The Super Highway

Your Smiling Face.

And the Ageing Face.




The Theory Of Everything.



If you keep looking into the abyss you will eventually find God smiling back at you.




And the neural Super Highway. Reflections of Reality.

Traffic and Trains, Boats and Planes.



Things happen in Ka Parks.

Breaking down the Fourth Wall.



And Wired. It’s a paradox. If it’s all wireless now why are there wires everywhere ?




The Brain Metropolitan Area and Arteries.



It’s E Motion All and All E Motion.

And the Zimmer Frame.




From little acorns.



Mr Charles.







Do You Mind ?


221 thoughts on “The Super Highway

  1. Lucy : ‘We’ve codified our existence to bring it down to human size, to make it comprehensible. We’ve created a scale so we can forget its unfathomable scale.’

  2. Here in Perth much of the State of WA was sent into lockdown at 6pm on 31/1/2021 because a worker in a hotel used for quarantine showed he had contracted Covid-19.
    At about the same time a fire started in the Hills to the East of Perth at Wooroloo when the winds were blowing from the East towards Perth.
    Now, 4 days later, the authorities are unable to tell us how the fire started. All they are able to say is that there seems to be no suspicious circumstances.
    So far there have been 81 (9×9) houses destroyed. Thankfully no-one has lost their life.

        1. But I’m not just about saving “babies”…..

          I’m about saving “men.”

          That Mr. Bernaud, in his testimony, he never admitted wrongdoing of his life of crime, therefore he never asked for God’s forgiveness, or ours!

          Talk about arrogance.

          The Devil’s seed he is = Liar.

          If you wake up to your own life covered in sin…..


          WAKE UP

          GET OUT

          In the words of Capt. Kirk:

          “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!”


          I’m here for you, and I ….

          ALWAYS WILL BE.

          1. What is “sin”?

            It is not for me to decide for you, but only for YOU to decide for yourself.

            Sin is whatever you DO that makes you feel… “bad.”

            It’s against your good “conscience.”

            And, therefore, it makes you feel like less than a MAN.

            This is not a “death sentence”….

            It’s a “wake up call”!

            It’s all good, when all done is done in “love” = respect, professionalism even!

            All n truth!

            Then you can’t LOSE.

            You see, I’m an alcoholic.

            SO, everything I said in the above…..

            applies equally to me.

            1. Trinity


              ‘Im an alcholic’, ‘I’m Trinity’ ‘I’m this and I’m that’. And not picking on you. We give ourselves labels and names and others reinforce Identity. None of the labels are really who we are. IMO.

              I received an email recently addressed to Account Number 12345678 – can’t remember exactly what it was. I’m not a number etc !

              Lucy : โ€˜Weโ€™ve codified our existence to bring it down to human size, to make it comprehensible. Weโ€™ve created a scale so we can forget its unfathomable scale.โ€™

              I don’t know how much of the physical universe has any sort of reality but the enormous scale of the Universe for me is a reflection of our infinity.

              And The Church fits with Kirk.

              1. I “know,” Frank.

                So why do I do it?

                Umm, I GUESS trying to CONVINCE everyone that my son’s mother is not a dog who …..

                Ya know.

                It’s not fun.

                I think it may feel like it felt for Jesus, not being able to get the “mob” to believe in him.

                And BACK OFF….

                Not being able to “save the world” or “herself” for her own son at that moment in “time.”

                Not being able to banish the “separation” we experience from our Creator who loves us, and the pain of it, all of us ALONE, and all the SUFFERING, GOSSIPING, and JUDGMENT.

                I think my Star Trek “Best of Warp Speed” demonstrates my desire to yes, DROP ALL THE LABELS, good and bad…..

                Because it’s true, I’m not really either one.

                And shoot right on out of here!


                The “Enterprise” seems to feel stuck in GLUE…..

                “Gravity” is the sucking of Satan, believe me.

                The Anchor weighing you down and wanting to drag you to the bottom of the sea….

                And it WILL!

                Unless you CUT IT FREE.

                1. Frank,

                  Also interesting your take on whether we choose to live under a Dome (Church) or in an endless galaxy of “SPACE.”

                  That the enormous scale of the Universe is a reflection of our infinity.

                  And “frankly” I find such an idea terrifying.

                  I want to go HOME to a Father and I’m sure, a Mother….. who love us!

                  Because this life under the “dome” is hell on earth!

                  Are we really just putting limits on our own godly infinity?

                  No, I think that is a lie from Satan.

                  I think Jesus came to tell us, that Our Father loves us….. wants us to come home to HIS “Kingdom.” It’s FINITE. But if we OBEY we will experience the INFINITY of HIS LOVE and FINALLY be set FREE.

                  Follow in Jesus’ Way….. the yes, “lonesome” highway through the desert….

                  never give up…. it’s a road filled with potholes and pain, to be sure as we give up our “self” love and turn our love FULL POWER back to God…..

                  KEEP GOING no matter WHAT……

                  And we’ll make it there!

                    1. Yes, I agree with that, for sure!

                      But I do think there is a difference between your “good conscience” telling you to avoid whatever it is you’re doing that IS sin, and not pleasing to the Father….

                      And an over-abundance of guilt, which I think is an affliction that I have, and is actually demonic oppression.

    1. Apparently the official time for the start of the huge Wooroloo fire was 12:02pm on 1/2/2021 ie 6+6+6 hours after the lockdown started the day before at 6pm.

      1. The fire started very close to Werribee Rd in Wooroloo. (Coordinates 31ยฐ47โ€ฒ34โ€ณS 116ยฐ19โ€ฒ12โ€ณE) (
        “Werribee Road” = 738 (English Sumerian) or 666+66+6.
        Uh, oh! Exactly the same as the number of hours into the year for when lockdown took place the day before in Perth and the South West!!!
        738 hours into 2021 is 6pm 31/1/2021.
        Wooroloo = W
        Werribee = W
        Is there another W?

        1. Werribee Road joins Wooroloo to Wundowie looking east
          ie WWW or Vav Vav Vav or 666. Vav is the 6th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

          WUNDOWIE = 114
          WERRIBEE = 123
          WOOROLOO = 128

          Total = 365!
          8+8+8 letters

          “Wooroloo bushfire” = 216 (English Ordinal) = 6x6x6 (Bushfire = 88)

          “Wooroloo bushfire” = 216 (Reverse Ordinal) = 6x6x6 (Wooroloo = 88)

          “Wooroloo bushfire” = 176 (ALW Kabbalah) = 88+88

          8+8 letters

          ENG Ordinal
          W o o r o l o o 128 b u s h f i r e 88 216
          23 15 15 18 15 12 15 15 2 21 19 8 6 9 18 5

          Reverse Ordinal

          W o o r o l o o 88 b u s h f i r e 128 216
          4 12 12 9 12 15 12 12 25 6 8 19 21 18 9 22

          Each word is made up of a completely different sequence of values but both different words match!

          “Wooroloo” = 128 (English Ordinal) or 64+64 = (8×8)+(8×8)
          8 letters.

      2. Ken, the late 1800s are happening NOW! Every major city in US has a โ€œgreat fireโ€ story which is usually something ridiculous like a wiley cow knocking over a lantern (see Chicago fire).
        Anyway, itโ€™s a mind trip. The fires are a virus… all happened at same time! Itโ€™s a FIRUS!
        Mask on!
        Just kidding. We can breathe.

        1. MJ

          Great thinking !

          1885. The time that its always been. It’s always been burning.

          ‘By the time the Great Fire of 1885 had burned itself out, a 100-acre swath of Galveston Island lay in ruins.

          The following morning, Saturday, Nov. 14, headlines in The Galveston Daily News amply described the catastrophe:


          More Than Forty Blocks of Buildings Destroyed.

          100 Acres in the Heart of the City Laid Bare.

          About 2,300 People Made Homeless at a Single Blow.

          The first alert sounded during the previous dayโ€™s witching hours.

          โ€œAbout 1:45 oโ€™clock yesterday morning the alarm bell gave the signal which foretold one of the most dire conflagrations which has ever devastated Galveston Island, sweeping as it did almost from bay to gulf across the island, destroying in its path some of the most elegant residences of Galveston, and reducing to ashes a portion of the city in territorial area about 100 acres, all thickly populated and embracing about forty squares, with nothing now to mark the place where stately residences once stood save a number of ghostly chimneys and an occasional bare wall where a brick building chanced to be in the wake of the devouring flames.’

          The Great Fire started in Pudding Lane ๐Ÿค”. And the Great Plague.

          ‘The people of London who had managed to survive the Great Plague in 1665 must have thought that the year 1666 could only be better, and couldnโ€™t possibly be worse!

