The Halfway House


I know I’ve moved to Another Place. I haven’t really moved anywhere I doubt. It is just the illusion of moving and seeing the world from a truer perspective. Where I used to live was 80% 5D and now it is virtually 100%. My trip on The Bluebell Railway was indescribable and was more than just 3D beauty. It’s +5D and from feed back I think others as well are having the same experience or I hope they are. It’s coming through.







It’s A Paradox.

White Bluebells.





When a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound ?



Further down the neural pathway it leads to the Birth Day and Time. The link with the Bluebell Railway is there. The Bluebell Railway is an old steam train line that runs from Horsted Keynes in Sussex, England to East Grinstead in Sussex and runs along the Prime Meridian. The original Bluebell Railway line was opened on 1st August 1882 which is my birthday. Click Wiki : Bluebell Railway.

And then checking out videos, this video showed a train on the Bluebell Line with the numbers 1638 on the side which is a combination of Jenny and my birthday dates.



Also I thought I would check the latitude and longitude of Horsted Keynes where the Bluebell Railway starts and it shows a latitude of 51.2° and longitude of 0.02° . 51.2 are MJ’s birthday numbers.



A few hours before I discovered the Bluebell Field or it called me there – I had no idea it existed and probably didn’t exist before I found it which is a mind fxxk in itself – I went to Holborns Established 1974. This is MJ’s birth year numerology and it is also Rain’s birth year as well.



When I was in the shop, I heard my phone make a notification sound and it was an email from Rain in Kazakhstan. After I had bought my provisions I stopped by a wall just a few doors away and there was a Wheel staring back. This is how the Universe seems to speak.



The Wheel Spoke. Counting the number of Spokes in the Wheel there are twelve.

Some day we’ll know hopefully.




And the Halfway House.



In ‘A Course Of Miracles’, it describes a place which it calls the Real World. It is not really reality but it is the physical reality seen through the eyes of rightmindedness or God. It is a Halfway House before you return Home and I think that is where we are.

But there are blots on the landscape. Firstly all the stuff with the Coronavirus and masks and lockdowns and the jab and the rest of it. The other element which I’ve noticed is Traffic which somehow spoils Elysium. The noise and energy from traffic doesn’t fit somehow. And on a more personal basis Jenny and me would like to get together which we had hoped to do in 2020 and then it all collapsed. And general body survival things as well.

And Contrasts.

From The Voice For :

‘When your mind is more awake and does not fall for the temptation of the sensory inputs, it now projects a meaning of truth, which frames the world as false, because it recognizes what is true and what isn’t. And the world simply is false. So when you are sane, you recognize that your body inputs are always false, but that doesn’t stop you still being able to sense them.

This is why the experience of the two types of simultaneous perception can become acutely contrasted, because on the one hand you’ve got your mind telling you that nothing you see is real, while still seeing it. So now you are perceiving a false world, an awareness of dreaming which you still nevertheless see fully, and this can be a very acute contrast to the mind.’



Believe It Or Not.


12 thoughts on “The Halfway House

  1. Do you ever feel like you have so much to say but you can’t say it? This 2021 year is something else!
    Chakras are “shock Ras” and something about heaven meeting earth. Ouranos and Gaia ⚡️❤️
    It’s shockingly beautiful.

    1. I found Jan and Feb went at a vaguely reasonable pace. March and April though have been at break neck speed.

      I know time as we experience it has speeded up but I think in general time goes at a different rate pre birth of children and post birth of children.

      The Theory of Relativity !

    1. Orlena

      Supposedly nothing can go faster than the speed of Light. What if there is no Law and no Laws of science ?

      Who Says ? And ‘Can and Can’t’ and It’s Possible.

      A Place Beyond Belief and beyond what ‘Boffins Say’.

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