The Songs Of David

Remembering the Songs Of David.

Cellular memory.



From the British Heart Foundation.




There has been serious stuff gone on with memory. I think in the inner wheel or maybe it’s the outer wheel we have forgotten our true spiritual nature and who we are but even within the Illusion there are mechanisms which keep us from remembering.

Recently this pic showed up. I don’t think it’s entirely personal and at some point or maybe at regular intervals there are global memory wipes which are designed to keep us within a narrow 3D spectrum. Time is an illusion and memory is flexible. How it works I couldn’t say at moment but believe it involves some very unpleasant practices to say the least including the vaccination.

It may even be like the movie Dark City where at midnight each day the clock is reset and memories and realities are altered.



As an example of the Dark Arts. When the evil Queen asks the mirror ‘Who is the fairest of them all ?’ and the same answer always comes back.

And if you are smelling sulphur, there’s a good reason. If it looks like a duck.





There is a Better Place.


31 thoughts on “The Songs Of David

    1. Roob

      There is some seriously weird stuff going on at present with the mirrors. I thought they maybe purely random and just the way the kaleidoscope is set up. I think there is an element of that but not sure anymore for all of them. I suspect it maybe a method to harvest or direct or control energy flow. Someone understands the game.

      Who and what is real ?

      1. David’s Song. Following Dotty.

        Down in the cells – DNA and genes.

        “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
        my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
        my shield and the horn of my salvation.
        He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior—
        from violent people you save me.

        “He gives his king great victories;
        he shows unfailing kindness to his anointed,
        to David and his descendants forever.”

        1. Roob

          This may apply to you as well. Look familiar ?

          In short the Beatles didn’t write the songs.

          18/6 or 6/18 depending which way you look at it.

          David wrote the songs or some of them. They are fxxking heart and mind sucking parasites.

          We maybe looking at some sort of AI which mirrors and harvests energy like in the Cam movie.

            1. My dad David wrote the songs or some of them. This is part of what’s been going on. Let’s say MJ triggered me into remembering. I can remember him singing Beatles songs on his piano and they weren’t him singing popular songs of the time. They were his compositions. There has been serious shit gone on with this. He used to write songs and used to complain that his songs were stolen. He got seriously shat on and then he got thrown under a train. Unfortunately it all makes sense. And memory wipes. The truth is so far out there. To say I’m not a happy bunny about it is an understatement.

              Whoever or whatever we are dealing with are extraordinarily unpleasant.

              And Deep State.


              1. If you have ever seen the movie Oblivion that will give you an idea of what has gone on. I wouldn’t go near any medical establishment unless needs must.

  1. For Fathers Day I went out for lunch at the pub. This sign was outside. When we had finished the GPS wanted to send us down that road even though it turned a five minute journey into a fifteen minute journey. So we didn’t go down that road.

    Under the surface at Christ’s Hospital there’s all sorts of wriggly worms. Points on the grid. England’s green and pleasant land isn’t always so pleasant.

    1. MJ

      That is nuts ! Following Dotty. On the right track with this I think. ‘You want a sign ?’.

      Also everyone seems to have gone to the moon. Looks empty in the vid.

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