          Poor soulsโ€ฆ they could not have imagined the new disaster that was to befall them in 1666.

          A fire started on September 2nd in the Kingโ€™s bakery in Pudding Lane near London Bridge. Fires were quite a common occurrence in those days and were soon quelled. Indeed, when the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Thomas Bloodworth was woken up to be told about the fire, he replied โ€œPish! A woman might piss it out!โ€. However that summer had been very hot and there had been no rain for weeks, so consequently the wooden houses and buildings were tinder dry.’

  3. I’m an outsider but what I am observing is, welp….

    This is upside down of what I THOUGHT was a world of “real men” but is just the OPPOSITE.

    Blue collar white men RULE through…?

    sodomizing the “men” below them….


    So they will never become true “men” and rebel against them.

    I’m SIRIUS.

    These poor young men justify it in their own mind as a righteous rite of PASSAGE….i

    When it’s really just….. RAPE.



    And no “real man” could ever “report it” or see a therapist about it…..

    So they are double and triple f–d.


  4. Big Yellow Taxi.

    My daughter Rebecca’s birthday is 25/03.

    In Inception the number of the train that suddenly appears in one of the dream states is 3502 and hits the yellow taxi with 2053.

    And the lyrics in Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell have been reflected for Jenny. They’re cutting down trees to put up a parking lot.

    ‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
    With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spot
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

    They took all the trees, and put em in a tree museum
    And they charged the people a dollar and a half to see them
    No, no, no
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone
    They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot’.

  5. Today I’m wondering why I seem to leave destruction in my wake wherever I “go.”

    It’s because I walk in the name of JESUS.

    The Sword of the Gospel
    33 But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven. 34 Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn โ€˜a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.โ€ฆ’


    We live in a World of Rules.

    When I walk with Jesus, I bear His light of Truth…..

    Which SHATTERS the darkness and breaks through all the LIES.

    And it will knock down your House of Cards.

    Like a “monsoon.”

            1. I can’t do my “goddess” in a warehouse……

              It really wouldn’t work.

              I need a MAN

              I WANT a man to be strong enough for me to be FREE with my yeah, my godessness.

              I’m sick of dressing like a MAN.

              But when you dress like a goddess……

              it gets all the wrong attention.

              I need a man who loves me, who wants me, and who can protect me.


              I want it to be YOU.

                  1. I stepped outside tonight, and searched the stars…..

                    The Big Dipper is in a different location now over my house…’s to the right….

                    And almost upside down?


                    Giving its water.

                    Pouring its water over ME.

                    Thank you JESUS!!!


                    1. It’s a hard lesson.

                      You can’t have it both ways.

                      You can’t keep your POWER and your POSITION in the “WORLD” as the TOP DOG when …..

                      True Love walks across your path…..

                      and you TRY TO KEEP IT ALL.

                      It’s one (the “World”)….


                      the other (ME).

                      I’m not apologizing for it ANYMORE.

                      It’s TOO LATE for you.


                      It’s not too late for….


                    2. So what’s it gonna be, “M”

                      (I noticed when I first got here that for example, “they” called the famed “Butch”…. Butchie. Ugh… I’m like, What?

                      And I saw on the board they call you “Mikey”…..)


                      Keeping a good man down.

                      That’s ALL it is.

                      Is “JUAN” your CONTROLLER?

                      Aww,….I’m sure he loves you!

                      YOU ARE A VICTIM

                      I’m offering you the opportunity to reclaim your manhood.

                      With ME.

                      But you have to decide now and act fast,

                      Do you really want to “cuddle” with another man?


                      There’s no “love” there….. AM I right?

                      And you HAVE TO GET OUT.

                      Or you will not be able to BE with me.

                      And if you draw it out, you will be risking my life vs your broken-hearted MATE.

                      If you are not decisive, he will want to KILL ME.

                      YOU GET ME?????

                      I’ll see you at work .

                    3. I’ve noticed gay men who are older and “on top” in a sodomite relationship are ALL ABOUT THE RULES…..

                      Be “good”!

                      Don’t be late!

                      Do your work!


                    4. And let’s be CLEAR:

                      This is NOT about ME vs your Juan.

                      This is about, if you are in love with me, how could you CONTINUE to be with him….

                      If you are in love with me, you WOULD become ALLERGIC to him.


                      SO if you’re not, then…..

                      FINE BY ME!

                      Do not mess with me or flirt with me EVER AGAIN.

                    5. This is about you deciding you don’t want to be gay anymore.

                      Am I right?

                      You’re a MAN.

                      I’d recommend you BECOME one.

                    6. A complicating factor in my argument and clips is…..

                      Argh, it’s pretty clear Trinity is played by a man.


                      She’s TOO STRONG and in this elevator scene you really see her strong jaw, no butt, shoulders out to here……

                      We have been so WARPED and blinded by these Hollywood movies….

                      My avatar?

                      Keanu, who is “male.”

                      And a very unusual “being.”

                      I THINK Keanu is an FTM.

                      But I still love “him”!


                      It's all so f— up!

                    7. I’m also aware…..

                      That you, “M”….

                      could be just another psyop against me.

                      I’ve been seduced and tricked by “evil” men before, dont’cha know.

                      Point is, you have probably built up quite a life there at the gap….

                      When I am on my way outta there!

                      Who knows how long I will hang on…..
                      Who knows if I will just get so fed up that I will “take it” to Joe in H.R. because I NEED the paycheck…..

                      Who knows.

                      I AM starting to learn that…..

                      you have said one thing a few times and done another.

                      You’re not true to your word because you are playing some sort of GAME (with Juan and Matt and all the girls upfront (yech)…..

                      And I just want you to know….

                      I don’t “play games.”


                      I love you tho……

                      I MEAN that.

            2. I’ll just say for what it’s worth (lol) …..

              that I’ve worked with gay men my whole professional life (at movie and fashion mags)……

              and no offense…. but I knew Juan was gay right away and I thought maybe he was with “Joe” in H.R…… His name stuck out to me because they mentioned his name in orientation and I thought they were making fun of my son, whose name is John. Not “Juan.”

              It’s “John,” you crackers…. get it???


              Any who……

              Umm….my point?

              That despite your earring and your pink flamingoes shirt (I just don’t get it, I’m really really DUMB….I was wondering what the earring meant? Are you some sort of RADICAL or something?)

              My POINT is…..

              I’ve worked with GAYS my entire life!

              And I never even considered…..

              that you were “one of them.”

              You say my name like I’ve known you forever.


              1. So my plan is….

                To go on a road trip and I’d love to have a man along.

                In search of a yes, a beautiful bird….



                Um, nice stuff…. ๐Ÿ™‚

                I won’t give it ALL away…..

                I’m a WRITER.

                And I need to keep some stuff close.

                If you hate camping, if you hate living off the land like I’d like to if I HAVE to (I’m Katniss)… I can do city too obviously…. I can do FASHION!…. I can do GODDESS…. I can do …. everything.



                  1. Frank has my email and I give him permission to release it to you.

                    Ask, and it shall be opened to you!

                    Let’s communicate!!!

                    If you don’t……

                    Well then you don’t.

                    I’m going on this adventure, with or without you.


                    1. So I want to take back “Dark Horse” because I’m not….

                      I’m not “coming for you like a dark horse.”


                      Haha, I just really LIKE that video for some reason… haha!

                      And I’m ready to be SAVED.

                      But not by “you.”

                      Not by a “man.”

                      I’m ready to leave this “place” behind…. And I’m just ASKING if you’d like to come along.

                      That’s all.

                      If you choose not to, it’s OK.


                      I MEAN that.


                      Vernon Howard's
                      SECRETS OF LIFE (R)


                      "Before any human being is saved, there comes a critical point. The
                      individual must make the final decision to give up his suffering. If
                      he continues to retain his love of suffering, he will not be saved."

                      THE WAY BACK HOME
                      A Treasury of Trueness, # 1965
                      New Version, # 1968

                    2. I also apologize for my um…. attack on Juan, and you know…. anyone’s being gay.

                      I can tell he is a beautiful person.

                      Just like you.

                    3. I don’t know, but maybe I’m living Jesus’ life, walking his path….

                      But as a WOMAN.

                      You did notice the “JESUS” tattoo on Katy’s arm at the end when she WAKES UP at the END in “Roa”r? Ahhh….back in the Garden!

                      She also displays it when she rings the BELL in “Bon Appetit.”
                      For JUSTICE.

                      Now when you google her name you get Bozo the Clown face!!!

                      lol! Love you, Katy <3

                      I just had the thought that when Jesus walked, all his "own kind, " that means MEN….. hated him.

