White Walls


Thanks to bob for pointing this out. I’m trying to make sense of no sense. We seem to be looking at two worlds ( or more ) and With In and With Out. At times it may seem I’m disappearing up my own arse but our lives are very much integrated into ‘consciousness’.

Time layers and White Walls.



And Memphis, Egypt.

Two Lands and White Walls.

From Wiki :

‘Memphis (Menefer)(Arabic: مَنْف‎ Manf pronounced [mænf]; Bohairic Coptic: ⲙⲉⲙϥⲓ; Greek: Μέμφις) was the ancient capital of Inebu-hedj, the first nome of Lower Egypt that was known as mḥw (“north”). Its ruins are located near the modern town of Mit Rahina, 20 km (12 mi) south of Giza in Greater Cairo, Egypt.

Memphis has had several names during its history of almost four millennia. Its Ancient Egyptian name was Inebu-hedj translated as “The White Walls”.

Because of its size, the city also came to be known by various other names that were the names of neighbourhoods or districts that enjoyed considerable prominence at one time or another. For example, according to a text of the First Intermediate Period, it was known as Djed-Sut (“everlasting places”), which is the name of the pyramid of Teti.

At one point the city was referred to as Ankh-Tawy (meaning “Life of the Two Lands”), stressing the strategic position of the city between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. This name appears to date from the Middle Kingdom (c. 2055–1640 BCE), and is frequently found in ancient Egyptian texts. Some scholars maintain that this name was that of an area that contained a sacred tree, the western district of the city that lay between the great Temple of Ptah and the necropolis at Saqqara.’





And Two Worlds.




It’s not easy to see through the fog but I think Timelines are being opened and closed. Or maybe more accurately re-opened. At the end of last week one of my neural pathway walks ended up at The Garden Of Remembrance in Nutfield and as is the way of things was personal and emotional. It wasn’t directly personal to me but still a bit of a heart bomb.



And Frank’s secret daughter.



Quantum Energy fields.

E Motion and Energy and Wattage. Again Within and Without. I’m still trying to sort out who supplies the energy to the White House. It’s either Shell Energy or Bulb Energy. I suspect we’re trying to get the energy to flow down the correct line.

And Doublespeak. Why nothing makes sense.

‘Mismatch of the addresses in the National Database’. And ‘crossed meters issue’.




It’s Another World. Or something.


40 thoughts on “White Walls

  1. There is strange timeline stuff going on. The Edenic timeline was disrupted but I think it is because there is constant manipulation of it. The “gods” or forces of nature are represented in every culture because everything happens at once. We are hypnotized to think we live in a world that is “real”, which obsesses over money and time.
    The “magicians” aka, Ben Franklin, (recycled as John Neuman?)

    Anyway, in Egypt when the one god replaced the many.

    1. Sorry, my intent is not to sound doom & gloom, but to point out something, and actually to possibly see something is to be free of it, so even though it’s awful subjects, I feel that ultimately we get to our Edenic timeline. No more static from what is causing the static!

      1. MJ

        As I’ve understood it what the universe is trying to do is undo the past. In short the memories are stuck in the psyche or self and replay themselves and trying to get back to the original error to undo it.

  2. Anyway…always a dead end. And why do we come here? I don’t know, but we do.
    I certainly don’t have the answers, but if we aren’t allowed to question or discuss things we see, and I don’t know how to access anymore of my memories, then I guess its back to the passive existence of watching the clown show go by. It doesn’t sit well having a 12 year old.

          1. When I picked up Charlie from school today, all the teachers were wearing headbands with cat ears and little dr Seuss cat in the hat hats on them. I asked Charlie why and its dr Seuss’s birthday.

            1. Suez / Zeus canal.

              And Mithras and Mithradat and Mithridates. Pope Francis is making a papal trip to Iraq from 5th March – 8th March.

              ‘Given by Mithra’.

              Baghdad :

              The name Baghdad is pre-Islamic, and its origin is disputed. The site where the city of Baghdad developed has been populated for millennia. By the 8th century AD, several villages had developed there, including a Persian hamlet called Baghdad, the name which would come to be used for the Abbasid metropolis.

              Arab authors, realizing the pre-Islamic origins of Baghdad’s name, generally looked for its roots in Middle Persian. They suggested various meanings, the most common of which was “bestowed by God”. Modern scholars generally tend to favor this etymology, which views the word as a compound of bagh (Baghpahlavi.png) “god” and dād (Dadpahlavi.png) “given”. In Old Persian the first element can be traced to boghu and is related to Slavic bog “god”. A similar term in Middle Persian is the name Mithradāt (Mihrdād in New Persian), known in English by its Hellenistic form Mithridates, meaning “Given by Mithra” (dāt is the more archaic form of dād, related to Latin dat and English donor).


                1. I’ve been getting all sorts of North African and Arab and Middle Eastern syncs recently which was part of the reason why Zeus on a Plane jumped out and then saw the mirror with Zeus and Suez. Again Francis Chesney speaks of a shared DNA. And Mithras is in there.

      1. But is it not true?! We come HERE. I’m not railing against Frank. I just come HERE because here is where we come. Frank didn’t “choose” to be the hub, but there he is.

          1. Yes! I agree. That is what my point is. I don’t know how to handle this vaccine stuff. I have no intention of doing that, nor will Charlie. I can see everything symbolically, except I don’t know what to do with this!

      2. People think just because we walk on two feet we can do whatever we please. 🤔
        I’d be angry too, if some guy hijacked my plane. 🐯

        1. Our plane IS hijacked! That is what I’m saying! Does it not feel that way?!
          And like I said, I’m not hijacking Frank, I just feel extra-muffled with this mask business. Don’t you?!
          I do wonder sometimes if we are all in separate universes.

