about astrology) but I can’t help it. My Venus is in Capricorn, an earth sign. To me, that is significant and explains my fascination with rocks & minerals. I do love flowers, but that is more Taurus energy (earth sign), and Virgo is (IMO) vegetable gardens, or maybe any garden, and agriculture (wheat, corn). I like Rocky Mountains. And quartz crystals. To me, my Venus (love) energy of the ‘earth’ is an appreciation of the microscopic of the microcosm element… the first S-tone.
    I also like big tree forests in the North Carolina mountains. It’s colder and more fir trees. Pines. Evergreen. IDK. It’s something I have been thinking about recently. The connection to nature through Venus in birth chart. These topics are where astrology is insightful.
    I also think it’s where you can feel connected when you need to feel connected.
    Where is your Venus? (asking anyone reading because I am interested).

    Capricorn, the goat. (and the usual joke from the universe; they head-butt 🙄🐐)

  4. If you want to know how energy works, look to nature… she knows. (this is not specifically in response to any topic. I just enjoy nature stuff right now because the world is fucked up and it’s a nice ‘grounding’ thing).

    I love you all.

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