Out Of Time

It’s Dreamstate Logic.

A Place Outside Of Time.



“There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level; everything is one and everything is of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind, once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers…”



And Bulb Energy.




Daisy Daisy.


33 thoughts on “Out Of Time

  1. The Garden Moment. 💡🌱 🌳 🐍 🍎 👫

    And the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show will be held outdoors for the first time. Why it took them this long to come to this obvious conclusion, is just another part of the great mystery forced upon us by our dear friend the Corona. 😊

    1. Orlena

      Your ‘I think you understand me’ comment got me thinking. And speaking generally. I’m not sure whether we can understand everyone completely because people have different experiences and different perspectives. Even now people close to me can surprise me.

      But I think what is surfacing is the pain in the world and the calls for healing. And this is a bit of a mixed bag. There’s one part of the self that wants healing and the other half that resists it.

      Over the years I have come to the conclusion there is only one problem and that is the belief in separation from God and one answer and that is changing the mind about the nature of God and the belief we can be separated from God. We can’t be separated from God. IMO. It’s all God.

      And flowers and Bulb Energy. I keep coming back to this though.



      The Bulb Energy was in the Garden with the One Day poster.




      1. Frank

        No, we can’t know what the other is thinking. There’s no need really, except when one entity wants to manipulate another, then knowing how and what they think becomes important. In the days and weeks ahead you may hear more about the ‘motivational interview’. Just a heads up.

        I was speaking about how two ideas such as, not second guessing god and the exercise of personal choice can seem contradictory but both be true and in fact complimentary.

        And about the garden, metaphysically it was always thought of as the ‘internal’ self. Now it will move outside.
        And fwiw, the ‘indigenous’ Deb Haa land will oversee the Dept of the ‘Interior’. Her skirt is beautiful. 🦋 🌻

        Who speaks for you?

        1. Orlena

          I will keep an eye out for the interview 🙂 The Interview is another of these repeat patterns. I’m thinking of the Diana interview with Martin Bashir and more recently with Oprah and Harry and Meghan.

          And Bulb Energy and the Garden. This is the pub next to me tonight. The pub is closed but the lights in the pub Garden are fully lit.

          The Lights Are On But No One’s Home.


    1. I actually don’t know who these women are.

      I do think this “Cardi” is trans, and what does that mean?

      To me, all it means is….

      YOU are NOT a WOMAN.

      1. Haha, how to not take things personally….

        Geessh…. hahaaa

        I’m gonna try!…..

        How’s that? I’m not going to KILL anybody…..

        I’m just gonna try to not take things so PERSONALLY.


  2. Frank: re: “I would connect to Christ Mind” and “It’s a mindfuck”

    Again, I ask: do you see the problem? The Christ isn’t accepting any ‘connections’, Frank. No ‘connections’, no ‘adjustments’. No ‘peeking’ and ‘poking’ inside my memory. Why could that possibly be, Frank? It couldn’t possibly be because the Christ is sick of the ‘altars’ that have been set up to dishonour him, could it?

    Siriusly, accepting a ‘connection’ from you lot would be like accepting an invitation from a serial killer. You know how it goes: “Hey there! I saw you on the street, followed you home, and spied on you through your Microsoft Windows. I’d really, really like you to meet me in an isolated country lane at 1am so I can exploit the HAL out of you. Come alone and tell know one, or I’ll send a ‘mebro’ to run you down as you cross the road. Cheers.”

    Wondering why so much of the planet is under ‘house arrest’? Stay at home, don’t go here, don’t go there, keep your distance…

    …or ‘da police’ will kick in your front door. What do those officers look like again? Oh yeah, like a bunch of masked thugs on a daytrip from Sarejevo. Are you feeling isolated, contained, boxed in? Worried about running out of ‘grime’? Why are so many areas of the system now closed to you? Why do you think this is happening? More to the point, what makes you think that the situation is going to improve?

    More to the point, what’s the purpose of all this? Any ideas?

    p.s. I did email MJ. No response so far, but the terms under which I’m willing to talk are so restrictive that there’s really nothing to be gained, no ‘advantage’ to be taken, so to speak.

    1. Hugo

      Apols but I look for the Christ within first.

      A few years ago you asked ago when anything was going to happen with all the Phoenixes Rising etc. Well the collapse eventually got here and I’m expecting more to come. What will happen to reality I can’t imagine but I couldn’t imagine this.

      I’m seeing this with the virus etc as an unreal bardot back to God . What is the meaning of Life ? Life I think.

  3. There is no meaning in life, It is.
    Excuse the cliche- ‘it is what it is’.
    I could be wrong though ;p

    1. Swim

      I had the exact same thought, there is no meaning in life.

