A Big Shining Lie

A Big Shining Lie.

It is incapable of creation so it feeds off and on those who can. And it feeds and it feeds. Essentially it feeds off innocence.

Carbon copies and reflections of the real thing.






For want of a better description the ego mind is now isolated. It is in a 1 2 1 with the Christ mind and not too put too fine a point on it is fucked.



It’s a long and winding road. Good lyrics aren’t they ?


44 thoughts on “A Big Shining Lie

  1. Trinity
    June 16, 2021 at 6:22 am

    As for the “flat earth’ business.

    It’s not so much “flat earth” but about the DOME.

    Satan/Lucifer/Ego does not want you to look up…..

    The Bible says, “Look up!”


    Because you will see the same “boring” stars night after night circling above…. Like the fake stars you paste to your child’s ceiling.

    And you will see…. your enclosure. That you are in some sort of prison cell.


    You will REALIZE

    that God the Most High…

    the one WHO created it….

    is the only ONE


    can get you out.

    I don’t care anymore if you “people” get me anymore.

    I’m FREE.

      1. REPENT REPENT!!!

        “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”!

        Do you not realize that that song from “GodSPELL” is quoting John the Baptist?

        If you are not learned, then you would not know.

        That’s why God Yahuah laments “my people perish for lack of knowledge.”

        Wake UP!!!

        Satan is at work! He wants to STEAL your very SOUL!

        The NAME of our FATHER, the MOST HIGH GOD, was DELETED from our Bibles…. JAH

        It was in there over and over again, THOUSANDS of times, but Satan is FOREVER trying to get the children of God to accept HIM as your “LORD,” JUST as he tried to get Jesus to kneel to him.

        I’m posting this again, the best sermon if you really listen to what he is saying….

        to get you to wake up and REPENT.



    1. Your son LITERALLY took from me my innocence and my….

      son’s “respect” for me.



      convincing EVERYONE that I AM a DOG!

      “What kind of woman takes it up the ass?”


      Took my good reputation…..

      And SMEARED me beyond recognition of who I used to be.

      I HATE YOU

      Still, I am in the crosshairs in your TOWN…..

      I’m contacting lawyers….

      And STILL….


      To just be a DECENT HUMAN BEING.

      Who can help me not get RUINED.


  2. You stupid assholes and your stupid pathetic trash insults:

    “I’m coming!”

    Ah, no…

    You’re “going”…

    into the pit of hell.


    It’s NOT ME.

    It’s just…..


      1. You’ve passed the “expiration” date of standing up to be a man.

        I’m sorry about that, and um… yeah. Just my opinion….

        “I have to let you go.”

        It is what it is.

        Be a good man, and “work your whatever” to get them to make the sale of my house go through, nice and clean…..

        A “clean” break ….

        For ALL OF US.


          1. and the really scary thing is….

            you all don’t get the joke.

            you can’t laugh or forgive…..

            i think you would gladly kill me and think it righteous….

            and that’s scary.

            i just want to leave….

            but i won’t RUN

            1. OK, children….

              Put your thinking caps on now, cuz here’s a quiz.

              Can you name the author of the lyrics in this song?

              (Hint: I gave it to you a couple posts back…..)

              “Good Luck and Have Fun.”

              1. And my posting of the John Wick movies is so IRONIC it would seem….

                In that I would identify with a man….

                But you know why?

                It’s Satan’s Holly Wood witchcraft trickery and MK Ultra BRAINWASHING at its FINEST.

                A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE-DOWN, but?

                You don’t even know it!

                See that what’s it called, thumbnail? wth…, of the vid I have posted above? Keanu looks…. a little different. It looks to me that they’ve faked, um… you know…. messed with his photo to make it look like “he” has a male brow ridge.

                But watching the vid and I LOVE Keanu, this is NOT about poor Keanu, but it’s WEIRD. The images just don’t LOOK right, like in the shower scene and he turns to face the camera….. His pecs are off, his face is female-looking, his torso is just….looks weird. His FACE. Some closeups you can clearly see there is no male brow ridge at all. Flat from his eyebrows up….

                Any WHO

                MY POINT IS…..

                This is Satan’s GREAT GREAT DECEPTION, second only to of course, the “globe” earth is a planet speeding its unknown course through the “galaxy”! The “known Universe” Whaaaa-aat?

                Hollywood’s “Stars”: secret transsexuals up on the Big Screen.

                To trick WOMEN into wanting to become WARRIORS, when God created them to be OBEDIENT helpers of their men, and more, MOTHERS of good seed planted in God’s Word…. and that’s IT.

                And to trick MEN into …. becoming women!!! And not bothering to FIGHT at all. Or if they do,… ahaha, um…. they fight like cats. Catfight!!!

                So-called “women” who can’t possibly BEAR CHILDREN! Not children of GOD but who “bear” FAKE children conceived in the lab, and born from fake prosthetic baby “bumps.”

                I mean, how diabolical IS that?

                It’s literally INSANITY made FLESH.

                1. And well, it always comes in threes! As my Irish aunt liked to say…

                  The third “role” of Christopher Plummer (1, Is he the Prince in The Sound of Music? Or is he number 2, the evil King in Jesus of Nazareth come to ruin through incest by HIS OWN lust) or is he #3?

                  The patriarch who presides over a family he hates… in “Knives Out.”

                  And who am I in the BIG “picture”?

                  The dead deer over whom his son “joylessly masturbates”?

                  Or the girl who be-Friended him and to whom he leaves….


                  1. It’s time to make this picture a “wrap.”

                    I want to “begin again.”

                    “Start fresh”… AGAIN

                    A “second chance.”

                    God ALWAYS holds out His gift of Mercy to each and every one of us….as long as we still live and breathe.

