The Twin Paradox

The Twin Paradox.



From :

‘Twin paradox, an apparent anomaly that arises from the treatment of time in German-born physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

The counterintuitive nature of Einstein’s ideas makes them difficult to absorb and gives rise to situations that seem unfathomable. For example, suppose that one of two identical twin sisters flies off into space at nearly the speed of light. According to relativity, time runs more slowly on her spacecraft than it does on Earth; therefore, when she returns to Earth, she will be younger than her Earth-bound sister. But in relativity, what one observer sees as happening to a second one, the second one sees as happening to the first one. To the space-going sister, time moves more slowly on Earth than it does in her spacecraft; when she returns, her Earth-bound sister is the one who is younger. How can the space-going twin be both younger and older than her Earth-bound sister?

The answer is that the paradox is only apparent, for the situation is not appropriately treated by special relativity. To return to Earth the spacecraft must change direction, which violates the condition of steady straight-line motion central to special relativity. A full treatment requires general relativity, which shows that there would be an asymmetrical change in time between the two sisters. Thus, the “paradox” does not cast doubt on how special relativity describes time, which has been confirmed by numerous experiments.’


The Doppler Effect.

The science is lost on me but the Universe is pointing it out.



And the Quantum New Scientist.

Ration All left the building a long time ago.



Two States Or One ? Which Is Real ?





England’s Green and Pleasant Land is a beautiful and weird place. Beware the brambles though.

The Land That Thyme Forgot.



And Memory and Forget Me Knots. Off Merovee a few of us have been going down a giant rabbit hole. And it seems that even though I may have forgotten someone she never forgot me but I may have had no choice in the matter.



It’s A Mazing.




‘Reality is not only stranger than we suppose but stranger than we can suppose.’


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  1. I asked awhile back if you could hold two contradictory ideas in your mind and they both be true.

    Because I perceive the Quantum world as an infinite number of ideas, most or all of them contradictory and yet true and real.

    Welcome to the multiverse. It can’t be explained, it can only be experienced. Go out and engage it. To the extent that we do so, it will become real. This is our greatest hope and our greatest fear. It has been here all along.

    1. Orlena

      It can only be experienced describes it perfectly. It’s difficult for a mind to understand which sees everything as one body self in linear time from birth to death. I’ve been seeing the quantum world consistently in my life for about the last year. It’s real and it is strange. With hindsight it was there before.

      It’s a whole new world. Also what I’ve been seeing are worlds within worlds which reflect and refract and overlap in a venn diagram type way including dreamland and waking dreamland.

      Re Joyce. The Upside Down, Left and Right, Black and White etc.

      A caveat though. We may experience fear and guilt and anger and doubt etc thoughts I’m not sure they are ‘ real’ thoughts.

  2. That picture of Joni Mitchell has The Black Keys. There’s 36 black keys and 52 white ones.

  3. This is talking about about written by Burroughs called “A Princess of Mars” (the movie John Carter is based on this book).

    “H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds (1898) was influenced, as was Burroughs’ novel, by the ideas of Percival Lowell starting with publication of the book Mars (1895). It depicted Mars as an ancient world, nearing the end of its life, home to a superior civilization capable of advanced feats of science and engineering. Burroughs, however, claimed never to have read any of H. G. Wells’ books” -wikipedia

    Click to access Sussex-Circular-1996-no-48.pdf

  4. “Others influenced by Burroughs and his John Carter books include James Cameron, who mentioned the influence on his science-fiction epic Avatar in The New Yorker magazine”

    A perfect planet until they need to “MINE!” it. Look, he even goes through a wormhole!

    Here’s a graphic from CERN (a wormhole)

    I think put that together with what the Bill Gates video is showing and I think that is what is happening!

  5. I’m getting tired of myself talking about Mars but it just keeps happening! You can’t ignore something in your face, right?
    Elena said, “…are you alright not knowing?” and no, I’m not.
    It seems she’s given me a clue since that crop circle happened on her birthday in 1995. And, Elena is at CERN with Alice sometimes. 😊
    Elena, we know how you feel!
    (see right there on the Antimatter building).