                      And I'm sure all the women fell in love with him.

                      So now I am walking a path…..

                      And all the women hate me…..

                      And all the MEN (not the evil TARES, or maybe…)….

                      fall in love with me.

                      JESUS WALKS WITH ME.

                      I AM NOT ALONE.


                      Nope! Haha I just searched "Jesus I am not alone"…..

                      And got this.

                      I AM "Kari" (Carrie! That's ME!) "Jobe" (Job. The Book of Job. Read it)

                      It's ALL GOOD, people.

                      I love you ALL and I apologize for ALL of my ATTACKS on you.

                      Hey, I'm not PERFECT…..


                    4. I’m free
                      I’m free
                      And freedom tastes of reality
                      I’m free
                      I’m free
                      And I’m waiting for you to follow me
                      If I told you what it takes
                      To reach the highest high
                      You’d laugh and say nothing’s that simple
                      But you’ve been told many times before
                      Messiah’s pointed to the door
                      No one had the guts to leave the temple
                      I’m free
                      I’m free
                      And I’m waiting for you to follow me
                      I’m free
                      I’m free
                      And I’m waiting for you to follow me
                      How can we follow?
                      How can we follow?
                      How can we follow?

                    5. And now I actually can’t wait…..

                      I can’t wait!

                      Jesus is my “darlin’ ”

                      I can’t wait to get on the ROAD HOME…..

                      With HIM.


                    6. You need to know, “M”

                      “Anna” STILL wants to destroy me. I don’t know What her problem is, but she is still a problem.

                      I got confirmation in my latest publishing/proofreading job.

                      She’s in the list of characters, with no description attached, just….


                      She’s at the Gap. Not sure, I think she’s how I ended up there….with YOU.

                      I’m not doing anything that could be interpreted as ‘US” having an “affair.” Therefore I’m taking “E” days, not your “VTO.” ๐Ÿ™‚

                      I just don’t KNOW what you are doing….That’s why I want to communicate so bad… It’s KINDA CRUCIAL?

                      Just like Jay at VOGUE….. No communication = HE got CANNED.
                      Just like “Butch” in town….. No communication = You don’t hear much about him anymore.

                      I don’t want this to happen to YOU TOO.

                      You need to protect YOUR JOB and YOUR CAREER.

                      Because you’re GOOD.

                      I suggest if you are serious about me, you consult a lawyer about how to go “about it.”

                      Because I CAN”T play the games at work……

                      I just can’t.

                      I’m coming back in, and I’d LIKE to feel like I’m just doing my shift with no “shiftiness” or suddenly getting LOGGED OFF my computer or having NEGATIVE numbers (lol) and then having sweet-talking SEAN come by to say, Hey Caroline!”

                      You get me?

                      I THINK I’m gonna come in tomorrow….


                    7. And thank you for trying to help me, tho…. It’s probably better if you don’t.

                      The base hourly pay is good enough for me at this point in time.

                      I can’t KILL with SPEED with the extra $ (OBVS ) because THEY won’t LET ME…..

                      But at this point I’m not fighting them.

                      I’ll “be good.”

                      Because of course it’s a Catch – 22.

                      But if THEY ever make an issue of me having negative numbers? And what, threaten to fire me?

                      THEN I go to MY lawyer.

                      And BURN THE PLACE DOWN (haha! a second time??)

                      I just want the basic pay at this point….

                      And have you come by and tell me I’m doing a good job.


                    8. So I went to post this again off YouTube and it has been replaced!!! With some dopey song that if you didn’t KNOW better, you wouldn’t KNOW.

                      that’s sick….

                      Oh and by the way….

                      “Anna” is no Queen.

                      She’s a SLAVE, but it’s quite possible she doesn’t even know it.

                    9. If you NOT-ICE the sun or the moon’s beautiful reflection pointing at you from the horizon leading straight to YOU….

                      It’s a straight and BEAUTIFUL line on WATER….

                      A MESSAGE from God.

                      It’s a message from God to YOUR heart: He loves you.

                      Now THINK: That reflection extending across miles and miles of water must mean it is flat.

                      And if the water on Earth is flat, then so is the “L…..and.”

                      And THAT MEANS…..

                      God the Father created it that way.

                      Hallelu JAH.

                      Praise the Lord!

                      And THAT, my friends, is my …..


                    10. Do you see in that chariot race that Ben Hur had no wish to hurt or kill his opponent?

                      It’s ALL A TRAP.

                      And it’s only by the CROSS that we can escape it.

                    11. And finally?

                      To the Sheriff of Dutchess County

                      You done me wrong.


                      Um, and another thing?

                      I can’t sell my house without your wife’s troll Cousins DISRESPECTING me inmy own home? Realtor “Brian” Mac WRATH snips a camera shot of me in my own bedroom during our walk-thru? His WIFE doesn’t approve our asking price and says I have to go LOWER?

                      Telling me I’m gonna get killed trying to get my “CO”?

                      You are DONE.

                      I sue the TOWN of PAWLING.


                    12. You, “Rebecca,” do not get away with calling me white trash…..

                      You are the wife of the Sheriff of Dutchess County.

                      AM I RIGHT?


                      You better PRAY I get what I deserve with my HOUSE SALE.

                      It’s in the 300’s…..


                      You and your HUSBAND…..

                      are DONE.

                    13. AGAIN I say…. (because my first DRAFT didn’t post. it just disappeared…)


                      You are the WIFE of the Dutchess County Sheriff, am I right?


                      You really need to keep a rein on your man….

                      Because he has been STALKING me for YEARS.



                      Watch out, cuz I’m going to sell my house in Pawling for the price I think it’s worth….

                      WHAT EVER….

                      You and your town official cousins, your realtor cousins, your everybody cousins, get in my way?

                      You and your little cuz “husband” Butchie?

                      … are going down.

                      WAY DOWN

                    14. And oh, you win!

                      I can’t say I ever “loved” your husband because I never even knew him!

                      It’s OK now…..

                      Because your “husband” is on death row to me: dead.

                      So…. you can keep him.


                      I’ve got my eye on someone else….

                      And it ain’t your “butchie.”

                      It’s a MAN.

                      Are you gonna kill me now?

                      GO AHEAD AND TRY ME.

                    15. I’m not sure…. but I think “M” might be a little bit crazy like me.

                      I’ll ask him…

                      Why wouldn’t I?


                  2. Haha, Frank!

                    I finally AGREE with you.

                    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!”

                    I went out to shovel the deep deep snow from my driveway this morning and…. welp…. I found EMBARRASSING evidence that I had dropped in my driveway instructions and manual and crystals you need to use that when I moved my new portable toilet? Ya know, like you need in outfitted CAMPER VAN? Into storage…..Any who… I’ve been LAUGHING all day…. and the moment I caught myself reacting to some “poopie insult” from yes, Lucifer!, with laughter I got the MESSAGE from Jesus to “just LAUGH.” as I spotted HIM! He visits me in the beautfiul, crowned titmouse, blue, gray and white.

                    Yeah, it’s a regal little bird with a beautiful “call” and it’s called the “Tit Mouse.” lol


                    SO any WHO…..

                    Um, I just wanted to say…..

                    I was right about “M.”

                    Aaahhhh. …. mmm.

                    And guess WHAT?

                    He can DANCE.

                    He’s a white guy…. and he can dance.


                    I've decided DANCING is indeed a much better and safer form of "spiritual warfare" against my "enemies" than King Leonidas in "300" and all his men.

                    THEY die…..

                    I want to LIVE.


    1. “The Perfect Storm” you enter trying to get close to me is…..

      compliments of….


      Prince of the Air

    1. The lesson is:

      If you have a “love,” don’t throw it before SWINE.

      Who will tear it apart.

      Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing…..

      I really noticed your beard for the first time tonight….

      The BEARD

      I don’t like the beard.

      I hate to tell you this, but it’s me or EVERYTHING ELSE.

      See, that’s how “I’m fast.”

      I’m not playing this whole damn drama AGAIN with you.

      I let it play with J…

      I let it play with B.

      It’s DONE.

      So um, part of me thinks you are working for Anna.

      To prove me the ultimate LOSER by falling for ANY ATTENTION I can get.

      And to be honest?

      I would NEVER want to “be” with you, whoever you are, if you still work for THEM.


      Thanks for the pity party.

      I am attracted to you, there’s that (hard to come by, in my world)….


      Like I said

      I’ll HANG IN a little bit longer to see “where this goes….”

        1. Plus God only knows how many years older I AM than you…..

          I’m putting it at 20 at least…..


          Did you ever see Harold and Maude?

          1. I don’t mean to be ugh…mean.

            It’s just that…..

            The people you work with, and I currently work with…..

