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  1. I’ve been suspecting of late that the memories of my childhood that are thrust into my mind are LIES.

    I always as a young adult considered myself to have had a “happy childhood.”

    But all the memories that come up when I’m going sober are basically telling me, “No one ever loved you. Not your dad, not your mom, not your brother, and least of all your sisters”…. And that “if you’ve never known a mother’s love, you are condemned for the rest of your life seeking it.”


    He will rewrite your past, if you let him!

    Better, to not look back at all, but only TRUST.

  2. The key word in all of this Covid-19 situation now is MANdatory! Mandatory vaccinations.
    For some time the word MAN has been prominent and it has been used all over the place.
    And here it is again.
    Remember, all that is going on is to render MANkind just a part of the machine.
    Satan is jealous of God and is trying to make MANkind in his own image.
    DNA altering “vaccines” and Immune system reducing “vaccines” are being administered at warp speed.
    Estimates for these to take effect are between 2 and 5 years. Some reports say it is happening now.
    It will come as no surprise then to see that “Mandatory” = 666 (English Sumerian).
    9 letters.
    Each group of 3 letters has the value of 6.

    And off now in a different direction –
    Regarding Brian Laundrie, missing in Florida, USA since 13/9/2021.
    The key words in this case of finding human remains together with items belonging to Brian Laundrie on 20/10/2021 are – NOTEBOOK, BACK PACK, BONES, TEETH and UNDERWATER (SUBMERGED).
    They say the area was previously UNDERWATER which is SUBMERGED.
    Oddly enough they are all movies!!! Yes, all movies!!!
    They seem to make it all up as they go along and laugh at us all the time!

    1. Ken, I think that is a very good observation about Satan’s agenda to basically ruin “MAN.”

      I’ve woken up to the fact that in the Bible, woman are not “equal” to Men.

      Because they are not.

      The Creator made Eve from Adam’s rib.

      to be his helper.

      that is how it is, and “feminism” was pushed to convince females like me that I don’t need a man.

      I lived like that for decades, but now as a divorced mother I realize, I got screwed into believing this shiite.

      I cannot do it alone.

      And I will therefore die alone, unprotected, and most likely in “poverty.”

      Satan has RUINED and made destitute my GENERATION of WOMEN PROFESSIONALS.

      I’m BLOCKED every way I turn.

      It’s GAS-LIGHTING from Anna Wintour, the BIGGEST MTF TRANNY there is.

      That is a BAPHOMET, MAN made “Woman.”

      And no real “woman” has EVER graced the cover of VOGUE.

      1. Trinity,

        You make some good points there.
        If anyone wants some really good information on feminism then go to the Henry Makow website where you will find lots of it. There are many aspects of course but basically everything has been turned upside down and too many women have been tricked/fooled into believing that a career is more important that having a family and all that that entails. The whole world is run by Satan now and we are in the last days.
        Soon we will have to choose between God and Antichrist.
        Only faith in God and Jesus will save us.

  3. We have to write the story before AI writes it for us. I think we are dealing with an avoidance to look at the pain. The pain that happened when a cosmological event ejected us from a perfect place. It’s about the heart and it’s about fear. It’s I-35…remember.
    Beyond the border of Texas is Mexico (literally means “place at the center of the moon”). And up through the middle of US, you find the HEART LAND. The midwest is Martian.
    Without memory, there is no context. In that way, you could say nothing is real. But it could be real if we can literally overcome the pain. Otherwise, the fuckers who use the (black mirror, computer screen, monolith) to write the story…it will never be real.
    How to fix this? IDK but I am tired. Possibly we are just in limbo.
    When I drove across Texas & the world fooped out of existence, I landed in Roswell & I immediately had memories of being on a ride in Epcot in elementary school. It looked exactly like what I was really seeing around me…the landscape of the southwest. My entire world was programmed & it had never been more obvious.
    This place isn’t real & the auto-pilot bullshit is not real. That’s the good news.
    I would love for something to be real.

    Frank, I hope you are ok. I think about you lots. I’m still here.

    1. MJ

      Thank you.

