Running Up That Hill

Firstly thanks to Roob for lots of triggers. Wonderful. Thank you. 💙

I’ve been taking a very personal journey recently with a wonderful set of companions into the Darkness which is perverse when things seem to be going mad out there. I think we all are. Actually I have very little idea what’s going on in the media and rely on the snippets that sneak through.

When you begin to realise how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And hindsight is a wonderful thing. From the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony on the Green Witch Prime Meridian.

Battery Farming.






I’m beginning to understand why the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is called the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A few months MJ asked a question ‘Where Are We’ ? This has become a very pertinent question over the last few months. The feeling you are half here and half somewhere else.

When something is plugged into you.



And Data Selves. Who is the real Pope Francis ?



And battery farming. Over the last few days I’ve been drawn to Eva Cassidy YT videos. Eva Cassidy supposedly sung a lot of cover songs written by others. Maybe she wrote them.



Nothing unreal exists.


37 thoughts on “Running Up That Hill

  1. And you maybe sensing something is telling you to take the vaccine. It’s subliminal programming. FWIW my advice is to ignore it.

  2. Deepak Water.

    I see the Ego as the unreal part of us with the wrong coding that speaks crap rather than in relation to our personal individuations. At the same time when faced with a manifestation you still have to deal with it.

    And Spartacus programming. I think there is a balance between ‘Rebel Rebel’ and ‘If you fight the empire you become the empire’. The protesters are pro testing. It’s a paradox. Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and then gave them the Ten Commandments.

    ‘To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement … Whoever defeats the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus … thereby it becomes its enemies.’

    1. Doocy ticket?

      Grandpa Joe 😉

  3. Last night trying to find something to watch on tv I landed on Sneakers. A personal favorite which has found its way into my comments before. It’s about codes, encryption and ‘the key’ which in the movie turns the strange mess of symbols on the screen into something which makes sense.

    And about the fourth wall.
    There is between the building I live in and the building one door away, a two foot high wall. This morning I was awakened by a loud boom followed by many more booms. They were trying to bring down this wall with a sledgehammer and now they are using a jackhammer. Good vibrations. 🙂

    And now my phone just went off to let me know a tornado watch has been issued. It’s a test. 😉

    And to make this completely bat shit crazy…gymnast Simone Biles (dark matter) has withdrawn from the ‘games’ due to a ‘mental’ health issue. Something specifically referred to as ‘the twisties’. Remember proprioception…the sixth sense. It’s a sensory test. 😃

  4. The neuroscience behind Eternal Sunshine and protein synthesis.

    ‘But some scientists now believe that memories effectively get rewritten every time they’re activated, thanks to a process called reconsolidation. To create a synaptic connection between two neurons—the associative link that is at the heart of all neuronal learning—you need protein synthesis. Studies on rats suggest that if you block protein synthesis during the execution of learned behavior—pushing a lever to get food, for instance—the learned behavior disappears. It appears that instead of simply recalling a memory that had been forged days or months ago, the brain is forging it all over again, in a new associative context. In a sense, when we remember something, we create a new memory, one that is shaped by the changes that have happened to our brain since the memory last occurred to us.

    Theoretically, if you could block protein synthesis in a human brain while triggering a memory, you could make a targeted erasure. The technicians at Lacuna Inc. appear to be doing something along these lines in the film.’

    ‘With COVID-19, the entry of the coronavirus into the host cell in humans is intervened by the coronavirus spike protein that is located on the surface of the virus. mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 are designed to provide our bodies with the code to produce the non-infectious virus spike protein to instruct the cell’s machinery to help stimulate a natural immune response.’

    1. Roob

      I think that maybe the tornado Elena was referring to. And the wordplay with Bensalem and Bedlam and Bethelehem. Also Green Witch and Time. Big Ben and Salem. And Green Witch and Wizard of Oz and twisters.

      And down the memory rabbit hole.

      In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the company who carried out the memory wipe was called Lacuna Inc. Lacuna translates as a Space or a Gap.

      And Draco.

      ‘No Jab. No Job’. I’m happy with both No Jab and No Job but it shows the mind set. It really does smack of desperation though.

        1. Cells.

          From the article. And we were talking about Queen Vic and Eastenders. And Moorabol Victoria. Moorabol translates as monster and factory is built on aboriginal land.

