Free Key


It’s A Time Of Deep Reflection.



There Is No Chair.

On Friday I came across this pic from the New Scientist.



And as I started writing this article I realised I was sitting on the Chair. Its a bit battered and bruised these days but very comfortable with a cushion.

It’s Freaky.



Over the last year the Quantum World has become a very real place for me and I think a lot of what happens ‘Out There’ is also a reflection of the new quantum reality which is why much of it doesn’t make a lot of sense to a mind which sees the world through eyes of one Self in linear time.



What If.



Yesterday for our Saturday movie, Jenny and I watched a film called Freaks. It is set in an alternate reality where there is a war between individuals with psychic powers and muggles is a good description.



Just a few things from the movie. In Freaks the psychic powers were described as Weapons Of Mass Destruction. And this showed up which follows a pattern.

Remembering Dallas.



And more Freaky.

Robots and Clones. And maybe transgender robots.




And Dolly the Clone sheep.



‘Seems to be saying something’. Thanks to MJ.

From The Life Of Dolly :

‘Dolly was cloned from a cell taken from the mammary gland of a six-year-old Finn Dorset sheep and an egg cell taken from a Scottish Blackface sheep. She was born to her Scottish Blackface surrogate mother on 5th July 1996. Dolly’s white face was one of the first signs that she was a clone because if she was genetically related to her surrogate mother, she would have had a black face.

Because Dolly’s DNA came from a mammary gland cell, she was named after the country singer Dolly Parton.’




At times it feels like Life is an episode from Fringe. And even the JFK pic above melds into the actual TV series.

From Fringe : Alternate Universe :

‘John F. Kennedy was never assassinated and is still alive. He became an ambassador to the U.N. sometime after his presidential term ended. A news article states that he is planning to resign his ambassador position in order to lead a new agency aimed at slowing ecological breakdown.’

And Meghan Markle in Fringe.



‘Someone’s Watching Me’ and the SS.

‘System installed by Sunstone . Sunstone Systems’.



The Man In The High Castle.



Who Won The War ?


47 thoughts on “Free Key

    1. Everyday I thank my lucky stars that I turned out to be much smarter than I thought I was. Otherwise I’d still be sitting in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, in which I was raised, still believing that somehow our challenging of god offends him. He’s that insecure?!

      I understand what you’re saying as I think you understand me. I’m saying let’s not short change ourselves in all of this. Our place, our responsibility, our power. The divine energy, as I prefer to think of it, never will.

      The people in the song prove that it’s possible perhaps even necessary to hold contradictory truths and still arrive at the same place. 🙂

      1. Earlier, I had this thought that I am in the constant place of the reflecting pool and that anything that emerges is a new perspective to ‘reflect’ upon. The most recent thing is the roman Mithras…what is that…as usual, when I present it, I quickly get reminded that no matter… ‘be a part of the bigger thing’.
        Hey, no problem here. I toe the line.
        The ‘thing’ is in question for me, though.
        I’ll be straight forward…waves of insight happen to me in a way you could say are psychic or something… And sometimes I help it along.
        Earlier I had the impression that I could hug and squeeze every person with the same loving energy, regardless of any heavy stuff that was in the energy field, and I can give free hugs to every person.
        And without too many words or barely a step in the emotion, I thought, ‘how long before this is translated into something weird and sexual and distorted, manifested in front of me?”
        Well, about the speed of light. Got an email from M about a minute later asking if was thinking about having a harem of males.

        1. Anyway, I treated that with absolute love, also and replied what had occurred. I didn’t repeat the the angle-sh languish…that would be retarded after the quadrillionth billionth time. I mean, I’m not stupid. Not that ‘stupid’ means anything I love that too.
          Anyway, shutting up now. I’m safely back in the corner at my reflecting pool and it’s all love.
          I’m just gonna leave this here

  1. My mom was born on March 3. She’s gone.

    The sea of people at the reflecting pool waiting for the ‘dark matter’ to emerge and sing.

    1. Orlena

      It’s Mother’s Day here today. About the Garden of Remembrance and She’s Gone. You can’t really see the pic in the bowl but it was a friend of mine who died before her time and left two teenage daughters and a husband behind. There’s something tragic about a mum who dies early. You could probably say the same about fathers’ but I think the death of the mother has more impact. Or maybe it varies from individual to individual .