      I won’t go into details here but it has become clear that much of my life has been stage managed. I knew this is an illusion for a long time – Merovee could have had a tag line of ‘It’s not real’ – but the sheer scale of it is staggering. Difficult to speak for others with this. It’s in the details. Also I’ve come across something which takes M’s program to a whole new level and seem to be hitting a nerve with it. I noticed yesterday they cancelled the live video of Joe Biden and Pope Francis. You want a sign.

      And a quote from Tennessee Williams – ‘Has it ever struck you that life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going ?’

      Also glitches in reality such as that all our senses are in the past. As I understand what we see is the past as it takes time for light and sound to reflect. It maybe a zillionth of a second but it is still the past. And I think neuroscientists believe everything is experienced in the brain rather than a purely physical phenomena.

      And the Miss Terry lady.


      ‘Mk Ultra : Subject’s memory was erased’.


      What is real ?


  4. I guess I would like what, “my final post,” lol to be about WHY I believe in the “flat earth model.”

    My first observations about it and belief in it had NOTHING to do with the Bible.

    I thought, hmm yeah, it sure does look flat…..

    After years of Looking into it, I know it.

    But when you try to reveal this TRUTH to ANYONE, including your own sister who claims to be on the “spiritual path.”

    Wouldn’t that mean, she’s “open minded”?

    She goes rabid: “Why do you CARE whether the earth is flat or round? Who cares?”

    Welp, it finally dawned on me that I CARE because…..

    The flat earth model is PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD.


    1. Why? How does it “prove” God?

      It proves the “Creator” because it is PERFECT.

      And all this bullshite of “Global Warming” is of the Devil, who’s ambition is to MOUNT Heaven and become the Supreme Ruler of the “Universe.”

      What are the “works” of the Devil?

      “Perfection” and Beauty” as we see in our earth’s nature?

      No, we see the OPPOSITE: decay, pollution, ugliness, betrayal, lies…. all manner of corruption.

      You want to choose Lucifer as your “god,” then that is the world you will have.

      For myself, I choose “PERFECTION.”

      I choose Beauty

      I choose LOVE OF NEIGHBOR, without “judgment,” as best I can…. even when they stone me.

      I choose HAPPY.

      It’s all a WIN WIN when you choose “Jah”

      Yah- who- Ahhhhh!

      1. Pray to God, that would be Yahuah, the Most High “god,” the Creator…

        That He restores the beauty of His Creation…

        Including US.

  5. May your secret WISH for destruction and death, and its “power,” be reaped by you.

    Be glad, as you so clearly are…..

    Only THEN will you realize there is no “magic” nor “wishes come true” in our Father’s great “Universe” that can save you.

  6. Regarding the man-made plandemic –

    “Mandatory” = 666 (English Sumerian).
    “Vaccination” = 666 (English Sumerian)
    9 letters + 11 letters ie 9/11.

    Others have said that The Delta Strain is actually the Vaccine (Injection).
    “The Delta Strain” = 1332 (Reverse English Sumerian) or 666+666.
    7+7 letters.

    1. Thanks, Ken!

      Have wondered how things are going for you “Down Under.”

      You seem to be located at the End Times’ Ground Zero.

      God bless!

      It’s all so UN-Imaginable, really…..

      This whole thing, it’s so crazy, I think it’s part of awakening us all to the reality that it isn’t REAL.

      We can OBSERVE, like you are…..

      But stay apart from it, praise be to Jesus.

      1. Hi all, I’d like to amend the above, because this spiritual battle is VERY “real.”

        The Enemy (Inanna) is the “G-d” of this false world, entirely fabricated of lies and deception, and HATRED and DIVISION, and whose only goal is to lead you off the Way Home to Our Father in Heaven, as we are led by our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ, and rather into a ditch on Route 66, the Highway to HELL.

        Did you notice that the link I posted about the Wiki leaking of the outtakes [the were REAL] from the Moon Landing Shoot….. didn’t cause a ripple?

