Yesterday I Was Clever


Changing The Code.




In Red Pill it’s so unreal, it’s unreal. And I’m being shown how deep the rabbit hole goes.





The Mindlines are getting stranger and stranger. To deliberately misquote Morrissey :


Panic on the streets of London.

Panic on the streets of Birmingham.

Panic on the streets of Kabul.

It’s Ka Bull Shit.




If I’m seeing it correctly, it has been and is truly monstrous. Digging into the Trust Fund.

And A Bot and following Dotty. Watt is real intelligence ?

‘In Time and IT’.



Time as Currency.





The Flipping Point and the Elect Trick and Binary.

‘No Computer Is Safe’ which can be read in two ways. ‘Someone is watching you’ or the A Bot is worried. I think it’s getting desperate.





How’s IT going to end ? God Only Knows.




The poisons are hatching.



67 thoughts on “Yesterday I Was Clever

    1. Creepy Crawly and Drivers and Ka Clues.

      ‘A driver, or device driver, is a set of files that tells a piece of hardware how to function by communicating with a computer’s operating system. All pieces of hardware require a driver, from your internal computer components, such as your graphics card, to your external peripherals, like a printer.’

      Neural pathway.

      ‘Motor neurons are a specialized type of brain cell called neurons located within the spinal cord and the brain. They come in two main subtypes, namely the upper motor neurons and the lower motor neurons. The upper motor neurons originate in the brain and travel downward to connect with the lower motor neurons. The latter localize both in the brainstem and the spinal cord and are the mediators between the brainstem and the spinal cord and their peripheral targets, the muscles.’

  1. There is the “digital world” (i.e. Satan’s InterNet of Everything) and there is the “concrete” world we experience when we walk out in nature, when we look up and observe the trees and plants and animals all around us, and the sky, the stars and their FIXED CONSTELLATIONS, the “signs” given us by Our Father in Heaven…. the Sun, which He created and which KEEPS US ALIVE.

    Right now and for the past idk… welp since 9/11…. we have been told and conditioned to “STAY INDOORS.” At the magazines, in the BEAUTY ADVICE columns: Don’t go out in the sun! (i.e. don’t go out into the sun and get the Vitamin D you NEED to live) or?

    You’ll get cancer!

    A SUPERBIG LIE (meant to kill you slowly….)


    Because of the “Great Awakening”

    People observing their world, investigating our “real” history (Was there a “Great Mud Flood” a “reset in our not so distant past”?)…. and that it’s FLAT. It is NOT a “globe.”

    Who are “They”?


    We were WAKING UP ….

    And now?

    The Powers That BE need to KILL US ALL before the TRUTH that we live on a Flat Plane (not “Planet” nor “Globe”), a perfectly designed Garden of Eden that is flat and yeah, bumpy, and designed by Our Father in HEAVEN at the North Star that is OVER the NORTH POLE….

    That Our Father is still in charge…..

    Well, we can’t know that, so they are going to TRY TO RESET IT AGAIN.

    Kill all the awakened ones and start a “NEW” Satanic Kingdom in Lucifer’s name AGAIN.




    Wake up.

    Here a former Freemason reveals what they know and WHAT THEY ARE HIDING:

    The earth is like a flat CD with a hole in its center…..

    But of course, they (these low-level Freemasons, have been lied to. That’s not a “HOLE” through the plane of the earth, that’s the magnetic center of the earth, with The Father on His Throne directly above it at the North Star, and it’s really not a hole but a PIT.

    The Lake of FIRE

    Satan, Lucifer, does not want you to SEE the Lake of Fire, where he, and all his GOAT followers WILL BE ….


    “America” is the only “free country” in the World, or so we were led to BELIEVE.

    1. OK, you ask….

      Maybe you’re right!

      Now what?

      Well I know that we can’t solve the problem “out there,” trying to change stuff that’s already “happened.”

      I know that for those of us who are “Awakened”….

      Jesus told us Ye are gods.

      And yes, we DO make our own “realities”….