  6. I’m not being negative, I’m just trying to figure out how to do inner temperance. Isn’t that how it’s fixed?
    I think it’s going to be fine. I agree with this person
    ‘We will all learn to share our resources (we already know how). There will be no scarcity (Sorry, Thanos). They’ll keep getting lovely supplies shipped from Earth. They’ll finally allow us to use advanced technology. They’ll give up their war, and peace will finally overcome our God of War: The Planet Mars.”

    …if it is literal. I don’t know what’s in the mind or actually manifest anymore!

    Goodnight, fellow Earthlings.

  7. I think the BATTLE for any One is trying to break free from their past.

    I think something is happening, idk what, but that is breaking down the “Matrix,” the SCRIPT that we are locked in. (It’s from Spirit, it’s GOOD….. and Satan’s answer to it is “the Mandela Effect.”)

    Yeah, of course, I think it is Our Father…. WHO is going to step in to save us…..

    But it’s like me, I am going back into a back-breaking job so I just pray, Oh, Father, I’m your Princess. Please give me the strength!.

    Welp, what the Father gave me is this INCREDIBLE BODY. That I know, if I work it, do pushups every day until then, my body WILL respond and give me STRENGTH.

    The Final Battle is Breaking Free from the Past.

    “Let go, let God.”

    It’s not easy, that’s WHY it’s a battle.

    1. But you have loved ones…..

      “Breaking free from your past” just means, breaking free from your guilt over it. PERIOD

      You can keep your loved ones!

      Just don’t feel guilty about it.

      And don’t unconsciously try to make THEM guilty either.

      For WHAT…..

      It’s a SCRIPT


      1. Trinity

        Living in the past.

        ‘The holiest place on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.’

        ‘The ancient truth is as beautiful as the ancient illusion is ironic and disturbing. Indeed, one is the answer to the other. Again and again we find the same basic theme: There was something unspeakably joyous and beautiful that existed in ancient times, so ancient that it was before the world began (or arose as the world began). This ancient beauty seemed to have been degraded, eroded, and even destroyed as the eons crawled by. But in fact, however much we don’t see it, it remains intact, completely unchanged and completely present. It offers itself to us right now, and if we accept it again, it will instantly return and overturn the ancient illusion. It will again take its ancient place as our sole reality, as if nothing had ever happened.’

        1. And psychic driving.

          I’ve talked about the Memory Wipe. In MK Ultra Donald Cameron used a system known as psychic driving to alter memory.

          ‘Psychic driving was a psychiatric procedure of the 1950s and 1960s in which patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape to alter their behaviour. In psychic driving, patients were often exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a single statement over the course of their treatment.’


          This is a reflection of what goes on in the mind I think. It’s a loop of guilt and fear and hate and anger and thoughts of disease and death etc which then shows us the reality we see. Undoing the brainwashing. What we see isn’t really there.

          I think there are three stages . Firstly people are totally unaware of their shadow self and the split mind. You have no idea of the mind programming and live in a purely unconscious way. And then secondly you see it in yourself which is very helpful. You can then make choices how you respond and react to experiences which show up. Do you listen to the Little Me or Spirit ? And the third stage which is where I think we are close to and ending the separation.

          1. Wonderful, thanks for that. I knew there was a reason I was so “into” the Course! It’s beautiful! I started with the Course around the time of my son’s birth, so that’s like almost 30 years ago…. and I know I “abandoned” it of late, thinking it’s the Word of “Lucifer” because the battle has of late seemed so unwinnable.

            But Source IS working in my life to “save” me from my nightmare! I’m definitely near the “End” of it as I have put my “house” up for sale….

            And the “Father” has saved me with little “miracles” that I know He is with me, and however it all “works out” it will be for MY benefit, His “daughter.”

            Watching The Chosen again, and Mary Magdalene’s “journey” in it, Episode 5 I definitely realted to, because she was “saved” by Jesus, but the demon comes after her AGAIN, will not leave her alone, and she “goes back into” her past…. TO BE CONTINUED! 🙂

            From today’s daily inspiration from the New Life Foundation:

            Vernon Howard’s
            SECRETS OF LIFE (R)


            “If you wish, if you choose, you may know, you may live in a world that’s
            one hundred percent unlike the present one that you live in. You can
            live the kind of a life in which you are living your life, not one
            dictated to you by everyone you meet, by circumstances, and your life is
            not lived according to the dictation of your own yearnings, your own
            painful desires.

