Catch Me If You Can


Firstly, it’s Trinity’s birthday on 22/3. Getting it in early. Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ !



Many of the recent articles may have seen egocentric but I am experiencing some extraordinary things. I think we probably all are and ‘just passing it on’ if similar events happen in your life. You’re not going mad. This is happening.

I titled the last article ‘Out Of Time’ and included a video by Dreamstate Logic titled ‘A Place Outside Of Time’.



Yesterday I think I may have met my younger self and given him some advice. For a time in my previous spell in Nutfield I spent a year or so as a house husband after taking voluntary redundancy from Barclays Bank.

The last couple of times I’ve got onto the bus to Redhill there has been a youngish man probably in his early 30s at the bus stop with his young daughter in a pushchair. This morning I glanced at him and I thought he had a similar build to me when I was about that age even though facially he is different. He was on the same bus back and we got talking and I asked if he was a house husband and he replied Yes. And I told him my tale about being a house husband.

He has taken redundancy as well recently and is now a house husband and I found myself saying to him β€˜Don’t worry. Another job will come along. It’s an opportunity to change your life path’. It seemed very much like I was speaking to my younger self when I was a house husband and he seems similar to me in character when I was that age. I’m now trying to remember if I had a similar conversation back in the day !

A reflection through Time.




And when you come to a fork in the road which path should you take ? Or maybe you take both paths at the same time.

At present I’m in a very confusing place with two Energy suppliers – Bulb Energy and Shell Energy.

Firstly Bulb Energy.

Circling back and forwards – 1936.




Bulbs around the Old Oak Tree. ‘I’m coming home. I’ve done my time’.





And then I came across ‘Shell Yeah’. Choices Choices.



And Knock Knock. Who’s there ? I Knock U lation.

I’m totally avoiding the jab. ‘No. Catch Me If You Can’. However this has led to a family difference in point of view. Someone who I love very much has been putting pressure on me to get the jab. The individual concerned loves me very much but believes in the virus and is concerned about my health and that I’m in peril from the disease and I don’t believe in the virus. I haven’t bought into it since Day One. Nor am I buying into the reality of death and impermanence.

Sometimes you just have to say ‘No, Whatever The Cost’ as well as Yes but it is also a difference in seeing the world through the normal 3D eyes and what I see as the real world. I understand the civil liberties angle but I also see it differently to that too. I wouldn’t even consider saying No being a rebel. How do you explain actually why I won’t have the innoculation is because God says there is nothing wrong with me and I believe Illness and Disease are a reflection of the belief that ‘There’s something wrong with me’. So why do I need the jab when there’s nothing wrong with me in the first place ? Dreamstate Logic.

I view this reality as a wish to be separate from God. I wish to be joined with God.



I wish you well.


71 thoughts on “Catch Me If You Can

    1. The grand theatre and the mask. 😷

      Masks are theatre. 🎭
      They are the symbol of the Screen Actors Guild. Which depicts an actor holding two masks. One in each hand. One happy, one sad. And are linked to the Greek god Janus.

      So, brush up your Shakespeare, and they’ll all kowtow (act in an excessively subservient manner). 🀭

      1. Orlena

        Another thing about the rules and distancing that occurs is that it is not only distance that separates its Time as well. I think Time is the real distance.

  1. Mister True MAN

    Thank you for the sweetest Birth Day card I have EVER received.

    You get me, you really really get me.

    Thank you so much for letting me post WILD-ly on Merovee.

    I …. LOVE …. YOU


    1. Frank,

      I also agree, I am not getting the jab, no way no HOW.

      “Sometimes you just have to say β€˜No, Whatever The Cost”

      Yes and I also have a VERY close loved one who might be required (my own son, the doctor) to get it……

      It hasn’t come to that, and he has MENTIONED he’s not going to “get it” until he “agrees.”…( or is FORCED to. )… He’s not saying he is against it …of course!

      He CAN”T.


      How insane is this? My own son, whom I want to “protect” so much from this End Time attack from yes, Satan….. How DO I do it? How CAN I do it?

      And about “time.”

      My clocks all stopped the other day, right close to yes, the Spring Equinox.

      And then they all started working again….


      Thanks again Frank for such encouragement for me to start FRESH.

      I’ll be 59 this year.

      I almost posted Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” but it’s just so f— SAD.


      Then I thought, what song should I post?

      I just thought the words: “Let’s go!”