        I have to agree with my brother from Massachusetts, whose vid I’m posting here, that as believers in God and His only Son, Jesus Christ, that if we are guided to the Truth and see, as “Watchers,” what is to come, it’s not “FEAR PORN,” it’s what the Father according to the Bible requires us believers in the coming New Kingdom to WARN our brothers and sisters of: The Day of Judgment approaches.

        Get right with Yahuah, the Most High God, and PREPARE, or?

        YOU WON’T MAKE IT.

        It’s come into my mind that I have a major WARNING to all, concerning the approaching “Holidays” [Satan’s inversion of Yah’s “Holy Days”].

        Didn’t the Queen of England warn us that “this will be your last Christmas” but… it wasn’t?

        Welp, I’ll post it soon because I need to work on it, with Scriptural backup, because who knows? It really may be my last post…..the End seems to be upon us and this MAY BE our last Christmas here on this “PLANET Earth.”

        “There will be a new heaven, and a new earth” in the Coming New Kingdom.

        Believe me, YOU WANT TO MAKE THE CUT.

        For now, a shout out to Richie from Boston.


        He agrees, the Apollo 11 moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood studio…. and in the American DESERT.


        1. I’m feelin’ the HEAT.

          Aren’t YOU?

          Time to get OUT of the kitchen [unless you WANT to be “dead meat”….?].

          “Oh, hi RV…. eh heh. Hoy [Long Eyelandt fawr “Hi!”] ….

          Luv you, ‘brotha.’ Luvved your dogshit crown uh, like, meme? Orr aww what was that shit about? Nasty…. I mean, rully. You laughing giddily away about your creation as Richie commented half-heartedly, “Beautiful.”

          And why can’t you seem to shake that ruma? Ya know, the one about you being the same as “A Call for an Uprising”?

          Ya know, I think it’s TRUE.

          RV (Russian Vids) is the same guy as “A Call for an Uprising.”

          Why? Because “A Call” lost me when he put out his new cartoon beginning with some elite guy taking a dump in his pants (it’s a “tell” of these sodomite deceivers: a preoccupation and giddy glee surrounding “shit” jokes).

          ANd YOU RV, had your biggest laugh at the SHITTY CROWN you fashioned for one of the goy….

          And all poor RIchie could do was keep vaping to get through the longest “livestream” of his life that he compared jokingly to “Eternity in Hell.”


          Oh, Richie never asked: Who’s the “girl on fire” in your decode of this vid?

          You never mentioned…..

          1. I get the feeling RV didn’t even bother to decode “the girl of fire” because to him?

            They’re ALL whores.

            1. Yeah, they are! ALL trannies, do you now see that now so CLEARLY?

              Not “hot women” at ALL!!!!

              TRANNIES ON PARADE pretending to be…?


              1. Wow, people. Rewatching the above vid a brown idk bird showed up on my railing chittering away and was sure to show me his ass before he flew off (see, I’m in direct communication with…. you know)…

                Anywho, as I ponder the crazy world I am living in which demons and angels are all around me now… I turn back to 2:11 in the vid or thereabouts and…. omgee….

                It’s the priest lusting after that “bird’s” BEHIND.

                I’m SIRIUS.

                It’s all about the BEHIND and the SHIT that comes out of it that seems to be the Devil’s…..



                1. Literally the bird showed up on the railing so I paused the vid to look at him showing me his little asshole, pausing it right at that point in the vid, where the priest Robert Palmer is lusting after the, well, it looks like an eagle, doesn’t it?

                  Lusting after its asshole.


                  1. And for those who are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, it was a Russian Vids livestream with Richie from Boston.

                    And now that I’ve watch the above vid, I see it’s not the same as the one decoded by RV…..

                    I see the Twin Towers and lipstick tranny but no planes flying around it and no girl on fire.. I think he actually conflated two different vids, so it’s kinda confusing, the way he merged them into one.

                    That’s actually been the final nail in the coffin of my dreamed of career as a “film critic.”

                    I was a devotee of great films, Old Hollywood, the French New Wave, um all of it!

                    But it was only in the last ten years or so, that I saw they changed the “final cut” all over the place!

                    Iconic scenes all of a sudden were replayed taken from different perspectives?

