Down Memory Lane


It’s Max de Winter.

From our Texan correspondent.



And the Acropolis.



From ‘Inception’.



And rock and earth formations. Down Sandy Lane. Others may have their own interpretations as to what it means. Feel Free.

They are probably more fascinating close up than in the pics . Again I believe it is a place where the internal subconscious and external matter meet.






In the UK we are in Lockdown 2. As in the first lockdown, the world and his wife has gone to Proxima Centauri or somewhere it seems. Earlier I walked into South Nutfield which takes about 20 minutes and apart from traffic I only saw two people. Here is a three minute snippet as I approached the centre of South Nutfield. There was absolutely no movement in the houses either. Normally it is very busy. Click The Light’s Are On But No One’s Home




Reality for me is totally fxxked. It is clear that much of whatever passes for the external reality is not ‘Out There’ and is a set of surreal images and movie screen from the subconscious.

And Time and parallel and alternate realities or whatever they are. Since about May in 2020, I have existed in twin realities or even more. What is going to happen suddenly changes and I have also been having twin experiences where the next day mirrors the previous day. Maybe we all are. It’s difficult to say without knowing everyone’s personal details but I would suggest looking into your own experiences if you are going through something similar.

For the last few years the Universe has been saying very strongly that Jenny and myself have met before and been together previously. But neither of us has a memory of this. And I’m not talking about past lives but what passes for our present life time. Maybe we have all met up in this life time without awareness of it. The crucial Time period seems to be set in 1997 about the time of separation from my ex wife.

The Universe is saying the event that caused the timeline shift was a lightning storm. On a Friday night in June 1997, an enormous lightning storm suddenly came out of nowhere. At the time my daughter was young and in bed and she was scared and I went to her bedroom to calm her. It wasn’t long until I was just as scared as she was as the storm worsened and a few minutes later there was an enormous bang above us. What had happened was that lightning had hit the TV aerial and roof. Once the dust had settled I went downstairs to discover that was the end of the TV as it had gone straight down the wires and blown all the electrical connections to bits.

To understand fully what I’m trying to explain a very good movie to watch is Mirage. In the movie a storm somehow causes glitches in time and parallel and alternate realities for the individuals. I’m sincerely hoping lightning doesn’t strike twice even allowing for Mr 2 Of Everything.



The Tower.



The relevant period covers the period from the rise of Tony Blair on 1st May 1997 – the separation from my wife took place the day before – and also the death of Princess Di and Dodi Fayed in Paris. At the time I was working for a South African family owned company and the family were working through the fall out from the end of apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s rise to power in South Africa.

Which again speaks of parallel and alternate realities with the Mandela Effect and Manderley Effect.




What caused the memory loss then ? I have a few theories ranging from ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ or ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ type scenario where the memory has been purposefully expunged or for some unknown spiritual reason or literally two timelines running parallel to each other and one has been submerged by the other.

Anyway the long and the short of it is that Tremayne Breaux were deleted. We would like to be undeleted. Thank you.

And Energy and Free Energy and Wattage. We are the Energy and yet we have to pay for energy. Again I have had recent quantum reality experiences with energy suppliers. At my previous residence my energy supplier was with Electricite de France. When I moved I went on a hunt to find out who supplies the energy. The previous occupant said it was a firm called Shell Energy which I think I can reasonably assume that he would know. I contacted Shell Energy and they said they didn’t provide the energy but it was Bulb Energy so I am now with Bulb Energy.




I was told by Daisy at Bulb Energy that I shouldn’t worry about the usage and yet I still have to pay. This is a long way round to get onto Guilt. The little Me and separated Self protects Guilt and the reason for that is because if you see the reasoning you will probably start questioning it and ask such questions as why does a loving God see me as a sinner and want to send me to Hell because I do something God disapproves of. It just doesn’t make sense.

As I’ve gone into guilt first I came across the bits of me that I didn’t like but as I’ve gone on I’ve come to realise that what guilt is protecting is not the parts of you that ‘shame’ you but it is a wall round Innocence and our immortal eternal Self which is our true Self.

There is nothing to pay for.


22 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane

  1. M said May 1st is when he realized nothing was real.
    May 1, 2004. That is Beltaine. A shift or turning of the wheel.

    And about being free. I’m the biggest believer in self-sovereignty, of course. But I am just curious how everybody is thinking about these times. I feel like the ‘thing’ is overwhelming and I don’t like how it seemingly overlords. Now, at the same time, I also think it isn’t real. But what is it? And what are we doing? Waiting? for…?
    These are just questions because I gotta have somebody to talk to!
    And in this place we are in, what is the reason for such control? I guess that question doesn’t matter since nobody who could be human could possibly do that.
    rant over.

