Setting Sons

Firstly Happy Birthday to MJ for 15/2 or 2/15 🎂




Everything seems to be in the mix and one of the elements that has shown itself is how much music is integrated into the kaleidoscope.

The Tracks Of My Years. In the last few days songs from a British new wave band from the late 1970s and early 1980s – The Jam – have jumped out. Are the links meaningful or does the mind have a neutral neural pathway that just connects ?

Firstly from the In The City album.

‘I’ve Changed My Address’.



Yesterday Jenny and I for Saturday at the Movies watched a movie titled News of the World starring Tom Hanks. Highly recommended. An adventure across Texas.



But this leads into another Jam song – News of the World.



And Strange Town from Setting Sons.





The David Watts Arts and Crafts Group.

All Are Welcome.




And the Mirror Verse – Setting Suns and the Land of the Rising Sun.

East to West Madness.



Yesterday there was an earthquake in Fukushima prefecture. It’s horny.

Down a slippery slope.









Icemageddon is about to start in the US.

And helpful tips.



The I Glue.



Salt crystals are useful with ice and snow.




And it’s all relative. Over the last week or so it’s been below freezing here for most of the time. Tomorrow according to the forecast it’s going to be 12°C or 54°F.

It’s a Heatwave.



I’ve said this many times I know but it’s worth repeating – it’s In No Sense.


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  1. Interesting article I just read that delves into East-West…

    ‘Russia is all about East meets West. Diesen reminds us how Nikolai Berdyaev, one of the leading 20th century conservatives, already nailed it in 1947: “The inconsistency and complexity of the Russian soul may be due to the fact that in Russia two streams of world history – East and West – jostle and influence one another (…) Russia is a complete section of the world – a colossal East West.”’

    2014 and the split and bridge…

    1. I think it’s saying it’s a divide in the Mind. I’ve had masses of personal connections to Japan and I’ve got no connection to Japan but the Universe keeps saying it’s there.

      NEWS of the World.

      And I’m living next door to the Queen Vic now. Which would be handy if it was open !

      Actually the Queen’s Head but the pub sign shows Queen Victoria. And East Germs and West Germs and Checkpoint Charlie.

      Living in a movie.


      Apols. Triggered.

      And Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey. Where East meets West.

      1. Frank
        The “Devil’s Sea”

        The “Devil’s Sea,” also known as the “Dragon’s Triangle,” is a region in the Pacific roughly located around the Japanese island of Miyake, about 100 kilometers south of Tokyo.

        Ancient legends tell of dragons that lived off the coast of Japan, bequeathing the region its nickname.

        According to author Charles Berlitz, Japan lost five military vessels — as well 100 scientists studying the region — in the space of just two years between 1952 and 1954.

        Like the Bermuda Triangle, the region was included in a 1972 article by naturalist and paranormal expert Ivan Sanderson, titled “The 12 Devil’s Graveyards Around the World.”

        The “Vile Vortices,” as they are otherwise known, all occupy the same latitudes south and north of the equator and are said to be hotspots for peculiar physical anomalies and unexplained phenomena often attributed to electro-magnetic aberrations.

        Sanderson hypothesized that hot and cold currents crossing these vortices might create electromagnetic disturbances affecting instruments and vessels, in turn causing ships’ disappearances.

        However, while much mystery around the area may remain, American author and pilot Larry Kusche has long-since debunked many of the claims made by Berlitz and others.

        1. Release the Kraken

          In the DNA. Max and Rebecca. Seems to be saying something. Truline and magnetic bloodline.

          About Zhanaozen and the British connection. And maybe Archons and 2D flat earthers and backdrop people.

          ‘Tony Blair’s role advising countries with poor human rights records has come under scrutiny again after he gave Kazakhstan’s president advice on how to avoid his image being tarnished by the killing of 15 civilian protesters by police.

          In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbeyev, Blair told the autocratic ruler that the December 2011 deaths, “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress that Kazakhstan has made”. Blair advised Nazarbeyev that when dealing with the western media, he should tackle the events in Zhanaozen, when police opened fire on protesters, including oil workers demanding higher wages, “head-on”.’

