A Little Bats


It’s the Freakiest Show.

Let’s Not.



Let Snot. It’s in the spelling.




And some helpful advice from Considerable.com :

How to sneeze during a pandemic.

However, the novel coronavirus, which has infected more than 6 million Americans and killed at least 180,000, causes a respiratory disease called covid-19 and spreads most easily between people. In the midst of a global pandemic, sneezing into our elbows may no longer be enough.

When we sneeze, cough or talk, different sizes and amounts of respiratory droplets are released into the air, explains Maria Sundaram, a postdoctoral fellow and principal investigator on covid-19 epidemiological research at ICES Ontario. The bigger the droplets are, the quicker they fall to the ground, and the smaller they are, the more likely they are to travel greater distances.

β€œWhen you cough or sneeze, these particles can travel much further than they usually would by talking at a normal volume or just exhaling in a normal way,” Sundaram says.


And the trip into the Underworld continues. Here is the freakiest pic I think have ever come across and I’ve seen a few freakiest pics over the years. See if you can spot it. I was wondering why the pic was being pointed out to me and it took some time to see it. I won’t show the full pic or name who the concerned individual is. It maybe strange digital hocus pocus with the image or purely symbolic. Or maybe not.



And if you can’t see it here is a clue.

Little Bats.



Sweet Dreams.


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  1. I’ve brought this over from previous article replying to a comment from Elena about China Sindrome

    ‘There’s something going on with Pro Tests as well which has a Chinese connection. What is the real story ?

    This was from the summer of 2019. Hong Kong is not safe.


    Insulate Britain. Believe It Or Not. Mass Home Insulation protests really don’t ring true. In general it’s probably a good idea to have decent home insulation but some of the stuff we’re seeing is the biggest load of bollocks.

    And Road to Hell. The M25 motorway and circles London. It’s surreal.

    1. Frank

      It’s interesting how the same words which were used in the viral health scare are used in the financial debt collapse scare. Exposure and contagion. And the China Syndrome, uncovering the core and exposure to radiation as a contagion.

      And what you said about noise and energy. I’ve been noticing this for several years. Where I live for example in the summer I could open windows, now I have to keep my windows shut and the air conditioners running as much for coolth as to drown out the outside noise which is constant.
      It began with firecrackers turning into mega blasters, then blasting car radios, and people blasting music at each other out on the sidewalks. Then the RVs and motorbikes at all hours. Even normal conversations seem to be shouted.
      Maybe I’m just becoming more sensitive, but I get the concept of home insulation. 😊

    1. MJ

      Very good ! It’s echo location location location.

      I’m sure I live over Hellmouth. If it looks like a duck. Seem to be a person of interest. Mind Games or something. Can’t be bothered with it all really. Seems very childish.

      From last night. And Anubis motor bike has just turned up again. Parked itself as close as it can to my apartment. The energy is in the metal I think.

      Old Big Ears. Son of Pindar. Flap flap.


      The full picture from this image is very scary. Freaked me out anyway. Looks like it is targeting the crown chakra.


      1. Ha! He does have big ears. Whatever is revealing itself is making that particular group look like a bunch of whiney, spoiled & immature brats that have no true power. (Not dismissing the pain they have caused, just pointing out what I am seeing).
        It seems that “working” royals do whatever to step in with the next drama when a certain drama comes to light that doesn’t help their cause (of living off of everybody else).


    1. MJ, glad to hear you are doing better.

      There used to be a lot of mining in PA. In the northeast, where I was born it was slate mining. The Bangor, PA high school teams are still called the Slaters.
      There’s a lot being taken from the earth and very little being given back.

  2. “Missive from “Merica”

    I’ve gone a little “Bats”….

    But in a good way….

    Maybe the “Commissioner” could be the “go-between”? Not that I even know him….

    To get you and me together.

    Let’s TALK

    And, I mean it.

    In only the best and most “professional” way.

    Let’s tell YOUR story, and it would be a JOY for me to do it.

    Hey, I’m no “Gabby Petito,” OK?

    I’m cool.

    And I think, so are you?

    I like to be a bit theatrical…..

    Forgive me?

    1. “Forgive me” or don’t.

      I don’t Care anymore……


      Neo loves Trinity

      Always has….
      And always will.