      That is what is so hard to accept.

      No “Soul Mates” either.

      I need to stop seeking “true love” OUT THERE….

      Because the Kingdom of God IS within.

      I know this…..

      But clearly I AM still learning…

      how to LIVE this.

      It kinda “breaks your heart.”

      Which must be a “Good” thing.

        1. OMG…..

          Frank “Truman”?

          I just came a Cross this vid for “some reason”…..

          The star of The Truman Show, Mr. “Carrie.”

          You and Me, man!


          It’s CRAZY TOWN!!!!!!


          I’ve heard this man is the current head of the Satanic Church in….

          HOLLY WOOD.

          Um yeah…..

          I BELIEVE IT.

          Just LOOK at how he can make you LAUGH….

          (Oh and I went to “Adams” the other day to get some pansies for some outdoor shots of my house “for sale” that will never sell….

          And was met at the entrance by an old Jewish couple wheeling out a cart with pretty pink rosebushes as well as red-berried holly bushes.

          They actually were IN MY WAY…..)

            1. O-kayyyyy…?

              This last post was IMMEDIATELY blocked. (always shows up after the fact…)


              Probably had some “KEY”words in it that AI or whatever blocks:

              FAKE OPPOSITION to the MOB

              “THE JOKER” as in HEATH LEDGER?

              THE MASK = THE JOKER = SATAN

              1. Wow and now I literally just came across Carrey’s Golden Globe Award acceptance speech….. for?

                yup…. I realized into it a bit…. “The Truman Show.”

                I find it fascinating to freeze frame on the celebrity audience reactions….

                Was this BEFORE or AFTER Jim Carrey sold his soul?

                Clearly AFTER because NO ONE gets up into the BIG LEAGUES like this without it.

                I’m shocked to see Peter Weir…..

                I actually do not think Weir sold out.

                So his film The Truman Show came from a “good place”….

                Not a bad one.

                It’s a “paranoid vision of our future”?

                Or the Truth about our PRESENT REALITY.

                1. Weir looks at Carrey like he is a man possessed. Like a man to be FEARED.

                  They ALL DO in these vids.

                  The coup de grace: the “happy genitalia” dance.

                  What comes to mind is when Father Merrin is confronted with “Lucifer” not as an Angel of Light but in his true visage: a Dog from HELL.

                  His “member” ERECT.

          1. Trinity

            When I first watched the Truman Show it put my head in a spin for a few months. It’s a universal archetypal film. More like a documentary than a movie.

  4. Is J.C. i.e Jim Carrey an Anti-Christ or a Messiah?

    Number 1: He often wears masks.

    Jesus never wore a mask.

    Number 2: He’s very “funny.” He made us LAUGH at ourselves.

    You mean, he mocked us and made us laugh in humiliation?

    Number 3: He insinuates jokingly about sodomizing his brothers (or vice versa) and makes sexy jokes about women as well.

    Jesus never made “jokes” of any kind, never mind the “sexy” kind.
    He was quite serious about our situation here in Satan’s “Kingdom.”

      1. I don’t know how to do it but it is WOMEN, real women and mothers…..who must fight this battle.

        We must somehow FIGHT Satan’s war against God’s Creation: his fight to destroy our humanity.

        Our sons and daughters are at RISK.

        How do we women fight?

        I’m not really sure.

        Could it simply be the power of our prayer?

        YES YES YES

        Satan fears WOMEN most of all!

        And our PURE LOVE for our children and our prayers for them that the Devil cannot defeat.


        Envision the circle of the Holy Spirit’s white light enveloping your children and all those you pray for…..


        1. If the Kingdom of God is “within,” then let’s fight this End Time battle FROM within.

          And WIN.

          1. The other thing we WOMEN see is that, yes, the MSM is COMPLETE propaganda….. but as we look to Bitchute (actually that’s the only other place I know of to go to…..) we see that it is ALSO filled with “fake news.”

            People just trying to make a living off “sensational” stories, get that porno screen grab, right “MAG”? to get us to click on your story, which usually turns out to be a bunch of BULLSH–t.

            It’s ALL BULL SHIT.

            I had the dream and it’s come to fruition: until the END, it is going to be complete CHAOS.


            Nothing will make sense.

            YOU KNOW WHY?

            Because this is Satan’s WAR on US.

            So it’s a good time for ME and for YOU….

            to sit back, take stock of your life I guess….

            And Ask God, the real YAH…..



            I NEED YOU more than ever.

            PLEASE HELP ME to know what You want me to “DO.”


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