    2. Trinity


      Have a good day. I was talking about the birthday the other day and how some traditions don’t allow birthday celebrations. I won’t go into the reality of birth and Time but even so I think its a beautiful thing to say that the day you were born is a special day.

      Spring Equinox baby and Bulb Energy. I liked that the hyacinth bloomed on Spring Equinox day.

      It’s turned white today. Beautiful aroma.

      Or has it turned white ? There’s two of everything.

      I like David Hoffmeister about saying ‘No’. In many ways it’s simple to say to No to the Government about the jab. It’s an impersonal relationship but when it is family, it’s not so easy.

      Again with your son, it’s not simple though. It’s connected to work and money and survival.

      1. Frank,

        I haven’t watched the vid yet but I will….. Feeling overloaded at the moment.

        But YES, EXACTLY:

        You want to say NO! But….with your loved ones….

        “It’s connected to work and money and survival. ”


        A Mama Bear’s only interest is in her cub’s SURVIVAL.

    3. Trinity

      Frank really does send out the best birthday wishes! Hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow. Much love from your Merovee friends. πŸ™‚ <3

      Go WILD!

      1. Thank you, Jen! I appreciate that coming from YOU, Frank’s “Significant Other.” haha, so weird, um no…..

        You’re his wife.

        And it means a lot to me.


            1. The Voice is telling me that “Heaven,” which we MUST seek in order to find….

              lies in the north.

              Follow the North Star….


              The center of the circles….

              It’s the CENTER of the UNIVERSE.

              1. I honestly believe the “North” is being hidden from us, so we don’t even try to “go there.”


                The Garden of Eden, the center of the circle of the FLAT PLANE of EARTH.

                the “TARGET”

                (envision the logo….)

                From which we were expelled once Adam and Eve took the Serpent’s “word” that they’d be better off than living under the “rules” of Yah, Our Father and Creator.

                Frank, that image of the vid you opened with, Sigur Ros (The Victory Rose)…. the “Name of the Rose” is Mary.

                If you look to the top right hand corner, you see Satan, in the “flesh”….

                A SERPENT with its mouth open….

                Ready to DEVOUR her., the Virgin MOTHER.

                Oh, and The “jab.”

                My lord, this is…. IT.


                1. ❀️ Happy Birthday, Trinity. 🧸 hugs.

                  Southern border crisis. The border is closed, but the children may cross.

                  Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.”

                  1. Elena!

                    Yes I know, it’s such a horror that I can’t bear to watch it any longer….

                    I read recently that it really is all a SHOW.

                    it’s a distraction for those of us who have woken up to our Creator’s love for us….

                    Satan’s just putting on a HORRIFIC, Big, Illusionary SHOW.

                    It’s MAGIC


                    Because our Creator wants us to LOVE HIM just as much as HE LOVES US.

                    His FIRST COMMANDMENT says:

                    You shall love the Lord your God with ALL YOUR MIGHT
                    WITH ALL YOUR MIND
                    WITH ALL YOUR SOUL

                    WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.

                    That means…. 100 percent FOCUS.

                    Focus your LOVE on your Creator, Yah-who-ah!!!!


                    Then, and only THEN….

                    Can HE (because He created us as “gods,” with FREE WILL to choose Him? or…. Lucifer, the Serpent who can transmutate into an Angel of Light! In other words, he’s a LIAR)

                    LOVE US BACK.


                    GET US OUT OF HERE

              2. I honestly believe the “North” is being hidden from us, so we don’t even try to “go there.”


                The Garden of Eden, the center of the circle of the FLAT PLANE of EARTH.

                the “TARGET”

                (envision the logo….)

                From which we were expelled once Adam and Eve took the Serpent’s “word” that they’d be better off than living under the “rules” of Yah, Our Father and Creator.

                Frank, that image of the vid you opened with, Sigur Ros (The Victory Rose)…. the “Name of the Rose” is Mary.

                If you look to the top right hand corner, you see Satan, in the “flesh”….

                A SERPENT with its mouth open….

                Ready to DEVOUR her., the Virgin MOTHER.

                Oh, and The “jab.”

                My lord, this is…. IT.

                1. And it’s somehow the Two become ONE

                  The Archangel Michael “M” (Jesus)

                  The Virgin Mother Mary “M” (Mary)


                  When the TWO become ONE….

