Heart Here And Everywhere


There is a space
That exists with us
And around us
Where angels sing on rays of light
On rays of light
And love pours forth
Love pours forth
Love pours forth…
From the heart of the universe




The heart knows.

From Pubmed.gov:

Dr. Armour, in 1991, discovered that the heart has its “little brain” or “intrinsic cardiac nervous system.” This “heart brain” is composed of approximately 40,000 neurons that are alike neurons in the brain, meaning that the heart has its own nervous system. In addition, the heart communicates with the brain in many methods: neurologically, biochemically, biophysically, and energetically. The vagus nerve, which is 80% afferent, carries information from the heart and other internal organs to the brain. Signals from the “heart brain” redirect to the medulla, hypothalamus, thalamus, and amygdala and the cerebral cortex. Thus, the heart sends more signals to the brain than vice versa. Research has demonstrated that pain perception is modulated by neural pathways and methods targeting the heart such as vagus nerve stimulation and heart-rhythm coherence feedback techniques. The heart is not just a pump. It has its neural network or “little brain.” The methods targeting the heart modulate pain regions in the brain. These methods seem to modulate the key changes that occur in the brain regions and are involved in the cognitive and emotional factors of pain. Thus, the heart is probably a key moderator of pain.

And it also has memory.

From Sites.edu :

The theory of cellular memories states that memories, as well as personality traits, are not only stored in the brain but may also be stored in organs such as the heart. In 2009 Harvard Medical School defined cellular memories as β€œa sustained cellular response to a transient stimulus.” Basically, when a cell is introduced to a specific stimulus it will react in a certain way and every time it is given this stimulus it will have the same response. The best way to understand cellular memories is studying cases of organ transplants. One of the more famous cases includes a woman named Claire Sylvia. In the 70s this woman received a heart and lung transplant from an 18-year- old boy who died in a motorcycle accident. After her surgery Sylvia had cravings she never had before like beer and burgers. After some time, she contacted the family of her donor and was in shock that he enjoyed the same foods.



What if the brain and senses and memory are talking absolute garbage ?

All the world’s a stage and which story would you prefer. Do you want a reality with death and pain and war and disease and the rest of it ? In more than a sense it’s a choice or a wish. Changing the coding. If you see death or disease or poverty or fear or hate or whatever it’s not real. It’s a denial of reality. IMO.

And the media.

Robert Peston – BBC financial journalist.



David Tennant – actor.



Frances Haugen – Facebook whistleblower.



Hannah Thomas Peter – Sky News correspondent. Described as Climate or Metalic Change correspondent.



The Green Screen.




From Web.md.com

What Is REM Sleep?

Usually, REM sleep happens 90 minutes after you fall asleep. The first period of REM typically lasts 10 minutes. Each of your later REM stages gets longer, and the final one may last up to an hour. Your heart rate and breathing quickens.

You can have intense dreams during REM sleep, since your brain is more active. REM is important because it stimulates the areas of the brain that help with learning and is associated with increased production of proteins.




And Vesica Piscis is on repeat for me at present. ‘Two drifters off to see the world’.





Dog knows.


83 thoughts on “Heart Here And Everywhere

    1. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”–Jeremiah 17:9


      “A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.”- Matthew 12:35 –

      And finally,

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa. 5:20.)

      I have unwittingly, deceived by Satan, called “evil” “good” so I need to make that clear right now that I believe I have been deceived and spoken and posted from the demon of alco-ghoul, that is a demon in my gut, speaks from my head, and has been trying to BREAK my heart.

      The girl talking with the black, they look like power lines, feeding into her brain from Pet Goat II?

      I think that’s me.

      I have the next vid from SMH Productions to follow up on this, in an even more major way.

      It’s strange that in my “life” I have been EVERYWHERE, literally. In the next vid it reveals the truth about “St. John the Divine Cathedral” in Manhattan. Yup, I was there, when I was a student at Columbia. Katy Perry playing the wine-drinking Whore of Babylon who rides the BEAST. ..Yup, we all know how I have “loved” Katy…. The free Masons I live among in my “HOMETOWN of the Pastor of “The Power of Positive Thinking” Norman Vincent Peale? Check.

      More insane deception of yes, me, in the next and hopefully last post, after you watch this. I need to “confess” this all because I can SEE now, in all my posting as “Trinity,” that I have been DECEIVED.