                    The scene you remembered and critiqued with your depth of interpretation, now was….


                    Like EVERYTHING in our fallen world, like in the iconic final scene of Star Wars with Luke’s Father, Darth Vader, having died and now redeemed in heaven, looking proudly down on the celebration with the tree huggers… he was REPLACED decades later by some young actor from a SEQUEL? I mean, Are you KIDDING ME?

                    Satan replacing and changing our memories of the past…

                    To what end?


                    And then to “create”…..

                    “ORDER” OUT OF “CHAOS.”

                    In MIMICRY of Yahuah’s Creation of us!

                    He wants to replace “GOD.”

                    Wake up before he steals your soul.

                    1. The Satanic “Christmas” is deep…..

                      I’ll get into it when I can lay it out fully……

                      But Santa Claus stole our children from us.

                      And that’s why there are no whole upright humans to stop this wave of “trans-humanism.”

                      because Satan turned our own children against us the day they found out there is no Santa Claus.

                      The day they learned their own parents LIED to them.

                      Psychic break.

                      The demon stepped in…..

                      And now they are gone.

                    2. Santa is Satan of course.
                      And somewhere it has been recorded that December 25th is the birth date of numerous ( a dozen or more I think) occult gods and entities.
                      Jesus’ actual birth date has been said by some to have been on our equivalent date of Sept 11th.

  7. (Frank, last one.)

    Russian Vids (RV, the Big Man in flat earth biblical conspiracy whatever!) somewhere drops a line about “Granny Get Your Gun.”


    OK, “RV”….you sound like you have the emotional and intellectual maturity of a high schooler, but you’re probably pushing, ech, idk….40?… 50? I don’t care. You are a CHILD.

    And you ever want to get “me” in a “livestream”?


  8. So am I “Sarah Connor” old but still strong, at the end of the game?

    Or am I yeah, “Tom Cruise” just at the beginning?


    I think…..



    Because my Father gave me the FREEDOM, as long as I want it….

    to follow His Will.

    Your “sex” doesn’t matter… Your “age” doesn’t matter.

    It’s your faithfulness to your Creator.

    He made you that way.

    Fighting your “worldly” and thus “evil” temptations is the Way of the child of Yahua.

    All you can do is keep going…..

    And never give up.

      1. I also need to apologize for saying I was gonna be somewhere when I chickened out.

        I’m thinking I’ll be there tomorrow night.

        1. Whatever….

          My RAGE as a mother cannot be contained.

          Do you understand what I mean? Do you really want to get near me….?

          How could you when you are not a mother yourself…..

          YOU HAVE NO IDEA

          1. Rachel gets blown away in the end.

            Is that what “they” have in the cards for me?

            I really don’t fuckin’ CARE anymore….

              1. They’re probably planting a bomb in my van as we speak.

                According to the gospel of “John.”

                Like I said, “God BLESS you.”

                Whatever you try to “do” to me …..

                will come back to you.

                You never gave me a chance to get to know you….

                Therefore when you come before my MAN…..

                HE’ll say TO YOUR FACE…..

                “I NEVER KNEW YE.”

                    1. Did you notice the ones who stick out from the PEACEFUL crowd at the end?

                      The female with bouncing boobs? On some man’s shoulders…..

                      The point is, the ENEMY will ALWAYS plant bad apples to ruin the whole barrel.


                      We are BEYOND so-called “peaceful protests.”

                      It’s OVER.

                      Get right with God, Yahua.

                      And…. PREPARE.

      2. Hey Richie!

        I just subscrrribed to your channel.

        Look for “Mary”…. “Sweet Caroline”…. or don’t.

        I’m looking to hit the road like you…. want to “spread the Word” in my own way. I’m a REALLY GOOD “lector.” It’s my hidden talent. I lectored at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, even at the High Mass for Cardinal O”Connor back when my son was a toddler, and I was still married to his father.

        They said I was “really good.”

        I didn’t get to read the Gospel, only the “priest” saying the Mass is allowed to read the Gospel, the holy words from Jesus himself.