                  (“Man and wife” become as one flesh in Holy Matrimony)

                  “they” CRUSH the head of the Serpent….

                  Under their RIGHT foot.

                  1. “Trinity, do you know how to fly that thing?”


                    “But I can download it…… [done]

                    “Let’s go.”

                    1. And? ha ha ha….

                      If you can see the serpent on the upper right, well…..

                      maybe you can make out her “Cross” on the left.

                      Satan, the serpent, has been showing me “the Cross” for years now….

                      in trees, in shadows, in the reeds….. everywhere.

                      I AM on the Cross, he says…..


                      “Death by a thousand cuts?”


                      Tomorrow (actually it’s today–“All nighter!” Part-tay!…. πŸ™‚

                      is my BIRTH day.

                      You better BELIEVE IT.

                      Uh huh-uh-huhhuha…..

                      “Let’s DANCE

                      “Let’s SHOUT

                      “Shake your body down to the ground”

                      Yeah yeah yeah!!!!

                      Praise BE to the FATHER!


                      The NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES

                    2. And?

                      and and and and and and…..

                      Where are you, brothers?

                      Anon, TTN, Elena…..

                      Is “Frank” blocking you from communicating with me?


                      It’s PROTECTION like Butch did for me from “Stephen”

                      But it’s also maybe…. IMPRISONMENT

                      A BIRD in a CAGE

                      Beauty and the BEAST

                      I really don’t want to dance this dance….

                      Unless I know for sure….

                      I’m YOURS

      1. Let me just say….

        It’s not fun being a Princess trapped in an ivory tower.

        I have to watch my suitors be taken down one by one…

        By the Evil Witch who has imprisoned me:

        “Snow White
        “Sleeping Beauty”

        So…. what do I DO?


        Pray for the Evil Witch Ann-a Winter be …..


        Removed from my life.

        I can’t fight her….

        Only Yah my Father can overcome her EVIL.

        1. But I need to tell Butch…..

          It’s not going to work.

          I love you.

          But we can’t be together.

          I DO love you tho…..

          And to my Michael Archangel.

          I’m ….

          not closing the door.

          How’s that.

          And I love you too.

          I’m easy.

          1. You know what…..

            NO I AM NOT EASY…..



            The way he makes us do and SAY what we do….

            I’m telling you….

            Wake up

            1. So where are we?

              Well, it’s Spring.

              Spring FORWARD.

              that is MY plan.

              Sober Healthy Young


              And to “M” which is the I guess my final “loose string”?

              You have my number.


              I’m not going to sit around wondering if you are ever gonna CALL ME.

              I wish you the best.


              Idk, but it’s kinda hard to overcome our age difference.


              If you want to call me, I won’t say no.


    1. “Orlena”

      I haven’t been “following” but is that you, Anon?

      I had to stop at 2 minutes in……

      It’s just…. utter…. meaningless….you know!


      Satan’s really really enjoying this….

      Lies which are built on lies built on lies…..


      I WILL say….

      I have NOT lost HOPE.

      It’s just a big sandcastle!

      A House of Cards!

      So so so EASILY washed away in the Rising Tide of God’s LOVE for us…

      The BIG WAVE.

      I can’t wait for Our Father to wash his Creation CLEAN again from Satan’s pure FILTH.

      “See? I MAKE all things NEW.”

      Praised be to the Father
      to the SON
      and to the Holy Spirit.


      Cross your HEARTS and HOPE to die.


      1. Sorry for the confusion, Trinity.
        Orlena=Elena. I took the name when winter storm Orlena dumped two feet of snow on us last winter.

        And I know what you mean about the video. But, I always think it’s better that their duplicity is exposed.

  2. So, thank you true brothers for your birth day wishes.

    (It’s never too late for any of my OTHER “brothers” to, ya know, “call me.” πŸ™‚ )


    Alcoholism is demonic possession, not a “death wish.”

    I’m MM

    Mary Magdalen

    Jesus saved her from…? Not being a “drinker” and a “prostitute” with a death wish…..

    He saved her from the DEMON (actually, it was many “demons”) that were “oppressing” her.



    I was Born into this familiar spirit’s OPPRESSION of my FAMILY.

    My grandfather’s FATHER is the bar owner who stood up to the MOB and cracked a man’s skull defending his bar BUSINESS and I DO believe he, and his “descendants” (i.e. me) were CURSED because of it.