        1. And in a reply to bob I included the Texas Radio song by the Doors.

          That’s very good with the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn !!! Again it speaks of mirrors .

          About frequency. My take on ET is that ET is Us, whoever Us is exactly, on another frequency. Which frazzles the mind. And MH 370 and Mega Hertz frequency. And mega hearts.

          1. Yes, that is usually what I think, except when I find the lock-down world completely immobilizing, I start wondering if there’s not some parasitic entity I would like to blast into oblivion.

            About the tropics of can & cap, from a flat perspective, cap is bigger. And the antipodes would not be exact, but portals and dimensions. There is a Lake Michigan triangle, with more disappearances than the Bermuda Triangle. Water is dimensional. And the 45×90 point in China is close to Mongolia and Kazakhstan.
            The 45×90 point in Wisconsin is close to rib mountain, named so because its “where Paul Bunyan is buried” a GIANT! (and his ribs stick out?)
            It’s actually a 4-mile long chunk of a glacial miracle, made up of 1.7 billion-year-old rock called quartzite. According to the WI Department of Natural Resources- Bureau of Parks and Recreation, “this billion-year-old hill is one of the oldest geologic formations on earth.”
            You know that means frequency and portal.

            I just think these things are interesting…
            It seems to be that in our memory of existence, we had knowledge of frequencies of stones, plants, particular places on Earth, and the way to use them for our benefit, instead of an annoying ‘government’ that likes lots of rules.

            The oldest formation in the world which is the antipode of the most mysterious plane disappearance known is interesting.

            1. That’s interesting about the earth. I was looking at a rock or earth formation earlier this afternoon .The area close to me is full of lots of clay type earth known as Fullers Earth. Basically been mined out now. Its a Mined Field.

              I didn’t go to this building. I may do but on side of road.


              And Giants are in there. That sensation or feeling that you are a giant.

              1. Fascinating! There’s plenty of places like that around here. One time me & M staked out one. We watched with binoculars a huge factory and loading yard, with pipes producing steam, etc.
                Absolutely not one person. There were 3-4 cars there. Huge factory. No people.
                Just like Fermilab. Only one person who didn’t look at us or speak on the elevator. We’re not sure what it was. Looked like a mad scientist.
                Someone brought up a good point the other day…how many times have you seen neighbors carrying groceries in? I can’t think of a single time!

                1. Good point about groceries ! Can’t remember the last time.

                  About the disappearing world. When I went to Jenny’s I had to go to Detroit first. After going through passport control and TSA I ended up in the main area of the airport. When I first entered it there was hardly anyone in this big airport . Neither passengers or staff.

                  Jenny and me had this idea to ring up the Texas SSC. And all there was, was a very amateurish ansafone reply about deliveries. Again it didn’t ring true. And when we went to Mineral Wells on a Saturday afternoon it was totally deserted in the central part of the town.

                  I’ve been into South Nutfield a few times recently and again nearly totally deserted apart from occasional people who appear out of side streets. You could say it’s due to lockdown but there is no movement in the houses either. Plenty of traffic though. Where are they all going ? Majority of shops and offices are shutdown and we’re bubbling so there are a very limited number of people you can visit.

                  A couple of years ago I was walking through a busy London railway station – Waterloo – at rush hour. For a short period I got the sensation that the commuters were semi solid. If I had walked through anyone or they had walked through me I wouldn’t have been surprised.

                  And so on and so forth.

                  The light’s are on but nobody’s home.



                  1. Frank
                    very interesting observation

                    I thought. You’re right. and for the first time I noticed this in 2014 when I returned to my hometown 3 years after the execution of workers in our city on 16.12.2011

                    1. Rain

                      That must have been a horrible period and experience to go through.


                      And here’s a video about the Backdrop People. I would add foreground people as well and buildings and traffics and lots of other things. Maybe everything.

                      I’ve moved recently. In the old area when I went outside the house I could guarantee that in a short period I would see a dog walker, someone passing me on a bike, a jogger and and a woman with a child in a pushchair. Hasn’t changed since I moved.

