Never Let Me Go



It is difficult to explain or show but I have truly found myself in Another Place. This is happening. Knocking on Heaven’s Door. I’m seeing it as upgraded software but until the hardware such as money, work and the crap with the physical body and masks and the rest of it remain the same the job is not done.

Knock Knock . Who’s there ?

Compassion and Corn Passion.





Yesterday, I found myself taking a trip down another neural pathway. This time a muddy neural pathway.







I’ve found there’s always a point being made at the end of these trips. And a trip down a neural pathway isn’t complete without a weird ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’ .



And the point ? God knows you better than yourself. The trip ended up at a muddy football pitch behind Nutfield Memorial Hall. We all have our personal different views of what is Heaven. As my physical body aged, at about the age of 40 I gave up playing football. For me, heaven includes a muddy football pitch on a Saturday afternoon with my friends to play a game of football and down the pub afterwards to get sloshed.




Another facet to this I have observed is this sort of thing is multi layered. In about 2008 I read the novel ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro and Jenny and I watched the movie version as one of our Saturday at the Movies.



At the time the book had an enormous effect on me and for reasons I don’t quite understand yet. It described a dysfunctional ‘another reality’ and the story described a group of clones who were specially created to become organ donors and would eventually die after they completed their donations. The reality in the book feels very similar to this strange dysfunctional reality with the masks and the weirdness we are experiencing. At the core of it the book is about love and relationships and the past and separation and how the past effects the present and lost childhood Innocence. And Death.

And the ending where Kathy H sees now deceased Tommy in a muddy field.



‘I found I was standing before acres of ploughed earth. There was a fence keeping me from stepping into the field, with two lines of barbed wire and I could see how this fence and the cluster of three or four trees above me were the only things breaking the wind for miles. I half closed my eyes and imagined this was the spot where everything I’d ever lost since my childhood had washed up and I was now standing here in front of it, and if I waited long enough, a tiny figure would appear on the horizon across the field, and gradually get larger until I’d see it was Tommy and he’d wave, maybe even call. The fantasy never got beyond that – I didn’t let it – and though the tears rolled down my face, I wasn’t sobbing or out of control. I just waited a bit, then turned back to the car, to drive to wherever it was I was supposed to be.’

As part of moving I have suddenly got a lot of new online machinery. I have a new TV, new super fast fibre Wi Fi, new landline telephone number and telephone and maybe best of all a Sound Bar which makes you feel you are actually in a cinema. As part of this I needed to put a lot of wires in holes. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with this sort of thing and cross my fingers and hope for the best and somehow it seems to work in the end.

But what has been impressed on me is that it’s really not the wires and connections that make it work. It is pure imagination . We are imagining we need wires and things which leads into the Law and the Laws of Science. There are no laws of science. Everything is imagination but ‘I am a sinner’ has created a reality with laws.

There is no Law.

In My Opinion.




Pigs Can Fly.


50 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go

  1. The Three Cornettos and it’s just a movie.

    Going back into South Nutfield is very strange. I lived there for about 13 years up until 2007 . Everything looks the same but everyone feels different. I would not be surprised if they started sparking . It has turned into the village from The World’s End movie it feels like.

    And at time of taking this pic, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ started playing from a radio.

    1. Oh man…. Exactly, brother.

      Geez (which is fake for “JES-US”)

      It’s stopping yourself short from the “curse”/exclamation of exasperation:

      “Jesus Christ!”

      I’m fascinated by it, Frank.

      I’m fascinated by the “entity” of “Jesus Christ.”

      Because I think…..

      it’s REAL.


      1. Trinity

        I think our true identity is the Christ. I am very sceptical about history and that includes yesterday. Did yesterday happen ? I would say Jesus is a symbol and reflection of our higher self. However there is a missing piece and that is his sister.

        Which is where we get into tricky territory with Identity. This may seem theoretical and impractical but it is totally relevant to what is happening. ‘God is all there is’ and for God to know parenthood he/she needs children so in theory God and the offspring are one and the same.

