Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday and another turn on the wheel. It’s annual. For whatever reason the Birth Day seems integral to consciousness. I’ve lost count of the number of events that seem connected with different people’s birthdays.

Happy Birthday To Me. And just playing – Happy Birthday Me Too.

And Katy Perry has suddenly appeared out of the ether again as she does from time to time.



On Friday, doing my grocery shopping I got into a conversation with an assistant about ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ which was mentioned three times.



And when I got home my eyes were drawn to this heart on a curtain pole which was waiting for me when I moved into my new apartment.

Thinking Of You.




Dark Horse.




And Alien has been bubbling away for god knows how long.




And there’s a few more but I’ll leave it there.

It’s getting harem scarem out there. ‘No Jab. No Job’. Personally I’m happy with either scenario and even though it’s not pleasant having to deal with this stuff I think it shows the mind set which has always been there under the surface and also I detect a big sense of desperation with it. Just purely from a medical POV, I’ve been hearing horror stories with the innoculation. As I’ve said I’ve had personal experience of how deeply unpleasant it can get under the surface. Gross to the max isn’t even close.



And the memes they are a changing . It’s not so much ‘Follow the Money’ now but it’s ‘Follow The Bitcoin’. Whatever Bit Coin Block Chain thingie is. I don’t understand physical money anyway even after working for a bank and got no hope with bitcoin. I would like to show the Darkest Dark pic here which set a ball rolling but have no intention of Merovee being suspended for a second time if I can avoid it and space programming and the space suit is also connected. The waters are murky and not sure exactly what is going on with it but the connection is there.




Dreamstate Logic.



You would have thought that the older you get you would understand things better with the wisdom of Job but actually it’s been the exact reverse and much of what passes for reality now seems totally alien and baffling and incomprehensible especially money and work.

In reality there is only one currency. IMO.



All There Is.


41 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Follow the Bitcoin.

    Amazon about to accept Bitcoin ?

    ‘You might have heard some rumblings this week about a $1.6tn online retailer that is about to accept bitcoin as payment. Something something Amazon, something something digital currency, something something “insider” . . .’ 


    When white hats are really black hats. Or something.

    ‘Tesla will most likely restart accepting bitcoin as payment once it conducts due diligence on the amount of renewable energy used to mine the currency, the founder and boss of the electric carmaker, Elon Musk, has said.’


        1. Orlena

          I’ve been thinking along same lines.

          ‘Cryptology is the mathematics, such as number theory, and the application of formulas and algorithms, that underpin cryptography and cryptanalysis. Since the cryptanalysis concepts are highly specialized and complex, we concentrate here only on some of the key mathematical concepts behind cryptography.

          In order for data to be secured for storage or transmission, it must be transformed in such a manner that it would be difficult for an unauthorized individual to be able to discover its true meaning. To do this, certain mathematical equations are used, which are very difficult to solve unless certain strict criteria are met. The level of difficulty of solving a given equation is known as its intractability. These types of equations form the basis of cryptography.’

          And Darkest Dark keeps showing up. It is there and why the intention is to vaccinate everyone in the world. Down in the crypt and under the surface. Unpleasant things happened here. Maybe they are shadow selves or something but they are not pleasant.


          And Princess Die and under the surface.

          Princess Programming and shocks to the system.


          1. That’s a great link and I have been thinking about exactly those concepts mentioned. Something came into my mind today that was a definitely download message from divine source.
            “Authenticity, not modesty” was the message. In this case, modesty means a behavior control… suppression /oppression. Not necessarily in the sense of attire, but it does flow into this, definitely.
            The concept of modesty is within the shame/guilt thought-form. Built-in, automatically. Because…

            1. MJ and Frank

              The Id is pure energy, show us your IDentification.
              The Ego and Superego are structures built up from the Id, to test and function in society. And construct the personality or persona or mask.

              You don’t have to agree, you just have to comply.
              I have not seen this movie, but I hope to.

              The test. To what extent if any is human behavior voluntary?

    1. Roob

      The more you see this stuff the more bizarre it becomes. Frankly speaking .

      Pillow and The Bitterest Pill – Ow Pill. See Dr Fauci .

      And ‘Well, We’re the Band’ and Surreal and Surrey. The Jam were from Surrey. And Surrey and Sorry if you say Surrey quickly. And always thought there’s something to Blur holding their first gig about 100 yds from Peter’s house in Essex and they held a reunion gig there in 2009. Waiting for a Train. It was held in halls attached to a train station. In the Village. And just got yet another survey request. ‘We want information’.