          ‘The Moorabool River is on the traditional lands of the Wadawurrung people who have had an ongoing connection with the river for thousands of years. Moorabool means ‘monster’ in the language of the Wadawurrung.’

          And Montauk camp was built on Native American ground.

          ‘And battery farming. Over the last few days I’ve been drawn to Eva Cassidy YT videos. Eva Cassidy supposedly sung a lot of cover songs written by others. Maybe she wrote them.’

          1. And Windsors and Saxe Coburg and Mothers Of Darkness.

            ‘Chateaux De Amoris, the Mothers of Darkness castle, was originally built in 1877 for Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’.

            1. Frank and Roob

              Wild day yesterday. Lots of energy.
              Interesting the twister hit the Ka dealership.
              And still resonating with the sixth sense. This morning I ran a couple of errands. At the first store I got a couple coins back in change. At the second store my bill was 8 dollars and six cents. I mindlessly handed over a ten dollar bill and the lady behind the counter took it, stared right at me and said, ‘do you have six cents?’. I reached into my pocket for those coins I had gotten at the first store. It was a nickel and a penny. Six cents. 🤨
              Disclosure energy.

              This showed up at the top of my U Tube page this morning.

              1. Orlena

                Some of these double speak conversations can get bizarre. I don’t tend to get them at the time until about five minutes after the conversation and then do a mental WTF. And repeat patterns. I’ve been getting a lot of ‘Me Too’ recently.

                And Sixth Sense and Sex Sins. And Sex Cells.

  5. Hi Frank.

    I’m…. struggling.

    I thank you so much for posting every single irresponsible or responsible post I ever had….

    But I feel I need to GO BACK….

    To the Beginning.

    This is going to be a long haul.

    Why am I going back?

    Because the past just won’t let me go.

    I”m ready to LET GO…..

    But I get the feeling it has to be MUTUAL.

    Folks, look at what really happened on 9/11.

    1. 9/11 was the biggest gold heist in human history, I’m pretty sure. Haha, exacted by Larry SILVER stein. what a JOKE. The JEWS. The fucking nerd jews, who woulda ever thought they would RUIN my own life.

      But the point is, I’m stuck like we all are! This STORY is not just about me being right, this IS the STORY.

      Do not take the jab. If you do, prepare for battle.

      And, pray to Jah.

      No poison can hurt you…. if you are fully connected to Jah.

        1. Yeah, “HANX” comes up in the screen after your vid.

          Fuck you, fucking “HANX”

          I do not know what is happening in the world of people who threaten other people like me with “HANX”.

          You’re sick is all I can figure.


          TO DEATH

          1. I could do all the pedo vids, the f- mind-killing FACT that children are being marketed, abused, thrown in the trash, TORTURED, and SOMETIMES ( what, are they SPECIAL?)) they get EATEN.


            Oh, you won’t pay?

            YOU WILL PAY

            Count on it.

    2. Trinity

      Letting the past go is not easy. I think it’s really past pain which we hold onto and is part of why we experience the reality we do. It is a choice I think but it is so ingrained in the psyche that you can’t just wake up one morning and say ‘I’ll let it go’. It is a process that I think the collective Self is going through at present.

      I take the view original pain which all pain stems from, comes from the separation with God and All There Is. There is only one problem and one solution and the problem has already been solved . The mad idea.

      1. I think the following of the “Target”ed couple is spot on.

        I feel like that has happened to me, Cupid’s Arrow shooting through the hearts of men who are for one reason or another, never going to be “mine.”

        I think Satan’s final accusation to any of us “struggling” is “You are doing this to yourself.”

        Your suffering means NOTHING, cuz it’s all your fault.

        Therefore, of course you are CRAZY to think you have been “targeted” by Satan…..

        And secondly, you are a LOSER for not being able to save yourself.

        And you will die without anyone even knowing your name.

        Satan is the nemesis of ANYONE who has awoken to the saving POWER of CHRIST.


        To make it seem you are just a drunk homeless person.

        Who would ever listen to you?

        Look over all teh vids of the Twin Towers “collapsing” and you will see demonic faces sprouting in the black smoke from the pit of hell! Every billow, just LOOK.