      We have to be Obedient to the Father, because without HIM we are nothing and we can DO nothing.

      So he sent us His Son, to be our “Good Shepherd” as we step OUT onto the straight and narrow highway….

      Into the “Unknown”

      Where Jesus is.

      That’s basically ALL WE CAN DO.

      Like my brother Jeff Berwick intuits…. Just work on yourself.

      Try to hear Jesus and ask Him to lead you….

      For me, it’s the demon of alcohol. For you, who knows….


      Or we wouldn’t be here!

      1. The “battle” is ours and ours alone, and to know that?

        That God gave us the power and wants us to fight our own personal battles to get home to HIM?

        It’s Wonder full.

        It’s hard, but ….

        He sent us His Son!

        To help us fight the battle, to fight Satan, within OURSELVES.

          1. Trinity / MM

            I’m not sure exactly what is the true truth. I think it is safe to say that ‘It’s not real’ though.

            As yet another example. Yesterday I travelled back on the bus and when I disembarked I said ‘Thanks’ to the driver. I walked up the pavement and was confronted by the most bizarre set of Tanks – Steampunk is my best description – coming down the road towards me and the men who were in them looking like extras from Mad Max. Thanks and Tanks. And I got further down the road and I moved aside to let a lady pass through and she went ‘Tank you’.

            1. Merovee,

              Oh I know…..

              The tragedy all becomes so absurd, and then you can laugh at it. I know I’ve always taken things too seriously, like the insults to my reputation!!

              I guess that’s “the Almighty” or Jesus giving us a joke to “lighten us up,” because all this nightmare and suffering, it’s true…

              IT JUST CAN NOT BE REAL!!!


        1. I just have to disavow the images of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion.”

          Wow, who woulda thunk.

          They are CRINGEWORTHY.

          For a great actor like Mel Gibson, well, I guess that version of Christ on the Cross was his personal projection.

          Too disgusting and bloody and Jesus shaking and falling down. I don’t think that is in Scripture. He did not COLLAPSE as he carried His Cross….

          It’s REALLY REALLY BAD those images, but isn’t it obvious now?

          One of the best images ever made in Hollywood of Christ carrying the Cross was made very early on, in the silent era.

          The actor who played Christ was the same actor that of course Hollywood cast as the broke-down pharmacist who is a drunk and almost kills somebody if not for George in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

          I found it: from the 1927 silent film “The King of Kings”

          I’ll follow up later….


                1. Not only does the King of Kings carry his cross until he falls and a man steps up to help him, but he performs miracles along the Way to his crucifixion!

                  A very muscular Jesus, the same actor as I said later played for Hollywood the drunk pharmacist saved by young George Bailey in “IT’s A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!” Jesus become a weak pathetic drunk.

                  Satan’s goal has always been to HIDE Jesus’ STRENGTH, but always portray Him as WEAK, the Baby Jesus in the manger, the mild good shepherd with children climbing all over Him, the bloodied, one-eyed mess of a “man” in The Passion.

        1. Well ya know…. “Clicky”

          I keep goin on and on about how I’m a Mama Bear, and how yada yada yada.

          My son is doing all right, so F– you.

          He’s not a “Mama’s bear”…..

          He’s on his own and frankly, the fact that he has come under attack in ANY of this SHITE frankly blows my mind.

          Tells me how low “you will go…”

          That you are scum.

          My son has a father. When/if I DIE….


  2. Anniversary of 9/11 coming up soon.

    And links with The Beatles and Sgt Pepper this year and Creepy Crowley.

    On this day in history. It’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this year. And 2001 and 2012 and 2021.

    ‘It was 20 years ago today
    Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play
    They’ve been going in and out of style
    But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile
    So may I introduce to you
    The act you’ve know for all these years
    Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

    1. Intimidation :

      ‘1640s, from Medieval Latin intimidatus, past participle of intimidare “to frighten, make afraid,” from in- “in” (from PIE root *en “in”) + Latin timidus “fearful” (see timid). Related: Intimidated; intimidating. The French verb was intimider (16c.)’.