      1. The point is….

        None of this is “real,” as Frank agrees with.

        This is all the “matrix” to the extent that I, as the perceiver, live in a “World Wide Web” of deception and illusion and LIES.

        Frank is part of the Program, and that should be clear by the way he wrote “me” and all my “testimony” off as just a “sob story.”

        “The Matrix” was released in 1999.

        See the upside down “666”?

        I can tell you how I got “triggered” when I first saw it, ha, just realizing it was Christmas 1999 at my brother’s house, but the only detail I want to SHARE with any “observers” out there who “believe in me”…..

        Is that YESTERDAY when I went to the QuickLube to get my Chrysler “straightened out” and FULLY SERVICED in preparation for my big roadtrip OUTTA HERE (oh, and I got “serviced” all right….fully), I was watching the mechanics very carefully to see if I could catch how they were I somehow knew f–king me and my car over…. when a pickup truck pulled up suddenly behind my back as I sat on the curb and I looked back and then suddenly a whole flock of birds burst from the tree next to us and did a crazy AWESOME murmuration above my head. And I laughed with glee, because (1) it is a miraculous sight and (2) I knew I had just watched that somewhere in a vid online recently and then I realized (3), it’s the same starling murmuration that Neo looks up at in awe, in the EXACT SAME WAY that I had watched in the Matrix 4 trailer.

        “The Matrix: Resurrections”

        Coming soon! Christmas! 12/21/2022.

        So I believe now as I leave “this place” that “Frank” or “Merovee,” with his NASA generated LIE of a logo image from a “Space Odyssey: 2001” of a child out in space observing a GLOBE Earth (it’s not a globe and that’s a lie, it’s flat) is part of this MK-ULTRA CIA PROGRAM to get us all to believe in “space” from which “aliens” will soon invade us. Trust me, they’re really demons, and they’ve been here since the beginning of time living UNDERGROUND.


        I’m not “Trinity” after all…..

        I’m “Neo.”

        I’m the “ONE” in my own particular mind-job.


        End of Story

        I know I’m the One, because there is NO “Neo” to my “Trinity.”

        I never found “the One” because….

        It was ME all along.

        1. How did I get here?

          I got “led” to reading and practicing “A Course in Miracles,” which was “channeled” by a Jewish woman professor and recorded in cooperation with a sodomite, i.e. an openly homosexual professor, at Columbia University.

          I.e. “ACIM” (see the “CIA” in it, in PLAIN SIGHT) is….

          Satanic deception AIMED at reborn believers in Jesus Christ like me to PULL us OFF the Path of Redemption.

          My advice to EVERYONE who is NOT part of “the Program” is?

          DON’T FALL FOR IT.

          GIVE thanks and PRAISE to our Father in HEaven and His only SON, the Good Shepherd WHO calls to His sheep like me, and pulls us out of the ditch and back into His flock, walking with Him on the straight and narrow highway and finally through the NARROW GATE to our….


          Our SALVATION

          Eternal Life in Heaven with Our Father


          All you need do is LOOK UP and see the absolute beauty and miracle of His Creation, which He GAVE to US.

          Look up and take delight in what you see above and all around you: It’s the Kingdom of HEAVEN.

          Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Yahua, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

          1. We are all “the One” when we…. each and every One of us….

            …wake up from our sleep (“Sleeping Beauties”) in the Matrix.

            “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you ARE children of the most High.”
            Psalm 82:6

            1. But I’m not “the One”!!!!

              NONE of us are, in this world ruled by Satan, the Fallen Angel and original “Renegade” who makes war on the Most High and His children and ALL of CREATION.

              I KNOW the “One” for me is, always was, and always will be….

              Jesus Christ

              And I’m angry and afraid and I hate this evil world!

              I long to be in His arms, and be one with HIM.

  3. So I’m finally watching “Nomadland” that Oscar-winning movie.

    I’m only 1/3 of the way through, but if you PEOPLE out there DON’T see the JEW agenda in it, the same JEWS who control Hollywood and the Mass Media, with their blue-and-white Epstein stripes and transgenders, and hatred of WOMEN…..

    Then you are BLIND.