        Well, Fuuuuck THAT!

        So if I hit the road and need income, that’s what I plan on doing.

        Welcoming any contributions along my Way……

        Could use an experienced Friend along the Way, tho. A man.

        Maybe we could meet sometime in the NEAR future?

        My email is in your “court” now.

        I’m not flirting with you, brother.

        I’m looking for… a Big Brother to watch out for me.

        I know I have Jesus….

        I’m afraid to “go out there” alone. A “solo female.” when I know I have WOLVES on my trail….

        Just looking for a Friend.

        Peace, bro


        1. I also want to preach against the “false gospel” of Saul.

          Self-proclaimed “Saint Paul.”

          He was the first “Anti-Christ.”

          I agree with you (and RV…) that “Rob” (ha, he was a Robber) um, “Skiba” (these fake actors with their FAKE NAMES….) was a DECEIVER out of Holly Wood.

          He I guess (I never followed him much, only his flat earth stuff that turned up in vids) was involved with a debate about it.

          Anywho it came into my mind again just the day before yesterday: If “Saint Paul” was a true “apostle,” he must have died under Satan’s persecution, he must have died a martyr. But I thought, Hmm. I was educated from kindergarten thru eighth grade and was the valedictorian of my graduating class of St. Paul’s Elementary School and dont’cha know, I couldn’t recall how he died.

          Welp, no one seems to know.


          “Tradition” has it he was beheaded.

          Ya think?

          The JEW who Jesus called out to and blinded on the Road to Damascus and thus spent the rest of his life preaching the “gospel,” but NEVER confessed his sins! Never asked for Yahuah’s forgiveness for having been present and a participator in the stoning death of SAINT STEPHEN.

          HE NEVER SAID HE WAS SORRY for persecuting and murdering true “Christians.”

          Still don’t believe me?

          Just read this, from “Romans 13:1-2,” one of “Saint Paul’s” letters to the “churches”:

          “Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.”

          Would JESUS have EVER have said that?

          If you don’t know the answer, then you need to go and read the Gospels:

          Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


  9. This world is like a circus.

    And somehow I have become its ringleader.

    The only difference is …..

    I am a woman.

    And Britney?

    IS NOT

  10. So people…..

    It really IS “all Good.”

    Through the POWER of our Great Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

    I’m LEARNING (not an accomplished “Master” yet….. far from it….. but I have GLIMPSED how it feels to WALK like one……)


    And when you WALK with Jesus, there’s no thoughts about “what to do next.” No “plans”….

    You just do what makes you happy that day…..

    And you find that night that what you said and did…..

    Were absolutely PERFECT.

    In high school I used to listen to this album almost as religiously as I did “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

    Matthew 6:25-27 β€œTherefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”

    1. And MIKE!

      Hey buddy.

      I had to say goodbye today.

      No hard feelings.

      I still love you in Christ.

      Thank you for protecting me when you could.


      1. This battle goes all the way back to the beginning…..

        When Jesus died on the Cross.

        Who was the first He revealed himself to as the Risen Son?

        To Mary Magdalen.

        Was Peter happy about that?

        No, not at all, I would imagine….

        Mary Magdalen and whatever she did after to preach the Word of God is lost to “His” story.

        Peter basically ejected her from HIS “Roman Catholic Church” because she was a woman.

        Yeah, do YOU GET IT?


        Hi, Pete.

        I’m here and I’m not going to let you get away with your LIES.


        1. So Pete… recognize that there is a YUGE part of me that is MAD.

          I’m so mad……

          YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

          You cross me, you LIE to me, you sabotage my NewArk……

          YOU ARE DONE


          I get the feeling….

          Are you a former New York State Trooper? Or… are you related to one?

          Well, my man…

          YOU have fallen down on the job.

        1. Mel,

          I love you, whatever that means…..

          Maybe someday, yeah……


          I’ll be OK, even if I turn into a total bum begging off the streets…..


          That’ll never happen.

          I will never beg.

          But thank you for your offer of help.

          THE JEWS HATE ME, AND SO…..

          I am “done.”