      1. So here is the next vid from SMH Productions (one of the ONLY real Truth Video-makers, actually, the ONLY, on a CONSISTENT basis)… and it blows me away.

        Me, thinking when defying the Feathered Serpent who Rules at Ground Zero, “AW,” that I was like the “Mockingjay,” defying “President Snow”…. like I was some kind of hero….

        When the TRUTH was and always IS, in PLAIN SIGHT…. and I got lured into Satan’s mockery of “Trinity,” who calls myself a true “Christian” and who preaches the “Gospel.”

        I have one more commentary to make after this, but I will post it tomorrow in the sober light of day.


        1. And so, just to “back up” my claims that “I’ve been everywhere,” I feel like I need to prove it?

          Here I am, feeling like I’ve been stuck in this haunted house for 20+ years, but hey, I really have no desire to “travel.” Nope. I’ve BEEN everywhere, already, and it’s all um, I discovered….. somehow fake?

          It, meaning the “world,” is truly a Matrix. Any road you try to “take” outta here, or outta wherever you are?

          Is a DEAD END.

          Hey, so these are the “places” I’ve been, just so you know: Massachusetts: Boston and Provincetown on the Cape and to the west, the Berkshires; ALL the American East Coast “places” to stop in to on your road trip down to DISNEY. LOL. Yup, North Carolina, and South. πŸ™‚

          Out to the Midwest: all through the upper New York state, where my grandparents are from (GE in Schenectady…) Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana…. Later in life out to California, San Francisco, where my sister lived in Marin…. I’ve never been to L.A.

          Across the Atlantic on a magical trip with my parents visiting my sister on her year abroad in Innsbruck: Florence, Venice, Rome….then in my year abroad on my faked Euroway pass? Um, all over: down to Egypt, down the Nile to Luxor, over to the island of Malta….. up to London, Paris, Edinburgh… and then get this, a class trip to RUSSIA: I was in Moscow, saw Leningrad’s tomb, St. Petersburgh, Kiev….. then over to Yugoslavia, the precious city of Dubrovnik…. um…..yeah.

          And where did I start on my European tour?


          Home of “The Sound of Music.”

          Beautiful jewel that it is.

          I just wanted to lay it all out there, as proof, that I am a “worldly” person!

          1. Also: camping on the beautiful Mediterranean isle of Capri….in Yosemite State Park, and skiing in Big Sky, Montana….and finally but not least: the beautiful island Puerto Rico on our honeymoon, married in the Cathedral of San Juan.

            My perhaps favorite PLACE of all….. Puerto Rico!

            Been there TWICE.

              1. Yup, EVERYWHERE!

                But I’ve never been to Hollywood.

                Crazy, huh?

                And I don’t think I ever will.

                Have been to the Standard in Manhattan, tho! Two office parties in a hotel where the bathrooms were all glass! If someone was WATCHING you from say another office building a la Jason Bourne, they could have FILMED you taking a dump. I kid you not!!!!

                I like this Snarky, and she is the only one reporting this deep dark stuff. I think she covers herself with crazy “filler” about “off-world” crap and Reptilians…. “Gene Decode” who’s avatar is an EVIL LOOKING DOG.

                But she’s the one who reported on that dead body disguised as a Marina Abramovich art installation out there on Long Island, you know, Cuomo’s turf, and his ALL-CHROME CADILLAC….

                Where’s Cuomo now?


                1. Stew Peters…. another journalist I now believe is committed to exposing the TRUTH, what with this report.

                  Awesome, and THANK YOU, Lady.

                  (Underground tunnels. I think every Hollywood celeb has in his/her mansion an UNDERGROUND entertainment complex and a kill room. I kid you not.)


                  1. Snarky asks what “Le Bain” means….

                    It means “bath” or “bathing”….

                    How much you wanna bet it means…

                    Here, you can “bathe” …..

                    in blood…..

                    And become?….


          2. Trinity

            That was the reason why I titled the article ‘Heart Here And Everywhere’. Wordplay with ‘Here Hear There And Everywhere’ . Always Now Here No Where. You always take you with you wherever you are. Wherever you are there you go.

            This quote speaks to me. From ‘The Journey That Never Was’ :

            β€œIt is freedom from the world that the deepest part of you seeks, knowing that in overcoming the world all that is left is God which is all there ever has been and all there ever will be.”