    1) Frances McDormand is in MY OPINION from early shots of her accepting her first Oscar for idk “Fargo”? to this film, in which she takes off her shirt and I’m sorry people, but THAT is a man’s back. She’s a MAN married to a powerful JEW in Hollywood: Joel Cohen.

    2) This is the finest in MK-Ultra PROGRAMMING to get AMERICANS who want out of a Satanic system and go West to live “off grid” to appear that they are drug-addicted loser homeless “cattle.”

    3) Bob Wells not only looks just like Santa Claus, he is a SELLOUT.

    1. The opening scene is CLASSIC in how JEWS denigrate women: the poor forlorn loser female peeing out in the open and pulling up her pants like a slut.

      How’s that for an introduction to their Oscar-winning film’s “heroine.”

      When she’s really just an MTF abomination cursed in the Bible, Serpent Seed extraordinaire in the JEW agenda to DENIGRATE WOMEN EVERYWHERE.


      She wins the Oscar for that “performance” and good.

      Your name is most likely written in the Book of DEATH.

      1. OK, I’m sorry but am watching and this old “woman” who is in distress being helped by “Frances” is clearly an old man.

        Let’s keep going…. I see two trannies “helping” each other, what heroines they are…. aahh.

        1. This hero “woman” is talking about how to end “her” life in suicide.

          So heroic…..

          Let’s keep going….

          1. I’m sorry but I find this scene of the “old woman” who has cancer and a death sentence and “she” is soldiering on through…..


            let’s keep going….

            1. Aww, poor “her”

              “She” hopes when she dies she will be remembered…. because aww, she’s just an innocent old woman….. Liar liar pants on fire.

              1) He/”she” is a LIAR

              2) Jesus said if you are ashamed of me as your Lord and Savior, then when you come to the “pearly gates” for judgment… “I will be ashamed of you.”

              3) This thing I can barely watch is an “abomination” before the Creator. He did not make you, a born MAN, to give up and pretend you are of the weaker sex, a woman.

              You have betrayed YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

              Therefore you will not receive it and will be DESTROYED in the Lake of Fire with your Father of all LIES…


              1. Ugh, next scene:

                The JEW at the piano:

                “How ’bout a drink! How about a toast to our friends!”

                Straight out of Oliver….

                I’ll hold off now, can’t watch this JEW movie anymore tonight.

                  1. OK, I’m watching and there you go! haha, yeah….

                    The JEWS have me cleaning dirty TOILETS.



                    I’m just their JANITOR

                    1. So now we have her observing the desert wasteland and S/He takes his/her selfie before a mural of our Founding Fathers.

                      This Oscar-winning JEW movie MOCKS Americans.

                      WE have been INVADED by PARASITES who call themselves “U.S’ citizens but they are LIARS and have DUAL Citizenship with ISRAEL, who has vowed to take us over for their CATTLE.

                      And THEY are HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS that we continue to WORSHIP.

                      MOCKERY of the STUPID sheep who have no idea they are being mocked.

                      How does the Good Shepherd gather such a LOST FLOCK of brain-dead zombies?

                      I don’t know.

                    2. Ridiculous! Her in a new job having to haul potatoes or beets, whatever…..

                      WE ARE NOT SLAVES

                      And this movie makes you think you are a HERO for being one, a SLAVE.

                      So POETIC what with the piano score behind it…. Awww!

                    3. And another shower scene of the heroine’s back in suffering….

                      But that is CLEARLY a man’s back.

                      This “Frances” is NOT a weak woman.

                      SHe is a strong MAN who has chosen to take the EASY way out of manhood and be his/her man’s (Cohen brother producer) woman.

                      It is the truth and it’s DESPICABLE to try to FORCE IT DOWN our THROATS as some sort of HEROIC JOURNEY when it is NOT.

                    4. The bottom line is this movie makes it seem like people who choose to live off the grid are lost and losers.

                      That this is some kind of “tragedy.”

                      Yeah, for YOU!

                      We choose OUT


                      Believe me, I do not go to seek a community of outlanders…..

                      I go to seek….


                      I apologize to Bob Wells, but you know you were not nice to me, and you KNOW it.

                      A woman’s “reputation” is all she has.

                      How dare you contribute to the stoning and then think you are somehow a “good” man.