  11. Thank you, Ken

    I owe you a debt of gratitude for waking me up to my Mary worship.

    Literally, I had no idea I was headed down the wrong road….

    Thank you so much for telling me so.

    1. TRINITY,

      Thank YOU!

      “Oh cross that liftest up my head I dare not ask to flee from thee!”

      Even so, come Lord jesus!

  12. I think that singing hymns now is POINTLESS.

    This is WARFARE.

    FIGHT or DIE

    Nevermind, you are fighting for your SOUL.

    1. So what I see in my previous post of T-Rump (haha!) is…..

      “dupers’ delight.”

      The “president” has been the Ultimate “False Flag” of the DOWNFALL of AMERICA since the FIRST ZIONIST ATTACK on our “HOMELAND”: 9/11.

      Revelation 9:11

      11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

      Satan not only EATS/DEVOURS the souls of the children of God….

      He DELIGHTS in deceiving them. Giddy shit jokes, all day long….

      Delights in promising us “salvation” and then jerking his hand back and laughing “Pysch!!!” …. at YOU.

      That’s ALL HE DOES. That’s what the Orange Je-eww did to US, the “American” people, much to Net-and-YAHOO’s delight.

      When will the “Adversary” stop torturing us?

      Only when he is DEAD.

      Only when the Creator, our Father, decides to extinguish him in the Lake of Fire reserved for him at the North Pole.

      Remember, Yahuah is the Father of Lucifer, his ONCE most favored Archangel.

      Yahuah must be pushed to the LIMIT of TOLERANCE to destroy his own, yes, “son.”

      But Lucifer has become a parasite, he lives off the SUFFERING of mankind, green-eyesd JEALOUSY of his Father’s other favored “creation” who He commanded the Angels to SERVE: us.

      To really “open your eyes” to this “matrix,” this shitshow we are in is extremely PAINFUL.

      To admit how you have been deceived, when you THOUGHT you were on the Road Home. That Lucifer is NOT an “Angel of Light,”or “Enlightenment,” but he is also NOT your GOD, nor your SAVIOR.

      The following is not an attack on my “brother,” whom I DO love… (as best I know what that means).

      But I WANT one of these victims of MK-Utra to come forward, or to me, to CONFESS.

      Get your SOUL back.

      I’m talking about “Mel.”

      What IS this GREAT DECEPTION of Satan’s but to make us LUST after our own sex?

      That is it.

      The final frame of the “We Were Soldiers” put it in my face: look at Sam Elliott’s shoulders.

      Straight across.

      Look at Mel’s.


      Just like my first Hollywood IDOL’s, Marlon Brando’s. Just like Leo’s. Just like, hmm… what other “pretty boy” movie stars…. oh yeah, Matt Damon’s. Tom Cruze!!!

      The list is long, unlike their … ugh, sorry!

      It’s just so hard to FATHOM the deception and the brainwashing……

      …that I want to GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT.

      WITH LOVE.

      I want to SEE behind the CURTAIN!

      Mel, save your soul and mine!

      Come to me….

      And confess.

      You broke with them when they rejected you and targeted you after your heartfelt “The Passion.” You reached out to help a fellow secret transgender, Britney SPEARS (always in the name….) when “she” had her meltdown….

      And I have to ask myself, when you have been “transitioned” as such a young age, I do not want to demonize you or even question your “sex.” With all the hormones and brainwashing, I think you have lived your life “like a man.”

      But how can you endure living a LIE?

      Satan is all too busy INVERTING every single aspect of Yahuah’s BEAUTIFUL CREATION, man and woman, the ONLY TWO GENDERS, to render them ABOMINATIONS. Not YOU, personally…. I am not attacking you or trying to demonize YOU, but only reveal the TRUTH of how we, God’s children, have been deceived by you.

      Jesus came and championed the FEMALE aspect of humanity…. To the extent that people have wondered if he was “gay.”

      I feel like I have come to champion the MALE aspect of humanity. To the extent that yes, people have questioned my “womanhood.” That I’m a dog and a dyke.

      ALL CURIOUS, dontcha think?

      If it’s ALL GOING TO END…..