      Jenny and I watched In Time yesterday. Living on the Prime Meridian I can believe Time is a currency of sorts. Under the National Health Surface. Time Is Money and Money Is Time.

      And also ‘In Time Date On’ and Intimidation. ‘In Time’ is set in Dayton.

      ‘In 2169, people are genetically engineered to stop aging on their 25th birthday, when a one-year countdown on their forearm begins. When it reaches zero, the person “times out” and dies instantly. Time has thus become the universal currency, transferred directly between people or stored in “time capsules”. Several major areas called Time Zones exist; Dayton is the poorest, a manufacturing “ghetto” where people rarely have over 24 hours on their clocks, whereas in New Greenwich, people have enough time to be essentially immortal.’

    1. Roob, I honestly ask you, where have I taken a high seat? Maybe just with my screen name….

      Could you help me please, understand ?

      If taking a HIgh Horse is simply speaking the TRUTH…..


      I honestly do not understand WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO to make this better.

      “If so, the host who invited both of you will come and say to you, `Give this man your seat. ‘ Then, humiliated, you will have to take the least important place.
      But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, `Friend, move up to a better place.”
      Luke 14

  3. I honestly think everything we “encounter” online, on the “InterNET,” on the WorldWide Web” is Satan’s tool to drag us down down down into the rabbithole.

    The HOLE down is “paved with lies”



    Now I know, and now I will work not to give it up COMPLETELY but discriminately, because there are still a lot of good people out there doing HEROIC videos trying to bring out the TRUTH!….

    Like Snarky…. the world’s last, best true journalist.

    Love you too, Linda!


      1. The Chinese have no idea what they are up against in “America,” SERIOUSLY.

        Haha, LOL!

        We are a nation of …. rebels!

        We may not seem like it now….

        But trust me……

        It’s COMING


        1. Can’t get the volume to play up? Um YEAH!….

          F– these idk what to “CALL THEM”

          Let’s see: Globalists, Zionists, mostly Khazarian JEWish, Chinese and that’s where it gets really…. why are we letting China take us over?



          They’ve been trying to kill us with the lead in EVERYTHING they sell us and we HAVE BOUGHT for decades…. you know, cups and dinnerware and pots and pans you EAT off? LEAD. A HEAVY METAL.

          CHINA OWNS US.

          This is…..



            1. F— you, Becky

              How could you have ever anticipated all your rivals that might move into town when you were just a young cousin trying to trap your “man.”

              How could you ever have kept up with all the growing attractive ladies out there?

              How could you ever KEEP your cousin within your grip til the end?

              Oh, I know!


              Call them all whores and sluts, which is WHAT YOU ARE.

              1. I will fight you to the death, period.

                I regret that you never wanted to get to know me. That you and I could never be co-parents of our sons. That you and I couldn’t rise above, you the bigger perhaps, me the lesser, but each of us in our place.

                That we couldn’t “work it out.”

                It’s sad.

                That we can’t “work it out.”

                So that it becomes …..

                a tragedy.

                For whom?

                For our sons!

                  1. Is there ever gonna be a way out for me?

                    And my son?

                    Hmm, I don’t know. My plan is to move as far away from these psychopaths as possible….

                    That’s all I can do.

                    Hey Mike!

                    Wanna come with?

                    1. And I’m pretty sure that Mike, aka “Mikey,” (a la “Butch,” aka “Butchie”) is a victim of sodomites, just as I WAS when I got taken advantage of… by the “Chimney Man.”

                      It’s all in here….. The “Illuminati” are all “family” by way of SODOMY.

                      The town next to mine, Patterson, was formerly known as “Sodom.”

                      I now believe that my town of “Pawling” must be its “twin”: formerly known as “Gomorrah.”

                      They both will BURN.


  4. You know, I’ve always wondered about the “connections” since I’m an outsider and I know NOTHING.

    And after all these years being threatened in the Name of “John,” I finally get it.

