Underground Overground



Childrens’ programming courtesy of the BBC. Written by Mike Batt.

Underground Overground.



It’s a Little Batts.




It’s been a revealing few days. I have discovered that ‘Where I Live’ seems to be a map of an underground city in Corsham, Wilts, UK. Click ‘The Neural Pathway’. As an example – Section 6 : The Old Bakery.




Section 8 : The Telephone Exchange.




You want a sign.





This follows on from recovered childhood memories of being down in the underground at Corsham. This involved psychic and reality programming and extreme jiggery pokery in my life but it seems I maybe not the only one who has similar memories. And looking at some of things that others seem to have gone through as well, it’s gross to the max.



When she was a child Jenny had a lucid dream. In the ‘dream’ she was lying in a bed and at the end of the bed there was a teacher and a nurse and one said ‘What are we going to do with her ?’ and terrified she woke up and ran into her parent’s bedroom.

Yesterday Jenny and I were discussing Corsham and she wrote ‘I’m getting a mental picture of color coded cables running Above and Below like electrical currents.’. A few minutes later I got the same image in the mindscreen and thought I would check pictures of Corsham and Bingo. Top left.



A memory deep down in the soul. Displaced in Time and Space and not random. It seems to have been purposeful.



Discovering lost pieces of time.



This follows on from other experiences which hint at a different reality under the surface.

I’ve written about this before but I think there is something to it. A few years ago I went to a job interview about a position at a call centre. In the interview I was shown a picture on a tablet of happy smiley faces trying to show how contented the staff were. But for a few seconds I saw an image of concentration camp inmates.



Roob’s friend Leg Iron wrote a very good story about a false reality which overlay the reality of a devastated world from nuclear war. A few years ago I made another underground trip into the Reigate tunnels. One of the sections was dedicated to its use as a wartime tunnel. In this area they showed plenty of items and memorabilia from World War 1 and 2. And what surprised me there was another section which concerned a nuclear war in about 1970 and I’ve wondered why if there was no World War 3 why did this section exist.




Whatever it is, it is showing itself. It’s freaky though.



The past ain’t what it used to be.


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    1. Roob

      It’s a great story. As soon as I read it though I thought there is something to it. And then I came across the missing nuclear war headlines in the Underworld. And I also had a very weird experience in Redhill when for about 20 minutes I was seeing something that looked like survivors from a nuclear explosion in the precinct. As you do. Very scary to be honest. I link Redhill with Mars and got me thinking about the ancient nuclear war on Mars theory.

      I think there’s an underlying reality to what we experience and this reality isn’t random. The ‘As Above So Below’ mirror of Corsham here seems to indicate it. It’s purposeful and what is the purpose and who is the director and how is it done ?

      1. And whiff of sulphur.

        I mentioned Hobbs to Ken in relation to Quatermass and the Pit TV show and movie. Hob is an old name for the devil. Travelling to and from the school in East Grinstead I would pass Hobbs Barracks. Its an industrial estate now.


        Hobbs Lane tube station.



  1. I found a great article on Robert Phoenix website. Here’s the link

    “Trauma creates compartmentalisation within the Human psyche. Our psyches were temporarily broken open and exposed during the planetary realignment. Our intent was for our psyches to become truly galactic. Instead, ongoing ritual traumatic abuse has perpetuated this broken and compartmentalised state of being for aeons. Our innate abilities and drive towards healing are divinely powerful, and only high levels of repeated trauma can block that natural healing process. As our powers of healing ramp up in response to our situation, so too do the levels of abuse required to maintain the requisite levels of trauma and hence control over us.”

    I feel like it explains a lot…

    1. MJ

      That’s a great article. And Carlos Clues.


      I’ve been playing around with the idea every time there is a collective ‘Shock n Awe’ that there is a reality shift. Examples are death of JFK, death of Princess Di, 911 . The mind is more open to subliminal programming at these times.

      ‘We can get people to focus by gently lulling them into deep calm (relaxation) or we can use other ways. Such as shock.

      The great Dr Milton Erickson describes how he sometimes used shock to induce altered (and more suggestible) states of consciousness within his patients.’

    1. Jenny

      Life ain’t boring at moment that’s for sure !!!

      To Francis from France is an oxymoron or paradox or something.

      To be fair, the Universe has been banging on about protection for a few months now. It all smacks of desperation.

      The Doggess can be very fierce.


      100,000 angels


      By the water treatment works – Section 10 on map.



      And Dallas.

      ‘Oswald reportedly fired three shots. One likely struck the backs of both Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally, who had joined the president in his limo, and was later recovered relatively intact from Connally’s hospital stretcher. Another hit the president’s head, fragmenting upon impact with his skull and delivering the fatal blow. Connally, who was sitting just in front of Kennedy, survived.’

      I would change that statement to Oswald allegedly fired three shots. He was never tried.




      1. The film? Yeah, Cade and I remote viewed it recently. It’s definitely a movie about the seedy underworld, getting into jams,cleaning up and junk(ies) 😉

        The tweet appeared in my twitter feed this evening, after you’d posted this post, retweeted by a character calling himself Burnside (as in DI Burnside from The Bill), and I thought of ‘trains’ and entrain…



        It’s a very entertaining movie, btw 😀

        1. Both of those have been vaguely connected in something that cropped up for me recently. Didn’t get the Underworld connection though.

          The Bill. And why people we know show up on the silver screen. I don’t really know him but used to have occasional run ins with a head member of the ICF called Bill Gardner. Here he is as Billy Bright in the Football Factory . Out of sight I think they were connected with all sorts of seedy things. And the Essex Underworld.



          And Red Rum.


          Further down the line though. The actor who plays Billy Bright is called Frank Harper. He was Dog in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

          And completing the circle. Back to Burnside – Ashcombe House.


  2. Hi Frank,
    Have you come across Tartarian mudflood in your internet travels? Fascinating ideas and mind opening.
    <3 Naive

    1. Naive

      It’s an interesting theory. I think we are looking at a form of manufactured reality. I’ve come across shops that suddenly change overnight and roads that disappear and appear out of nowhere and the rest of it. And Time is not what it seems.

      It’s connected with Mongolia and that part of the world. Kubla Khan and Genghis Khan are in the memory banks of the collective mind.

      This article fits with a subject I was talking about yesterday to someone which was an inner world within the earth and I said ‘When I look out of the window at the sky there maybe another another world surrounding it’. Anyway I think all bets are off as to the nature of reality.

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