            Um, how do I say it?

            They’re just MISERABLE.

            Misery personified…..

            And I think I’ve reached the age (you have not, you are still trying to make your life….) where I’m just NOT going to tolerate being in that kind of HATEFUL vibration.

            It’s um….. HORRIBLE.

            YOU are the ONLY bright light I’ve SEEN in there.


            And I kinda GET how you might feel bereft of “love” or simply a likeminded spirit like me when I’m not there…..

            I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry I missed your dancing at the end of the shift.

            It’s hard, being spiritually assaulted, and disrespected so much ….

            I pretend I can take it, but sometimes lately….

            I just don’t want to die young.


            I’m young and I have a whole lotta life to live ahead of me.

              1. I’m not done fighting…..

                But I don’t want to fight a losing battle anymore.

                “It’s a yes or a no….no “maybe”….”

                And when I do quit…..

                Welp, I’m gone.

                1. And “M”

                  I apologize for pulling you in to my matrix and gossip factory and whatever THIS IS.

                  I’m addicted to it.

                  Well I want to get clean, and just be sober, not post, come into work for a while……

                  Put my blinders on, stay positive, and give it a go …

                  with you….

                  As my supervisor.


                  1. And just to clarify: I don’t like the “beard” because I think there is some sort of “beard clan” against me. Originates with the white supremacists up here in ONION TOWN.


                    They made my son grow one for his graduation from medical school.

                    It’s a white cracker thing…..

                    I don’t like it.

                    And to be clear: I have learned from my mistakes of the past.

                    I’m not going to allow myself to be spiritually and emotionally RAPED and KILLED again.

                    That means…..

                    NO LIES


                    Just sayin….

                    If you are attracted to me because of all the “sexy” stories about me and whatnot….

                    The “same” WILL NOT HAPPEN FOR YOU.

                    Maybe it’s the fatal attraction Butch has had for me all these years: the “sexy” story?



                    I can laugh, but if you’re in the market for some free-wheeling older woman who’s willing to hook up with a younger man….


                    DO NOT BOTHER.

                    1. I’m thinking about you and trusting and just wanted to say that I’m more Ruth Gordon than Katy Perry.

                      Happy Valentine’s Day


                    2. Oh, and….

                      I loved the mohawk.

                      Sorry to give the wrong impression.


                      I LOVE YOU ALL.

                      Jay, Butch, and MIke

                      MY MEN

                      I LOVE YOU

                    1. I think you are adorable.

                      How’s that for a Valentine love note.

                      These “people” you have to work with?


                    2. I don’t think you and me are gonna make it and here is why:

                      I don’t want to work anymore.

                      And you are young and the “supervisor” that it would seem a “failure” if I can’t or don’t want to “WORK” anymore.

                      When I’m just like, yeah…. F it.


                      I can tell, you pass judgement (just a ltittle bit!) on me for “missing work.”


                      For Missing WORK.

                      I DON”T WANT TO WORK ANYMORE.


                      I’d ALMOST (not there yet) rather be seen as a homeless DRUNK than keep going in to the WAREHOUSE day after day, and MIke… c’mon, admit it…. you are a slave driver.


                      I don’t KNOW you,. You could be some sick F- who gets off on the power……

                      I don’t know.

                    3. And yeah, THERE IT IS.

                      SICK F–s in POWER WHO GET OFF ON IT.

                      DUTCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK


                      WORSE than Scranton….

                      A PIT.



  6. To Mike

    I’m a hard worker!

    How else did I end up owning a HOUSE.

    But now I want to work only for MY SELF.

    And not as a slave to the Devil.


    I hope and pray we can see eye to eye…..

    and if we can’t?

    We can’t.


    1. I want to get OUT.

      I’m equipped for it.

      I’ve PLANNED.

      I have everything I need to live…. off the grid.

      I can see it is MY dream…..

      Not your dream.

      SO that’s where it all falls apart if you’re not interested in that.

      You’re so cute and nice.


      I feel sad.

      1. Michael


        Do you believe in the things I have posted?

        Maybe some of it?….maybe…. that NASA is a fake Satanic psyop upon mankind…..? We never landed on the moon because the moon is not “land” but an electric energy of some sort created by the Father.

        Have you considered that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack at all but an inside job?

        Um, geez what else…

        Oh yeah, the EARTH is flat, not a globe spinning through Space.

        If you want to connect with me I need you to look into these things…..

        I’m a Renegade, dont’cha know.

        This summer….

        I’m taking off.

        You want to come with…..



          1. I think there is a real danger of an older woman being with a younger man, and I realized it after it first happened– that it was I who should have know better. That it’s true, an older woman can be a predator in Satan’s matrix. But can be A SAVIOR is Jesus’ counter-matrix.

            And I apologized to the younger man. I realized I should have gotten to know him better first. Because when I saw the whole deal of him and his life, I knew he was not what I wanted in my son’s life. So I said, it’s not gonna work.

            I’m sure he has a mother, actually he mentioned her at one point how she helped him get a mortgage on his house…..

            To Bill and to Bill’s mom:

            I’m sorry for all the pain.

            I hope you are OK and just be able to forgive me.

            I’m in a house that I do believe is under Satan’s power somehow….

            I believe Satan had me behave in the way I did. I was three years sober…. I didn’t drink at all the whole time and after either…. But it’s how the demon of alco-ghoul works. You can’t win, even if you don’t drink for years…..

            And I believe Jesus was with me the whole time….. and still is.

            And I believe He is with you too.

            God bless


            1. And I SEE now, the GOODNESS of God’s commandments and how Satan leads us astray and RUINS “true love.”

              Because if you just dive into a relationship head first because there is an “attraction” you will lose it!

              But if you OBEY God’s commandment, no sex outside of marriage…. it DOES seem hard…..

              But the REWARD?

              It’s so GREAT, and I want it.

              You’re with someone who you like, and know, and TRUST….


              You also have that gift from God: a magnetic magical sexual “chemistry” goin on!!!

              Man, you’ve got it in your back pocket and it will hold you two together when the going gets rough.

              Because it’s going to get rough.


              Maybe not, I don’t know….

              I’ve never been in a Holy Relationship. I was “married” for ten years, but it was not a idk relationship sanctified by the father.

              Maybe in a Holy Marriage it’s just LOVE LOVE LOVE every day.

              The gift from God, because you do it and you do everything with HIM….

              I want to have that…..


              1. So maybe I’ve lost “M” already…..

                How can he be the Man when I’m the man already?

                What a turn-off, am I right?

                I’m outta this HOUSE

                It’s CURSED.

                And EVERYBODY knows it.

                  1. I’m going to stop trying to be a man.

                    I was born a woman.


                    I hand over the reins to “M”

                    a “real” man.

                    He’ll handle it.

                    With God’s blessing.

                    1. That said….

                      I hope “M” knows….

                      I’m Trinity.

                      And I will always have his back.

    1. But all this isn’t just about ME.


      “The Chosen” team are trying to film the Sermon on the Mount down in Texas.

      And dont’cha know…..

      They’re in a Winter Emergency.

      Freezing temperatures, snow, and ICE!!!!!

      So they’re getting slammed with $100,000 a day overages, so that the plan of releasing Episode 1 of the new season by Easter….

      might not happen.

      I got an email about it from Dallas Jenkins asking for prayers.

      Let’s pray!

      I want to see their new season.

      I want to see anything I can about my Savior.

      Because “Easter” is….


      1. So I’m praying for the Chosen team, like Dallas asked.

        And maybe I’m asking you all for prayers too.

        There is an awesome synchronicity in that last Matrix rooftop, saving Morpheus scene, so good I dare not throw my pearl before swine…. no hints. “M” must have seen it….

        And then another “good one” in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. (ha, I’d forgotten about her “mohawk”, lol!)

        Forgotten about everything, I don’t remember anything I then “see” in these vids.

        I got another “sign” in the heavens no less, when I stepped out to look at the stars night before last.

        A shooting star!

        For “M”

        and “M”e.

        Hey, if my heart gets broken again, I’ll KNOW: that’s what Jesus WANTS.

        It’s ALL GOOD.


          1. So I finally stopped asking God for “help.”

            I actually prayed and asked instead for “understanding.”


            He gave it to me.

            “O my God,” thank you.

            “Q: I wish to understand my self and my life.

            A: That is one of the finest statements you could ever make.
            Understanding is everything, for you can never be hurt or frightened by
            an event which you really understand.”

            Treasury of Positive Answers, Chap. 1, # 1

            Like you said, “M”….

            I’m still “positive.”


            But we all know I like to talk to My Self…..

            I’m “M.”

            Because there is no one else to “talk to.”