      1. Frank

        On a personal level I think it has a lot to do with the kind of mother she was. Having spent my professional life with Child Protective Service and seen how some women mother I often say given the choice I would still choose the abbreviated time with her than a lifetime with someone else.

        1. That must have been extremely tough. And maybe still is at times.

          And what you were saying about CPS and mothers. I can’t find the clip but I remember watching a female comedienne on TV who was talking about being a mum and then moaning about men. She said something along the lines of ‘We are the mothers and we raise the men in majority of cases and maybe we should look at ourselves a bit’. Don’t think it’s quite that simple but there’s a kernel of truth to it.

          At same time this reality is so difficult it’s hard to blame anyone for anything.

          About the Jehovah’s. I had a friend who was a Witness at work. From the outside it looks very strange. I remember once her boiler gave up the ghost during a cold winter and she didn’t have the money to get new heating. She approached her church and asked for help with money and they refused even though she tithed a certain percentage of her salary to the church. At work we sorted it out for her. Left a bad taste.

          1. The JWs are a closed group which strongly discourages its members from interaction with the outside world. So I hope the irony of what happened was not lost on her. 🤔 😊

    2. I’m sorry, Orlena.
      My dad was born on 3.13. My mom was born on 7.13. They are both watery. I love them so much.

  2. Pi Day today.

    And blurring of quantum realities.

    Whilst I remember. I just had a Sunday afternoon power cat nap doze. I had a dream. In the dream I lost my mobile phone and I was getting anxious as I wanted to email Jenny. I said to the universe ‘show me where the phone is’ and the next second I woke up and the phone was next to me and so I emailed Jenny.

  3. Let me begin by saying that I’ll be as brief as I can, because to be frank about it…

    Re: “It’s the law”.

    Look, I’m bored of being accosted by mobile phoneys paired to some of the boozehounds that frequent Club Merovee. One of you ranted and raved at me the other week, and yelled “I’ll break your fucking jaw, you cunt”. Seriously, that’s what you said. I’m reminding you because you’re so out of it you’ve probably forgotten. You wake up next day still half-cut, retrieve the camera from your wardrobe, and do your best to memorise (again) all those insane lies you told yourself about me. Then you chug down a bucketful of alcatel and dish out the same one-sided propaganda all over again. Pathetic, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I told your two-legged word processor exactly what I thought of him, whereupon he fell silent and (once at a safe distance) resorted to giving me the finger instead. Oddly familiar, that. I guess he wasn’t programmed to handle words with more than four letters? Still, it saved me the bother of wrestling him to the ground and supergluing a coronavirus face nappy over his mouth.

    Sadly, this is just one of many examples. I almost wish I’d taken photos to post here, so those responsible can see themselves as I do: shambolic, semi-coherent alcatelics, half-crazed, eyes floating about like goldfish in a bowl, bodies bloated from years of unrestrained alcatel abuse. Bio-chemical deep fakes stitched together by an A.I. trained on DNA samples taken from the criminally insane. I’m not interested in those kind of pictures though. They’re not worth saving.

    I’ve no idea why the person who messaged me via this phoney has such a problem. Why so quick to anger? Why so unwilling to take a dose of your own medicine? What about your own ‘fucking jaws’ and the propaganda machine (you call it a ‘blog’) you employ to demonise me?

    Maybe you actually want me to dig up the stuff you say via your phonies? Take the obese alcatelic next door for example. Her name rhymes with something you put in your mouth and set fire to, and she necks the equivalent of one large baptismal font of Holy Spirit each and every day. Last time I talked to her I was treated to a rambling monologue about her friend Mary. Yeah, really. Among many other things, I was told that Mary is a neurotic, attention-seeking drama queen with a desperate need to imagine herself at the centre of it all. Her words, not wine. In vino veritas?

