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  1. This is no longer The Holy Script ure…this is now Unscripted!

    Love is the answer…here is the question.

    It may not be rocket science but, It’s Complicated.

    Life’s like this
    You fall and you crawl and you break
    And you take what you get and you turn it into
    Honesty and you promise me I’m never gonna find you faking

      1. MJ

        Behind the scenes and breaking the fourth wall.
        But, ‘can you be okay not knowing’ what happened?

        There’s a lot of sexual imagery in the language of the Baldwin video and the piercing video and both uncomfortable. And both speak of an external interference into the system which altered the system. In terms of the life of the system that would be the DNA. About Jesus and the piercing. Jesus appears on the scene in the system by virgin birth, bypassing the biological process.

        Not surprising, Omicron shows up as the mutant alien. Whenever the alien shows up it’s a reminder of the external existential threat. Be afraid, be very afraid. But, if you trust me I will protect you. When I was a child it was Trust in the Lord now it’s Trust in the Science. Same false reassurance. IMO it’s the memory of the original alteration returning. Embedded in the code in the language in the information of the DNA.

    1. MJ

      About the loop. 2016 is in there as well I believe. Something showed up yesterday and today which seemed to confirm it. One of those things when you question ‘Why did I do that ?’ back in 2016 and now makes a bit of sense. Seems I was doing something in 2016 which is actually happening now. Not going to pretend I understand it. Just see the connections. Some extremely strange stuff going on with time.

        1. David Bowie died in January 2016. Lemmy from Motorhead died just before him, but it started the year of the ‘celebrity die-off’. Slebs kicking the bucket was so pervasive that the BBC had an article about it at the end of that year…


          Ohmygod Omicron! 😉

  2. But the eye bags….

    Like the eye bags of Soros.

    Like seen under the eyes of little children in PizzaGate Twitter photos.

    Apparently it’s the side effect of being sodomized.

    Panda eyes too….

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