            I don’t really see it as ‘overcoming’. More a matter of leaving a reality that isn’t there.

            1. Well put, Frank

              I totally agree….. It’s just really hard for me to “let go” of my attachment to being a “good mother.” Also fear of separation from the only “love” you have in your “life”….

              Even Jesus said, if you love your children or your wife or husband more than me, you are not “worthy” of me.

              I think Jesus really got it. And tried to TEACH us the WAY to “leave” this fake “world.”



  1. So in conclusion, let me just end my comments tonight instead of dragging this out to tomorrow (who knows what that will bring….)

    I worked for the famous publishing company that got a “special tax break” reportedly (look it up) in the “Freedom Tower” [which while it was under construction became known in the Post as the Tower of Hate, due to the every which way messages of hatred and racism that were written on the plywood stuff they put up during construction, and also became known for the moans the building made (and I heard similar myself) during high winds]….

    My point is… look at the 9/11 Memorial.

    Two black cubes…. inverted…. as fountains of water falling into what seem to be….

    the Abyss.

    “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” Revelation 9:11

    But what, I asked a fellow editor, is that white, looked like the bones of some sea creature, monstrosity [in which is now the “Museum” devoted to the 9/11 “attack, LOL).

    She told me they call it “The Phoenix.”

    Yeah, uh-huh….

    “Rising out of the ASHES”…?

    Um, YEAH.

  2. “This is terrifying and unnerving.”

    Yup, and all I can think today is that this is a NIGHTMARE and that it’s hopeless to try to find and prosecute the “criminals” behind it all, nevermind “Whodunnit.”

    The New (Under)World Order

    Chaos, ruled by the Joker…. 777

    It’s one thing to theorize this is our world’s “Matrix” reality, but it’s quite another to EXPERIENCE it…. Being at the center of your delusional imprisonment…. It’s like being stuck in a spider’s web, the more you struggle to escape, the worse you get entangled in it…..

    “You’re waiting for a train…..”

    You start to suspect the FEAR that is forced into your gut and heart are….pulsed into your mind…. that your “thoughts” and “memories” are not your own but from an outside entity trying to suck your SPIRIT dry…..

    and drive you “MAD.”

    1. It’s way funnier if you slow it down to normal speed…. ya know, like “Eternity” speed….. SLOW

      Strange, tho why is the vid sped up like that? So f– weird….

        1. Also props to the MAG Bitter Truth.

          I was watching this vid and I didn’t believe that he was right on, that there’s no “icebergs” floating in the sea….

          And I just went back to it and ha! At 9:00…. a shot of a black-and-white like Orca? whale swimming in the foreground with a bunch of penguins of the ice “shore” beyond and when he zooms in, they really do look like Disney characters…. but the clincher is when he resumes Play, the whale swims on and look at the collection of penguins behind it on the shore? THEY DON’T MOVE.

          It’s ANIMATION, people…..



  3. Like I said, I need to keep my mouth shut….

    Stop posting about “my life” LOL!!!

    Marianne Williamson (lots of “Satanic” in her name, btw….”Mary” In-“Ann-a” Will I AM SON) said the more you complain about your life, the more you manufacture it and keep it going.

    I GET that.

    It’s just hard to NOT DO that.


  4. It’s “Paradise Lost”

    WorldWide “Sports”….

    The 1976 “OLYMPICS” in Innsbruck! Who can forget that Golden Age…..


    Unity Among Nations
    Good Sportsmanship
    Love of Neighbor

    All Gone!!!

    In what seems a split-second.

    I don’t want to be a fatalist, but they are RIGHT!

    “Nothing can stop what is COMING.”

    In Yahuah’s mercy, we still have “time” to reconcile ourselves to our Creator…. omg



    Here’s what I went to quote, from my mind, but uch! It’s from SAUL:

    11 and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. 12 Therefore, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now even more in my absence, continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. 13 For it is God who works in you to will and to act on behalf of His good purpose.… Philippians

    Yeah, Satan trying to convince Yahuah’s children to BE AFRAID YOU WON”T MAKE IT.

    “Work out your salvation with FEAR AND TREMBLING.”

