The Bluebell Railway

Firstly apologies to Ken if he reads this. I know that this sort of thing can yank at the heart.

The Bluebell Railway.

Waiting For A Train. Or something.




No words. Tears and everything.

‘When all at once I saw a crowd
A host of golden Bluebells’



Sit down next to me.



















It’s All Too Beautiful.



But you have to go off the beaten track.


35 thoughts on “The Bluebell Railway

    1. ‘Bluebells come in every size
      Some are wise and some otherwise’

      No words. So beautiful. Totally indescribable.

      I said I would send you pics of bluebells :-). A man of my word.

      Didn’t expect that though !!! It’s Another Place.

    1. MJ

      Thanks. Incredible beyond belief design to the snail !!! Reminds me of a time spiral.

      This is an Ammonite that I have . Looks similar.

      When I got back from the Bluebell field, I just cried. Indescribable and so so beautiful. It is more than 3D beauty. In contrast though this morning I went from Elysium to Redhill and the total weirdness in the town and masks and signs about being tested and innoculations and social distancing.

      1. And another example of how dreamlike this is getting. After posting the comment I went outside and there was an electrician who had being doing some work around the building and he said ‘I’ve returned to get my testing equipment’ which he had left in one of the apartments.

      2. Frank,

        Yes, the shell has clearly been designed as you say!
        Designed by God through the cells and atoms etc etc.
        Well it clearly isn’t random development! It is designed for a purpose. Only fantastic intelligence can do that.
        Just like the Bluebells and every other flower and plant etc etc ad infinitum.
        Little wonder that Lucifer is mad spanking jealous of God and is about to offer up antichrist imbued with the spirit of Satan in a last ditch attempt to steal all the worship for himself! Are you ready for that? Not far off now.

        1. Ken

          About the bluebells. When I was about 3, I remember going to a rural area with my mum and just running and running about. It was a wonderful feeling. I always wanted to go back there. Think I’ve found it.

  1. ‘Once we introduce a new level of Consciousness, the parameters change… The old definitions no longer apply. Those were for the “old” realities that served a single dimension… the 3rd Dimensional version of Earth. Everything created to hold Old Earth in place no longer serves humanity as a greater whole. Every belief, every “rule”, every perception… goes out the window when Quantum Consciousness enters in.

    Through this “new expanded awareness”, everything is visible and those old ways are limited, contrived and obsolete. Through this expanded awareness, ability to hear/see/feel all on a whole new multi-dimensional level…. a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL System is born.’

  2. Frank,

    I’m sure you have been keeping up to date on the massive upheaval going on in the Football world with the proposal to have a European Super League.
    Well as I said on a couple of YouTube videos this development is in keeping with the desire to divide the world into 10 regions before One World Government is installed. Europe will be one of those 10 regions.
    At the moment of course the 6 English clubs from the Premier League who had been included in this proposed ESL have opted out after massive opposition from the fans and Commentators.
    Strange also that the owners had waited till just before the end of the season to announce their plan and also while the UK is still experiencing the scamdemic of a lifetime with no fans allowed in the stadiums.
    And worst of all with Norwich City being promoted into the Premier League next season they had no chance to be asked to join the ESL!
    I think this all happened on 18/4/2021 where 18 = 6+6+6 and all the digits add to 18 too! Perhaps there will be another event on the 27th!
    Bo Polny says big stuff will go down about then. Keep tuned!

    1. Ken

      I’m not really reading any news at the moment apart from the occasional news that trickles through. Part of me wouldn’t mind Barcelona and Juventus coming to Selhurst Park but it’s not really fan friendly. All about the money. I’ve always favoured Celtic and Rangers joining the Premier League and maybe creating an Irish club – Dublin City for example – as well but there are politics to that as well.

      And the surrealness of watching professional football with no spectators is too much. I caught a few minutes of Chelsea v Man City at the weekend and it had false crowd noises on the TV. I turned it off. Too unreal. The last game I properly watched was more than a few years ago now. Probably Man Utd v Crystal Palace cup final in 2016. Professional football and you can probably add all professional sports has turned from a sport into entertainment IMO. Doesn’t seem to matter. There will be another bus along soon to salivate the senses.

  3. It’s a Paradox.

    White Bluebells.

    And the Birthday again and Time. The original Bluebell Railway opened 1st August 1882. Why the Universe can’t just write it down and explain in black and white I don’t know !

    And the number on the steam train is 1638.

    The Bluebell Railway is on the Prime Meridian. 0.02° and 51.02°.

  4. Quantum Theory.

    If a tree falls in a forest.

    ‘Philosophers have long argued that sound, colour, taste, smell and touch are all secondary qualities which exist only in our minds. We have no basis for our common-sense assumption that these secondary qualities reflect or represent reality as it really is. So, if we interpret the word ‘sound’ to mean a human experience rather than a physical phenomenon, then when there is nobody around there is a sense in which the falling tree makes no sound at all.

    This business about the distinction between ‘things-in-themselves’ and ‘things-as-they-appear’ has troubled philosophers for as long as the subject has existed, but what does it have to do with modern physics, specifically the story of quantum theory? In fact, such questions have dogged the theory almost from the moment of its inception in the 1920s. Ever since it was discovered that atomic and sub-atomic particles exhibit both localised, particle-like properties and delocalised, wave-like properties physicists have become ravelled in a debate about what we can and can’t know about the ‘true’ nature of physical reality.

    Albert Einstein once famously declared that God does not play dice. In essence, a quantum particle such as an electron may be described in terms of a delocalized ‘wavefunction’, with probabilities for appearing ‘here’ or ‘there’. When we look to see where the electron actually is, the wavefunction is said to ‘collapse’ instantaneously, and appears ‘here’ with a frequency consistent with the probability predicted by quantum theory. But there is no predicting precisely where an individual electron will be found. Chance is inherent in the collapse of the wavefunction, and it was this feature of quantum theory that got Einstein so upset. To make matters worse, if the collapse is instantaneous then this implies what Einstein called a ‘spooky action-at-a-distance’ which, he argued, appeared to violate a key postulate of his own special theory of relativity.’

  5. “Snuff” already, Roob?

    WTF does that mean….. You are fake, you are all CIA….. and?

    I am here waiting for you….. all.

    Is that “s’nuff” for you?

      1. Trinity

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