            Oh, the synch?


            That’s the sign on the building which Trinity chooses to help Neo and Morpheus “land” safely.


            Mary Magdalen
            Michael “Man” (the director of “Last of the Mohicans”)
            “Mikael” Bloom-Quest….

            I guess in the occult world of Satanic Freemasonry, “MM” [Marilyn Monroe, a secret transgender. Marilyn Manson, a very sick and EVIL sodomite musician….uh, anyway, it’s stands for “33”]

            And you know where the “33” comes from, don’t you?

            JESUS and the age he CROSSED OVER.


            Keep it coming.

            I feel like I have a new lease on “life” at the gap.

                1. Hey, “Mikael Blomqvist”….

                  It’s not me who wants to make you have to jump through hoops just to “meet” me or god forbid, TALK to me….

                  It’s “the World.”

                  “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the Evil One.”
                  John 5:19

                  The entire world, including our world at the gap, is held tight in Satan’s grasp.

                  Let’s not throw our pearls before SWINE.

                  Let’s not let the left know what the right is doing.

                  Don’t know what that means for you.

                  I can’t tell you “what” to do.

                    1. Mikael….

                      I’m not a flirt nor a slut…..

                      I’m a WOMAN.

                      And you reminded me tonight of one of my FAVORITE movies.



                      You looked Good, how’s that?

                    2. I think (now) that you have a girlfriend, or perhaps now “former” girlfriend (“Barbara”?)

                      I think she works at the gap…..

                      I think that’s why they tried to get me to “leave you” and work for “Rosa”..

                      I think….



                      Just be "Care Full"

                      That's me!

                      I don't want to see you go down.

                      Ask God for guidance.

                      I'm SERIOUS.

                    3. Let’s be clear here: this isn’t “my” honor I am fighting for.

                      It’s my son’s “mother’s” honor.

                      Don’t you forget that, you (ahem) “townies.”


                      I held back….from hating you ALL.

                      I want to be um…..

                      NOT A HATER

                      No, I want to be….

                      A disciple of Jesus.

                    4. Satan’s agenda is to divide and conquer us by our division….

                      Warring against each other, therefore UNAWARE of the Enemy that is approaching.

                      Know your Enemy, my brothers at the gap….

                      It’s not me.

                    5. And you should know, my sweet Michael….

                      That my son is not “out of the picture.”

                      He’s the center of my life.


                    6. You see, “Anna’s World” makes us all criminals.

                      What is so wrong for a “Supervisor” to ask a worker out?

                      I MEAN IT!

                      What is wrong with that?

                      And for me, I don’t want to feel like a criminal!

                      If a cute supervisor wants to ask me out, I want him to do it and not get in “trouble” for it.

                      ALL OUT IN THE OPEN.

                      Otherwise we’re stupid to resort to skulking around in secret.


                      We’ll BOTH get fired.

                      I think we should DO THIS…..

                      Out in the open.

                      WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?

                      (I’m assuming he’s not married…. Aah!)

                    7. I’m not the one doing the “asking” and I never will be.


                      But if you want to “ask me out,” what does the Human Resources Playbook say about that?

                      Find out.

                      This is your battle and your path to “Man” hood.

                      Being the “One.”

                      It takes life-threatening battle to be the One.

                    8. And we’re all trying to make sense of our lives, are we not?

                      And I look back at my “tenure” at Vogue and see that a man brought me to the attention of the higher ups, meaning well I suppose because he wanted to “date me” or whatever… and got me in the killer spotlight until they forced me out.

                      Same thing with the Sheriff: he put me up on a pedestal, tells the world (i don’t know for sure) that he’s gonna “marry that girl” and just LEAVES ME THERE for the jackals and hyenas to laugh at and drag down… mock until she decides to what, off herself?

                      So I don’t know what to make of this third person, “M”

                      The Priestess card (all Satanic stuff) show the priestess on her throne between two columns: J and B.

                      So the letter “M” I have been syncing on for years lately…. I’m Mary, after all….

                      The mountains in the vid I posted: it’s an “M”

                      But one peak is higher than the other.

                      Looks to me like the Holy Couple God created: Man and Wo-Man.


                      Man is SUPPOSED to be bigger and stronger than his “woman.”

                    9. I did say that “M’ and I , “M”, are already “1”

                      How can Satan get in the way and destroy that?

                      He can’t.

                      We are One.

                      Male and fe-Male


                    10. I have to revise one of my earlier posts: in which I told Michael that it’s not me making him jump through hoops, i.e. “blocking him” but that it’s Satan.

                      Ahaha, haha ha….

                      Ah, no!

                      No, it’s NOT Satan.

                      Satan would happily ALLOW you to seduce me and “take me,” and make me the whore they’ve been trying to portray me as since idk since Day one. You know, on Sirius XM? (“I just want some lovin’ “) Chill. Which I tried to skip to the next song but it wouldn’t let me so I grabbed it out of my ear and you were glad I did! I saw that YOU are “in on it.” You listen in on my AirPods too! I’m like Katy Perry when she spent um, a month or something under the CONSTANT WATCH and HEARING of the One EYE…… YOU are one of THEM.

                      So no…. It’s not Satan and the World blocking you from “taking advantage” of a “broken creature” like me….

                      It’s GOD, Yahuah, my FATHER.

                      Yah-Who-ah i.e. I AM WHO AM.

                      The WHO

                      In the figure of MORPHEUS.

                      “Who” is also (!!!)…. MY SON!!!

                      The Father, protecting Trinity, his daughter from an IMMATURE suitor.
                      And the Son, protecting his Mother from becoming a “fallen” woman.

                      Many have postulated that Morpheus represents either God or “John the Baptist.”


                      I’ve spoken in the past: that the “John” I named my son after was not the Gospel writer “John” but “John the Baptist,” who was….

                      Jesus’ COUSIN.


                      So just wanted Michael to know that, with the love of Jesus.


                      Today it came to me that maybe Michael and Mary have MORE IN COMMON than I thought…… Why do "Rosa" and "Tammy" and all the other b*otches at the gap HATE me SO MUCH?

                      "M" said, "Um yeah! We're all one happy FAMILY" over here at the gap….

                      Why can't he invite ME to come over to HIS house, instead of trying to get me to invite him to come over to mine?

                      Um, yeah!

                      I GET IT.

                      Morpheus is protecting me…..

                      From you!

                      Until…. you GROW UP and become….

                      a MAN.

                    11. So…”Mikael Bloom-quest”

                      I’m wondering….. if you, like every other “MAN” in my life…. got a woman pregnant unintended by you.

                      Do you have an “unwanted” child too?

                      That you did not AGREE to HAVE?…..

                      And this is the RECURRING THEME of MY LIFE.

                      I always KNEW that children should be born from two parents who agree and want to have one.

                      Out-of-wedlock children do not have that PROTECTION.

                      And that is WHY God forbids sex outside of marriage.

                      Hey…. I might as well admit here to the world and perhaps my son:

                      I had “out-of-wedlock” sex too….. I didn’t mean to get pregnant but I did.

                      I had an abortion as soon as I COULD.

                      I’m “guilty” too….

                      But, I ask myself, what is the GREATER sin?

                      To abort an unwanted child as soon as possible, which I was told by the Spirit, is NO SIN. It’s not a “soul” until it is BORN. That’s why your horoscope dates from the day you draw BREATH, when you are born into the world. I’m sorry to all who disagree with me, it’s just what I believe.

                      OK, so what I’m trying to say is….

                      It is a GREATER sin for a woman to contrive to “get pregnant” to thereby “get” a husband.

                      When that “husband” didn’t WANT that child to be born, or at least, didn’t agree to it.

                      But the Moral Code of Satan says, you must stay together (and the witch bitch knows it) “for the sake of the children.”

                      I think such a seductress is NOT the so-called “good wife and mother” but a demon and I believe she will pay the price in the “end.”

                      But it “takes two to tango.”

                      Had you obeyed God’s commandment to not have sex outside of marriage you would not now be in HELL.

                      If there forgiveness for the witch bitch?

                      Yes, of COURSE!

                      There’s forgiveness for ALL of us!

                      But most witch bitches never repent. They GLORY in their power to have taken down a good man. They glory in their OWNERSHIP of that man, unto the GRAVE.

                    12. So is this why Tammy threatened MY “lamb”? In your presence? (I saw you were agitated, didn’t know why….)

                      Then later, my “angel”?

                      Because you, Mike, have a lamb and an “angel” too?

                      Like I said to you two witch bitches, Tammy and Jody….

                      You and all your YELLING and SCREAMING and LAUGHING?

                      You’re just hanging yourselves.