      I want to see the truth of the Earth, that it’s shaped like a bowl, with the ice shelf around it holding the waters in. I want to see and THRILL in the WONDER of Our God’s CREATION!

      Yahuah LOVED US so much that He gave us this BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

      He gave us the LOVE in it and the Beauty and the MERCY.

      I want to KNOW YAHUAH and I want to KNOW YESHUA, his SON, before I “die.”

      And that I may not see the TRUTH before I “pass” is what the “fear of death” is to me….

      That I may get sucked into the black vortex of the Abyss.

  13. The final thing is that “it’s the Jews,” yes {Khazars from Russia} but this “Great Work” has been in the “works” for generations and that it’s not just those lofty billionaire “Jews” but it’s your next-door neighbor, a Secret MASON…. and his wife and children.

    So these death jabs are literally ONLY FOR THE GOY.

    For “outsiders” like me…..

    Even Roman Catholics are “in on it.” Knights of MALTA. or of “Columbus.” In fact, ANY FRATERNITY OR SORORITY.

    They not only indulge in “duper’s delight” of “losers” like me, they LOVE knowing ALL THE SECRETS like “flat earth” and that NASA is all a fake show….

    They knew the original movie “The Matrix” was somehow meant to DELUDE suckers like me.

    They love knowing they are “in on it” and suffering fools like me are not.

    1. 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

      1 Corinthians 13

      Sssaint Paul, the Deceiver at work at his “greatest.”

      He’s the GOAT

      The GREATEST OF ALL TIME’s liars

      The JEW Saul changing Jesus’ message of the GOSPEL from one of “REPENT”! to…..

      “BE GOOD”…..

      Or else…..

      1. What’s the difference, you ask?

        It’s “subtle.”

        So subtle, most men have missed it.

        The “Love” Saul speaks of is not of “man,” and it is FUTILE for one to try to “be good” enough to achieve it.


  14. I also have to ask…..

    “We” weren’t allowed to read Scripture by ourselves until the last one or two generations!

    But women like me, “liberated”….

    Am I meant to read it as if I were a man?

    AM I meant to take on the heavy load that is meant for MEN?

    When I am of the weaker sex?

    And when I am a single divorced mother?

    Was I meant to “have it all” by trying to “do it all”?


    I’m a lost sheep….

    And ONLY Jesus can save me.

  15. Pride

    It’s been my pride? or maybe just my love for my son…. yes….

    That I not be KNOWN or REMEMBERED as a broken-down “whore” alcoholic….

    the alcohol I’ll give to…..

    the whore…. NOT

  16. There is no more “truth” to be found on the inter “net”

    The X22 Report? One of the highest watched channels and the guy sounds like such a f—misogynist

    What a joke…. You know, it’s a Catch-22? You’re damn right, that’s what Satan’s world is.

    “And We Know” channel?

    He quotes ROMANS.

    So you know, it’s like so professionally produced it’s OBVIOUS these are shill channels….


    Even Jeff. “Everybody likes nice tits.”???


    “Max” Um, that Juan O’Savin guy have you noticed has completely changed his tune! Something about Stranger Than Fiction, no more Trump and JFK Jr being alive….. all fallen angels and faces in the clouds.

    It’s alll LIES….

    Satan is SIFTING us all.

    Keep your eyes FIXED on Christ.

    1. Let me amend the above.

      I am/was a journalist.

      I wrote many stories about the Hollywood industry, about up-and-coming “stars” and the like…

      If you are getting PAID to write such “stories” it’s built in that you feel the pressure to ….


      So… you pump it up.

      You may not outright LIE…

      But you have to pursue the idea that you are getting and providing a “scoop.”

      Like Woodward and Bernstein.


      Getting PAID to be a “journalist” sussing out the TRUTH bastardizes the whole endeavor.

      You are working for the DEVIL.


      I KNOW.

      SO F- you if you don’t like my estimation that there ARE NO TRUTHERS on the internet.

      You are all PROSTITUTES for a paycheck.

      I’m right, and you know I am.


      You don’t like my TRUTH that I have provided here for free?