        1. The “Truth” is the truth, no matter how you slice it.

          Our only way out of this “hell on earth” is to “walk” in the Way of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

          HE IS the KING of the coming NEW Kingdom.

          This earth is passing away, along with its god Lucifer….

          But what will NEVER “pass away”?

          The WORD

          Jesus is the SON OF THE CREATOR.

          Lucifer is a rebellious angel slated for the Lake of Fire.

          They don’t equate.

          That’s why Jesus never spoke to Satan apart from quoting Scripture.



          1. “Running up that hill”….

            Thor (Jesus) and Loki (Lucifer)….. “brothers”

            That Jesus Christ the King is heartless to agree to poor Loki (Lucifer) being thrown into the Lake of Fire……

            Thor is so “soft-hearted” and loves Loki but he can never change the wicked heart of his “brother”.”

            Jesus Christ is STRONGER than “Thor”!

            He has no “fake sentiment” of “brotherly love” that comes from Satan.

            He is only TRUTH, which is the meaning of “LOVE”

            He has no sentiment nor “feelings.”

            Do you get it?

            Do you even begin to comprehend the “BEING” we call “Jesus”?

            He was…. is….. and ever shall be…..

            ONE with EVERYTHING

            The only movie scene that comes close is the end of “The Matrix”

            He’s “born again”

            He is now ABOVE this reality, this “matrix.”

            It’s odd to him, he looks at the bullets with curiosity….

            What are these for?

            And so, he has all power over them.

            To let them drop, because they are useless.

            1. And so I know now what Satan’s final card is in his “Illuminati” deck.

              It wasn’t Trump and him saying “Enough is Enough”!

              It’s “Despair.”

              And that’s frankly terrifying.

              The Truth of 9/11 will NEVER “will out.”

              Everyone will forget the hero name of scientist “Judy Wood” because she’ll and all her hard work will be WIPED from our memory banks….

              We’ll never know the “truth” of what happened on that dreadful day.

              Why on earth would “ANYONE” want to live in a world such as this?

              1. I am not trying to make you feel sorry for me.

                I honestly don’t know….. ANYTHING.

                I DO know I hate the “World.”

                If you are “in it,” well then, watch out.

                1. I’ve lately felt my life was cursed.

                  Well, I felt that back when I WOKE UP to Jesus.

                  That I want to WALK in HIS WAY relying only on GOD, the FATHER.

                  AND TO LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND.

                  But I AM a Mother.

                  And I can’t leave my son behind.

                  I risk my own soul trying to SAVE HIM is what it feels like.

                  Having vengeance on anyone who hurts him.

                  What kind of a diabolical trick is that……

                    1. Is this “the End” my friend?

                      I’ve felt thru all of my of-late suffering (I’ve got a bum knee and leg, can’t “walk”) that I’m being held, quietly. Just held. Doesn’t stop the pain, doesn’t make me feel victorious over “the Enemy” like the women in “Two Steps from Hell”…..

                      Nope, just quiet, just being held…..

                      Heard this today on Sirius XM…. “Quiet Friend”

                      I look at this cover and I see….. diamonds in the sky….. coming down to that level plane of earth….. black sky with stars…… flat earth of God’s Creation…… “space” is blackness, a void…..

                      Haha, by Steve “Roach”

                      I’ve always wondered, wouldn’t you want to change your name?

                      Or are you really a “roach” and proud of it?

                      New Age musical “peace.”

                      FAKE PEACE

                      When real Peace ONLY COMES from repentance and reconciliation with God the Creator.

                      It’s like yoga.

                      I loved walking out of class like I was floating on air.

                      But it’s FAKE, from the serpent at the base of your spine, lulling you into “happiness” with his fake DRUG.

                      And it wears off pretty quickly.

                      NO CHEATING if you want to get into “Heaven”!!!

                      You have to FACE your own MISERABLE LIFE COVERED IN SIN…..

                      Kneel before Yahuah, and ask for forgiveness, and GIVE UP this “world.”

                      Only THEN will you know the PEACE that is beyond all understanding.

                      Still like listening to this tho….. in the MEAN time.

                      Problem is, it ends.

                      The Peace of God that is beyond all understanding never ends…..

                      At least that is what the Bible says.