                      Maybe if you see me out there somewhere, you will apologize.

                    5. The Jews make everything a woman does who seeks to live free from them ugly.

                      Like the scene of the movie’s heroine shitting in a can in her van.


                      Um, what was that scene for?

                      Simply the denigration of women.

                      JEWS are serpent seed, Jesus declared that, and now in my life I have experienced it.

                    6. I’m sure Bob Wells and his crew will be waiting for me when and if I get out there.

                      I can’t wait….

                      To tell you…..

                      GO TO HELL

                    7. So I STAND on this HILL.

                      The JEWS are our ENEMY.

                      They are parasites and have infiltrated our country at every level to the point that…..

                      WE may die.

                      It’s the JEWS

                      The ones who have “run” every False Flag since 9/11. ALL FAKE


                      Do YOU REALLY THINK 22 kindergartners DIED at Sandy Hook?

                      Or that people actually lost their legs as bystanders at the Boston Marathon?

                      Haha, I mean, what a JOKE.

                      The perp was named Dzhokhar….

                      The JOKER

                      I don’t WANT to be part of a COMMUNITY like yours that lives in LIES and sticks their heads up their asses and under the sand.

                      F YOU

                    8. But now that I KNOW…..

                      How could I in good conscience …

                      Let THEM get away with it.

                      I CAN”T


                      I won’t

                    9. So I provide this as BACKUP .

                      And my belief that these watcha gonna call em: “JEWS” are our modern-day Egyptian SLAVEholders.

                      Our OPPRESSORS

                      You know, the ones at the TOP of the pyramid of POWER and MONEY. I don’t need to name them. Heads of every part of our “society” but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the BANKS. And thus ALL of Big Pharma, and DC underground CHILD-TRAFFICKING….. um, the ones who hold the power over YOUR JOB. You don’t take the death jab, YOU’RE FIRED! (says Donald Trump, the creator of the WARP SPEED vaccinations.)

                      Donald Trump really became FAMOUS for his show in which he told someone “You’re FIRED.”

                      Shit! Talk about predictive programming.

                      Donald Trump is a Jew.

                      He’s PART of the 9/11 Conspiracy to destroy “America.”


                      He’s a LIAR and a THIEF.


                      He’s the “Father of the COVID 19 Vaccines” that he developed at “Warp Speed.”

                      He’s Serpent Seed.

                      IN MY OPINION

                    10. Did you notice the recurring theme in the last few vids I’ve posted?


                      The Joker: “I like this job, I like it!!!”

                      MOCKING us that are REQUIRED to “have a job” just to SURVIVE and support our children in this world.

                      “Steve Jobs”

                      The “Apple” we’ve all taken a bite of…


                      In the NEW Kingdom ruled by the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ…

                      There will be no “jobs”

                      There will be no more “work”

                      There will be no more suffering!

                      The lion will lay down with the lamb.

                      We will all love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

                      To RISK not inheriting this kingdom of God by taking the jab is madness.

                      If you’ve taken one, don’t worry if you repent.

                      God the Father YOUR Creator can save you if you really WANT to be saved.

                    11. The Coming of the Kingdom

                      32 Remember Lot’s wife! 33 Whoever tries to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it. 34 I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed: One will be taken and the other left.…

                      Luke 17:33

                    12. Judgment Day

                      In the Satanic version, on Judgment Day, all will be well. According to “A Course in Miracles.” we will all laugh at this crazy dream as we all ascend into GOODNESS and LIGHT. Like one of its prophets Gary Renard said, It’s not the “sin” that hurts you like eating chocolate and getting pimples or say drinking alcohol and dying thereof, THEY say it’s just your GUILT over it that’s killing you. “So don’t feel guilty about it” and ALL WILL BE WELL.

                      DO WHAT THOU WILT

                      Same as Aleister Crowley and all the Luciferians taught…..

                      “DO what you LOVE” And? Don’t feel guilty about it.

                      Well the feeling of “guilt” comes from the Holy Spirit within in you CONVICTING you.

                      And “Judgement Day” has always been described in the Bible as a “GREAT and TERRIBLE day.”