          1. MJ

            Recall the video you posted of the man in Philly talking about energy and how ‘subtlety becomes solid’. It’s another way of saying spirit becomes matter. The mask was always there, invisible. In suddenly becoming visible, we can’t deny its presence and we feel its burden.

              1. One more question (because ok about the masks)…what about the vaccine? How far does it go before it’s ok to say “enough of this”, because what if you simply cannot walk into a store without proof? I don’t mean to cause scare, I’m not scared. I just want to know when it’s ok to say something about it, instead of accepting as just “oh go along with it, everything is working itself out…”
                Something is not right about that.

                1. MJ

                  I had a similar conversation recently. Why the dark mirror ?

                  Going back to 2003 you may remember Shock N Awe. The day of Shock N Awe, I experienced a massive influx of Light. I was blitzed. I think this was positive . I saw it as the Shekinah and yet in the media it was showing George Bush bombing the shit out of Baghdad and Nebuchadnezzar’s Palace with Shock n’ Awe. Going back to the Strip. Why did that show up with Paddock on the Strip ? And the rest of it.

                  Again with 911 with hindsight from an Ascension point of view I think it was a positive event and yet it shows up in a destructive way. The universe says don’t take it too seriously – it’s just a film – and at the same time it’s not easy to see the humour with some of this.

                  In the article there is a pic of the Garden Of Remembrance. The pic in the circular bowl shows a friend of mine who died before her time. And seeing it did get to me. Why do I need to see it and revisit her death ? She wasn’t a ‘significant other’ but her daughters played with Rebecca and I was simply friends with her and her husband and the girls. There seems be some sort of dark mirror thing going on with this which is difficult to understand.

                  And normal weird stuff with it. I bumped into her daughters about five years ago and they told me about the death of their mum. I hadn’t seen them for about 10 years . I never got into the GOT but I noticed after growing up they were now doppelgangers of Arya and Sasha Stark. It was a total freak out .


                  Also what I find frustrating at times is there a part of me and thinks this goes for everyone that does know. What led me to the crystal warehouse in the first place. At the time it was purely just a job I thought and setting up Merovee and more recent examples to the Windmill Church and the Holy Well and The White House and Garden of Remembrance. . Part of it is letting go to the part of you that does know rather than the part of you that thinks it knows and sees the Big Picture I think. And how can you tell the difference between the two. IDK 😊.

                  1. I guess it’s something about the ‘all’ which includes darkness. I don’t have a problem with darkness, but this doesn’t feel like darkness but intrusion. A mask, ok. But a jab to fix something not real? I guess it has to be extreme to be noticed?! IDK. I think I’m done thinking about it. Thinking doesn’t do any good.

                2. MJ ❤️

                  I’ve been saying here for years (I can’t believe it’s that long) that we would soon find ourselves at the In the Garden moment, reliving what went wrong. We can’t figure out the solution unless we see the cause.

                  I never imagined how it would play out, but in my opinion this is perfect! Confusing, frustrating, scary, yes! I’m feeling all of those things. There’s no reason to deny what you’re experiencing. What happened in Eden was ‘traumatic’ for us, what is happening now is no less traumatic.

                  I’m in the over 65 age group which is now being targeted for the vaccine in PA. I get a care package of sorts every other week from the County Agency on Aging. The last delivery included a booklet explaining the vaccine, that it was now available to me, and where to call for an appointment. Last Friday I got phone call from AoA saying the city health bureau would be able to come to my home to vaccinate me. That went to voice mail.

                  Today I received a follow up letter…
                  You will receive a call from our office.
                  A staff person will ask the following questions:
                  Are you interested in being vaccinated? Yes or no
                  Can AoA provide your address and phone number to the city health bureau? Yes or no
                  If you say yes the city health bureau will contact you to set up an appointment and come to your house to administer the vaccine. Free of charge.

                  In my mind the choice about the vaccine is the choice about whether or not you want to know what happened that produced the trauma and what went wrong. The vaccine will protect us and get us back to normal. Define normal?

                  Can you be comfortable not knowing?
                  Everyone will have to answer eventually, and face the consequence.

                  1. Ok. I’m going to let that roll around in my mind for a bit. Because I do see what you mean. I just think it’s extremely awful.
                    I’m not afraid of the vaccine, I don’t like being forced. But, Orlena, I do see what you mean and as usual, interesting perspective.

      3. Roob

        I’ve been getting all sort of things about the Middle East and North Africa recently. I bumped into Yasmin yesterday as an example. And White Walls connects with the Old City and Kuwait – Queue Wait.

      1. YES! And of course a cave is involved! That is what I’m saying! And its maddening. Can we stop the loop? Are we in a loop that goes somewhere different this time? Because I’m getting dizzy! 🤢

        1. And palm trees and Texas and a head on car crash, etc.
          And the question I was asked many years ago, “Can you be comfortable not knowing?”

            1. Anyway, I see. And the choice is clear.
              Can’t say I don’t frustrated though. And I do question why others seem to not.
              It makes my head hurt. Anyway, thank you Orlena.

  3. One more thing and I’ll shut up (maybe, until the next thing).
    Here’s CAMERON county, where SpaceX launch site is.

    “SpaceX has been approved by the FAA to build a private spaceport east of Brownsville on the Gulf Coast.[16] The SpaceX South Texas Launch Site is projected to employ 75–100 full-time workers in the early years with up to 150 full-time employees/contractors by 2019. In 2014, SpaceX acquired additional land near Boca Chica, which they consolidated into a subdivision called “MARS CROSSING”, possibly named after the novel by science-fiction writer Geoffrey A. Landis.”


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