            Have you noticed how you’re driven around by your painful desires, how
            you want something; you want to go after something and it drives you.
            We’ll show you how to cease being a driven human being and become a man
            or woman who lives from himself. Now if you don’t understand what that
            means, don’t strain at it, just listen and you will see what it means to
            live from your own true nature.

            Why is it so difficult to get through to any of us, to any human beings
            about this new way, this invisible world that we’re talking about?

            Don’t imagine what this new world is like, but find out what your
            present world is like. That’s what we’re going to do now. You’ll see
            what the obstacles are that stand in your way of finding something
            utterly new.”

            How to Get Through to Yourself DVD # 17, talk 1

  8. Frank

    Thank you for renewing my faith in “the Course.”

    And “true love”

    I’m reposting your post as a “love note” to ALL MY “LOVED ONES.”

    A Message of “YOUR” and “MY,” that is “OUR” (since We are all ONE in the Mind)….

    of OUR TRUE LOVE FOR the “World”:

    To: my John

    Scott, Clare, Richard, Kate, Alexis, Martha, Mike, Melanie, Emma, Luke, Christine, Patricia….


    Butch & Rebecca, Jay & Yvonne…..


    Anna….. !!!

    Brian, Claudia ….


    Um, Chris B, John B., the “Burkes,” the “Gotti’s”….

    Anyone and Everyone in MY WORLD

    May the Most High God Yah WHO ah…. BLESS YOU.



    This life is too short to never express your CARE for those around you, “friends,” and “enemies,” and your own family.

    1. Trinity


      I don’t see myself as an ACIM teacher. That’s not my job but it does speak.

      “There is a place in you where this whole world has been forgotten; where no memory of sin and of illusion lingers still…and echoes of eternity are heard.”

      There is a place.

      1. Beautiful, Frank!

        I felt like I was watching one of my own vids walking through the meadows…. my many closeups on gorgeous “wild” flowers.


        Two MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR "synchs" I want to SHARE now:

        "There is a PLACE"

        I wish wish wish I knew how to post the pics I took at St. Peter's at Ground Zero. I ventured in there after you know, my "company," um, the Wicked Witch of the West!, moved down to the 1 World Trade Center.

        I was immediately mesmerized by the stained-glass windows there (in contrast to the painted mural at the front and center of the church, which is of St. Peter's upside-down crucifixion. Lovely.)

        Mainly, St. Mary Magdalen's. It's beautiful. All the colors.

        She's beautiful.

        She's holding the "expensive ointment"' she used to anoint Jesus's head and feet. I can't find the image buried in my computer, it was years ago now. I want to go back soon and get new ones, so in other words I can't remember the Scripture underneath her image. One other note, she was not a literal "prostitute." But I like the Chosen's depiction of her, that she was a woman who suffered shall we say "trauma" of the sexual nature of this world that seems to make ALL WOMEN feel like prostitutes.

        So on the same wall but at the front of the church, now separated by itself is the window depicting Jesus. He's also beautiful.

        He's smiling, in white robes, pointing up to Heaven, with the inscription, "I go to Prepare a PLACE for YOU."

        I mean…. how BEAUTIFUL is that!

        The second "revelation" I've had and I've been holding on to it, and now is the time to reveal it:

        That the core of Jesus's Gospel was not ONLY the record of "The Greatest Story Ever Told" of a MAN.

        It's the Greatest Story Ever Told of "True Love," but has become hidden in the details.

        Jesus's GREATEST MIRACLE was raising Lazarus from the dead.

        Why did He do it? Just to demonstrate that He was the Son of God so that the others around him might "believe"? (As depicted in the clip I've posted from "Jesus of Nazareth")….

        Ah, I think it was MORE than that…..

        I never knew this and I am no scholar, just a Roman Catholic who was motivated to read the gospels for herself in her 30's…..

        But Lazarus was Mary Magdalen's BROTHER.

        And Jesus KNEW that Mary Magdalen and her sister would be left destitute without their brother to take care of them (as he instructed John to take care of his own mother, Mary, when he was on the cross, not wanting his mother to be abandoned and left desolate and a poor "widow").

        So Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead FOR Mary Magdalen's sake.

        To "take care" of her….