    My mother was a secret drinker, my eldest sister became a secret drinker, and welp….

    At least I’m not a SECRET drinker!

    Progress! Positive self talk!….


    Shout out to my brother Jeff.

    I love you man!

    keep it going and never give up


    1. And Butch….

      I really don’t know what to say.

      If your intentions are PURE…..

      Then why don’t you come for me?

      They are not.

      If you really LOVED me, you would have COME for me a la Jeff Daniels in “Something Wild.”

      See how his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE turns a dirty “wild thing” into “Something Beautiful.”

      It’s your giving in to the dark side…. trying to HOLD ON TO YOUR POWER…..that makes you my VAMPIRE.

      Trying to Make me PROVE I am not a drunk.

      WELL I AM A DRUNK!!!!

      Take it or leave it.

      1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRINITY! (you’re not a ‘drunk’, you just like to have fun outside other people’s boundaries) me too. cheers πŸ₯‚
        Happy birthday πŸ₯³

        1. Stop using those labels. We’re all trying to feel better, here. You’re fine, even if you know you could feel better, you’re just being. It’s ok. You’re ok and you are the worst critic of yourself. Stop worrying. (and I’m trying to also). ❀️

          1. MJ

            It feels like you are scolding me, just like everybody else does.

            But it’s OK, and I love you too.

            I’m not the one using the LABELS, all of THEM are, the “people” I have to navigate EVERY DAY around here.


            My Mike participated in a psyop at the Gap to deliver ALL THOSE LABELS to me…..

            How nice.

            But but but….

            Thank you, MJ!

            I will WORK to drop all the labels that I know I CALL MYSELF because I AM my own worst ENEMY.

            You are so right.


                  1. Frank,

                    I’m going to bed soon (believe it or not…) to get up with the sunrise and my new “Day One.”

                    Part of me making a new start is going on “sabbatical” from The STARSHIP Merovee.


                    So thank you again from the BOTTOM of my heart.

                    (Pray you don’t see me around here for a while…)

                    In the mean time….

                    let’s all… just …. dance.

                    We are sons and daughters of Yah, the MOST HIGH God.

                    WE ARE GODS.


                    I don’t think at this point there is anything else we CAN “do.”

                    Or are SUPPOSED to do…..

                    So just HAVE FUN!

                    BE HAPPY!!!

                    And…. pray for me to do the same.


                    1. And you know what? I am wracking my brain to think of the FUNNIEST movie clips I can remember.

                      And REALIZING….

                      FUNNY does not come from “Holly Wood” magic fabricated and FAKE.

                      Funny only comes….

                      from Yah.

                      Real life, animals, people…..

                      From GOD.

                      DO YOU GET IT NOW?

                      I’m not gonna DIE here on this STUPID “Cross” …..


                      I’m the Road Warrior.

                      It’s possible you may never hear of me again……

                      Or not…..

                      (I hope not…)

                    2. Oh, and?

                      Even I don’t want to listen to entire “Sigur Ros” whatever…

                      Fuck that.

                      No no no…..

                    3. Frank has the “cojones” to let me say goodbye….

                      welp yeah…..

                      Anyway I want!

                    4. I’m not so sure things are gonna go my way.

                      I guess the only comfort is…..

                      to go down fighting.

                      And I MEAN IT…..

                    5. But it’s nature….

                      No reason to take it all so “personally.”

                      (I keep telling myself…)

                      Every death in Yah’s kingdom is followed by life.



                      It just IS.

                    6. You can’t get around the fact that Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave.

                    7. Nor that He saved a woman on the brink of being murdered (called being righteously “stoned to death”) for what…..?




                      Did he condemn her?


                      He SAVED HER LIFE.

                    8. So guys!

                      You are ALL off the hook: Butch, Mike, Jay, Jeff? Bill….

                      It’s not your fault.

                      I forgive you, I love you, and I let you go….

                      I’ll try not to die from the heartbreak……


                      Let’s go and live our lives!

                      With love and forgiveness for one another.


                    9. So it’s time to “sign off.”

                      And I thought, considering I just want to “let go” and be free and forgive and fly free!

                      That there’s NOT A lot of songs to post that “feeling.” In fact come to think of it…..
                      the idea of a single woman finding joy and freedom alone…. all by herself…. is basically unheard of.

                      Nor “sung about.”

                      Unless she sings about it…..



                      Love you all and have a WONDERFUL….


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