The Cosmic Gift



It would seem there have been shenanigans. It’s not a pretty sight. Where angels fear to tread.

Is Lam. Hidden in plain sight and good disguises ?

Lennon and McCartney.



The Lam.



Is Lam.




And Sweaty Betty’s Cosmic Gift.

There is no need to take. All we need to do is accept.




Getting back on the right track.



That’s the way she planned it.


49 thoughts on “The Cosmic Gift

  1. The seed of memory.

    A door has opened thanks to MJ. Tip of a very big ice borg.

    You could think all the songs came from the same source.

    1. More evidence of a time loop…the word “lam” in Latin translates to “already” in Angle-ish.

      deja vu
      “feeling of having previously experienced a present situation,” 1903, from French déjà vu, literally “already seen.” The phenomenon also is known as promnesia. Similar phenomena are déjà entendu “already heard” (of music, etc.), 1965; and déjà lu “already read” (1960).

        1. Ken

          Well done getting it done. Once you get into it it’s not too difficult. Great pics and song.

          But in the way of things Mr Stevens has been showing up. He maybe not what he seems .

          1. Sarah’s Painting



            ‘Underlying it all and out of sight all our major institutions are Satanic. Banks, politics, religions, military, police, education, health, work etc are harvesters of spiritual energy for this mind. It is a mind so unbelievably nasty and full of hate at the core, it is beyond belief but we are all attached to it even though the conscious mind is totally unaware of it.

            But in this world there seem to be projections of this mind that are consciously aware of the agenda and want to keep the game going. To be honest I’m not too sure exactly what they are. They seem to be semi physical holographic projections. Not real but real at the same time.

            Following the Car Clues – Carlos Castaneda.

            ‘They Gave Us Their Mind’ but it is our mind and we can choose.

            “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile; helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.

            ‘They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind which becomes our mind.’


      1. I know. I know that music is powerful but there’s so much wrong here. Why such a big effort to get such a small amount thru the airwaves? It’s deliberate.

        1. I think there are two strands. Firstly the type of music that is played at any given time is directed and controlled.

          The second strand is that much of the music and songs are stolen. I think it is more than simple theft or pure plagiarism. It may even be inter dimensional or a mind or a soul hack.

          A big fat lie.

          It may go back even further. And interesting line showed up when I googled William Shakespeare.

          First man William Shakespeare to receive jab in UK died last month. Unrelated . Believe it or not.

            1. That sounds like the Cybermen in Dr Who. Maybe it is a documentary. Jenny and I saw a gaggle of robots at UT in Austin.

              Cellular memory and the world of small things. Which is what the vaccination is about I think. Why do Nazis and Nasties come to mind !

                1. And Down on the Pharmacy.

                  The Cash Cow.

                  ‘Cash cow, in business jargon, is a venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire or start it. Many businesses attempt to create or acquire such ventures, since they can be used to boost a company’s overall income and to support less profitable endeavors.

                  The term cash cow is a metaphor for a “dairy cow” used on farms to produce milk, offering a steady stream of income with little maintenance.’

                  1. Is-LAM cracks me up. I always felt that was ‘off’. Because who cares?

                    Emojis, emotions. Funny, that a country where people cover their faces and emotions are concealed, has a BIG say in what emojis are universally available to express on a hand-held device that most people have.

                    “The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) meets quarterly to decide whether new characters will be encoded. A quorum of half of the Consortium’s full members is required.

                    As of July 2020, there are nine full members, only one of which, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs of Oman, is not a tech or software company. The other eight, as of the same period, are Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, and SAP SE.”

                    Yeah. Read up on that Oman part 😱🤮

                    And most of what you could find a couple of years ago on this topic is lost in google’s space, never to be seen by those who want to ask questions.

                    when deciding on what to wear in Oman…


                    😃so excited!

                    just kidding. you misread my face.


  2. “Traditionally, scholarship has tended to connect the intense emotional experience and feeling of closeness to the divine in mystery cults with rituals of initiation.
    In turn, it is customary to compare rituals of initiation with rites of passage, in particular with adolescent initiation rites, where an individual
    frequently in a group goes through a highly charged, disturbing ritual, from which he or she emerges with a new social identity.
    Both the fixation on initiation rituals and the equation of initiatory rituals with rites of passage are problematic and do not do justice to the specific emotional experiences within mystery cults. Although our sources suggest that at least some initiation rituals were extremely unpleasant experiences, albeit followed by a feeling of euphoria,
    these were not the only types of ritual celebrated in these cults. In Eleusis, initiation was the climax of an elaborate ritual cycle,
    and in the cult of Mithras the most important and frequently celebrated ritual act – the communal meal
    – was not a ritual of initiation.
    Furthermore, though there are similarities between initia-tion rituals and rites of passage, it is important also to note the differences between the two. First, not all initiation rituals were as disturbing as rites of passage. Second, unlike rites of passage, which are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, mystery cults were not mutually exclusive, and people could be initiated into as many mysteries as they pleased. There were even some mysteries, moreover, into which one could be initiated more than once;
    others (such as the mysteries of Mithras), had a grade system of initiation.
    The third and most important difference between initiations into the mys-teries and rites of passage, however, is the marked social component in the latter type of rituals, as opposed to the individual experience in the myster-ies. Since the work of Victor Turner, scholars have tended to emphasise joint emotional experience in rites of passage, especially in the so-called liminal phase, which results in a strong feeling of
    communites among the participants and a new social identity after the ritual.
    At the centre of the mystery cults was not this communal experience, but the personal encounter with
    the divine. This is not to say that the concept of community was of no importance. As Angelos Chaniotis has pointed out, the shared ritual experience of initiation did establish the cult community as an emotional community.
    It is, however, first and foremost the individual, rather than the group, who aims to achieve a privileged and close connection with the divine. Rites of passage do not explain how this personal relationship is achieved, nor do they enable us to retrieve the different experiences in various mystery cults.Recently, historians who take a cognitive approach towards religion have opted for a more individual and emotional approach to the mystery cults.”