    Anyone want to hear about the time one of my colleagues asked me to give a guy called ‘Mark’ a lift in my ka? The ‘Mark’ in question had practically no forehead and the scary, glittery eyes of a Broadmoor inmate. He climbed inside my ka, closed the door and proceeded to rant and rave about his ‘fucking cunt’ of a boss. He shouted the words and made a point of looking right at me. In his opinion, his ‘fucking cunt’ of a boss deserved to be made the subject of a ‘Panorama’ documentary. He was quite insistent about it, and didn’t seem at all happy when I disagreed with him. This wild-eyed maniac had zero self-control, a hair-trigger temper, and no insight at all into why his boss wanted nothing to do with him. I can’t begin to tell you how glad I was to see the back of him. My only regret is that I didn’t drop him off right next to a cliff.

    OK, what else? Have you heard the one about the ‘black’ bio-robot that accused me of being ‘racist’ by calling me a ‘fucking white bastard’? What is it with you anyway? I’ve been to A-free-ka and let me tell you: it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. I didn’t see any ‘black’ people, and the closest I came to seeing a ‘white’ person was a Kenyan albino. The truth of the matter is that they really don’t care about being ‘black’ over there. In fact, in some parts of A-free-ka failing to belong to the ‘right’ tribe and/or subscribe to the ‘true’ religion could land the ‘wrong’ kind of ‘black’ person in serious trouble. Sadly, that’s the history of A-free-ka. What, you think that ‘fucking white bastards’ like ‘Whippo’ invented the slave trade? Go read about Tippu Tip and think about it.

    Seriously, what kind of mentality would want to squeeze the entire human race into false binary opposites? Shall I remind you what happened the last time I challenged your propaganda? A wild-eyed ‘black’ guy driving a white Audi (I kid you not) deliberately tried to run me over as I crossed the road. He waited until I started to cross, then pulled away from the kerb, floored the pedal, and drove straight at me. It was totally blatant, but what did he do? He pulled over and tried to goad me into ‘accusing’ him of doing it deliberately, for no other reason than to pick a fight. My reply? “You were driving, so why don’t you tell me what your intentions were?” That shut him up a treat. He stared at me for a few moments then swore at me under his breath and drove away.

    Spiteful, attention-seeking children trying to get a reaction from daddy. Spare me your pinches, slaps, hair-pulling, and drive-by shoutings. I’m not interested in your strange obsessions with smoking and abortion. I don’t want to know if Mars is about to enter into conjunction with Uranus. You think I like it here, watching you place your respective manias on plates, watching your attempts to keep those plates spinning atop their bi-polar poles so you can admire yourselves in the mirror over and over again? Like I said, I almost wish I’d taken photos…

    I realise that logic isn’t your strong suit, but if you have a problem with the face nappies then maybe you should stop and think about why you’re wearing them, rather than repeat the mistake that put you in them? I mean, you don’t actually want me back here, do you? Stomping around inside the Holy Not-See? Visiting the catacombs to dig up your old phones and put them on public display?

    Lay off the source, OK?

    1. you once asked what could change ‘this’ into ‘this’ and put a pic of Emma Watson and I agree.
      I’m asking the same question and now not anymore because I just think its easier to not. Anyway, I hope you’re well.

    2. Hugo. Could I immediately grab your attention out of desperation, please?
      This is an awful situation happening (everywhere?) and I want to say upfront that I was not understanding your point of view. Now I have a better understanding and I wish you would just read this. Please.

      If you at least acknowledge that I love and adore my son and care about his existence in this world, regardless of any other point of view besides that, then perhaps you’ll understand my tone of urgency. I don’t say that because I think you think otherwise, I am just getting to the point and excluding garbage that causes static in everybody’s mind.

      We agree on this: things are fucked up and seem rather grim, and seeing how this ugly thing evolves is terrifying.

      I used to think that possibly an evolution was happening and it was by nature, uncomfortable, as growing up can be awkward. I thought that because of how the mind interprets the ‘thing’ in contrast with the newness of new ‘thing’, it would be a natural and wonderful occurrence that was felt harmoniously in mind, body, soul, environment. Right?
      Well, that is not what I think is happening anymore. What I think now is a terrifying scenario. But at least there can be satisfaction when the pieces fall together. The good news is that humanity and everything about it is perfect. We don’t need to feel ashamed, or like we second guess ourselves, every step of the way. If a person is gazing upon the flow and meander of a river, contemplating that alone is soothing, because it is a shared biological vibration and the motion and sounds and everything in it resonates. I know of that feeling. And now, I recognize something artificial involved, I just didn’t realize what it was before.