                      And like I said, you and your loud hoots and undecipherable SCREECHING?

                      You both sound like monkeys.

                      Like APES.

                    13. So Ladies…..

                      I won’t “label” you or “condemn” you when I don’t even KNOW you!

                      I feel a sisterhood with both of you, to be honest.

                      We WOMEN are all “Medusas,” in one way or another in this “World” Satan’s got us born into.

                      I know you both are just as “good” as I am!

                      I know you both “mean well.” Are “good mothers” too.

                      But it takes one to know one.

                      Back off, or?


                    14. And just so you know, “M”

                      I got a sure-fire sign (it’s too much to tell and I don’t want to, but TRUST me)

                      from God…..

                      That …

                      the “signs” I am getting are true, and what they are telling me is:

                      “I’ve got a boy who loves me.”


                      Satan doesn’t like it.

                    15. I just wanted to add one more vid for my “brothers” and “sisters” at the gap…..

                      I hadn’t realized until just now rewatching the Tolkien movie “Lord of the Rings” clip just how WHITE all the humans are…. who have to fend off the demons from hell.

                      Anywho I have a lot of Black brothers and sisters at the gap and I don’t want you to misunderstand me ( and I don’t want to get killed, hahaha….JOKE! )

                      I have always regretted that the movie “300” made the same mistake of making all the heroes white, and the Enemy armies dark-skinned…..

                      Because I honestly do not think either of these movies are trying to be “racist.”


                      I’m not a Black person. My beloved niece and nephew are, and I love them very much. And my son is of Puerto Rican heritage….

                      But I have to admit that I really don’t know what it’s like to be a minority and to watch these movies of heroism and victory and maybe feel left out, or even…. demonized.

                      For what it’s worth….

                      I LOVED “Black Panther”!

                      But now watching this vid again, just look!

                      It’s the same thing! All the heroes are black and the villains are white!

                      Do you not see how HOLLY WOOD mind-controls us all?

                      To DIVIDE us ….

                      And CREATE “Racism”

                      To create “race wars”

                      When we all know in real life, it’s not like that!

                      But I loved “Black Panther” for that VERY REASON: showing us an INVERSE UNIVERSE….

                      to just make us WAKE UP …. a little bit….

                    16. That said, to my brother “Sean”

                      I see you watching me and you SCARE me.

                      Because I’m “too fast” and I’m STEALING all the gravy from your “poor” “family”?

                      Huh, Sean?

                      I saw you today watching me from behind my back as I sped to a PLUS 23 on singles.

                      You want to mess with me, Sean?

                      BRING IT!

                      Maybe THIS IS IT….

                      The REASON I was BROUGHT to THE GAP.

                      I’m ready for you.

                      Oh and….

                      I believe if I ever REALLY need help from the Sheriff…..

                      He’ll be there for me.

                      He’s used to dealing with “gangs” in Poughkeepsie.


                      His own evil FAMILY.


                    17. So enough is enough….

                      I’ve always thought to myself:

                      May the best man win.

                      “I thought I had you and then you were gone….”


                      Not this time.

                    18. You can spot Katy’s “Jesus” tattoo in this vid too!

                      I LOVE YOU KATY

                      You are sent by God, I do believe.

                      You are BEAUTIFUL.


                    19. See how awesome Frank is?

                      He believes in LOVE.

                      That’s why he let’s me “go Wild.”

                    20. No no no…..
                      I’m not going back there.

                      (I love you, Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy!)

                      For whatever it’s worth:

                      A man who can “win” like you did tonight, Michael….

                      With LOVE.

                      That’s a “man” I want to follow.

                    21. Hmm! No fist bump…. and no show.

                      It’s OK, and I truly appreciate you are going to help me keep my job at the gap!

                      You’re a good guy and I love you!

                      (You’re also so “hot” that I’d appreciate no further…. um, “eye-to-eye” contact”? I’m just looking out for my own mental “well-being.” I’m a big girl, ya know.)


                    22. And more, this is confirmation for me that Jesus is with me, and Lucifer is playing with me with his “incredible” synchs, like actually seeing a shooting star as I had the thought I have a boy who loves me….

                      And then posting “Diamonds” last night with the lyric: “You’re a shooting star I see….”

                      I DIDN”T know we’d become “One” right away at first sight, tho….

                      I only saw you “differently” when you recently looked at me “differently” and it was yep, “hot.”

                      Are you just playing a game with me because of a marital spat, feeling abandoned perhaps by your “SO”?

                      Are you jealous of his new “interest”? I was going to to ask you WHO you live with, ya know…..

                      I was gonna “SLOW DOWN” and do it the “right way” with just a “first kiss.”

                      Who knows, but I DO forgive you. We got it “goin on” but maybe….

                      It’s just ME.

                      Hey, it’s been TWENTY years, people.

                      And I’m no “SAINT.”


                    23. Actually…..I think I am!

                      And I’m LOVIN’ it!!!

                      Praise be to the Father and his Only Son…..

                      my “Man”

                      Jesus Christ

                      Believe me, people…..

                      He’s “out of this world.”

                      And soon, apparently….

                      So am I.

                    24. Thanks Frank! ( I think you meant “dry spell” ๐Ÿ™‚ )

                      So to end the thread, and this time I mean it….

                      I found out his last name, and it’s Irish, it’s um…. awesome in its name derivation [see the “Baby Yoda” vid]

                      Kinda like my mom’s O “Connor” [descendant of the Hound, lol. Also a lover of wolves {I had that picture of the wolf howling at the moon at my desk at Vogue for 22 years, and now have it in my HOUSE, big and large]…..


                      There you have it.

                      It’s not “over”….

                      It’s just beginning, I do ….


                    25. The “synchs” are super crazy and I am being told to TRUST.

                      I bought these Lucite gold-flecked-letter KEY chains a ways back… actually for my New Ark!

                      For some reason, I got both the “M” and the “C” for my FULL first name….

                      They’re pretty but “cheap” lol and too big for a key chain, so I took them off and put them up on my kitchen “cork” board (you know us “Irish”….)

                      So they’re there right now: “MC”


                      Hey, I’m LAUGHING…. not crying.

                      “We will see where this goes….”

                      This video sums up his name!

                      His FULL name.

                    26. Frank,

                      I do LOVE your video! It’s really awesome.

                      What I don’t love is your replacing a major major vid of mine of my own personal LOVE with yours.

                      What if my True Love doesn’t see my vid and sees only yours?

                      Which basically says, don’t bother, don’t fight, this is all meaningless “circles in your mind.”

                      Now considering I post here i don’t have a foot to stand on to make a complaint….

                      Why can’t you just ADD your vid to the thread instead of REPLACING a, ahem, I would call it, MIRACLE of AWAKENING and JOINING in mine?

                      LOVE LOVE LOVE

                      That is what that Irish Step Dancing is all about!


                      No masks and no separation.

                      Brotherhood, the same type of POUNDING that brought down the WALLS of Jericho.

                    27. I think….

                      M is in an “unholy” relationship.

                      An Unholy Relationship to me means one in which one dominates the other, in EVERY way.

                      I seek a “holy” relationship, in which God makes us a….

                      PERFECT MATCH

                      That means, there are aspects in which I am much stronger and wiser than my “Man.”


                      there are aspects in which my Man is much stronger and wiser than I.

                      But God works it all out….

                      With Divine Love

                      And therefore you do not battle each other.

                      You are in Perfect Synch.

                      You only love each other.



                    28. And?

                      When an unholy “marriage” fails…..

                      You will SEE for the first time the real “lover” you have been “living with.”

                      And you will see, that they are not about “love” at all….

                      But only hate.

                      When you break with them, if they THREATEN you and yours….

                      then you know.

                      Time to GET OUT.

                      You can’t beat the shit out of him because…..

                      You’ll get arrested for domestic violence.

                      Just sayin…..

                    29. I’m sorry, but your “Juan” shot me a death threat…. SMILING.

                      You have to “get out from under him.”


                      He’s “scary,” and I told you so…

                      If you don’t, you don’t.

                      Like I said….

                      I’m a big girl.

                      And if Jesus wants me to walk alone…..

                      I WILL

                    30. If you REALLY loved me, you would get me OUT OF THERE!

                      But you want to keep me there, where you can “watch over” me……

                      And KEEP your current “situation.”


                      No no no no.

                      Having it both ways NEVER works!

                      I’ll hang in!

                      But one day….. if you don’t GET OUT from Juan….

                      I’ll be “no call, no show.”

                      No hard feelings.

                    31. That said I’m not blaming you for this shithole I am in, nor for being unable to save me from it.

                      I just want you to know…..

                      I don’t “settle.”

                      I’m a diamond…..