                    1. Here’s what I was talking about. It takes about 20 mins to walk into South Nutfield. I may have seen two people apart from traffic and absolutely no movement in the houses. It’s normally very busy.

                      Not very exciting. Not a lot happens.

                      They’ve all gone to Proxima Centauri. Again !

      1. Thank you, Orlena!
        By the way, this person, Ras Ben talks about Philly.

        This one is long but you can skip around.

        He says philly is a “haunt”. And that the big art museum is on a sacred mound.
        I do wonder…if the field is disrupted by building things on ancient earth energies and let lines.

        I’m interested in your thoughts about it and the surrounding area.
        I have only been there once, and it was on the way to Princeton. Me & Charlie went to the Please Touch Museum 😊

        1. MJ

          That’s an excellent video.
          What I wonder about is why this crazy, obsessive, maniacal need to manipulate and control the energy?
          What is so inherently threatening about sharing the energy?

          The answer to your question about energy fields being disrupted by building things, I don’t know. I’ve been to Council Rock and most of the places he talked about. You can still feel the energy. Maybe the building is just a physical reminder of some sort to ignore what you’re feeling. To remind you, who has the power. Because otherwise you would forget. 🙂

          1. I don’t know! It’s like there’s this fear that someone is going to get control and not share. Which is what has happened!
            I know there’s free energy source. And nobody has to ask permission or do anything to harness it.
            It’s a question. Maybe we’ll figure it out.
            (I think it’s US).

            1. MJ

              You’re absolutely right. Especially about the self fulfilling nature of it.
              I was watching what was being said about the power failure in Texas. In every instance it was not the energy that failed but, the human mechanism designed to manipulate the energy.

              The wind turbines froze up, but the wind didn’t stop blowing.
              The valves needed to control the flow froze up, but the natural gas was still in the pipeline.
              The nuclear power plant went off line because the valves needed to control the water levels in the plant froze up and then the water also froze, but the plutonium kept on radiating.

              And all so that the company can send us a bill for usage of power. And the blame game has already begun. It’s amazing sometimes how the debt trap plays out across the spectrum. And how obvious it becomes and yet we still can’t puzzle it out. 💡

  2. So! Tom Hanx is not dead!

    More power to ya.

    The MAGIC of Hollywood is sure amazing and seductive, no doubt.

    Tom Hanks, man and hero, LIVES!

    What happened to the latest Matrix and John WIck installments?

    Will they ever see the light of day?

    Will we ever go into a grand Movie Theater to watch any movie up on the Big Screen ever again?

    WHO knows.

    1. Trinity

      It is a very good movie. If you can watch it I highly recommend it. It’s on Netflix but as you say it would have been great to watch in the cinema. Tom Hanks is exceptional.

  3. Even that just short clip makes me want to fall in love with Tom Hanks.

    Is it just me?

    Am I “easy”?

    Or is something…else….

    like witch craft…..

    LITERALLY, and I mean literally….

    I think they cast spells….

    Going on.

    I allowed a witch into my home and maybe she DID something, I’m trying to figure out what…. I think they take some token from your home and cast spells upon it.

    No matter!

    I’m COVERED in the grace of Jesus Christ.

    No magic CRAFT or SPELL can work over me…..

    Maybe a little bit, depends on me.



  4. Gary D. Barnett — Medicine is Based on Power, Money & Control
    “With any consideration whatsoever of the current fraudulent ‘pandemic,’ the only conclusion to be reached is that the entirety of this mainstream medical system is based on money, power, & control. Those are the same agendas of the ruling class and the state, & this is no coincidence.” – Gary D. Barnett

    “The most serious disorders may be provoked by the injection of living organisms into the blood, into a medium not intended for them, may provoke redoubtable manifestations of the gravest morbid phenomena.”