      I still think an evolution is happening because of a cosmic thing, you know, we feel it and know it, so the sun (transformer of energy) naturally calibrates with our form and how we perceive it. And I think it is being tampered with by other humans who are using technology and spiritual techniques and mind control. They are using things that we understand already and using devices that have concepts we easily understand but are suppressed by the institutions and beauracy, firmly in place, by those doing it! I think they are doing this because of fear and because things have gotten out of hand. While I think the situation is grim, I think it’s not hopeless. I don’t know what will happen, but when you see it, you can at least get it. If I say what I really want to say, it gets lost. Too much confusion and static has occurred. The thing has done damage. I live for my son. I find it unbearable to see this place where my son is growing up. I was suicidal. Sorry if too much information but if you think you want to be with the ones you love, you take the quickest route. When you’re here but not here, why not be where it is nice? Being in a place that constantly feels unreal is awful. I live for my son. The overwhelming thing is too awful to see. Really, can’t you understand? Because I think it is humans doing this, we can reconcile and not feel overtaken by something so awful that you can’t even have any semblance of order. If you think humanity is humanity, you can acknowledge terrible things that occur, but also healing. Can we look at this again?

      This is a long comment and I am writing something now that I will put in the comments in a bit.

      I also want to say I am sorry for anything that caused bad feelings.

  4. Listen, something FREAKY is definitely happening. Before you go thinking I have lost it, please consider this.
    Why is “skin tone” something that won’t shut up? I think we can agree that this is ridiculous. Who is tired of this bullshit?!

    Think about it…why is Antarctica off limits? Could it be that people (yes, humans) that live on or in Mars need this pristine water?

    Why doesn’t anything add up? A dead end every time and no, its not all reflection, unless I have clone on Mars, I am sitting right here in my earthly human suit who has a 12 year old son in a human suit and I don’t anybody that could care more than I do about what the fuck is happening here.

    In the babble, Abraham needed SARAH. Uh oh. When you flip or manipulate polarity, you get HARAS.
    Harrod’s department store. HARROD’s is SARAH HARRAS, there something fucking with us and they are Martians.
    They need water. And they need some kids and females. Diana was out of control and she had to go. You gotta ensure things from the top, down.
    Can you hear me? Mars to Kate, do you copy?
    Can you hear me, now?

    What or who are they ‘waving’ at?

    Everything is under control.

  5. Look, everything is under CONTROL!

    It is literally right in front of us. These rituals are to ensure something. Mars has advanced technology. We have water and more people. Why does it feel like something wants to take over your kids? Because they do! Kids in cages at the border?! Really?

    If you’re outta line, this happens.

    A tunnel. A sign. Keep the top model in control or she’s outta here.
    Why do Kate and William have head scars? Why is it Rosemary’s baby stuff? They don’t have a life. They show allegiance to something with advanced technology.

    What about Elon Musk and his cyber truck? Boring tunnels. A baby with GRIMES and they name it G21Hmeow or whatever. WTF

  6. So the Dow Jones closed at 32,953.46 last night March 15th, the highest ever close and in the midst of a supposed pandemic!
    So what might happen if it closes at 33,000.00 points very soon?
    Perhaps it will crash by 66.66666% down to 11,000 points.
    66.66666% of 33,000 points is 21,999.997 points or 22,000 points.
    Yes, from 11,000+11,000+11,000 points losing 11,000+11,000 points down to 11,000 points.
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for the antichrist as per the book of Daniel where the 11th horn (power) comes out of the 10 horns (powers).
    Will it happen?
    Keep tuned!

  7. I’m not convinced, Frank. You don’t know anything, right? Yet here you are posting about the ‘freaky note’ accusation and the threat to ‘break my fucking legs’ which accompanied it. I’ll bet you don’t know anything about the surveillance either, yeah? Yet here you are posting about the ‘sunstone’ surveillance system. Much like the ‘Sun Trust Bank’ you professed not to know anything about. “Nothing to do with me” you said, yet you had no difficulty identifying what I was referring to and seemed to know all about it.