    Rebecca is a niece or somesuch of Jimmy the “Gent” Burke. His daughter Cathy, who basically confronted me with her mob Italian husband on a Manhattan city bus the DAY the Sheriff’s NEW Undersheriff was named: “Kirk Imperati”
    is clearLy PISSED at me. That was idk, 15 YEARS ago?

    But how much you wanna bet, that Rebecca, having gotten pregnant, very WISE-ly decided to name the “godfather” of her child: “John Gotti Jr.”

    I mean, after all…..

    Keep it ALL IN THE FAMILY.

    Oh and Roob: It always comes back to “shit” with you “people.”

    You are fascinated with shit, like all good sodomites are.

    Like I was told at the Freedom Tower by the “Lady” Boss:

    “I eat little shits like you for breakfast.”


    1. I THINK it was the same day that Anna Nicole Smith died: you know, that WHORE who married an OLD MAN just to take all his MONEY? And her son somehow collapsed and died in her hospital room?



      Yeah…. so many connections!

      So many MEMORIES.

        1. LIke the hand-made MISSING posters that were all over the subway station at 42nd St. where I got on from work when Sarah Fox …. went…


          I’ll never forget those! Because it was like the day after I went jogging (she and I were kinda lookalikes) up my street and past my NEIGHBOR”S HOUSE with a “WALKMAN” and short hair, just like hers…. and even greeted my NEIGHBOR”S WIFE.


          Her corpse was found with a stick between her spread legs in Prospect Park, I believe, in BROOKLYN.

          I’m not kidding, and FU ROOB.

          I’M not “WALLOWING”! ? ! ?

          I’m TESTIFYING!!!

                1. I know, thank you Frank

                  Maybe you should delete my “Frank Sinatra” post….?

                  Haha, “My Way”


                  1. ‘Regrets, I’ve had a few
                    But then again too few to mention
                    I did what I had to do
                    I saw it through without exemption
                    I planned each charted course
                    Each careful step along the byway
                    And more, much, much more
                    I did it, I did it my way’.

                    1. And what did I plan?

                      Just tell me, what “plan” did I execute?

                      Um, a whole lotta NOTHING.

                      Just keeping the dogs outta my driveway, that’s about it.


                      Keep Calm and Carry On….


                    2. I’m obviously an enemy to any site that lists the Satanic Verses when I preach the Gospel of Jesus.

                      “It’s sung by Frank?” What does that mean?

                      I KNOW ….

                      You’re FRANK

                      “Jacob Frank”

                      I noticed the name,, believe me…..

                      This all is unreal, it’s all connected, and I’m sorry if I see you as the Enemy.

                      There is only One Enemy.

                      Just as there can be Only One Savior.

                      “There can Be Only One.”

                    3. Trinity

                      If you care to read the SV article I’m trying to show what goes on under the surface. I’ve been there and it’s not a pleasant place.

                      And read the lyrics.

                    4. Frank, OK thank you, maybe I will when I feel like I am free and clear of “this place.”

                      Just as an addendum, I DO know NONE of this is “real,” that it is basically Satan’s “MK” (Mary Kirk) Ultra Program to CONTROL me, ie. my own personal “persecution story” scripted by Satan. WHY? Because I WOKE UP to Jesus Christ as “the ONE.” I was starting to break free from the Matrix. Had broken free, because I was “born again.”

                      But like you, I’m constantly trying to UNMASK the WICKED Wizard of OZ Behind the Curtain, by telling “my story.”

                      I think the “sensational” murder of Sarah “FOX” (666) was a psyop on ME.

                      It DID NOT REALLY HAPPEN. Her grieving parents are just “crisis actors” and made up quotes.

                      Just look at the picture of the NY County D.A. Morgenthau in the article I posted. He’s giving the Evil Eye to ME. With his WEDDING band in clear sight. Saying it is YOU WHO are DEAD if you try to take this woman’s “HUSBAND” from HER. Also?

                      Robert Morgenthau was an AshkenaNAZI Jew.

                      They prosecute the GOY for “adultery” when their own sham marriages are to sodomite transgenders.