                      I’d follow the Bible, and not some Luciferian, child-sacrificing and molesting god of EVIL who tells you if you DO WHAT THOU WILT, all will be well.

                      Satan is a LIAR!

                      PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD

                      That means, clean HOUSE. Get straight within yourself and with GOD.

                      Sorry, but NO MORE LIES.

                      Only THEN will you pass muster.

                    13. The JOKER! hahahaha!

                      Yeah, the Joker cannot DIE.

                      “Carrie, Carrie…. you did not know me, and therefore you must die….”

                      Haha! Yeah, I don’t what to say other than the Devil is one sly M-fer.


                      And when he strikes I just want to burn the place down…. a la “Carrie.”

                      But I won’t tonight.

                      I’m sick of this drama and I know you (RooB) are too.

                    14. Test comment, I want the comment to go HERE, after “The JEWS have me cleaning dirty TOILETS.



                      I’m just their JANITOR”

                      not at the end of the thread.

                      Because I think this comment struck straight to the heart for the Sheriff. The night before he died in his sleep from heart failure.

                      Did his dad end up the same way, as just a janitor?

                      Payment for his elevation into power by the JEWS?

                      Is that what “killed” him?

                      My comment?

                      Anyway, it’s ALL sad but I have comfort in knowing…..

                      “Only the GOOD die young.”

                    15. I pray I end with this, how the JEWS entrap “good people” and put them in POWER and give them FAME, but it’s a deadly “Catch-22” and at the end of the game, they are spit out. Of nonuse to them. And non-honored for all their blood, sweat, and tears.

                      THEY ARE VAMPIRES.

                      Eric showed up. That guy looks like the archetypal vampire to me.Spoke of the sheriff in present tense. Oh goody. He’s now an official “Nosferatu.” An immortal VAMPIRE just like them.

                      The picture of the “Mid Hudson Convention Center” on google is SOO ghoulish, its letters dripping in black goo…..

                      I thought to myself about attending the wake, there’s no way I’m goin’ in there because I might not come back out.

                      That’s all.

                      “I’m out.”

                    16. Footnote to end all footnotes:

                      The vid of Sia singing “I’m ALIVE!”

                      I always did and still do hear her in my mind, singing not “I’m still breathing” but….

                      “I’m still dreaming”
                      [You took it all but I’m still dreaming]

                      You took it all but I’m still dreaming

                      You took it all but I’m still dreaming

                      I’m “alive”!!!



                      It’s all nuts


                    17. And who knows.

                      Maybe Diane Keaton was his true love.

                      I think that was her watching the funeral procession.

                      The look on her face….smiling through tears….

                      Was LOVE

                    18. This is it this is my FINAL POST

                      Jacob, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.

                      I have a drinking problem, and God forbid I’m somehow twisted up in yours.

                      I intend to get out of it. I intend to live free again….


                      So that when I go out on my bike or try to jog again, no one will assume I’m just doing it to GET YOUR DAD!

                      That was very unfair of ALL OF YOUR RELATIVES. I’ve been living in a cage here for 22 years!

                      It’s not your fault, Jake.

                      Again, life is hard.

                      But I’m here for you to somehow make sense of it, through guidance from above, that means Jesus.

                      I’m serious in that.

                      Here’s a thought: I know there is an AA meeting at that church on Pine with the AWESOME mosaic of Jesus.

                      How about this: I’m gonna go to their next Friday night meeting on the 15th.

                      I’m not all on board with “AA” because I don’t want to have to have some “mentor” over me….

                      But the teaching is about handing this all over to a HIGHER POWER: That means Jesus.

                      I want to be healthy again, I don’t want to drink.

                      I don’t think you want to either.

                      So maybe I will see you there.

                      I’m sorry for accusing you, because I know you were just trying to defend your mother.

                      Forgive me!

                    19. One final question: Did the sheriff take the jab and then got sick?

                      heart sick

                      He told us all to go and get the vaccine…..

                      But given his history of heart condition, I would’ve thought he wouldn’t take it.

                      Did he die from the jab?

                      Only his “loved ones’ know for sure.

                      The ultimate BETRAYAL of Trump…..

                      The VAMPIRE of us ALL.

                      “Father of the ‘warp-speed’ Vaccine”



  4. I never knew you, “Butch”

    And I apologize to his true wife, Rebecca, and son Jacob for all the pain.