    Holy shit, I am seriously in a bad place because I am buying it, over and over, falling into FEAR, DOUBTING my salvation through Jesus Christ because I’m just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    Unless I kick this alco-ghoul out of my life…..

    Satan wants me to BELIEVE that I’m done for, and that I am going to HELL.

    and you know what?

    I can’t “work out my own salvation” because it’s IMPOSSIBLE, in that….

    I CAN’T DO IT!


    Never Give Up, AM I RIGHT???

    Ha Haa Ha Ha Ha!

    I can DO all things THROUGH CHRIST….



    F you, Satan

  5. Oh FUCK.

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is also….

    from SAUL, the Jew. St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians….. Ha ha ha….

    I’ve tested St. Paul’s “Scripture” by trying to “put on the whole armor of God” yada yada yada for a very long time now……

    IT DOESN’T WORK because it is ALL A LIE from the Serpent Satan!

    The FALSE APOSTLE who has led the ELECT, like ME……



    At least I know I still have the Good Shepherd.

    And it’s never too late, as long as I live and breathe….

    To try again.


  6. So let us never forget what makes Satan angry, and let us not FEAR the Snake’s anger.

    He is a Snake, condemned by Our Father to slither around in the dust….

    Joy, beauty, singing?…..

    Those ALL make the Serpent very angry.

    The test is….

    Are you gonna cover up your light out of fear of the Snake instead of trusting in Our Father?

    Are you gonna put your mask on, keep your mouth shut, OBEY, and…. Shush!???

    Pray to the Father you can PASS the final test!

    Because that is what THIS is!

  7. So I can’t even believe it, Austria is the first country to institute a lockdown of the unvaccinated.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it feels like we need THIS.

    To push back against and say:


    Unfortunately, as predicated in the movie, you may be forced to leave your Homeland.


    Because this is T(y)ranny!


  8. Pixels on a screen.

    ‘I think they all distracted by the drama
    And attracted to the trauma.

    Wrong information always shown by the media
    Negative images is the main criteria
    Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria’.

  9. And if ‘someone’ happens to pass by. I reddit. Not reading any more. Repeat patterns. At the time it was unpleasant. Looks deeply deeply unpleasant now.

  10. Satan it has been said is playing “3-D Chess” with the children of Yahuah, or rather Against.

    Hmm, true.

    But he is mostly gaslighting us. And he has so so so many of his minions to utilize, and who are addicted to HIS DRUG of “duper’s delight.” I had some crazy shopping cart retriever laughing at me as I shopped today at the supermarket: “All alone, all alone…… la la, and then “Let it snow, let it snow’……” When he tried to follow me out of the store maniacally laughing behind my back, I gestured he go ahead and then started calling him out for his CREEPY LAUGHTER. He was a store employee. Maybe I can get him fired….. just kidding!…. πŸ™‚

    I guess all I wanted to say here is that I myself predicted “chaos” until the end, for some reason I said next July.

    But the important thing to remember, is that a war IS being WAGED on you, WHY?

    To try to get you to idk “Do” something or not do something, it’s a mystery to us who live in this fallen realm.


    It’s insane…. but they really really want SOMETHING from us.

    Is it just for us to give up and commit suicide? And thus forfeit our “Crown” as promised to those of us who make to the end? As in Revelation.

    Um, could be.

    The point is it is NOT “CHAOS” at all…..

    It is orchestrated mayhem, all “planned” by the Joker.


    1. It could also be…. that when I lay somewhere all “alone,” perhaps about to die…..

      Satan will make his presence known and he will get his “jollies” by telling me, “You thought YOU were someone “special”? You’re not “special,” you’re a piece of TRASH….. Where’s your “Jesus Christ” now? You my pathetic “deer,” you NOBODY, you slut….. HAVE BEEN PUNK’D.”

      So….. I think maybe at that point, you pray to the Father as Jesus did. Ask for ABBA’s HELP.


      YOU DIE.

      And then?

      You receive your “Crown.”

      Which is?

      Everlasting Life in Heaven with Your Father, Yahuah.

      THAT’S the “PROMISE” WE have, and that Satan has LOST.

      1. This is the difference between the writings of St.Paul, the False Apostle. ….(He speaks out of both sides of his mouth…. You are saved by “Grace,” not “good works”? When Jesus will come to judge our lives on what we have “done.”?… But you BETTER BE GOOD, says St. Saul, “Do this, do that,” in the mean time….)

        and the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, who simply asked that we turn back (Repent) to Our Father, and thus “sin” no more.