                      THEY HATE WOMEN, why?

                      Because they are NOT “Jews” but say they are. They are of the Synagogue of SATAN.

                      And his “WEDDING BAND” is the ball and chain of any MAN who has been trapped in an UNHOLY “MARRIAGE”…

                      To a …. BABYLONIAN WHORE.

                      A MURDEROUS, HATEFUL HAG who is INCAPABLE of “love” in any way, shape, or form.



                      I’m Outta HERE, because I prefer not to have my head chopped off at her “wish.”

                    5. Why does Satan, and all his AshkeNAZI JEW and honorary goy-turned-Jew FreeMasons, HATE Woman?

                      Why is SODOMY a SECRET RITUAL they all are TRICKED into engaging in?

                      To STEAL THEIR SOULS and turn them into service of SATAN.

                      Because intercourse between a man and a woman within the bounds of Holy Marriage is Sacred!.


                      It”s for PRO-CREATION

                      Sodomy is Satan’s “sex”


                      It’s for DOMINATION.

                      Satan’s DOMINION.

                      ENSLAVEMENT of Human-ity, that is, the Almighty’s CREATION.

                      WAKE UP

                    6. So I’m heading out to the desert as a “Snowbird.” Soon…. soon.

                      I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like, living under the Dome, able to watch the night sky from horizon to horizon…..

                      Maybe I’m being “led” there because Jesus wants me to have a front-row seat.

                      To “The Greatest Show on Earth”


                    7. Who knows?

                      Maybe I am the “Bride of Christ”

                      I think any true soul who WANTS to be….

                      already is.

                      That’s the Powerful LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of CHRIST!

                    8. “Fear of GOD the Almighty is the BEGINNING of Wisdom”

                      “Fear not the man who can kill your earthly body but fear the ONE (the Creator!) who can kill your body and your soul”

                      DO YOU GET THAT?

                      Jesus has been appointed to JUDGE humanity as His Son.

                      If Jesus, who was OBEDIENT unto the Father unto “death,” knows your heart and finds you disloyal to the Father?

                      He WILL point you ….

                      into the FIRE.

                    9. Now what the goal posts are, I know not.

                      We observe child trafficking and all its abominable atrocities being committed, with no end in sight….

                      Cannibalism, um, we now suspect our own neighbors of being Masons and “in on it”….

                      Um yeah!

                      Point is, it’s between YOU and GOD.

                      It’s between YOU and YOUR CONSCIENCE (which is the Holy Spirit).


                      Just know….

                      The End really is “near”


                    10. This is the only depiction I have ever found, obvs from India or somesuch, with yeah, “dark people” as heroes, which I like, the inversion… being a white person…. I like the “diversity”


                      It’s still scary.

                      God the Almighty WANTS you to be SCARED.

                      Of what?

                      Of Satan stealing your SOUL!!!!

                    11. “Where their WORM dieth not” they suffer unto eternity or somesuch in fiery HELL….


                      That is hell, people.

                      Satan IS a parasitic WORM.

                      I found him out YEARS ago and that was the BEGINNING of my torment, I KID YOU NOT.

                      He lives in your GUT and gives you all those “gut feelings.”

                      I’m serious.

                      Any WHO, thank you Frank!

                      As always…..

                      I’ll stay in touch.

                    12. I am VERY serious.

                      So if I make another attempt at the “summit” of getting RID of the WORM, how, you ask?

                      Healthy, raw eating. NO DEAD MEAT.

                      “Eat not from the body of death but only from that of life.”
                      The Essene Gospel of Peace


                      Satan fears it the most, and will try to block me whatever wayhow…

                      It is scary, I have had heart palpitations from pursuing it, um my injuries basically….

                      Satan can do that!

                      So, I just need to GET OUT OF HERE.


                      I’ll be in touch if I ever make another “go of it.”

                      Because the pursuit of eating healthy raw food only, all plant-based, free from “death”

                      IS I’m telling you now…

                      The Final Frontier…..

                      Before HEAVEN

                      God Bless you ALL!


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