Here Comes The Rain Again

It’s Rain’s birthday on Friday the 13th. I hope you have a good day 💙.



It does get confusing.

Holborns Established 1974.




‘Voices Like Rain’ will be released on Friday.



“Haseya” means to rise up, or she rises, in Diné, the language of the Navajo people, but as a muse to Siobhán, she noted, Haseya represents the importance of embracing the divine feminine that empowers us rise from tough times.



In an email conversation with Rain we got to discussing Merovee and the connection. Rain described it as a red thread which I thought was a good description.

Recently some of us have been on a trip into the Underworld and as an overview some extraordinary jiggery pokery with reality has been revealed. I’ve been putting some of it out there deliberately to see if I would get a response and didn’t take long.

‘We Know You Know’. Well I know that you know that I know !



Who can you trust ? Up until recently, I thought The Beatles were an amazing band sent from heaven or something. The Universe seems to be saying they weren’t.

Again ‘I Know’. Crackerbox Palace and Underground Overground.




Playing those Mind Games. L & M. And please ! It’s not directed at anyone personally. Whatever it is exactly, it leeches. Good songs though.



And Harry Potter. The Lost Boys And Girls displaced in Time and Space. I’m not sure exactly what that means at present but it seems to be revealing itself.

Hermione and Ginny.




Suiting A Gender.

As a man I maybe seen as a traitor to the cause but I’ve come to see the Greenwich Meridian as linked to the male side of the Mind. It would seem the Doggess is Merovee’s sponsor. I think essentially this is where the dysfunction lies and where the guilt and fear and all the rest of it mainly lies. Even female leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton would seem to be attached to the male mind.

And Tale of Two Cities and the Paris Meridian. The City Of London now reaches to the heavens and the Sun struggles to be seen.



Paris at present is low rise.



Again Harry Potter seems to tell a tale.

A memory deep down in the soul.



And constructs.

I was in Redhill yesterday and there’s lots of construction work going on and I took this pic. Looking it at later the cranes look very similar to the Twin Towers. Again some weird reality stuff I think.



Maybe the biggest construct of them all.



Again not directed at anyone personally – it’s a Mined Field – but the Kings Of Leon and Walls seems to be apt during Leo and Rain’s birthday.



When the Walls come down.


76 thoughts on “Here Comes The Rain Again

    1. Shenanigans! NASA and their shenanigans! It’s like the ultimate “pretend play”, you know, like 4-5 year olds like to do? They always ‘set up’ the other planet somewhere. The other day I found this after researching the Canadian Shield, which has a large magnetic anomaly (like Kentucky does), and it turns out, there’s lots of mining there (in this place just north of Michigan) and when you dig around, you can find some NASA shenanigans.
      “NASA used the site to train the Apollo astronauts in recognizing rocks formed as the result of a very large impact, such as breccias. Astronauts who would use this training on the Moon included Apollo 15’s David Scott and James Irwin, Apollo 16’s John Young and Charlie Duke, and Apollo 17’s Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt. Notable geologist instructors included William R. Muehlberger.”

      Because, what are they really doing?! It’s super high mineral content, it’s a magnetic anomaly, and NASA is doing some bullshit there, and it’s a big impact crater, “billions” of years old.

  1. I’ve decided that the only way out of this madness….

    Is to go a little bit MAD yourself!

    Laugh and smile!

    (Laughter is the best medicine for any suffering soul).

    The point is, you CAN’T possibly take this mad mad mad world of hate seriously.

    So don’t bother.

        1. In case anyone doesn’t “get it”…

          JESUS is my Captain.

          He’s the one with the child on his back….

          And He is the One who will lead us ALL to safety.




          My True Love!



    1. There’s definitely a darker side to this “fantasy.”

      You get the feeling, Mary takes no shit.


      I like watching it.

      1. Also, how much is a Lady like Mary gonna put up with being called a “dog”?

        There’s a LIMIT.

        Especially when ahem, the bitch accusing her is nothing more than a pig.

        Ride him, COW GIRL.


        1. This is just so perfect and I have no claims nor do I want any on “this man.”

          But I refuse to have my son’s mother called a DOG. Just because some threatened low-life white TRASH’s “Man” got a crush on me, welp, maybe, HE LIKES ME.

          FUCK YOU, MONSTER!

          You’re NOT HIS WIFE.

          You’re a redneck cousin who was always “there for him.”

          Fuck you BITCH

          I will take you down you keep messing with me or my son.

          COUNT ON IT

          I will take this entire county down.

  2. Cuomo nigga!!!!

    Like the righteous shouted at your takedown:

    “You been preying on your PIZZA and YOU DON”T GET NO PUSSY!”!


    You’re addicted to your CHROME.


      1. You PEDOS. “James Alefantis” a Rockefeller. A-le-fantis (“I love children)”

        Comet PIZZA

          1. Including and at the head of the line?

            The Pope, and all his cronies, who include yes (this is deep truth)….

            the Fraudci who is the son of the fraud himself “Mother The-the-resa”.