    I saw a plane shooting straight up into the sky, bright and silver shining…..

    And I KNEW it was you on your way to Heaven.


    1. This is a loss BIGGER than I think people comprehend around here….

      I’m in shock.

      Do I go to the Jewish-sponsored “memorial” or not.

      Do I face the Enemy down or not.

      Will Melania be there? And Donald?

      They should be!

      Out in the OPEN.


      I have a son and I value his life.

      So I will “stand down.”

    1. I know you have Rebecca and Jacob, but you’ve kinda had me and John too, ever since we moved here….

      I’m not happy about that but…..

      I wish you well.

      1. The only condolences I have are to you, Jacob.

        I wish I could help you and communicate with you, be a parent to you, or just be your friend.

        My door is always open! Hahaha….

        I mean it. If you ever want to stop by and TALK….. I’m here for you.

        This world world has gone batshit crazy!

        I don’t think your dad is “bad.”

        I think your parents love you more than they know.

        I can help you see that.

        Be a RENEGADE.

        Drop by and PRAY with me.

        To our Lord and Savior!

        Jesus Christ

        I love you buddy.

        You’re gonna be OK.

        1. Jesus was not a wimp.

          He is, was, and ever shall be the STRONGEST man I have ever “known.”

          If you don’t want to or can’t connect with me, connect with the Jesus in the Gospels, that just means Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible.

          Read them.

          It’ll be your comfort and even more…

          It’ll save your life.

          Trust me.


          1. I’ve always wanted to be a “teacher.”

            Maybe you can be my “First Student.”

            We can read the Word together.

            Jesus said where there are two (we only need two!) or more gathered in my Name…

            I AM there.

            To Jacob and honestly anyone else in this drama, my door is open if you want to join me in seeking God’s Word, or some kind of Peace from God.

            That means?


            I won’t be here forever, that is for sure.

            I’ll be in foreclosure until the “Sheriff” evicts me.

            Be brave whoever you are, and come by so we can seek Jesus together.

            If not….

            I wish you ALL well!

            May the peace of Jesus Christ be upon you all.

            And I MEAN that!

                  1. So I intend to go to the Sheriff’s wake tomorrow, but let me tell you: it’s pretty daunting.

                    The Dutchess County Sheriff’s hq is directly across the street from the “Italian Community Center” or somesuch… I’m sorry but running for Congress Marc Molinaro looks like a shark with baby teeth. Kirk Imperati…. hmm. Doesn’t like look a guy who would ever “get me” or “get” why the Sheriff might like me….

                    The Sheriff’s new wife wore red shoes just last December at his 50th anniversary.

                    I’m sorry, lady, but nobody these days gets away with wearing red shoes ANYWHERE, especially at YOUR HUSBAND”S 50th LAW ENFORCEMENT ANNIVERSARY.

                    YOU ARE NO LADY, that much is clear.

                    YOU MEN IN LAW ENFORCEMENT look to me like CORRUPT ITALIANS related to the MOB who have wriggled their way in.

                    YUP YUP YUP

                    See you tomorrow.

                    1. And who am I?

                      I’m someone who is against this mob-like takeover of our society with their beloved MASKS (you just love them, because you are descended from criminals and you hide your family histories and like Jews, I suspect you change your surnames!)

                      This will not go on much longer….

                      Real Americans such as myself will seek to get out or seek to SECEDE.

                      We will not TOLERATE your takeover of our personal freedoms, period.

                      You’re gonna GO DOWN, and I can’t wait to see you scum tomorrow….

                      Like the NY State Police who entrapped me and continue to stalk me and have sabotaged my car where their relatives work….

                      Like the DMV scum man “Clerk” who has watched and KNOWS the whole “operation.”

                      Like the local village JUDGE who mentioned the night I got entrapped in my DUI like I’m a Pyle of shit that he is a former New York Police State Trooper…. conflict of interest, much?

                      These people are inbred, corrupt, and frankly….


                      I have no desire to become a part of their “community” whatsoever.

                      That’s why I’ll be leaving…. hmm, if I can disconnect their tracking devices on my car and phone…. where to, they’ll never know?

                      But of course not.