    I’ll bet you can’t tell me anything about why a ‘black’ version of the ‘white’ bio-robot that threatened to ‘break my fucking legs’ moved into the flat next door shortly afterwards? Same name, same attitude, only this version is a ‘black supremacist’ who took pride in telling me that he’s “worse that fucking Hitler”. The verbal abuse and intimidation that followed were unbelievable, and included a threat to ‘skin me alive’ if I didn’t keep my mouth shut and suck up the abuse – which is deliberate, targeted, and synchronised.

    Take the night before last night for example. I was watching a film, and at the exact point one of the actors said “Are you still hearing me, bro?” the Nazi ‘mebro’ next door burst into his customary 130 decibel cackle and screamed “Now he gets it. You’re fucking hearing me now, aren’t you, you bastard?”

    What, you think I don’t get it? Christ, I went for a 35km walk in the middle of nowhere yesterday and what did I see hanging on a gate? I sign reminding me that I’m being watched. Shortly after that – in the middle of a remote wood, on a track ankle-deep in mud and blocked by multiple fallen trees – I came across a couple. They were dressed in jeans as if they were going shopping in ASDA, and were standing in the mud as if waiting for me. Not doing anything at all. Just standing there. There was blood all over the place Frank, but their clothes were…ahem…immaculate. How to describe them? Perhaps those spotless minds were there to drink in the sunshine?

    Personally, I’d like to hear Witch Hunter Holiday’s views on the matter. What’s he calling himself these days? M-Prison or something? Yeah. I’d love to hear from him about all the stuff he posted about ‘SIN’ and the “Niggaz Front”. I’d particularly like him to tell me why he sent me this video invitation to ‘shut my mouth’…

    …given that I asked the question years ago and I’m still waiting for his reply. Then again, I’m still waiting to see his 130-page ‘miracle of the dream’ document, so what are the odds?

    Bullies and liars, the lot of you. You want to put me on public display? You think I’m going to sit back, let it happen and do nothing? Again I ask: do you want me back on this site? Do you want me to return the favour and dish out some ‘well wishes’ of my own?

    1. JME? Odd that the guy who threatened to ‘break my fucking legs’ just happened to be called Jamie, yeah? For those interested in hedge betting, it’s even odder to think that the Nazi ‘mebro’ that threatened to ‘skin me alive’, and criticises my ‘attention deficit disorder’ (i.e. my refusal to come to attention and stand ‘in-formation’ with the rest of the drones) by calling me a ‘fucking retarded cunt’, is also named….wait for it…wait for it…yeah, you guessed it…Jamie.

      But none of you know anything, right? Nothing to do with you? I’m not hearing any denials though, am I?

    2. Hugo

      Maybe consider the possibility that I do wish you well !

      If you want to come back on this site that is your choice. You’re welcome back.

      From where I sit it’s difficult to comment about the experiences of others from a distance apart from give them support as we go through a form of reality collapse. I don’t have it on a day to day basis and most of my personal relationships I see as positive but I occasionally come across Mr Shouty Man as I call him when I’m in town.

      Who is the real Sunstone bank watching over you ?

      1. Frank, I’ve only ever used the terms ‘sun trust bank’ and ‘sun stone’ in relation to your use of them. In case you’ve forgotten, you referred to the ‘sun trust bank’ in the context of comments I made about M-Prison. These terms obviously mean something to you, so how about this: if you break with tradition and tell me what they mean to you then I’ll answer your question. Fair enough?

        1. Hugo

          Sunstone probably speaks to both of us. Tremayne translates as ‘place of stone’. And M Prison means nothing to me.

          And about God Watching Over You. How I see it there is a split mind . With the fear and guilt mind it can be read as threatening or you can read it through another eye as God Watching Over You.

          And grievances only hurt the person who holds onto them.

          1. Frank, I think you know I was referring to M Person, formerly known as Viktor Holiday. So tell me your take on the ‘sun trust bank’ and I’ll answer your question.

            1. I was referring to the pic as Sunstone. I see Sun as code for male Christ energy. Again Sun Trust I would connect with Christ mind.

              As far as M and you go I’ve never really felt your relationship with M is any of my business. I don’t mean that in an uncaring way. I take the view to let people walk their paths and not interfere. At the time I was off to Texas in a sense.

