Mirror In The Bathroom


Mirror In The Bathroom.

We are in a Time of Deep Reflection.



Don’t ask me why I do some of this stuff. I just do what I’m told.

Circling back or forward or sideways. IDK. The Mirror Verse is confusing.






And you better get ready. The Census is coming. It’s about Us.



You will be assessed.

Census :

‘1610s, in reference to registration and taxation in Roman history, from Latin census “the enrollment of the names and property assessments of all Roman citizens,” originally past participle of censere “to assess” (see censor (n.)). The modern use of census as “official enumeration of the inhabitants of a country or state, with details” begins in the U.S. (1790), and Revolutionary France (1791). Property for taxation was the primary purpose in Rome, hence Latin census also was used for “one’s wealth, one’s worth, wealthiness.”

But there is only one real assessment.

The Only Judgment. The First and Last Judgment.

Nuts End.




In No Sense.


49 thoughts on “Mirror In The Bathroom

  1. Marshall McLuhan quotes Gertrude Stein in the talk Cade and I listened to last night… ‘You are all a lost generation’…

    He also talks about how people’s idea of utopia is what they see in the rear view mirror (what came before) and this was the theme of the Woody Allen movie ‘Midnight in Paris’, a time travel movie set in 2010, 1920s and 1880s…


    And features Gertrude Stein…

              1. Roob

                I’ve been mulling over Texas. Why Texas ? And feeds 🙂 into mirrors.

                Jack Heart had a similar experience when a podcast discussion of his was mirrored in a newspaper article. A few days ago Jen and I ‘Zoomed’ and part of it was discussing Why Texas?, Time, Jeff Bezos and his 10,000 year clock and Musk moving to Texas. And our discussion was mirrored in this video.

                And are you Helen Reddy ? I don’t know exactly what it means but it’s been saying Texas is Mars.

                And Red Earth and Red Brick Universe has been showing up.




                1. Because it’s a VORTEXAS!
                  We are vessels of energy and you are sun energy (Leo) on the prime meridian in alignment and connected to Jenny’s beautiful water energy (Jenny, gene-erator)
                  There’s a flippity flop: Rooby, attracted to sun energy (APOLLYON, Apollo) in the vortexas.
                  And what do all guys do?
                  REMOTE VIEW!

            1. It is a vortex. Me and M drove across Texas. In through Texarkana, Dallas, Lubbock, then “landing” in Roswell, NM. There’s something we felt at the same time, and it was after driving through the ‘mainline’ in Dallas. Everything fooped out of existence! I’m not surprised the JFK murder ritual happened in Dallas. I can see how the energy of that place could allow for some magick with a k.
              Rice University… we choose the moon! (JFK).
              I-35 is an energy line that goes all the way down to the Rio Grande and on the other side is Mexico (“the place at the center of the moon”).

              Red hat, the golden age, the sea of tranquility.

                1. That is interesting and usually its late 1800s for the US for old buildings. You also see buildings from the 1500-1600s in the northeast.

                1. Roob

                  Ever since Rain posted a pic of a map of Kazakhstan being above North America which was above India I’ve wondered about the jet stream. We are told the UK has relatively mild weather because of the jet stream even though we are on the same latitude as Newfoundland I think. Is it due to the jet stream ? That’s what we are told by top boffins. Top boffins say. How do we know ?

                  And about flights to and from Texas. Both long haul flights felt like Virtual Reality. I really felt I was going nowhere. Fake everything it felt like.

                2. Roob, if you go with the archon/mars/portal theory, the feminine aether climate is not good because there will have to be another technology not yet invented or something for this thing that seemingly happens for either literal or soul travel or whatever/
                  stone circles
                  And Texas has one of those big colliders!

                  1. MJ

                    This is one of the reasons why I occasionally venture into ‘conspiracy’ territory. And Mars may be part of it.

                    One of my memories was being in a medical room in an underground tunnel which in the memory had military vehicles. I was probably about 10. I remember being in a cat scan type of machine . I was being scanned.

                    About 2010 I was drifting off to sleep one night and then this figure appeared in my mind screen. It was a man on top of a mountain. What he said was that he was me and this wasn’t a metaphysical answer to Life the Universe and Everything. He said that he had been cloned from the results of my scan and that he had been sent to Mars. In the mind screen the landscape looked Martian. And the technology to get to Mars wasn’t a spaceship but a type of wormhole. But he’s never come back and that was my only communication. Even if the memories are false and a weird psychological manifestation I would dearly love to know one way or another. A lot of them though and they are very specific and detailed.

                    And shortly after writing the above I got a ‘message’ thru a YT video – it’s so weird this stuff- I’m on the right track with this. Someone wants us to know this.

                    1. Frank, that is so bizarre. It’s spot on about watt seems to be happening. Dolly Parton for example. Why is she still working hard as ever at her ‘age’ when she could be relaxing? Clone. They’re about to put a statue of her in DC. Dolly the clone. The sheep.
                      And humans can’t go beyond the atmosphere it has to be a wormhole.

