Deep State


Checking Reality.



We are in a Time of Deep Reflection.

Deep Thought.

42 : The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.






Deep State.



And Selfish. Which is weird because the Queen Is Dead but there is the Queen saying it’s selfish not to have a jab. It’s E Motional blackmail.

A few years ago when I went through Waterloo Station in London at rush hour it felt like the mass of commuters were semi solid and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had passed through me. I get the same impression whenever the news pops up these days and I see semi solid dream figures in the media.




I See A Rhinoceros.



But ‘It’s My Life’.



Who’s The Daddy ?

‘There’s More 2 You Than You Think !’



In the mirror. Sun DNA Moon.





And Danae.



From ‘Danae and Zeus in Greek Mythology.’


‘The story of Danae and Zeus is one of the most famous stories from Greek mythology, for it is a love story, a romance between a god and a mortal.

Tales of Danae’ beauty had already reached Zeus upon Mount Olympus, but the interest of the Olympian god was really piqued by news of the construction of a bronze tower in Argos. So Zeus descended from his palace to the realm of Acrisius.

Acrisius had done a perfect job of preventing a mortal from gaining access to Danae, but the bronze tower was not going to stop a god, especially one as determined as Zeus. Thus, Zeus transformed himself into a raincloud, and in the form of a shower of gold, Zeus cascaded through the tower’s roof.

Alone with the beautiful Danae, Zeus spends the night with the beautiful princess, and as a result, Danae becomes pregnant. After the allotted time, the relationship between Zeus and Danae brings forth a child, a boy who was named Perseus.’






It’s Old.


34 thoughts on “Deep State

  1. About The Queen Is Dead. It was shortly after George Michael’s death on Christmas Day in 2016 which was somehow connected with it. Both TTN and I saw messages in the media saying The Queen Is Dead. It was on a loop for about two months.

    1. The other night I found myself watching our President/King talking aimlessly in commemoration of our 500,000th Covid death. And trying to convince myself he was still alive. Old and dying, and not just him or her.
      I feel like we are just meandering around waiting for ‘dark matter’ to emerge and sing.

      The sea of people, the reflecting pool and the dark matter.
      Marion Anderson, born Feb 27, 1897

      1. Orlena

        I see unreal semi solid dream figures is the best description for how I’m seeing it.

        And Why Texas ? and Dallas and the Lincoln Continental and Car Clues.


        And UT.

  2. And Deep State. I’ve carried this over from comments in previous article.

    ‘This is one of the reasons why I occasionally venture into ‘conspiracy’ territory. And Mars may be part of it.

    One of my memories was being in a medical room in an underground tunnel which in the memory had military vehicles. I was probably about 10. I remember being in a cat scan type of machine . I was being scanned.

    About 2010 I was drifting off to sleep one night and then this figure appeared in my mind screen. It was a man on top of a mountain. What he said was that he was me and this wasn’t a metaphysical answer to Life the Universe and Everything. He said that he had been cloned from the results of my scan and that he had been sent to Mars. In the mind screen the landscape looked Martian. And the technology to get to Mars wasn’t a spaceship but a type of wormhole. But he’s never come back and that was my only communication. Even if the memories are false and a weird psychological manifestation I would dearly love to know one way or another. A lot of them though and they are very specific and detailed.

    And shortly after writing the above I got a ‘message’ thru a YT video – it’s so weird this stuff- I’m on the right track with this. Someone wants us to know this.’

    1. Reply from MJ

      ‘Frank, that is so bizarre. It’s spot on about watt seems to be happening. Dolly Parton for example. Why is she still working hard as ever at her ‘age’ when she could be relaxing? Clone. They’re about to put a statue of her in DC. Dolly the clone. The sheep.
      And humans can’t go beyond the atmosphere it has to be a wormhole.’

      1. My view is that if one’ memory ‘ is true then they all are and the only way it could be done is through some form of secret Deep State.

        And great thinking with Dolly !!! Attack of the Clones. I’ve always liked her actually and for the last few months of 2020 she seemed to be following me around but doesn’t mean there haven’t been some form of shenanigans with Dolly. Baa.