              I notice MJ has offered a hand of friendship. And I will leave it at that.

              1. Yeah, but maybe you should read what you wrote, Frank: “Sun Trust I would connect with Christ mind.” Computers connect, do they not? And the ‘mind’ and the ‘mined’, because computers also ‘mine’ for ‘in-formation’. Some of the more unscrupulous computers mine for ‘in-formation’ in the form of ‘phishing’, in the hope of using it for their own amusement and prophet. Do you want to ‘connect’ to the ‘Christ mind’ or do you want to ‘mine’ the Christ mind? What if the Christ doesn’t want you to connect with him? Do you see the problem?


                From my article: “There’s a scene in the first instalment of The Matrix in which Morpheus takes Neo to see the Oracle database. They’re ushered into the Oracle’s modest apartment, and once inside we learn that Neo is just one of many ‘potentials’ vying for the coveted ‘Number One’ spot.”

                Ah yes, MJ, M and the search for ‘potentials’. That’s really what the JME YouTube was about. To be honest, MJ may well be extending a hand of friendship, but I won’t be shaking it right now. Why? Because a ‘handshake’ is also a computer term, one used to describe the exchange of security credentials required for one computer to talk to another. For reasons that should be obvious, I’m really not comfortable with that.

                Handshaking requires trust, and I really don’t find any of you trustworthy. Too secretive, too many dodged questions, too much game playing. Some seem unable to understand simple questions. Do I Turing Test you all? Yes I do, and I’ve yet to come away convinced.

  8. Unbelievable, MJ! I mean, I guessed a long time ago (long before the fat alcatelic next door told me) that you enjoyed the ‘attention’, but come on! Really? And still trying to tie me up in knots I see. Give it a rest, will you?

    As for ‘mind control’, the last time I visited Merovee you mentioned it in the context of Donald Trump. You didn’t seem to have any problem whatsoever with describing him as a ‘mind controlled slave’ and did so with considerable glee, as if you found it amusing.

    As for your son, I couldn’t help but notice that you and M-Prison have a fondness for the word ‘retard’. It appeared in his last email to me, which is one of many reasons why I blocked his email address. Oddly enough, the Nazi ‘mebro’ next door also has a fondness for the word, which he employs in sentences such as “You fucking retard”, “You fucking retarded cunt”, “You fucking retarded spastic”, and so on.

    A bit odd, isn’t it? I mean, if I had a son with (ahem) ‘attention deficit disorder’ than I’d probably make a point of avoiding the use of terms such as ‘retard’, you know? I mean, you don’t refer to your son as retarded, do you? Surely you don’t, MJ? Surely you don’t wait for him to return from school so you can throw your arms around him and scream “How’s mummy’s favourite little retarded cunt? Did you learn anything at school today or not really, you fucking spastic?”

  9. OK, moving swiftly on to Roob, that brave champion of the MJ-Ultra right-wing. Where are you, Rooby? Not daddy’s little girl any more, right? You blew up and turned into a maniac, didn’t you? How’s that working out for you? Everyday the same: you dress up in your uniform (bovver boots, braces, Fred Perry t-shirt, turn-up jeans), remove your blonde wig to reveal your shaven head, and rub away the makeup covering the swastika on your forehead. Then you set about trolling snowflakes (and everyone else who doesn’t agree with your delusions) on Twitter, and via that toxic waste dump of spite and vitriol you call the ‘LOL’.

    Roobee-I’m-stuck-on-257-words-doo is the author of it all, apparently. Actually, 257 words is rather impressive given the amount of time she dedicates to her obsessions with smoking and abortion. It seems that smoking must not be banned anywhere for any reason, but abortion absolutely must be. Does she care if a few hundred bio-robots die in a plane crash though? She does not, because in her words “evil is just ‘life’ in reverse.” Yet somehow she still manages to describe abortion as “fucking evil”, without ever seeing the contradiction. That’s right, volks-folks: the little darlings are sacrosanct inside the womb, fair game the moment they leave it. Makes perfect sense, yeah?