                      They have their disgusting stooges tracking every move I make.

                      Because they are all inbred and corrupt mob scum.

                    2. Bottom line is red shoes are code for child trafficking and yup, sacrifice.

                      They told me in my small town in so many words that THEY DELIVER the pizza.


                    3. When you think about how this was all revealed to the public via “Pizzagate”….

                      It was all citizen journalism.

                      Have any suspects like James Alefantis been apprehended and caught?


                      Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of sex with a teen….

                      None of this OBSCENE and completely Satanic baby sacrificing that we now know is going on in Hollywood and Epstein Island, the Standard in Manhattan, underground tunnels and lairs, WHO KNOWS.NONE of it has seen the light of day…..

                      And then we have President Trump “stepping in,” and Melania.

                      Are they REALLY saving the children and stopping this child-trafficking underworld?

                      Or covering it up?

                      The public has no proof of any “EXECUTIONS” at Gitmo, altho it is strange these celebrities are disappearing.

                      The AMERICAN PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW.

                      WE ARE THE REPUBLIC!

                      WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

                      It is TIME whatever is being done behind closed doors be REVEALED.

                      Sadly our country has been misguided for so long by secrets held by the “elite.”

                      Well, NO MORE.

                      We will blow up I think… we will explode and we will be unstoppable against you….

                      IF YOU DON”T

  5. I really can’t fully believe Butch Anderson is dead.

    That said, if he is indeed dead….

    I just wanted to say why I admired him.

    Because I knew he had some mob in him, he dressed like one (lol), but he was genuinely committed to doing good in the community.

    He really connected with us all, “the good,” “the bad,” and “the ugly.”

    We all loved Butch.

    No crime for all the 22 years he was in charge. (welp, not that he could help….)

    That says something.

    I would have been “honored” to have been his wife as his wife Danielle said she was. Condolences to you as the mother of two young ones.

    But Jacob wouldn’t have it.

    God bless, everybody.

    These times are rough and going to get rougher.

    Keep the faith.


    1. And seriously I have to say, I became a “drinker” because of you all, and was thereby “disqualified.”


      But you all know that, and you are glad, and maybe I’m glad you are glad.


      I’m thinkin’ ….

      I dodged a bullet.

  6. Dear Butch and Jake,

    I couldn’t be there because I knew I would fall apart in tears.

    I love you both…..

    I’m so sorry we never got to know each other, for who we really are.

    Jake, you dishonored me before my son.

    I’m sorry but what kind of a son asks his “DAD” about a girl he likes, UGH, What kind of woman takes it up the ass?????

    DO you not see….. how retarded that is??

    You need to apologize to me for that or you’ll live with the guilt of it to your death bed.


    I’m not a saint after all.

    I’m an avenging ANGEL.


    And I think it killed your “dad.”


      1. So ….

        I have offered an olive branch to “Jake” in good faith. I doubt he’ll take me up on it but we will see.

        I am going to continue living and be FREE from this idk, meshuggah bs garbage i have endured here in this TOWN.

        I DO have “stuff” on you “all”…..

        On reputations and all that….

        Butch Anderson is Dead.

        And I now want for this whole misbegotten drama from hell upon me and my son to End.

        I want to see my son be free from the Masonic trap you have him in.


        I blowtorch your beloved TOWN and every single “honorable” reputation in it.

        It’s “Goodby and GOOD LUCK.”

        You’d better TAKE ME AT MY WORD.

          1. And in closing (lol), I just want to apologize to yes, I listed his name before so I will now again:

            Kirk Imperati

            A picture speaks a thousand words, and I think the PoJo misidentified you in the earlier photos I saw of “you.”

            In the correctly identified photos of you at the funeral, you look every bit the honorable Undersheriff.

            I’m sorry if my posts have in any way impugned your integrity, or made you hate me. Haha.

            Butch Anderson chose well.

            Thank you for “not” following up on tonight’s “disturbance.”

            You look as impeccable a man as the Sheriff described you.

            And, you’re “Italian.”

            God bless.

            Like the caller into the sheriff’s office said as he reported my “disturbance”….

            “She’s leaving.”