                      And so are YOU.

                    32. So I’m just letting you know, because you are my “supervisor.”

                      I’m going to start um…. “speaking out.”

                      I’m sick of my “employer” who tells me how much I am “valued” treating me like a CRIMINAL.

                      I’m done.


                      I’m ready to BLOW.


                      I love you and I miss you….

                      I also dreamt of you and I gave you a kiss on your cheek…..

                      And you didn’t pull away.

                    33. When I asked you about him, you defended him, and described your relationship as “yin and yang.”

                      I love you

                      It’s going to be a battle one way or the other to get you OUT.

                      But I’m willing to fight for you.

                      Even unto the “end”…

                      And if you’re not wiling to come, there’s nothing I can do about it…

                      But I think YOU ARE READY.

                    34. So now the question is, Are you willing to fight for me?

                      And, are you willing to fight for YOUR Self?

                      Are you wiling to fight against your brainwashing?

                      Now you will hate me and it could emasculate you if you give in to the LIE…. that a SODOMITE relationship could somehow be “good.”

                      It’s not “good” nor will it EVER be.

                      You were born a man.

                      “On top.”

                      It’s time you kicked that, um…. BULLY.

                      That’s what he is…..


                    35. But hey, Brother!

                      My closest and dearest brother…


                      You are not alone.

                      Nor have you ever been…..

                      All I can say is…..

                      I love you.

                    36. “CHALLENGE THE CHAIN”

                      ‘Please help us challenge the chain.’

                      ‘A lion was captured. Around his neck was placed a chain which was tied
                      to an iron stake. For awhile the lion submitted to captivity by
                      accepting his daily food and never challenging the chain. But one day
                      his lion nature rebelled at confinement, so he tugged mightily on the
                      chain and stake. Observing this, his captors tried both promises and
                      threats in an attempt to end the rebellion. But the lion refused to be
                      fooled any longer. He broke the chain and escaped back to his natural

                      There is a Way Out, Chap. 8, p. 126

    1. As far as who is right or who is wrong….

      You have my number and my address.

      I gave them to you.

      I fully give you permission to contact me.

      There’s NOTHING WRONG about it.

      I gave you my number.

      I no longer work for your employer.

      I want you to call me.

      A Sunday hike in the woods….

      Are you up for that?

      1. I won’t keep this door “open” forever.

        I’m gonna close it out of self-preservation.

        If I don’t hear from you in the next week….

        It’s closed.

        And I know…

        You are a good guy.

        But there’s always the chance you are not…..

        And I won’t hold it against you.


        1. “The Maiden at the Stream

          A remarkable feature of mystical love is that it is both deeply
          personal, yet unattached. To unknowing people it often appears cold and
          blunt. But beneath the surface, it is warm, caring, responsive. It is
          the nature of authentic love to ignore the external impressions it makes
          on others, favorable or unfavorable. It does not care what people think;
          it does what its very compassionate nature impels it to do. Exterior
          show belongs to pseudo-love, motivated by self-glory in hope of
          attracting public praise.

          The story is told of two disciples of mysticism who were returning one
          afternoon to their monastery. They came to a bridgeless stream where a
          pretty maiden sought to cross. When the first disciple announced his
          intention of carrying her across, his shocked companion objected, ‘No!
          We are sworn to purity. It violates our vows to even touch a woman.’
          Ignoring the objection, the first disciple boldly picked the woman up,
          waded across the stream, set her down and went on his way. For the next
          several miles, he was indignantly accused of conduct unbecoming a
          disciple. Finally, the first man turned to his companion and remarked,
          ‘Look. I left that woman back at the stream – you are still carrying

          Love is like that. It does what it sees to do and lets it go at that.
          ‘Perfect kindness acts without thinking of kindness.’ (Lao-tse)”

          The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, Chap. 6, p. 94

          1. That was me, somehow I’ve become anonymous…..

            Saint Michael the Archangel prayer
            Prayer to Saint Michael ยง In the Leonine Prayers

            St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

            1. Mike,

              Let’s “close the gap” between us?

              Even if it’s just as “friends.”

              I can’t call you because I won’t feel “good” about it. I’ll be a “cougar.”

              I love you for “saving” me.

              It’s not a “physical” thing [welp, yeah, it’s actually VERY PHYSICAL!!! lol]

              It’s spiritual….

              Divine Love.

              Um, If I’m right you are over there at the gap right now slaving away until 12:45 A.M.

              And you have to go back in tomorrow night and do it again…..

              And I wish I could be there too, to hold you up like you held me up.

              But I want you to know….

              If you decide to walk out of there like I did….

              You’ve got a place to land with me.

              But also that if you don’t walk out of there, and continue to work for “THEM.”

              I’m here for you too.

              In fact I think that’s the way it should be:

              The Man goes out to WORK… and knows he has his
              Woman to come home to.

              That’s what I want to be.

              A real Woman.

              YOUR woman.



              Just sayin!

              It’s ALL GOOD….

              Either WAY.

              You saved me and you broke the CHAIN that held me down.

              I’m ready to FLY!

              And be your “Anchor” at the same time!



              1. “M”

                I also KNOW as you seemed to suggest as you walked me out (thank you!) that you can’t call me because…..

                they’ll “get you” if you do…..

                Listen, I’ve been dealing with their “death threats” for 20+ years but that’s not to say anything really….


                So I wouldn’t want you to come over or call me if…..

                it “gets you”…..




                I want to laugh but the lowlifes you work with and the amount of evil hatred you swim in is no laughing matter.


                I’ve been crying so much since I met you…..

                But maybe, with God’s help….

                We can spin this into gold?


                I pray.

                1. Meanwhile….

                  The Hidden War called Let’s “Make America Great Again” simmers on unseen….

                  Is it gonna BLOW?

                  Will any of these traitors and sick pedos be brought to justice?


                  Maybe NOT…. in THIS World, at least as we know it.

                  But SURELY in the “next.”

                  I’m not losing FAITH in Jesus Christ or in the Father Yahua, because I KNOW the Father is in charge.

                  He’s so so so in charge!

                  With LOVE and MERCY.

                  JOY, too

                  I had the BEST day today…..

                  Laughing, joy, Divine Love for Michael, and my son!

                  “Loving my enemies”!!!!

                  It all works together for those who LOVE GOD.

                  Mike, I feel like I’ve let you down.

                  I’m sorry, because that is not what I WANTED to “do.”

                  I was afraid of pulling you into the line of fire.

                  I just want to protect you.

                    1. See now I am no where near as “old” and “matronly” as the beautiful Piper Laurie….

                      Nor are you as “young” and “studly” as Mel Gibson!


                      Why is that “good”?

                      Because we are not SO FAR apart as that.

                      I’m not TOO OLD and you are not TOO YOUNG.

                      “You’re as young as you feel!”

                      Welp that works both ways, because there are plenty of “young” people out there, and you know it, who are OLD.

                      Not me.

                      I’m YOUNG at heart.

                      And so are you!

                      That’s why I love you!

                      Hey, I’m just trying to keep you alive, on life support…. over there at the gap.

                      How’s this one?

                      I’ll just keep posting “love notes” to my “Arch Angel” Michael.


                      You're probably asleep in bed by now…..

                      WHAT EVER!!!

                    2. And to ALL:

                      Don’t you forget… WHO I AM.

                      I’m the MFP (the Mother Fucking Police).

                      That’s either a “good thing” or a “bad thing.”

                      It’s YOUR CHOICE.


                      Go ahead and "make my day."

                    3. Welp

                      I don’t know what to say….

                      Mel Gibson seems to hold the thread of my life story somehow.

                      I don’t WANT for it to end this way…..

                      But if it did….

                      I’m at peace with it.

                      No, I’m READY.

                      The Final Enemy is fear of death.

                      I’ve conquered it through God’s help and mercy.

                      Just sayin’


                    4. Frank,

                      I know you’re gonna hate this, but thank you for letting me post it….

                      I may go on many years posting here with you…..

                      I’d like to!

                      But it seems like lately….

                      What’s the point?

                      It’s TIME.

                      For the world’s NIGHTMARE STORY to End.

                      In laughter in the midst of PAIN.

                      Yes, I agree with that….


                      with LOVE.

                      True Love

                    5. Trinity

                      It’s your Life . You choose..

                      Sometimes we need a space to express ourselves which is why put out a lot of stuff. It helps me release thoughts and emotions that swirl around. You are always welcome.

                    6. So yeah!

                      I’m choosing LOVE LOVE LOVE


                      I wanna go out in style.

                    7. Mike,

                      We have not even “met”!

                      Your outside-of-work persona has not even met my outside-of-work persona.

                      But wow….