    1. The information you can find on this stuff is all written in this manner. You’re 3-4 paragraphs in, and you have to keep re-reading what’s before because you want to make sure you didn’t miss the “disturbing rite of passage” that evokes such extreme emotion followed by euphoria (as described), as if you’re to believe the members of this culture who miraculously built cities with modern infrastructure were so emotionally immature actually claim their founding on twins raised by a she-wolf, so no bloodline can be traced so nothing is the cause of actions but yet a loop of same thing… WAIT,

      Believe me, I have read SO MANY of these academic papers on Mithraism and you NEVER get beyond the surface. It is one of the following; (1) not known, (2) not spoken or written, or, (3) known, but not spoken or written, or, 94) just a hint from the universe that your suspicions are correct: The so-called initiation ritual is forced, therefore a false initiation, which instills even more trauma. There’s trauma to begin with, otherwise you’d not be reading this (and no logic to trace the ‘why’ behind it) Hindsight is a trauma phenomena. Nobody in paradise that sprouts wings to fly (at will), soaring above a perfect and beautiful place, would ever care about ‘hindsight”. Nothing to learn when everything is perfect.
      I guess it might be from a cosmic event that was interpreted as a personal and painful event because you are expelled from a place that was all-connected and being separate from that is by definition, individuality,
      therefore, the mind is ever-ready to take over anyway, and it more than happily provides a weave of a story to keep a physical reality in check…and anything else is absolute insanity.
      and the turn tables…

  3. Since June 4th the Dow Jones has been dropping steadily to today June 18th. Down about 720 points so far.
    On June 4th baby Lilibet Diana was born to Harry and Meghan.
    From 29/10/1929 Dow Jones Crash, to 29/6/2021 = 1100 months.
    1100+ mirror 11 = 1111 = 11×101.
    Adding the two dates’ digits –
    2+9+1+1+9+2+9 = 33 = 11×3.
    2+9+6+2+2+1 = 22 = 11×2.
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for antichrist.
    This 1100 months is exactly 4783 weeks.
    4+7+8+3 = 11+11.

  4. The Cosmic Gift from the Dark Matter…being confronted with our own ignorance. 🎁

    I saw the Amazon Prime train again this morning. Nine vans with a couple of regular cars inserted. One of the drivers was soulfully singing away to a song by Nina Simone.

    Please, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.

  5. The Amazon Prime lady said follow the dots. I hope Dotty doesn’t impose a restraining order.

    Hey Judy maybe more than just synchronicity.

    Hey Jud E

  6. The laboratory.

    As of today Dark Horse has been ‘struck’ from YT. Not sure if this is why, but this is from yesterday’s podcast.

    ‘We have concentrations in ovarian tissue of a novel lipid agent that is previously untested…’

        1. Orlena

          A few things have popped up recently along the same lines. The world of small things and down in the cells. Keeping you in the maze.

          At the end of the Annihilation movie they ask ‘Was it alien ?’. And yes it was !

  7. Hello all. Haven’t had much to say that’s positive lately ( other than “ hey im not dead!”Which really is quite cool) but do occasionally pop in to check out the flow. Recently ran into and was curious if any of you were familiar with this material. Seems he’d be a natural here. 😊. Anyways if you find the time dive in and let me know what you think… there’s tons to consume

    1. Billy

      Great to hear from you and it is cool you are not dead !!! It’s a tough ride I’m sure. Did you manage to get your round of golf in ?

      And thanks for link to I’ve just had a brief look. I’ll take a deeper dive in a while. Sounds familiar. Lots of crap has gone on.

      1. Indeed I am playing as much as I can(poorly 😊) but occasionally in the 80s. My kids are taking me today for Father’s Day. It’ll be a gas. My son and son in law can both outdrive me by 100 yards but I still beat them on a regular basis🏌🏿‍♂️👍… drive for show, putt for dough😎

        1. Billy

          Best ever I did was about 85 but you have to play regularly otherwise it quickly goes above 100 ! In my case anyway.

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