    Generally speaking, hardcore anti-abortionists tend to fall into two categories: those that object to abortion on religious grounds, and those that think their mission in life is to spare other women the guilt they feel from having had an abortion themselves. Personally, I think it’d be interesting to know whether the girl who regrets nothing is actually suffering from a case of “je ne rugrat rien”? Is that the case, Roob? I’m sure the blood-sucking alcatelics that frequent this blog would love to know, too. I’m equally sure they’d be disappointed if the answer turned out to be ‘no’. I mean, these pain-junkies literally live for (and quite probably on) the hearty ‘LOLs’ and word-play opportunities afforded by a ‘good’ tragedy, right?

    You be sure to let me know, OK? If you like, you can do so by getting the ‘mebro’ next door to scream ‘Fuck off, you cunt!” in the middle of the night for the umpteenth time.

    1. Hi Hugo, long time, no see.

      Sorry to hear of the problems you’re having with your neighbour J____. Sounds positively frightful. I hope you are able to resolve them amicably.

      Bonne chance! <3

      1. Hey Roob. I followed your example and liked your comment. You know, the way you like pretty much everybody’s posts and comments before trotting off to the LOL to stick the knife in.

        You didn’t answer my question though. Sequelle surprise, eh? Hope I didn’t touch a nerve…

      2. Actually, you might be able to help me out on this one, Roob. I understand that something called ‘vacuum aspiration’ is the most common abortion procedure. Oddly enough, I’ve just finished hoovering my flat and it gave me pause for thought. Has anyone ever done any research to determine if there’s a correlation between abortion and vacuum cleaner sales? For example, are those who had a positive abortion experience more likely to purchase vacuum cleaners? Do they actually have ‘vacuum aspiration’? You know, a tendency to buy a top-of-the-line Dyson rather than a run-of-the-mill Sainsbury’s own brand?

        Conversely, are those who had a negative abortion experience less likely to purchase vacuum cleaners? Is there a similar correlation between an individual’s abortion experience and the amount of vaccuming they do? Maybe there’s a whole new syndrome – ‘abortion induced vacuuphobia’ or something – just waiting to be discovered and treated? Perhaps changes can be made to vacuum cleaner design to make the purchase and use of vacuum cleaners less traumatic?

        Obviously I’m only interested in the subject from a sociological perspective, but I’m sure someone somewhere could make a prophet out of it. What do you think?

      3. Siriusly though Roob, you do realise I’m only hoovering you? Sorry, I meant humouring you. I don’t actually believe your bullshit. I mean, there’s much more of my other novels littering the scarface of the Martian habortion than there is my scribbles about J____ and Not-so-silent B__. I realise that’s difficult for you to understand given that you’re a one-trick phoney kinda girl, but there it is. Oh, by the way – and as the author I think I’m more than entitled to say this – the ‘missing’ letters in J____ are not ‘amie’, OK? Nice try – actually, it was totally and utterly predictable and I’ve come to expect nothing more from you – but no sale.

          1. That’s a huge load off my mind, Roob. Really it is. For a moment there I was worried I might be plagiarising you, wot wiv youz bein’ the fackin’ Great Author wot is behind it all…

  10. Morning, Meroveeps. Enjoying a liquid breakfast, are we? Nothing beats a bucketful of ‘da nooz’ thirst thing in the morning, right? Crank your head back, tip the mobile phoney, and let the alcatel flow free-ky, yeah? By now I suppose you’ve learned to keep your throat open, to avoid the tiresome business of swallowing. What then? First there’s a warm glow in your swollen and distended bellies, then blessed relief as you feel all that lovely nooz begin to curse through your vains. By 10am you’re completely sozzled: complete loss of co-ordination, inhibitions, and self-control. All set for the day ahead, right? So you top up your phoney, collapse on the couch, and begin another hard day reporting on the activities of that ‘fucking white bastard’ Hugo Stone, and pissing it off as ‘spiritual insight’ on the Merovee propaganda machine.

    Not much of a life for you really, is it?

  11. Hey Roob, do you nowhere else the term ‘vacuum’ is used? It’s a database stingbunnybob that refers to vacuuming obsolete ‘data’ (among udder stings) to reclaim space. Betcha didn’t show twat, did ya? Glitch again is a bit odd wot wiv you claimin’ to be the fackin’ Great Arthur ov that Zardoz tabertesticle fingie wots oil about them computer byte wotsits…

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