      F– you.

        1. So am I drowning? Um, with my van being held hostage, and with me about to go homeless, it kinda feels like it? To have mechanics working on my….”home”…. letting me know, um….. we think you are a dirty, evil whore, and we will fuck you up…. forever.


          It’s enough to drive anyone into their bed for DAYS.

          I’m not drowning YET….

          Yet I could use some help before I DO.

          And I love Jeff.

          He knows it too.


          He makes me laugh, the only one who can make me LAUGH these “days”


          1. The other thing is….

            “They” have been “messing” with my vehicles for decades. I always have had the tire light come on…. oops, you got a nail in your tire! Oh man, your wipers and the fluid don’t work…. woops! Ach, gosh darn it, something ate your fuel hose and that’s why you have the check engine light on….

            Oh, and it all started with me getting hit by a FEDEX truck, which totaled my fully payed off Honda Civic, and at that point in time, I had NO IDEA the WAR that had just begun to be waged on ME.

            You have no idea how this has WORN ME DOWN.

            Each one a blow to the gut.

            Welp… now I’m thinkin’….

            You are doing me a favor.

            1. Every time I take my vehicle to the “shop”

              that’s a thousand dollars, every single time.

              They’ve BROKEN me, stolen from me, trying to BLEED ME DRY.


              I don’t KNOW what I am going to DO just to stay alive at this point…..

              I’ll just let GOD lead me….


              I WON”T GIVE UP

                1. I don’t want to hate on Jeff…..

                  I think all his observations are right on, and I’m like him: Maybe I will just drink my way through the Apocalypse, altho I have a deep desire to get “super healthy.”

                  That means getting rid of the WORM. It’s in me, I KNOW it. It’s a demon and controls me: my thoughts, the stuff I “see” out there, my emotions…..

                  I was THIS CLOSE to overcoming it…..

                  Then came ?


                  I’m not giving up, and KNOW what will kill it, but it takes immense…. um, perseverance.

                  I don’t know but Jeff’s vid of his “family” at the end um….. is unsettling.

                  I know what it feels like to be the “gringo.”

                  I married an hispanic, and while they tried to “love” me I never was really one of “them.”

                  The hostility from his “wife” is clearly palpable, and it seems like Jeff is digging at her when he videos her and his “children,” much to her displeasure…..

                  It’s really WEIRD and unsettling to watch.

                  I don’t get it, other than to surmise Jeff is a Je-Eew.

                  He’s very funny, as many Jews are….

                  But they’re laughing AT US….and he’s laughing at THEM!

                  And US.

                  (Hi Mel! I LUV YOU….. Don’t hate me.)

                  1. But in Jeff’s corner, I’d recommend he read what JESUS said.

                    You quote a lot of men that you think are GREAT, like “Max.”

                    WTH does “Max” know……?


                    When JESUS KNEW IT ALL.

                    Who do you want to “follow”?

                    17 This is My command to you: Love one another. 18 If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first. 19 If you were of the world, it would love you as its own. Instead, the world hates you, because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.…

                    John 15:18

                    I think Jeff is a great “lover of his neighbor.” But…. looks like the “world” is loving him, what with all his “pirate chain,” and roaming Me-hi-co with his “family.”???



                    Maybe put more FAITH in JESUS instead of the belief that this is just a video game, and you are gonna make it to the next level….because YOU LAUGH AT DEATH.

                    Recognize the Greatest Teacher and Master of the “video game.”

                    Because HE is the ONLY ONE ….

                    who made it to THE NEXT LEVEL.

                    He’s the ONLY ONE who GOT OUT.

                    ANd HE ASKED US to FOLLOW HIM…..

                    knowing it’s not an easy path….

                    but that it’s the ONLY WAY OUT.


                    1. BTW, this was the song I played at our wedding reception, me out in front!

                      I LOVED IT!

                      Our marriage sadly failed after being together 10 years, now my son is out there on his own….

                      So it’s bittersweet to look back at it.

                      It’s tempting to just dance the Apocalypse away…..


                      “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark…..”
                      Matthew 24:38

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