        When I was working through the memories as part of it I made a trip to a mound called Chanctonbury Ring in West Sussex. I have no specific memory of Chanctonbury Ring itself but it seems to be a place where Stranger Things happen. And a quick Google shows that it maybe connected with Mithras . The Roman Empire Never Died. Something along those lines. It’s obviously unpleasant but in itself if it was a lot of perverts getting their rocks off in the bigger picture it wouldn’t change things but I think these MK Ultra type things and ritual abuse effect consciousness. I realise ‘consciousness’ is a catch all term.

        ‘Given its history it is no wonder that legends have cropped up about the site. However, the sheer amount of these tales is peculiar. One theory for this is that the Roman Temple may have been devoted to the god Mithras.’

        And the Cult of Mithras.

          1. MJ

            The Acropolis showed up with Max de Winter and the global snow in northern hemisphere.


            And the Archon.

            ‘The origin of the name is not clear. In Ancient Greek, πάγος pagos means “big piece of rock”. Areios could have come from Ares or from the Erinyes, as on its foot was erected a temple dedicated to the Erinyes where murderers used to find shelter so as not to face the consequences of their actions. Later, the Romans referred to the rocky hill as “Mars Hill”, after Mars, the Roman version of the Greek God of War. Near the Areopagus was also constructed the basilica of Dionysius Areopagites.

            In pre-classical times (before the 5th century BC), the Areopagus was the council of elders of the city, similar to the Roman Senate. Like the Senate, its membership was restricted to those who had held high public office, in this case that of Archon.’

            Archon translates as ruler.

            ‘Archon (Greek: ἄρχων, romanized: árchōn, plural: ἄρχοντες, árchontes) is a Greek word that means “ruler”, frequently used as the title of a specific public office.’

            And again the reason for the connections are as clear as mud. In the article there is a pic of The Old Rectory in Nutfield. Rector means ‘ruler’ as well.

            ‘In Latin, rector means “ruler or governor,” from regere, “to rule or guide.”

            Red Brick.


            About the school. In what passes for my research into ‘Darker Things’ I believe schools have been a part of it.

            And normal weird stuff with New Trier.

            The Frank Man Tooth jazz festival. And wiki entry says scenes from Home Alone were filmed there.


    1. Anonymous.

      It’s another example of how weird some of this is.

      A few days ago Roob and I were talking about a movie called Midnight In Paris and part of it included ‘I See A Rhinoceros’. When writing the article I included the It’s My Life video as an answer to the dead Queen saying everyone must have a jab. What right does have a dead Queen telling us what to do. Or governments or anyone. As I was reviewing the article I looked at the video and saw a rhinoceros and I actually said to myself ‘I see a rhinoceros’ so the rhinoceros gif had to go into article. And Horny and Year of the Ox and other horn connections.

      Your link goes to palm trees but what you don’t know is that on Friday I took a picture of a pair of palm trees. The reason I took the pic is because they are in the garden of Number 36. 3/6 is Jenny’s birthday and is connected with 360° and Jen Psaki circling back. Consciously you would have had no idea unless you are secretly stalking me but that seems unlikely 🙂 . At some level it’s all connected.

  3. “Your reality is their business!”

    Frank, my stalking days are long behind me,
    here, now, in germ many (25/3).

    1. Anon

      ‘Your reality is their business’ fits in with Deep State. I once had a close encounter with Prince Charles at school. I think it may have been psychic stalking.

      And why the reference to 25/3 because that has meaning for me .

  4. Hi Frank and all,

    I read the above and yeah, wow…..

    It’s going super crazy and I’ve been crying a lot but also laughing a lot….

    I came here to post about Tiger Woods.

    Because I love Tiger Woods.

    I think “Tiger Woods” is an FTM against his/her own WILL, meaning transgendered before she reached puberty.

    I pray for these innocents who have been put through HELL.

    I pray Tiger Woods is well and perhaps AWAKENING to the fact that….




    1. He’s an “actor.”

      And it’s all rigged.

      They use MAGNETS to make it “Go in the hole!”

      But only when THEY want it to.

      1. Trinity

        It’s difficult to see what goes on with these public figures. Tiger Woods for me embodies the masculine warrior Hero archetype. Sports are a form of substitute war at times. See football World Cups and Olympics.

        MJ’s comment about Dolly Parton and Dolly the Sheep and cloning maybe along the right lines. But I suppose normal physical reproduction is a form of cloning as well.

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