        And that to me, that is the Greatest "Love Story" ever told.


        1. So the “bird” Nelly Furtado video is “not me.”

          “I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away, I don’t know where my home is…”

          Jesus was talking to a scribe who wished to follow Jesus and become a disciple. In fact, the scribe boasted, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head” (Matthew 8:19–20; Luke 9:57–58).

          That’s right.

          I have no “home” in this world.


          I KNOW where my home is.

          My “Place” is HOME with Jesus.


          1. So I find it interesting to rewatch this scene (“Mary Magdalene” is not the woman who greets him (conflation of narrative: but Mary Magdalene WAS with Mother Mary at the foot of the cross), Mary Mag comes to Jesus second and looks like an old crone, lol. (In Scripture, Mary Magdalene was in the house in mourning for her brother, and did not come out to greet Jesus when he arrived.)

            And also to compare it to what my “brother,” Dallas, is “creating” in “The Chosen”

            Jesus is too BIG to encompass in one fictional retelling.

            I like to think now that “The Chosen,” which goes into “fiction” that I think is “inspired” (in Spirit), will become the complement to “Jesus of Nazareth,” which I will always love for its faithfulness to the Scripture, and the God-like nature of Jesus.

            But let’s remember that Jesus preached LOVE, which is true to the Spirit, and not the “Letter of the Law.”….

            That he was ALSO a man, like you and me…..

            As in “The Chosen.”

            Hahaha, hey, Dallas.

            FIVE STARS, buddy.


              1. Here’s the question: Would Jesus have left “finding Mary” to Simon (Peter) and Matthew (who is clearly enamored of her…..) to his disciples, or would he have gone off to find her himself.

                That is the question viewers are asking….



                But…. Jesus being Jesus, wouldn’t He have known already WHERE Mary chose to go, and WHERE she is?

                He knows.

                Believe me, He knows.

                He knows where you have been, where you are, and?

                where you are “going.”

                1. And Mike.

                  “My Mike”

                  I see them already trying to denigrate you and welp….

                  They can”t

                  Because you ALREADY won me, and you are my hero.

                  Like I said, I’ll love you forever for that.

                  For simply reacting to seeing a woman mistreated and scorned…..

                  And like any “real man” would do, you acted to protect me.

                  1. I’ve searched your paternal name, and it means “warrior.”

                    You’re an angel!

                    Through and through…..


                    1. Now I think I need to “confess” my own brainwashing via “The Matrix” and its sound track. (we don’t need to go into Keanu nor Carrie being trans)

                      I’m ya know, “born again.”

                      I love “Jesus.”

                      So why would I be fascinated by “The Matrix” and want to listen to the sound track as I work out…..?

                      I don’t know.


                      I love it.


                    2. Mike,

                      Maybe you have already a taste of what it’s like, being in the matrix.

                      Not fun, eh?

                      You have a lot of Caribbean, and Hispanic people in your corner? Why? Is it Juan? Or is it a woman, and are you the father?

                      If so, what so…. I need to know.

                      Don’t “let them” stalk me until you “fill me in.”

                      Otherwise, um yeah



          1. Haha, ah… no…

            I laugh, for obvious reasons?

            And I laugh here, as well…..

            This below is the “St. Peter’s Church” at Ground ZERO.

            But the details I described cannot be seen from the pics.

            Idk just to vindicate myself, maybe I should JOURNEY down there, take a bunch, and post them on here.

            Would you, Frank, or anyone, on Merovee, like that?

            Cuz I will.


              1. Thanks Frank.

                I guess the next time I DO venture down to Manhattan (the only reason being to visit with my son) I will revisit St. Peter’s and take some pics.

                And then figure out how to post! (GOI detailed how to for me, so I remember some of it. It’s not that I am some old fogey who doesn’t “get” computers and digital and the Inter NET.

                It’s that I instinctively FEAR it, I feel like I’m interacting with…. Kryptonite.

                I’ll get sucked down into its BLACK HOLE.


                1. TriNeo 🙂

                  Would be good to see but only if you are in the area. Ken had the same problem. What you have to do is to upload pics to an image sharing site and then copy and paste into comment.

                    1. OK, so….

                      I just made a spontaneous joke:

                      I wrote “As I idk “inspire” the f—

                      “the salvation of man, or somesuch.”…

                      And Satan BLOCKED IT when I tried to post it….