        I keep coming back to the same point though about how the universe works though in reality.

    1. MJ

      I’ve been looking into Cornwall recently.

      Cornwall’s translation in Cornish is Kernow . It means the Horn. Horn Passion 🙂

      *ker- (1)

      Proto-Indo-European root meaning “horn; head,” with derivatives referring to horned animals, horn-shaped objects, and projecting parts.

      And grain

      “grain,” Old English corn “single seed of a cereal plant; seeds of cereal plants generally; plants which produce corn when growing in the field,” from Proto-Germanic *kurnam “small seed” (source also of Old Frisian and Old Saxon korn “grain,” Middle Dutch coren, German Korn, Old Norse korn, Gothic kaurn), from PIE root *gre-no- “grain.”

      And Max de Winter Wonderland. Plenty of probably white stuff heading to US.

      Whether the Weather.

      True Texas. No idea what it’s talking about !

      1. I know about “horn”

        Corn wall is the native place for you. It’s your mind constantly working out what “IS”.
        My ISis the beginning, primordial mound. Native, natal, … becoming

        The you, the me, and the sacred space between us. It’s beyond words because it is NOT linear.

        To bloom, transform, or become, is the recognition of the impossible: give birth to what makes you alive. You don’t exist until you have already given birth to what defines you. It creates time. But the movie interstellar shows this, and she said

        A scenario of, “let me die so I can live”, sort of thing. The not-knowing or acceptance of this paradox is the manifestation of lock-down and masks.
        Or, it’s that love is such a threat and the pain of separation is so traumatic, we are like abused, caged animals that think the open door is a trap.
        It’s not.

      2. I’m consumed by the cornPASSION!
        Corn passion!
        I can’t stop saying that. What an awesome phrase!
        Corn. Passion.
        Y not!
        Corn passion!

        Good lord. The universe is fucking crazy!

      3. Max de Winter

        10 Day White Out for UK.

        It’s a Paradox. Storm Darky.

      1. Yes, indeed! I can feel the love of the country air!
        Here in Perth it has been raining steadily all day from a tropical cyclone that came down from the north. Yes an almost sudden change from 38° C max to 22° C max with the accompanying dull light adds to the feeling your pics give of the English winter weather.

  2. FAKE MASKS are latest threat, people!
    (Really, how long does the clown show last?!)

    “ Before filtering facepiece respirators — a fancy term that includes N95 masks — can be used in any workplace, they must be certified by NIOSH.
    For an N95 mask to get a NIOSH stamp of approval, it needs to filter at least 95% of airborne particles.
    When finding out if an N95 mask is fake or not, NIOSH markings are your compass. But there’s some vetting you can do before you even have a mask in hand.”

    NIOSH approval, huh? 🤔 when it comes to fake masks, I don’t know shion to shi-nola!
    Nish nosh!

    Wait, there’s more …

    “ Does the listing call the product “genuine” or “real”? Legitimate companies don’t need to tell buyers their products are real — at least not in the product name.
    Have reviews been left on the product, or on the seller? Buyers unhappy with the product may reveal that it is poorly made or illegitimate.”

    “ There’s one mask guideline that hasn’t changed throughout the pandemic — you definitely should be wearing one.

    But what happens when you’re not sure if your mask is real?”

    How am I supposed to sleep after reading my mask might not be real?! A not-real mask for a not-real pandemic. A reason to not be alarmed.

      1. Frank

        The fiery car/ka crash as the cause, caught my attention.
        And I wanted to add something about uncovering the true face and the connection with the hands transplant. Can’t recall exactly what I was thinking but something about the ‘laying on of hands’ and healing.
        And whatever is in your head is brought to life by the work of your hands.

      1. Haha, to bin or not to bin. That probably seemed an unusual question. I was just wondering. Ive been mulling over conspiracies with the vaccine. Thanks for your answer.

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