    ~ Antoine Bechamps

  5. The News here in Perth is that the vaccine for Covid-19 (which has just arrived) is planned to be rolled out from February 22nd. ie 22/2/2021.
    Yes folks all the digits add to 11 just as the 22 = 11+11.
    And as if to add insult to injury from 11/3/2020 when the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic, to 22/2/2021 = exactly 11 months and 11 days!
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for the antichrist as per Daniel where the little horn comes out of the 10.
    And 2x2x2x2x2 = 8+8+8+8.
    And 22x2x2x2 = 176 = 88+88.
    8 stands for THEIR New Beginning.
    88 stands for the 88 catalogued constellations.
    Remember the Twin Towers light memorial having 44+44 xenon lights?
    February 22nd is also 33 days since 20/1/2021 when the Biden inauguration took place.
    March 11th and February 22nd also adds to 33.
    Oh yes, they do everything by the numbers.

    1. Hmm, interesting, Ken

      I also think the numbers “work” in hindsight because they got away with it.

      You’ve now SPOILED their plan for that, because we the wheat are “catching on to them”…..

      So whatever EVIL they had planned now WON”T HAPPEN.

      Good job, Ken!

    2. My Thanks to Bob Ware at 5 Doves for this –
      9-11-2001 to 2-22-2021 (George Washington’s Birthday) = 3 x 2368 or 4 x 1776 or 8 x 888 days.
      8×888 day gap from 9/11 to 22/2?
      Yes folks, 8×888 which also = 7104 days!
      This 22/2 would be George Washington’s 289th birthday or 17×17.
      17 is the combination or sum of two perfect numbers – 7 and 10 being the numbers of spiritual perfection and ordinal perfection. Together the perfection of spiritual order. (Number in Scripture by E.W. Bullinger)
      And here we have it squared!

      So from 9/11 to 22/2 = 7104 days and 7104+4017 = 11121
      And the 289th anniversary of G. Washington’s birth on 22/2 = 3468M and 3468+8643 = 12111, the exact mirror of 11121.
      And both add to 6.
      12111-11121 = 33×30.
      12111 = 33×367.
      11121 = 33×337.

      Also, my Credit Card is due on 22/2 and the digits owing add to 22.

        1. mars s,

          Good spot!
          I am one year behind you being born on the day the UN voted Israel into existence on 29/11/1947.
          The vote was 33 to 13.

          1. Ken

            Interesting birth date !

            1947 was a busy year. Apart from Israel it was year of Roswell and death of Aleister Crowley amongst other things.


            MJ made an interesting point with 47 and Tropic of Capricorn and Cancer and the latitudes being at 23.5° And 23.5 x 2 =47. Two of Everything.

            ‘The Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn each lie at 23.5 degrees latitude. The Tropic of Cancer is located at 23.5 degrees north of the equator and runs through Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, and southern China. The Tropic of Capricorn lies at 23.5 degrees south of the equator and runs through Australia, Chile, southern Brazil (Brazil is the only country that passes through both the equator and a tropic), and northern South Africa.’


      1. mars s,

        Thanks for pointing that out.
        71 mins into the day of Feb 16 and 71+17 = 88.

        And for 111, any triple number is divisible by 37, that most sublime of all numbers.

  6. More sad news from Australia –
    Today is the day South Australian MPs are debating the abortion to birth law. Their discussions may continue into tomorrow. I’m praying that God will lead them to say NO to the barbaric, intentional killing of late-term babies. Please keep praying with me!

    Make no mistake – if you agree with the mass killing of the unborn you are doing the will of Satan and will be judged accordingly..

  7. vaccine (n.)
    “matter used in vaccination,” 1846, from French vaccin, noun use of adjective, from Latin vaccina, fem. of vaccinus “pertaining to a cow” (see vaccination). Related: Vaccinal; vaccinic

    1. (The word vaccine is derived from the Latin word vacca for “cow.”) Or so the legend goes. But the story is probably wrong, according to a report published today in The New England Journal of Medicine . That’s because the vaccine used to prevent smallpox was likely horsepox, not cowpox, researchers say.11 окт. 2017 г.

  8. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    H. L. Mencken

    1. Coronavirus Covid-19.
    2. Climate change.

    Bill Gates is our go to expert on both of these.

    Bill (Gates of Hell)
    2. Climate change.

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