    1. And to have you take over the Sheriff’s mantel (I like you’re my namesake. Kirk = Church = the Bride of Christ)

      But WOW

      I just searched the meaning of your surname: Imperati

      I is for ignite, the fire in you!

      M is for marvelous, which is how others see you

      P is for passion, your fire!

      E is for easy going, no ruffles here.

      R is for rewards, from your hard work

      A is for assertive, a great leader

      T is for treasure, that of your friendship.

      I is for impartial, a great arbiter


      All THAT when you are just a “good cop” following your oath made to protect and defend the innocent….


      You have become my superhero.

      Just doing your job.

      1. Well, Officer Imperati,

        I might need you in the future to help me.

        Tonight’s situation in the park of them shining their lights in my house under the guise of running some town park sponsored “event” was a lie. All I did was walk over there and ASK them about it. No answers before this “guy” says “I’m calling the police.”

        For what? A 22-year-long “neighbor” just asking what the f– were they doing running around the park with flashlights? I just wanted to know. For that, this JERK with a helmet you know, those SUPERFIT bike-rider assholes CALLS THE “POLICE.”

        Now I know, this was a setup, and what they WANTED was for me to drive over to the park across the way because of my bum knee and THAT WAY, since, yes, I’m having some wine, they would’ve had the police arrive about ME causing a DISTURBANCE and yes, since if they checked, they could have charged me with some insane “drinking” disturbance or violation.

        THIS is the POLICE STATE we are ALL headed for, but you people here in Pawling have REVERED it because YOU are on the INSIDE and I and LOSERS like me are on the OUTSIDE.




  7. Wow


    It’s sad, when they can just change things up on us, no endings, or endings changed a la Star Wars: the Dark Father/ Darth Vader replaced by some nobody actor in the final scene.

    This is the DIGITAL WORLD and we have no “rights.”


    Lucifer the Angel of the Air rules all.

    We are there in a world of shifting sand….. The video or whatever you thought was there to back you up as fact is now gone, or somehow changed.

    There’s no point for me to “comment” or anyone to comment on any of this illusion any more.

    What is there to comment on?

    It’s ALL a LIE.


    The “Crisis Actors” are for shit.

    They deserve the Oscar of all Oscars, for “Best Picture” which is?

    A LIE…

    An Illusion.

    Best Picture wins a sexless (trans) golden idol that they will regret.

  8. OK, here’s the “end,” in which you see the terrifying sight of the Alien pulling OFF of her nest (ugh!) to follow Ripley….

    Just like I have EXPERIENCED.

    The ALIEN stalks her PREY.


    The local sheriff’s department might not be able to help me on this one.

    But thank you.

  9. So this is it.

    I’ve revealed myself tonight for who I really am, to all my college friends online, as being a “Flat Earther.”

    Which is really just saying…..

    I am an “Apostle.”

    “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

    And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit; Born of the Virgin Mary; Suffered under Pontius Pilate; Was crucified, dead and buried; He descended into Hell; The third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven; And sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; From thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

    I believe in the Holy Spirit; The Holy Christian Church, the Communion of Saints; The Forgiveness of sins; The Resurrection of the body; And the life everlasting.”


      1. And I just discovered these long island dirt trash scumbags have made so I can’t view my son’s Greek God video of victory on my own computer.

        can’t let my son look good no way no HOW.

        YOU ARE FUCKED, I’m serious…..


  10. Yeah, maybe I’ll see on Friday, Jake.

    You people are ….. not people.


    There’s no way to um, make “amends” with your type.

    You’re psychopaths.

    If I see you on Friday, Jake….

    It will just be a nod of good on you.

    Good on me.

    Now let’s move on….

    Before I lose my shit.



    You know the rest.

    I’m MAD

    See you on FRIDAY.

    1. welp I’m not good with the computer

      Can’t figure how to post my son’s Greek God win, in which he was awesome.

      No contest.


      So I’ll get better and say goodbye, and….

      Build back stronger!


  11. But the wonderful thing it is that I see the End of my “Story”

    The Priestess on the Throne between the two pillars

    The two pillars of society

    J & B

    It’s over now.

  12. God Bless Keanu

    God Bless Carrie Anne

    God Bless Laurence Fishburne

    God Bless ALL the “Makers” of “The Matrix”

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