    1. Is Love freedom or a prison ?

      May 1st was a turning of the wheel for me. We separated on 31/4 and then on 1st May a new beginning of sorts. 2004 was one of those years for me as well. The year I left paid work and went into the nature of reality in a big way. In hindsight I think I got a new job. Money’s crap though !

      In the first year at my first school my class danced around the maypole. It’s a big pole.

      And another example of the bizarre mirror nature of this and connects with energy as well. Daisy from Bulb Energy has asked me to conduct a Burns Test.

      Spoilt for choice with songs.

      Strut Your Stuff

      1. I don’t know! Is love freedom or prison?!
        I thought freedom but all I ever hear is that I’m not giving enough attention and I don’t want to bind someone to me that isn’t happy. It’s a problem.

  2. one more question, because I want to know how it works.
    If it is a mirror, then wouldn’t the mirror be letting go, if there was letting go? Or is it an opposite mirror that confines when you let go?

  3. I think I know the answer to my own question…the mirror is fractured and it’s both. Needs to be whole born.
    The confinement would be fear, maybe subconscious fears. I just want the thing to change already.

    1. MJ

      Again this is my personal take on it. And I’m speaking General Lee.

      About attention in particular. And it feeds into energy as well but it’s really about our beliefs about God. The core relationship is with God and our relationships reflect this. And then you get into the thorny question of who and what is God or Goddess and the Self. The God Self and the Body Self. The strange religions and authority figures mirror our totally erroneous view of God as a cruel and judgemental and controlling God.

      Relationships can be used as energy suppliers. At the beginning of a relationship you receive the full attention of the ‘Other’ and the love energy fills you up and it goes the other way as well. But we have many different relationships and over time the attention radar changes and the energy supply can dry up. And then the competition for the love energy sets in. You get this with sibling rivalry as well with competition about love from the parents. Which child receives more love ? It’s built into this reality and you can probably include money as well in this. The belief in limited love.

      And the complex Oedipus.

      And Letting Go.

      The Little ME has defences and one of them is Letting Go. Again it’s about limited and unlimited love. Even in the most loving relationships we hold onto a tiny part of ourselves that doesn’t let it all go and love is restricted even if it’s to 99.999999 % recurring. And at the same time it’s about self Love . Our relationships mirror the Self Love and can we love ourselves and our Self without conditions ?

      1. About Energy. I’ve been getting strange stuff going on with my two energy providers. No one seems to know what it is going on with it. Let alone me.

        And Numbers. I used to see this from my time with the Bank as well.

        I keep on being asked for pics of numbers – meter readings and account number.

  4. The worlds a stage and the plays the thing. So brush up your Shakespeare. Just trying to lighten the mood. 🤗

    But it’s now Winter Storm Viola.
    Twelfth Night has a lot to say about identity. False identity, mistaken identity and the resulting confusion. All brought about by the need to survive. 🎭 😷

    1. Thank you, Orlena 🙂
      That is helpful.

      Viola is violet, shares etymology with IODINE.

      iodine (n.)
      non-metallic element, 1814, formed by English chemist Sir Humphry Davy from French iode “iodine,” which was coined 1812 by French chemist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac from Greek ioeides “violet-colored” (from ion “the violet; dark blue flower;” see violet) + eidos “appearance” (see -oid).

      From what I have read, iodine clears the pineal and thyroid gland.
      So I can see and speak clearly.

      1. MJ ❤️

        The solution to the puzzle is in the puzzle, and takes patience to evolve. It’s frustrating I know, but be kind and patient with yourself in the process. 🧸

      1. Fausse is french for false or counterfeit.
        Louisiana fits with my New Orleans/Orlena energy transfer.
        And ‘cold stun’, it’s when they remain awake but lose the ability to move.

        1. Orlena

          Welcome to the Mirror Verse.

          I link New Orleans with water and the Flood and Katrina.

          Also my mind keeps turning to Deep Freeze and suspended animation and cryonics. This afternoon the ice in what is termed the ‘Ice Bank’ in my fridge melted and made a bit of a mess of the floor . Seems OK now though. Another example of this Inner and Outer thing that’s going on I think. And at same time yesterday I conducted the Burns Test for Bulb Energy and it confirmed I was burning. It’s a paradox.

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