                      I kid you not.

                      I am in spiritual WARFARE!!!!



                      I can laugh about it.


                1. But I’ll sign off with this, the film that got me hooked on movies from Hollywood and how I might build a career within the “artform” (ahchach-cough!) from the very beginning.

                    1. You know, the “Enemy” is …..

                      not scary at all.

                      Lucifer/Satan/the Ego is PATHETIC and FRANTIC right now to preserve its/his/her POWER over the wheat through?



                      Not buying it ANY MORE


                    2. Um, so what “fight” have I not given up?

                      The fight to be free.

                      “B,” that “pillar of society” along with “J” …. those tow PILLARS of MASONIC SOCIETY…. keep the Priestess locked in position on her “throne”….

                      He needs to realize that 1) he did not act decisively in the “beginning” therefore the “window” CLOSED.
                      2) He’s um, basically not a “real man” because? the “women” in his life are SUFFERING. He’s not “taking care” of either his “wife” nor me, the “other woman.”
                      3) He needs to STAND DOWN before I just to SURVIVE need to take action against him.

                      I saw his brother-in-law today at the dump. He told someone who asked who he was, He said he’s Valerie’s husband.

                      Message received.

                      I think he is testifying to what I posted about how Jesus, a REAL MAN, “took care” of the women in his life.

                      “B” needs to learn to do the same.


                      LET ME GO

                    3. And let’s be REAL here, I’m not stupid.

                      The Nelly Furtado bird does not FLY FREE, like I AM going to do.

                      She FALLS into the PIT, manhandled happily by scores of lecherous MEN.

                      NOPE, not me.

                      And so we will see what Dallas Jenkins has Mary Mag “falling into” in his next episode, now won’t we.

                    4. And finally let me address the “mental health” of American Patriots like me at this moment in time.

                      It’s BIZARRE.

                      We have been left completely in the DARK.

                      Meanwhile I just viewed Inglorious Patriot’s report on Bitchute that John Podesta has been executed by the Marines down at Gitmo, and told he will soon join Hillary wherever it is he is going.



                      Is this true “justice”?

                      To hear rumors of military tribunals and yes, what we believe to be the righteous executions of TRAITORS (nevermind, nevermind them being child rapists, torturers, and CANNIBALS who have committed crimes against HUMANITY).

                      What the HECK is going on???

                      Yes, my “mental health” at the moment is “poor.”

                      Can you “blame” me?

                    5. In other words, when will “the truth will out” to quote Shakespeare…..


                      After we are all dead and buried? lol….

                      Or is that “belief” just another LIE seeded into the minds of men to make them lose faith in Christ Jesus’ salvation…..

                      from the Great Deceiver Satan (compliments of the “GREAT” POET… LOL, he who “Shakes a spear”….)


                    6. And I’ll tell you all something else…..

                      It is the WHO who is protecting me, “curbing” me from rushing the girl with the DOG MOM T-shirt and bashing her head in.

                    7. Like I posted earlier, the End would be utter chaos.

                      When there are no “real men” to rule their own “wives” and children…nevermind any kingdom or county….

                      chaos reigns.

                      Satan is grinning now….

                      His work is “accomplished.”

                    8. So……

                      Pretty scary, am I right?

                      The thing is….

                      I DO think, at some level, that the unspeakable evil that we have only recently come to know now exists in our world (the raping and torture of babies. the eating of them…. I mean, HELL-O)….

                      These demons who have participated in such acts against HUMANITY…..

                      I do believe at the Last Day of Judgement….

                      with Christ the King on His Throne….

                      they WILL be cast into the fiery PIT to be utterly DESTROYED.

                      OBLITERATED FROM EXISTENCE


                      PRAISE BE TO THE FATHER



                    9. Frank I think wants me to stop, so I will.

                      (No “Reply buttons)

                      So let me end this particular thread with this, LOVE for OUR GOD)


                      Encouragement to anyone who reads this:

                      You still have time to “Prepare ye the Way of the Lord.”

                      Not much (lol… idk…. ???) but still….

                      You always have “MORE TIME.”

                      That’s why our Father is called a “merciful” God.

                      He always wants to give you a second chance!


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