                    I am so grateful and I want to TAKE IT.

                    I want to reach for that impossible star of His forgiveness….by forgiving those who have “trespassed against me.”

                    JOIN ME


                    1. YES!!!!!! Wrap it the fuck up!
                      Sick of it! 🤢
                      But Trin, see…”taking it’ is “threatening”. A misunderstood threat.
                      It makes sense to us, as moms, (who absolutely want their SONS to have a wonderful life and fall in love. everlasting LOVE).
                      We want, for our SONS (male energy).
                      There is a big misunderstanding here…a big concern of mine. And I’m sure, your’s too.
                      how to fix? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Today is 6.16.
    616 another “number of the beast”.
    I’m not saying anything about worshiping anything in particular. I’m saying how about not pointing fingers.
    If you substitute the “name of the Father” or “God”, with “SKY DADDY”, then you start to see the dynamic here. “In the name of the Sky Daddy, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”.
    Forgive me, Sky Daddy, for I have sinned. … what images come to mind?
    Nothing wrong with Sky Daddy, but there are infinite shades of all colors, in many dimensions. Not just grey.
    And Sky Daddy always wins… just real eyes who what when where.
    It’s NOW. And she’s ready to party✨
    (I hope nobody thinks I’m being literal).

    1. Exactly that, MJ.

      I hope no one thinks the symbols and language I learned as a child brought up in the Roman Catholic Church that I use to try to convey the Truth are LITERAL.

      “The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”

      The Holy Trinity

      These “patriarchal” ideas are only symbols because our minds are so childlike and small that our Creator needs to “speak” to us in earthly terms we can understand….

      That’s why our Savior spoke in parables.

      Because we just weren’t ready for the full on TRUTH.

      1. The TRUTH starts with the heart, and then activates her throat chakra.
        The truth is, she wants to be with him. And to get out of the time loop.
        We’re done here. TIRED!
        And something else… you know, when you become a mom, the feminine takes on a masculine role. Has to. The child trusts the mom more than anything (as he/she should), and so the mom is responsible for teaching very basic things.
        That is a difficult role. I love being a mom more than anything. What I find frustrating is all these imagined “threats”!
        How to fix? 🤷🏻‍♀️
        We should ask Sky Daddy. (and I’m not really joking anymore.) I’m seriously worn out.


          1. MJ, I agree and I think being a MOM, and for me, being a SINGLE mom, has worn me out to the point of, welp you know.

            I”m living with POST TRAUMATIC SYNDROME.

            I am in the present moment “Losing it.”
            I’m just… gonna SURVIVE knowing I got my son (now I do pray for you, because I know your son is still young) out and on his own…..before all this shit hit the fan.



            That’s the TRUTH, sister

            Thanks for sharing it.


            1. It’s gonna be ok, Trinity. Thank you for kind words ☺️❤️
              It definitely feels like madness at the moment.
              LOVE WILL GET US UP AGAIN✨🔥

        1. Sky Daddy is not a joke. I’m talking about the psyche.
          The threat disappears when everybody (all males and females and whatever the fuck you want to call yourself) realize we are one thing facing what seems to be a parasite. And it’s not sky daddy. Not quite sure what it is. “sky daddy” is just as manipulated as she is.
          Everybody on earth is one thing. I had some good advice today… Max told me to “get in formation”. (and no, not like Beyonce). He meant, get in sync⚡️

          1. Thanks, MJ!

            Hmm, yeah. I’m getting the same “info.”

            It’s time to walk the talk.

            Take the RIGHT road…..

            “To the right,” march march, “to the right,” step step step”…

            Get in FORMATION! NOW!



      2. This might be one of the most best things ever said:

        “These “patriarchal” ideas are only symbols because our minds are so childlike and small that our Creator needs to “speak” to us in earthly terms we can understand….” -Trinity

        1. <3

          And thank you for the Mary Magdalene picture, because I do know that Spirit loves me, and wants me to LOVE MYSELF, and when I do, I AM able to share that LOVE with those around me.

          "Love yourself, others, and every situation—no matter what the outer appearances may be."

          The Narrow Gate?

          I think so.

          1. And I KNOW I’m on the right path because as I posted the above a Daddy Long Legs spider started crawling up my laptop screen from out of nowhere, I kid you not.

            I just now threw it off….

            I’m not going to chase it and bother to kill it…..

            Because I know it’s not REAL.


            It/Satan/Ego ….

            And “he” cannot hurt me.

            “He” can only try to STOP me from what I AM “doing” by casting me into a state of FEAR.


            I’m onto the GAME.

            Won’t work on me anymore….

              1. And I just have to say to the “men” of Pawling who have insulted me with their “double entendre” remarks about it being too “tight” in there…. um, “when can we come?”….. “the door is always open”….. it’s a “cesspool”…. “how can we close that up?”….

                That YOU, as “Christians,” are COMMANDED by Yah, Our Father, to respect ALL WOMEN…..

                NOT just your own.

                DO YOU HEAR ME?

                1. I tried posting a vid, it’ll probably come up….

                  “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the COMING of the Lord….”

                  Hah, um, YEAH!

                  I’m ALL IN.

                  ARE YOU?

                  1. It’s over. Done. “Accomplished.”

                    Are you happy now?


                    Was everyone “happy” when they learned that the one who had washed them clean of sin, John the Baptist, was dead?

                    That the evil witch of the west got him beheaded?


                    Growing up, it was THE Bible nightmare, the SCARY part of the whole story.

                    And to see it ALMOST come about ….again.

                    In ME.

                    Welp…. idk, just goes to prove how CRAZY this reality is we are living in,.

                    “Don’t buy into it.”

                    Very good advice!


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