        That’s ALL HE ASKS.

        For our “heart.”

        For Our LOVE, which is all the Father TRULY wants from us.

  11. And I feel like in these End Times, wondering if we are “good” enough for the King and the coming of HIS New Kingdom, Jesus tells us from LOVE:

    Just stay alive. No matter what occurs…..

    “Just STAY ALIVE.”

    1. Anyway look at how Hollywood CHANGES the essential drama of a scene like this (no more Mohicans to consult!)…..

      Ucch! This is why I abandoned my love of Hollywood film, even this, from the great director Michael Mann….. it can be bastardized just to make it more….popular.

      You, Mr. Mann, allowed it so….. You SHOULD HAVE A COPYRIGHT ON YOUR FINAL PRINT.

      WHy don’t you?

      WHo JUST WANT to squeeze out an extra BUCK.


      I feel sad for all the talented actors and filmmakers of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

      I really do.

      But you must CALL OUT the culprit that slimed the whole honorable endeavor of “Entertainment!” in America …..

      Mel Gibson is a HERO.


  12. And yes, Michael Mann, I know you were born of Jewish ancestry.

    you know to whom I am referring.

    And NOBODY but nobody CALLS THEM OUT.

    1. And if ANY of YOU come to me NOW, asking for my “forgiveness”?

      I can justly say: “I never knew ye.”

      Who are you?


      Who’s laughing now…

  13. This is CLEARLY the “End of Days.”

    I’ve got my “ark” prepared (as best I could, without the RATS screwing with it)…..

    We need to ACCEPT the fact that this WORLD, flat or not, is DUE for DESTRUCTION by its OWN CREATOR…. having seen how far it’s gone wrong.


    It’s clearly stated in the BIble. “As in the days of Noah….”

    This is the long-prophesied “End Times.”

    Yes, indeed…..

    It’s NOT YOUR FAULT….. but you and I DO need to “account” for our time here and what we have done to contribute to it, or not…..

  14. St. PAUL repeatedly calls on the disciples of Christ to “fight” evil…. “Put on the full armour of God…..” It’s actually stupid to lay it all out now that you know: the breastplate of ? oh yeah, “Righteousness.” the sandals of preaching the Good Word… the “Sword of Truth” which is… THE WORD OF GOD…. or the Helmet of Salvation…. wth whatever……

    Ha ha ha ha ha…

    When elsewhere the Father tells us to remain INNOCENT of ALL EVIL.

    CONTRARY to Ephesians (from St. Paul):

    “Test and prove what pleases the Lord. 11 Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.…”

    Uh yeah, to “even to mention what the disobedient do in secret” will get you KILLED and your family too.

    Is that really what Jesus wanted us to DO?


    Jesus and Our Father advises us to remain INNOCENT of ALL EVIL. DO not pursue it, just see it for it is, and get thee away…..

    This is GOOD advice!

    DId you ever wonder why cops, who spend their lives trying to EXPOSE evil and “correct” it have the highest suicide rate there is?

    Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

    St. Paul is CONTINUALLY advising the disciples of Christ to FIGHT a battle against EVIL that they cannot win.

    To pray prayers that will NEVER be answered, because Satan KNOWS and HEARS when you pray, and he’s already set it up that he can block them, like prayers to his baphomet DEMON the Holy Mother of God. MARY.

    The Goddess.

    And when you really see this DECEPTION, it really is almost…..


    1. So when you understand that in these “End Times,” it is the Father (the Creator) WHO is WAITING on US……

      It’s not US waiting for HIm, the End, it’s the Creator waiting on us!


      BUT WE HAVE A FATHER IN CHARGE, thanks be…..

      He’s waiting on us out of love and forbearance…. to try to get it right.

      To obey his LOVING Commandments on how we were CREATED treat each other… with LOVE.

      Love your NEiGHBOR.

      He has given us “free will”….

      But we HAVE to GROW UP.

      To be able to BEAR the mantel of “Yahuah’s” Children:


      “Freedom is not FREE”



    God wants MEN to STEP UP! GROW UP.

    Did you see, this is a story of a young MAN winning his bride?

    But SATAN has muddied our waters with “equal rights’ and feminism, women yes, like me (I fell for it….) who are just as good as YOU?

