Time Is Money



What is appropriate ? IDK. Some people may think putting up an article so soon after Jenny’s death is not the done thing. People will have an opinion and put their spin on it. Firstly I really don’t know WTF to do with myself and I’m a bit of mess to be honest. It also fits in with something that Jenny said recently and I know that Jenny will give me a hard time if I don’t carry on.

This is tough for everyone though I’m sure. How do you deal with unbearable sorrow ? I know it’s not real but the pain feels very real. I sense the human heart struggles on in the hope and also knowing I believe that one day the nightmare will end.

On my way back from the store yesterday waiting for me on a bench.

It’s a Little Bats.



In the movie ‘In Time’, prices were increased as a deliberate policy so that the general mass of humanity would die at a premature age whilst the vampire elite is the best way of putting it who controlled the time currency lived forever. Time theft.

Running up that bill.



This seems to be the policy.



Down the Mindlines.




And if it looks like a duck. The war on FLU.

“Immunity is so low after lockdowns that it could kill 60,000 expert modelling reveals. Free flu jabs will be offered to 35 million most at risk. Defend yourselves”.




Real Intelligence v Artificial Intelligence.



And what is real in the memory bank ?



The Vault.

Money is time.



And the Fault.

There is no fault line in reality. Sinlessness is guaranteed by God.

‘Salvation requires the acceptance of but one thought. You are as God created you, not what you made of yourself. Whatever evil you may think you did, you are as God created you. Whatever mistakes you made, the truth about you is unchanged. Creation is eternal and unalterable. Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. You are and will forever be exactly as you were created.’



It is forever.


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  1. In The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan argued that implanting false memories in people is not only possible, but is actually pretty easy when attempted in the proper settings with a gullible subject.

    “Memory can be contaminated,” Sagan wrote. “False memories can be implanted even in minds that do not consider themselves vulnerable and uncritical.”

    During the first interview one participant, when asked about the fictitious wedding event, stated, “I have no clue. I have never heard that one before.” In the second interview the participant said: “It was an outdoor wedding and I think we were running around and knocked something over like the punch bowl or something and um made a big mess and of course got yelled at for it.”




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