      And a new one on me. Francis and the Lights. Lighting up 😊.

  2. Happy Birthday, Frank. Bluebell fields to Darkest Dark to Fields of Gold and round and round it goes…but thank you for always making Merovee a constant place of refuge. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, excellent & beautiful, Frank!

    I had to take a break from square screens for a while. But would not miss your birthday!
    So much energy happening right now with the lion’s gate and 2nd in a row full moon in Aquarius, but new moon in Leo, first. We really are at timeline adjustments, aren’t we?!
    I’m at my limit, though. I’m tired. Definitely feeling a divine spark of Leo /sun energy coming through. But Jesus, this place…fucking crazy!!!!!!


    1. MJ. Thank you 💙. You ended up in spam. No idea why it happens.

      It’s full on at present. More things have come up. And Timelines. In the bigger picture it seems to be saying need to get off the Green Witch Prime Meridian timeline. Maybe, possibly.

      And the news video again is so bizarre but seems to show the link with McCartney and the Beatles is valid.

  4. TODAY IS 8.1. 2021
    Yes that’s a powerful number, today! Encoded eclipse numbers, the one in 2017 was on 8.21.
    Something also happening in a layer that revisits 2012. But lots going on, general Lee.
    Most importantly, the birthday boy 🤴🏻
    Sending u lots of birthday celebration vibes ! I certainly wish you were in Texas, Frank, to celebrate.
    Speaking of Jenny from the (hyper cube, dimensional) rockin’ block, I see the latest crop circle has some powerful 3/6 stuff goin on.
    And it’s in Germany! German, gene, Jen…and 3 & 6!💥🤯
    Seems to be Sirius✨
    Also, I’m suddenly and intensely seeing two of everything!
    The “No jab, No Job” is a No-No, On/On, Oz Oz.
    The J is a hook cast into the waters of nun (no-no), and ‘A’ & ‘O’ in jab/job is Alpha Omega.
    I know that’s an overly deciphered code, but the repeats in letters & numbers are everywhere, to me, anyway. I think worlds are colliding & bifurcating at once, so parallels are everywhere.
    Speaking of the waters of nun, the crop circle before that was in Nun’s walk.
    “ Perhaps the mystery crop artist comes from a “mirror or inverted Universe” relative to our own?

    Why is the E.T. crop artist teaching us all of this? Maybe he comes from a “mirror or inverted Universe”, which has different x, y, z coordinates than our own. What is a “black hole” versus a “white hole”? Have you heard of Quetzal and the Plejaren?”


    1. MJ

      And Mr 2 Of Everything and quantum fields. It can make life very confusing at times.

      Here’s a recent example. I was looking out of the window in my apartment and I noticed a neighbour walking into the apartment block and heard him open his door. Ten minutes later I saw him do exactly the same thing and wearing slightly different clothes this time. It is highly unlikely he went out again. It was absolutely tipping down with rain and not sure where he could have gone in the time. And raises questions about cause and effect and maybe paws and pause and effect. Was it one Frank seeing a quantum event x2 or was it x2 Frank seeing the same event but in different quantum realities.

      And another example of the weirdness. I’ve just got back from Old Holborns Est 1974 and as I was about to enter the store a white pigeon walked out of the shop.

      The Birds and the Band

      And thinking earlier about 18 and 36. The more I think about it the more mind blowing it becomes . Wheels within wheels comes to mind .

    1. I was looking at your article a few days ago. So much in there.

      And this seems to speak.

      Disney’s Programming Princess.

      It gets totally incomprehensible. Why would anyone want to control others to such an extent ? What do ‘they’ – whoever or whatever ‘they’ are – get from it ? It’s bonkers. Pure insanity.

      1. It’s still mind blowing at times. I was given a new DAB radio for my birthday. A radio is seen as old fashioned probably now ! I finished writing comment and then turned radio on and it started playing Chattanooga Choo Choo.

        And Herb Albert or Herb Alpert ?

    1. Rain

      Thank you 💙.

      Even that movie and video speak in it’s strange language and part it of says Rain is connected. The red thread as you described it or something 😊.

      Sons and Daughters – Rebecca and Max.

    1. The Planets.

      ‘When a planet is in opposition, it means that it is at its closest point to Earth and directly opposite the Sun.

      This arrangement creates a moment of astronomical harmony, in which the planet (in this case, Saturn), the Earth, and the Sun are perfectly in line. At the same time, the proximity of the planet to Earth means that, in most cases, the planet appears as bright as it will ever be in the night sky. Saturn will be visible in the night sky from within the constellation Capricornus on Monday, August 2.’


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