    F- that…..

    Because it’s wrong…..

    I really am a “nobody” in this world as defined by Satan.

    But as defined by Yahuah, my Father?



    1. I honestly just need to make this clear… I HAD NO IDEA the Sheriff had hooked up with some other woman…. until I saw the funeral pictures.

      NOT THAT I CARED to the extent that I was even “with him.”….. and I couldn’t figure, since the relentless stalking had never given up…..

      WHY did it not stop after he was committed to another woman? With TWO babies now???

      I just don’t get it…..

      It’s INSANITY….


      No tragedy here….


      So, f- off

      1. Oh, and Bill…..

        Don’t you have some other divorced mothers’ chimneys to assault?


        You ARE the CHIMNEY man, right? All about ASS….. A-1?

        Go for it, LOSER

            1. I made a mistake, a big one.

              You were younger than me, by a lot, with no kids….

              I can only say now I apologize.

              It was….a “meshuggha”?

              It never should have been….


              1. So, will you let me go?

                If they continue to f- me over with my van…..

                I’ll take it as a no.

                You said, “I know where you live…”

                Welp, “Bill” or whatever your name is.. or who your father is… the “Sheriff”?


                I know WHO YOU ARE.

  16. But I’ve fucke’d up again…..

    The LAST thing I want to do is to re-engage “Bill”

    But I’m not saying “I’m sorry” either…. nor?



    One way or the other…..


    Don’t come near me, if you don’t want to get BURNED.

    1. You see…. I’m one of “these” kind of people.

      “Adios” (white crackers disrespect “foreign” languages of every kind…phutt! on YOU!)

      “Adios” means….

      “Go with God”….

      1. My son said he likes watching “The Expanse” because it’s not real life….

        No it’s not.

        It is brainwashing, plain and simple.

        There is no “space” or the possibility of Earth’s escape of its own self-destruction by “terraforming” Mars.


        I like the characters too, and I plan on watching the series for entertainment purposes, and?


        1. You see, there’s only two kinds of people:

          Those who are honest and speak no lies.

          And those who speak only lies.

    1. “They” win through comedy [mockery] EVERY TIME..

      If you don’t think this is FUNNY? Welp it’s because you are CATTLE. You’re not “rich” and you can’t possibly understand all the jokes that are being made here.

      1. I think it’s odd that I saw Diane at the funeral….sort of smile/smirking like um, not in a “good” way? Idk….

        I guess this particular saga is not over like I thought it was.

      2. Regarding “Sleeper” they’ve washed the scenes from YouTube with the woman with a baby parts necklace? Everybody laughing under the influence of adrenochrome in our face? Um yeah. It’s gone. Nice work, film artists! Wow, you really wanted to preserve the “director’s cut,” huh.

    1. Now I don’t know ANYTHING, yeah PERIOD!

      If I could, tho, without leaving family behind….

      I’d go NORTH

  17. Diane has “Ann” in her name….. Like “Dianna”….. Like uhuh, “Anna.”


    “Princess Die”

    That is why Diane is so worshiped in Hollywood.

    She’s a “GOD” essssss.

    And that’s why she was photographed smirking and basically MOCKING the Superhero of Dutchess County Sheriff’s…..


    I don’t know, I’m just a slave after all….

    But is the joke on you, for once?

  18. So ….
    Am I dead now?

    Um…. not

    And I’ve got such a bum leg that I didn’t even realize…..

    I need to build it back up, or I will lose it.

    Now that’s scary.


    For someone like me?

    Dancing is literally the BEST form of rehabbing it….

    Sure, I’ll do some leg lifts…..

    But just dancing to some beat is … idk….

    A lot more fun.

    God bless everyone.


    1. You see… the FURY coming upon the Earth….

      Is it Kali? Goddess of DESTRUCTION?

      Um… no.

      She’s mad…..

      “Hell hath no FURY like a woman scorned”

      Hmm, yeah….

      But the Father….

      is in CHARGE.


        1. I’m a woman.


          I’m MAD…..gone insane, basically, due to my FURY.

          Observe my “fruits”….

            1. Max? Rubbing his hands in mechanic oil? It’s obvious, those are not MAN hands.

              They’re female.

              So I guess I champion “Mel” because?

              Mel is not a MAN.

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