  2. Yep, yep, and yes. You are correct, Frank, and Roobedo, too.
    Mirror in the ROMAN BATH, alright.

    I have some disturbing news, folks. Turns out, the Earth is controlled by humans/entities/archons on Mars who are in cahoots with the usual suspects.

    Am I joking? Nope. Am I entertained? Hardly.
    Think about it.
    Why… WHY is it that this concept of gladiators/hunger games theme (with the disgusting graphic bloodshed which is Moloch sacrifice) is always the tool that is used? WHY?! I finally know and I can tell you.

    If you are thinking that I have gone off the deep end, please hear me out. You peeps here on merovee are special to me and you know it and I know it and we all know there is a reason we met here. Whether this is (LITERAL), or a story in the mind so that a light bulb is illuminated and we fix this place and we can be in Paradise again, well, IDK, ‘reality’ is kinda watery right now, is it not? Either way, I think we can all agree we’d like to be free and feel some REALNESS instead of reel-ness.

    I want to share something. As long as I can remember, I have sensed that something is not quite right. My experience is that feeling this way can be either too emotional to handle, because when you come up for air, as the ‘thing’ is too drowning (and does feel like a dream you can’t wake up from), or, it is too mind-boggling because every rabbit hole leads to an unsatisfying place and you are left wondering why the neurons were really connecting, yet always feeling like the conclusion just doesn’t work. You know,… there is nothing, NOTHING in the physical world that even begins to satisfy the heart and soul like the euphoric spiritual experiences I have felt, which every time is always about the connectedness and love and heart energy that is beyond description with words. How to describe? I can’t. Either ya know or you don’t! Not to sound lofty… just speaking my truth, as everyone should and have the freedom to do, and that is precisely what is under lockdown.

    Frank is right, there is something to realize about reconciling our feeling of guilt or shame as a result of physical manifestation, but here we are. And I have a beautiful son and I want the world to be a beautiful place. That means freedom to experience this place and its time for heaven and earth to meet.

    1. MJ

      About the body. I once compared the body to a car. Even a brand new Ferrari will eventually turn into moth and rust and dust. One of my most illuminating thoughts was when Rebecca was sleeping in her cot when she was about three months old and I was in a state of pure wonder . And then I had the thought that even though she was only just born she would die. It’s not uncommon that becoming a parent can be a portal of sorts.

      My take on it.

      In itself, the body is neutral. It just takes orders from the belief system and switches off at some unspecified date. Reality and our individual beings are based on the body Self and saying this is me but logic says this ain’t the case. As an example I recently sent Jenny her birthday card. Normally they take two weeks but last night I suddenly wondered if it would arrive early this year. And then about ten minutes later Jen emails me saying she has the card. In short I picked up on Jenny receiving her birthday card. If we are separate bodies this doesn’t make sense. This sort of thing happens all the time with everyone. And what holds it all together is the belief in guilt and belief in the body self and death and linear time etc.

      I know it sounds weird and it is totally a different language and why I got excited about receiving the Census flyer. Census = assessment. I’m seeing this as the First, Last and Only Judgement and the undoing of guilt. It’s coming. And at the same time, it has never happened because this reality has never happened but in this world, it’s necessary. It’s a MF.

      About the Archons. I have my own ‘memories’ and I know others do as well. ‘Tell me about your weird childhood’. If they are ‘real’, again I see them as a manifestation of guilt and hate and fear trying to keep the game going and if guilt can be removed from the Self, then they simply disappear. They are not really real.

      1. Also I’ve been trying to work out exactly where I am now. This is pure manifestation. Reigate was Wonderland but this is an upgrade. I’ve been playing around with the idea that the MH 370 crash was when we left 3D into 4D and from 2014 through 2020, we were going through whatever we needed to and now we are entering 5D.

        But whilst we deal with the physical stuff such as money and work and survival and rest of it the job’s not done.





      2. Real or not real is not so much in question. Not being argumentative here, but once you see it… it is difficult to deny.
        Again, please don’t think I am being petulant, I am simply proving my point and I feel a bit of urgency to show this because if you CAN see it and know what is happening, it can be undone.
        Look at it this way: why aren’t you finding it totally unacceptable that you can’t get on the next flight to Texas, right now, today, without a care in the world, no plans needed? If some currency exchange has to happen to get a ticket, no problem! We are divine self-contained vessels of loving energy. The right brain having the ability to create immediate scenarios. If your first thought is, well, if that is case then why not teleport to Texas?
        I would agree and I think its possible as it is a VORTEXAS!

        Ever watch the news and hear of a POLAR VORTEX? Is that really a thing? no. This is a message from the archons to a certain group of people.

        What is sacred to Mars?
        Horses, woodpecker. And alchemically its IRON, hence the “Iron Age”, weapons, swords, shields.
        The ancile (sacred shield).

