Mind Games


Down the Mind Mined Mound Lines.



There would appear to be two programs running at the same time. One program which is trying to free the mind and the other which is desperately trying to keep the mound game going and involves mirrors and mind games and the Upside Down and Under the Surface.

As an example. Up the Garden Path. Am I being led up the Garden Path or a path to a different sort of Garden ? Maybe it depends how you read it.



Is It A Den or Eden ?



And follow the Blue Arrows.




It’s the beautiful bird witch gets caged.



The beautiful bird. Stairway to Heaven ( UNCAGED ) by Tico and the Man Frank Maglio. There seems to be no end to the strangeness.




Following the Blue Arrows. More creepy crawlies.

What is the real reason for the Pro Tests ?





Can You Dig It ?

The Protest at the Test Match.

Free George Davis.

From Sports Matik – Headingley Cricket Ground :

In the Ashes series of 1975, during the third Test match on 19th August, George Cawthray, the head grounds man found that there were holes filled with oil being dug by some campaigners as they wanted the release of robber George Davis from prison. Due to this, the match was declared a draw and England lost the chance to win.



It’s not pretty.



I see something that is not there. IT changes nothing.


22 thoughts on “Mind Games

      1. Frank

        I think of the China Syndrome and uncovering the core.
        There’s also an issue surrounding a Chinese real estate developer called Evergrande. Drowning in the debt.

        1. There’s something going on with Pro Tests as well which has a Chinese connection. What is the real story ?

          This was from the summer of 2019. Hong Kong is not safe.


          Insulate Britain. Believe It Or Not. Mass Home Insulation protests really don’t ring true. In general it’s probably a good idea to have decent home insulation but some of this stuff we’re seeing is the biggest load of bollocks.

          And Road to Hell. The M25 motorway and circles London. It’s surreal.

            1. Creepy Crowley .

              I can remember the M25 being built. Close to where I lived there was a public area known as View Point. On a good day you could see the sea or sea the see in the English channel with a good telescope. And then the M25 showed up at the bottom of the hill. The blot on the landscape. The noise and energy completely changed it. And metal lurgical.

  1. The bird is hilarious. And yes, everything is weird.
    A lot of the mounds are burials. A pile of bones. To me, this is like putting a person’s remains in a pile with others, because they would be going back to the place of non-separation. Bones. B-ONE.
    And the bone marrow with iron. I’m willing to bet the iron & blood was somehow different in a world less dense. When there wasn’t so much mining (it’s mine!). Could have been a lighter existence.


    My father is buried in a national cemetery where there are rows & rows of gravestone markers, like a huge blanket of bones, 6 feet under.


    6×12 = 72

    I think we are talking about very large altar.


    And why would this replace mounds of b-ones? Because it cuts off a connection to ancestors & spirit. Something necessary to take over something & say (it’s MINE!) You can’t control spiritual people.

    And about the altar…alternating current…

    1. MJ hope you’re feeling better ❤️

      Cold War
      Coal War
      Mine War
      Mind War

      Men at Work in The Land Down Under also known as Oz.

      The company town. Codifying and enforcing the debt.

      Different day, same story. It’s in the ‘script’.

      1. Yes! It is like that! I didn’t think of it that way. Always a “take-over”. Disgusting.
        And yes, I am feeling better. Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

    1. MJ

      I’ve been to St Michael’s Mount. Fascinating site. Cornwall is full of these sort of places. Hadn’t seen it before but again another Mars link. A causeway is linked to the town of Marazion. Mars Iron.

      And St Michael ley line.


      And Mars Iron and metal lurgical and ex machina.

      Brilliant observation with 6ft Under and Keep Your Distance. With the mounds it’s been saying that’s where the bodies are buried whatever that means. Spooky things under the surface I think. I’ve also been thinking about the wordplay with debt and deat and death if you say it quickly. And deaty / deity. Trying to repay the original sin. It’s in the spelling. Something along those lines.

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