The Inner Circle


Inner Circle.



In A Circle.

A few things that have popped out recently.

Mars Field Farm.




The Red Planet.



Going round in circles at the Hub Cafe.



What is a Hub ?

‘When referring to a network, a hub is the most basic networking device that connects multiple computers or other network devices together. Unlike a network switch or router, a network hub has no routing tables or intelligence on where to send information and broadcasts all network data across each connection. Most hubs can detect basic network errors, such as collisions, but having all information broadcast to multiple ports is a security risk and causes bottlenecks. In the past, network hubs were popular because they were cheaper than a switch or router. Today, switches do not cost much more than a hub and are a much better solution for any network.’


In true Dark City style, the Fones Hub has appeared out of nowhere in Red Pill. It wasn’t there on Tuesday and no signs of a new shop being prepared and by Friday a new shop had sprung up. It’s possible that in the three days it may have been put together but I’ve seen too much of this sort of thing now.

For the purposes of Demon Stration. In the pic you can see a ‘Wait’ sign. Queue Wait seems to be part of the programming and a few other things are in there as well. This is seriously not a real place.




In the Eye of the Observer and the Observer Effect.

Recently I have been looking at images of faces and YT thumbnails which show up on the screen and spotted that in very few images do the subjects look directly at the camera. Or the eyes are shut or the faces are blurred.




And I think it is connected with this pic from the Hong Kong protests in the summer of 2019 and a sign one of the demonstrators is displaying.

‘Don’t Shoot Me’ and the camera. It’s blurry.



The Eye Ball and the Inner Circle and In A Circle.



The Lens.



And facial recognition.



Look Into My Eyes.



And Celluloid.



‘Pour moi’ a lot of incredibly Stranger Things have shown up recently which is Beyond Belief as it was already Beyond Belief. In the movies Fractured, Shutter Island and Life Of Pi there are similar endings. The main character sees a different world supposedly through a paranoid eye but in all the movies the ending is left ambiguous. What was the real story ? Maybe it’s just a case of seeing shadows when there are none. Or maybe both worlds have some sort of reality.

Not sure though. For the purpose of Demon Stration. From the Southbank Centre. Maybe it’s just a lady standing in a shadow. Or is it the Black Eye ? And she doesn’t seem to have any shadow. Also she is the only one looking at the camera. Everyone else is looking somewhere else. Even Nelson Mandela.

Also the Monolith is in there. Is it just an inscription detailing Nelson Mandela’s struggle or is it the Monolith ? And is the monolith a monolith or a black mirror or portal ? Are car number plates a form of numerological coding or are they just simply number plates ?



This Bitter Earth.



He’s not looking either.


18 thoughts on “The Inner Circle

              1. And the IT Crowd.

                Matt Berry and Benedict Wong. I received a digital radio for my birthday and listen to Absolute 70s and 80s and Matt Berry seems to have a probably lucrative sideline with voice overs for radio adverts which jumped out.




                And Annihilation. ‘So it was alien ?’


          1. California Chrome? Chroma, colors. It makes me think of Non Sine Sole Iris (no rainbow without the sun).
            CC 33
            going beyond 33. What is the 33rd prime? Going beyond that…


    From wiki…A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments and measurements may be performed.

    The laboratory.

    I guess the question is, is the human any more capable of understanding the motives and objectives of the entities which test us, than the mouse is capable of understanding the motives and objectives of the humans which study them?

    1. Anon

      That’s a question that has been coming up recently. ‘What is the nature of my game’ ? It’s a silly game though. Can’t get interested in the question.

      I suppose it’s survival at the core and keeping the game going. We’re playing a very tedious game of Monopoly IMO. Bored with the board game. And I think a decision has been made to end it and pick up the board and throw it at the wall.

      There seem to be mind games within mind games within yet another mind game.

  2. British PMs.

    Don’t fall for the sob story. And don’t fall for the Boss Tory.

    The May Trix and May Tricks.

    Butter wouldn’t melt. Lock up the good silver if he comes to call though.

    Now everything’s cool, Drac’s a part of the band
    And my Monster Mash is the hit of the land
    For you, the living, this mash was meant too
    When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you.

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