                    2. So I spoke of the “Despair” felt by the wheat that the “Truth” will never “will out”…..

                      Then just watched a vid report on Bitchute (can’t find it now!) of THOUSANDS of corpses of tortured babies that have flooded the homes and streets of Belgium and Germany with the recent floods.

                      Can you imagine?

                      Seeing your home flooded with babies corpses, that have been pushed up and out into the open from the legendary tunnels in Europe and also in the US in which children are bred JUST for torture and eating and for the adrenachrome the ELITE are addicted to…..

                      The “Q” narrative says the MILITARY are heroes going down and rescuing children from the DUMBS and killing the what, inhabitants? And all those celebs “executed” at GITMO have doubles to replace them lest the “masses” get to RIOTING.

                      I say….. LIARS.

                      You are liars.

                      Just like the first responders who MUST have noticed a lot of LIES in the narrative, Trump and Flynn…. they are lying.

                      They are COVERING THIS UP.

                      Trying to “protect the public peace”?

                      Or their own skins should the “public” WAKE UP and want to take you ALL OUT.

                      You are LYING and the “end” never justifies the MEANS.

                      I think the vaunted um, what’s “his” name?

                      “Lynn”? um “Wood”?

                      Is a LIAR too.


                      Anything to cover up the sins of the “ELITE,” the RULERS of the matrix, lest we join together (no, stay six feet apart and then six feet under the ground) and LYNCH THEM ALL.

                    3. Trinity

                      Thanks. It’s difficult to know from ‘eye witness’ reports and I’ve become very wary of White Hat media outlets as well. I’ve seen so many reports where someone claims the ‘elite’ are being arrested. But from my own memories I know underground bases are used for various things.

                    4. OK, here it is: Pres Trump calls on Americans to come peacefully protest in the Capital on Jan 6. I almost went myself! Now I think it was just a lure to “get” the finest of Patriots and FRAME them for the LUDICROUS and obviously FAKE FAKE FAKE (that woman did not die, sorry) CRISIS ACTING of the “storming” of the Capitol (such a joke, pshhs)

                      Like Geraldo just said on Hannity, he thinks the President “knew” what was going to “happen”: yeah, like the latest elite PSYOP???

                      He knew, and he threw us patriots (some are still in JAIL!!! Do you believe that???/) UNDER THE BUS.

                      Trump has successfully NEUTRALIZED us Patriots into “standing down” and “believing in the Plan.”


                      Produced in Is -ra-HELL.

                      Gen Flynn’s advice? Get “active” in your children’s school board! Etc etc etc…..

                      FUCK YOU

                      You are a LIAR and a TRAITOR, period.

                      GO TO HELL for all your LIES.

                    5. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” General Flynn.

                      Did you recruit “Donald Trump” to try to save our country from the elite and a Communist invasion from China?

                      Welp, your good intention didn’t work.

                      In fact, did you know that Trump’s son-in-law is the new owner of 666 5th Ave?

                      Where, I kid you not, post-production was done for some unknown reason on “The Exorcist”?

                      Did you know that the reason rural towns across America do not rise up and reject the “mandatory vaccination” order is because they have all been infiltrated by the Jews and are all honorary Jewish “Freemasons”?

                      They KNOW not to take the “jab.” Or they have special ones just for them.

                      Just like the Jews told not to show up for work on 9/11, they are all “in on it.”


                      Corruption and evil has FULLY infiltrated our country and our world.

                      It’s too late for trying to show up at your child’s school board meeting.

                      It’s time to face…..


                    6. The time for “activism” or fighting for a clean next election is OVER.

                      They STOLE the last election, period.

                      Why did “President Trump” cave, when he could have signed the Insurrection Act?

                      He is a FAKE president.

                      General Washington!

                      Where are you when we NEED you!

                      We are HERE, READY, and ABLE.

        2. Trinity

          The reason why I included the pic is that the actors in the screenshot are Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly. Maybe its a case of ‘Which story do you prefer’ ? Are we the target or on target ?

          I’ve been doing a bit of reviewing of some past events and recent events and it seems I’ve been getting some sort of protection. And actually been told so. I would advise if you meet anyone you are uncomfortable with or find yourself in a situation which gives you bad vibes just walk away.

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