            A MAN in A DRAG.


            Look at them. They are the same face, the same look of condescension, the same look of PITY…. also “duper’s delight”.


            I’m sharing this with you all and now I have to go…..

            THEY ARE DEMONS.

            Wake up.

            1. The Vatican has the most powerful idk “telescope” called something demonic, like Lucifer, or something.

              Why you think?

              Because when the SON OF MAN comes, they want a head start into their tunnels and caverns!

              But these vermin will NOT ESCAPE the MOST HIGH GOD”s Wrath.

              They’re DEAD.

              Stay FAITHFUL to the MOST HIGH GOD!

              And all will go well with you.

          1. thanks Frank)
            it was a great day
            it seems to me all the time that Max in the video is wearing a military uniform
            probably the color of his shirt and suit is confusing
            this is definitely a red thread
            I will send you something by mail

  3. Ookay… so, not to rain on any1’s parade…
    ‘The Montauk Project’ wants its script back…


        1. Montauk has been a regular on here over the years. They maybe a mirror. I think this is the British version. And there’s probably a French one and Russian and Australian etc but really they are the same program.

          Interested why you mentioned 2C. Sickadelics. What came up when I googled 2C.

          😊 or 🤔. Not sure.

            1. Anon

              Thanks. Ever since the Deep Water sign showed up so much stuff has come to the surface. It seems evident to me that the likes of Montauk and Corsham are not about just killing goats by staring them and remote viewing even that is part of it. IMO they’ve been major planks in reality programming.

              I’ve never take psychedelics as far as I’m aware but I think ‘as far as I’m aware’ maybe in there. I’ve toyed with the idea over the last few years but not sure they are necessary at present time !

              ‘Early CIA efforts focused on LSD-25, which later came to dominate many of MKUltra’s programs.The CIA wanted to know if they could make Soviet spies defect against their will and whether the Soviets could do the same to the CIA’s own operatives.

              Once Project MKUltra got underway in April 1953, experiments included administering LSD to mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts, and sex workers – “people who could not fight back,” as one agency officer put it. In one case, they administered LSD to a mental patient in Kentucky for 174 days. They also administered LSD to CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, other government agents, and members of the general public to study their reactions. LSD and other drugs were often administered without the subject’s knowledge or informed consent, a violation of the Nuremberg Code the U.S. had agreed to follow after World War II. The aim of this was to find drugs which would bring out deep confessions or wipe a subject’s mind clean and program them as “a robot agent.”


              It is so surreal at present. Just been out to the shops and this couple probably in their 90s passed me on their mobile scooters driving along an incredibly busy road. Looks so bizarre. Good luck to them but talk about a death wish. If they are really there but that’s another story.


              1. Sooo, this coup d’vie
                (including, but not limited to: coercion, subversion, manipulation, obfuscation, indoctrination, possibly eugenics, etc…) appears to be the decades of MK’s hard labour finally coming to fruition – on a global scale, that is…

                Amirite, or amirite

  4. Listen bitch and listen well….

    You and your family have called me a dog for the very last time.

    1. Come at me, you bitch!

      Come at me in battle!

      But no…. you rely on gossip and slander and lies to take your rivals down.

      You are a COWARD.

      And yup, a pig too….. slut, um yeah.

      A “MONSTER”

      No wonder “your man” is so afraid of you!

      Mmm, “true love.”

      Who’s the Predator, um hon?

      Hahaha! Have at it!

      Cuz it’ll be YOUR DEATH.


    I’m not fighting you for him…..

    I’m fighting you because … you are EVIL.

    Like I said…. you keep calling me a “dog”?

    And I will REVEAL you to the world that the Sheriff’s WIFE is actually just his redneck cousin and a pig, which is what you are.

    1. Maybe you’ll have your uncle Jimmy the Gent cut me up into pieces and throw my body parts around my minivan as a message: Don’t mess with “my man.”


      Could be…..

      You f—-


  6. I actually have never had confirmation that anyone “out there” reads my posts, including my family.

    Welp, they are a miracle when times get rough and I just wanted to thank my big brother and my sister-in-law. They are awesome, loving, LEVEL-headed (!) people, and they may not believe in the things I believe, like flat earth or no vax, but they are still committed to love and support, of their children and of me.

    I also want to post my love and support for my niece.

    She’s single and alone like me.

    And I love her so much.

    If you ever need me, Alexis

    I’m here for you.


      1. You actually came to visit me at my workplace at Ground Zero and I out of fear for you turned you away.

        I’m ready to break out and break free.

        Be your help instead of your anchor.

        Some day some way….

        we will get to know each other again.

          1. This isn’t just about

            This is about …..the “world”

            “Our” world in which we love……

            And where we CAN…..

            we will save.

            1. What does that mean?

              I THINK it means we are sovereign.

              And we are being led to learn how to rule our own minds.

              Yeah, a little too late?

              Um, nope.

              Just in time.

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