        The red shield. Hmm. Where have I heard that before?


        And they can’t stop being upset about the “golden age” when Saturn was the sun. They are the Mithras cult.
        Once a year, a horse is sacrificed, even those the horse is ‘sacred’. You gotta feed your master, because this is a spiritual war and in that view, they are the archon when their human suit dies.

        With red Harry, (who is married to Megan MARSkle).

        more hunger games.

        1. Okay, personal sync? Cade Fon Apollyon was given the symbol for Mars in ‘Six In Five In Four’ Underdog Anthology from Leg IRON Books. The cover is not exactly a shield but it is red and roman…

          The original artwork also hangs above my bed 😉

          All the authors were given alchemical symbols by Leggy. I was given Mercury which, to be fair, is closest to the Sun. And ‘Jackanory Jackalope’ is a Harry story 😉

          1. Roob, it makes sense you are mercury. You have mercurial energy as a gemini and a ‘word witch’, and I dabble in word witchery myself 😉
            Like everything in the universe, there is no symbol or planet that is ‘bad’ or evil so please know I am not saying Mars is bad. Mars is warrior, will and passion, so in that way, Mars is excellent! The Mars energy is misunderstood. Venus loves Mars 🙂
            Apollyon-O has some Mars energy…he is the revelation and comes back with vengeance. This is what I mean when I say we are carrying around some archetypal energy because we are having a revelation of freeing ourselves for a new golden age. We don’t need any bosses.

  3. Clues are all around us. Car clues. What is a car? A vehicle for being condensed down in such a way we FEEL and SENSE a place that we are convinced is “real”. Your human suit. It’s a CHARIOT. The childish and berating god of the babble wants you to cover it, wear ARMOR over it. We are certainly in a mirror, here and it is to see clearly watts happening in this electric universe. If I say someone or something is a mirror, I am always meaning it in a way that I am excited to share this…never in a way that is to imply a mirror of exact energy or expression. You’ll see.

    Look! It’s a sacrificial LAMBrogini! And pay attention to the BULL logo! I’m glad he “blessed” it. 🙄

    Here is Neptune working… (the higher octave of Venus). The cosmic clock is at a place for some realization. Neptune is having a say by making everything extremely ‘dreamy’. The thing to do is go deeper. Keep diving into the waters of the everything, without the burden of right or wrong, to not only see, but feel and experience WHY your soul would choose to manifest in physical form. Saturn is NOT the planet of sacrifice, Neptune is. Because constantly pointing out the non-realness is not ideal for a soul journey. The soul journey is at a suspension because the thing to “see” is an unveiling. When nothing feels ‘real’, the will is too watered down to be active and escapism or depression takes over. You ‘do your time’ until you die, becoming more forlorn by the second. It also feels pointless to take action when nothing feels real, but perhaps the unveiling is also just feeling it out. Elena pointed out the other day, to have patience and know that something bigger is at work here.
    I hear you loud and clear, Elena. Always speaking wisdom, she is.
    That is why I love my merovee family. and maybe I am the pain in the ass of the group, everyone rolling their eyes at me, and I would understand why, but even a pain in the ass needs people sometimes, no matter how radical they are.

  4. After the golden age, mysterious technology would appear that could be a portal for inter-planetary travel, or just communication.
    First it was stone circles, then it was pyramids. Now it’s this


    (compare this to the old map of Sarum). In the video, did you hear the part about the deer?
    Deer is Cervae.
    That’s the method. Find the energy line in nature. Put the portal over it. Kill something (sacrifice), use the energy to open the portal for the archons who want to be immortal.
    This is a picture of the portal opening at cern.
    Nothing to see here!

  5. The Mithras cult. The secret sun is right…he’s been saying it forever.

    ancient Persian god of light or the sun, eventually regarded as ruler of the material and spiritual universe, 1550s, from Latin, from Greek Mithras, from Avestan Mithra-, from Indo-Iranian *mitram “contract,” whence *mitras “contractual partner, friend,” conceptualized as a god, or, according to Kent, first the epithet of a divinity and eventually his name. Perhaps from PIE root *mei- (1) “to change; exchange,” on the notion of “god of the contract” [Watkins].

    Why is Bloomberg obsessed with the ancient temple of Mithras in London?

  6. All I’m saying is…(someone on a YouTube said it like this), if there is a changing of the guard happening at 9:00, it’s 8:45.
    Real or not real, what is the point if you can’t “do” anything? I feel like sometimes it is just a dream and nobody actually does anything anyway, but if it is a dream, then I think we should be allowed to interact t with “it”.
    If there is some more shame or guilt or blah blah blah, well, I don’t know how to access it in order to deal with it. But I kinda think I’m done with that. I’m just ready to get this party started!

    1. 😊😊😊

      Even now it’s still a WTF moment when you see yourself out there. Hopefully one day we’ll know. Hidden figures is an interesting phrase though. And why is Jen circling back ?

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