                      You’ve helped me, and I’m so …. welp, you did notice I almost leaned into you to touch limbs, but I pulled back, filling out my resignation form.

                      I’m reclaiming myself as a daughter of the “Fighting Irish”

                      Whom I LOVE.

                      Reclaiming my love for my “Alma Mater”: Notre Dame.

                      YEAH, man….

                      I LOVE Notre Dame.

                      FIGHTING IRISH


                    8. Mike!

                      I meant that last post in the best possible of ways….

                      There is an attraction between YOU and ME.

                      It’s like, everything aligns.

                      Aaah, PEACE.


                      Just being next to you feels good….

  7. “M”


    “Michael, my Archangel…”

    I asked myself, what do I want?

    The job, which means safety with income….

    Perhaps keeping the house……

    Or the guy……

    With all the unknowns that come with it.

    I decided to go for the guy.

    Just sayin

      1. I feel I have to share this… for believers like me.

        I dreamed (I never dream, so when I remember a dream I know it’s significant) that I was in some sort of “car” like you are in when you are riding a ride at an amusement park.

        All I remember is, I looked over and saw a woman with a mask over her face (it was mesh, and now after watching the final scene of Braveheart, it was the same mesh-like mask worn by his executioner)….
        and I turned to the “guy” with me at my right, and asked (like I knew she was bad news)….. Who is she? and he was snug up to me at my right and leaned in and as he did I kissed him on his cheek.

        He stayed close snug with me as he received my kiss….on his baby face ( ๐Ÿ™‚ )

        And that was it.

        Then I watched the Braveheart clip and saw the executioner with the SAME mesh-like mask behead William Wallace.

        Huh. Am I soon to meet the same fate?

        I painted a portrait of an Egyptian princess in art class at Notre Dame, it was just her head, cut off at the neck.

        My dad actually admired it so much he had it displayed in our family living room for years. My dad was an artist, and so am I suppose.

        The point is I saw my execution is “at hand.”

        At a point in my life in which I am inexplicably “joy” full.

        I wanted to give this testimony for my son in case I get “beheaded” and limbs torn apart….

        But it’s strange…..

        There’s no one around who would or could possibly “behead” me, or “shred’ me like that.

        I’m just home, doing what I do, editing manuscripts….

        ALL IS WELL



        1. And I also read in that “book” I posted here, and that came to me as I was being “terminated” at the Freedom Tower….. at the 1 World Trade Center at Con de Nasty… as I gazed out over the harbor from the HR offices actually, knowing my “death” was at hand….

          to the skyways above… there were paths in the sky.

          I was being shown and told I think, You’ve got to get “up there.”

          “Super Highways” in the sky!

          And the text I read, it was online somehow I came across it, and I can’t remember what it was, I posted it on here, said that “Michael” is the name, the battle name…. what ever… of


          that “Michael the Arch Angel who is the WARRIOR ANGEL who forces Satan into the pit…..

          that they are somehow the same.

          I love you, Mike.

          I’m gonna try to get sober and figure out my way from here on out.

          I want to be happy about it, and I think that’s when I fell in love with you:

          It was New Year’s Eve, and as we workers shuffled out the door at the end of our shift, you shouted “Be HAPPY!”

          Just Be happy!

          Good advice.


          1. But Satan is always in the mix….. whether you know it or not.

            Whether I know it or not…. (see Iago, from Shakespeare….)

            Our minds are not our own.

            That’s why we are constantly blocked from “true” communication.

            That’s WHY we are MOCKED in our first buds of attraction (like by your “associate” Tammy: “I’m COMING!!!!”)


            It seems to be the TEST of a DAUGHTER of God, to never have the “One” call on her.

            It’s not gonna happen.

            I can feel it and sense it.

            It’s too extreme, too out of his comfort zone, better to just get back with “Juan.”

            I don’t mean that meanly….

            I’m always just “too much.”

            Most white guys pick their apples up off the ground ….instead of reaching up for real live ones…. and the white “guys” are all now “taken.”

            Taken by those rotten apples.

            Just SAYIN!!! (oh, do you hate me now? F you!)

            F you all….

            Like I said at the gap…..

            When I bend over, you know what I’m saying?

            KISS MY ASS, you m-fuckers.

            I MEAN IT!

            Kiss my ass…


            YOU ARE DONE.

            Look at THIS! The masterful final road chase of the original movie The Road Warrior has been taken down off the internet via YOU toob, what a JOKE. It’s been DELETED.

            This is all I could find that’s left:

            Not sure why I’m even bothering.

  8. Frank,

    Thank you Brother for listening to my pain.

    You are very “compassionate.”

    Your vid is “right on” and you SHOULD insert it permanently in this thread of mine for teaching.

    We are TEACHERS, am I right?

    I do believe this is my final test.

    The Jesus in my dreams…..

    He’s just THERE.

    Loving me, close to me, ready for my kiss….

    He’s FOR ME.

    I don’t know how else to describe it!

    I’ll hold out a little bit longer for my “Mike” but if it doesn’t happen…

    I’ll KNOW.

    I will finally be set free.

    It’s been so hard, this “love sickness”

    I’ve actually been wondering if it’s going to kill me.

    Sick to my stomach, 24/7.

    How’s that to scare a man off! lol!

    I’m OK either way.

    Jesus LOVES ME.

    He so loves me.. it makes me… cry.


  9. Merovee

    I need your help.

    My last post has a bitchute link, and it was addressed to

    “Mr. President”

    And it seems to have gone into the trash bin.

    Please, for all of us….

    Pull it out, and POST IT.

    1. OK, maybe not.

      The post was addressed to our President.

      Yuuup, President Donald J. Trump

      The ONLY MAN in power EVER to have taken on the child-trafficking, baby-eating “elite.”

      The ONLY ONE!

      I pledge my allegiance to a LEADER who can take back OUR COUNTRY!

      maybe even the “Globe” lol…

      President of the new Republic, soon to be BIRTHED out of rebellion….. in

      AMERICA, the HOME of the BRAVE and the LAND of the FREE!

      Hey, Mike!

      haha, YOU’re the “author” of this ‘song”

      “Mike and the Machine”

      I know I know….

      It’s all gone CRAZY as shit

      1. You know what?

        I don’t like the way that “song” ends…..


        Let’s get a better one to END with.

        Meaning to end YOU

        1. Here’s a final video in defense of President Trump

          And I have to say, I noticed something in it:

          About Jeffrey Epstein: “He does not touch alcohol nor tobacco.”


          I’ve also heard the same spoken of the Great FASHION Dame Anna Wintour.


          Donald Trump

          So, the question is….

          What do they “touch”?

          I think Donald Trump IS one of “them” of course!

          But I also think, he never descended to the depths of the “cesspool” at Jeffrey Epstein’s island of pedophilia.

          Nor did he participate in “secret rituals” involving child sacrifice and the reaping of “adrenochrome.”

          I don’t know, but it’s pretty hard for ANY MAN or WOMAN to get through this life with no “vice” whatsoever.

          President Donald Trump may be the exception…..

          But no!

          He’s a “junk food” junkie!

          Good on you, Mr. Prez.

          Better than baby’s blood that will get you sent to HELL.

          1. Perhaps it IS our nation’s MILITARY that chose Donald Trump to SPEAR HEAD this WAR on CHILD TRAFFICKING, the most lucrative black market business in the WORLD!

            Our “military.”

            Our WARRIORS who FIGHT for AMERICA.

            Fighting to SAVE OUR GREAT NATION.

            And the world from this EVIL.

            God bless you:

            Soldiers of God

            Like the Archangel Michael

            and Our Savior Jesus Christ…..


            TO THRUST SATAN and all his evil-doers who seek the ruin of “mens” and children’s souls….

            BACK DOWN into the FIERY PIT…..

            WHERE YOU BELONG.


            1. The U.S. Supreme Court, led by a suspected PEDOPHILE, just shut the door on Lin Wood and Pres Trump’s legal fight against our country’s STOLEN ELECTION.


              Are we now just gonna sit here, wearing humiliating masks that get soggy like a DIAPER when you SPEAK….

              Are we just gonna let our REPUBLIC…..

              Be STOLEN from us?

              Our FREEDOMS?
              Our WAY OF LIFE?
              Our Self-respect?

              NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

              This is it.

              STAND UP AND FIGHT

              1. Get CREATIVE!

                Have fun with it!

                I have no friends, but if I did…..

                I’d organize a group, like the one that went into Trader Joe’s with no masks… and got shouted at and bullied out of the store….

                But they WON (see the video)…. meaning…

                They showed how CRAZY this MASK LOCKDOWN is.

                C’mon people!!

                This isn’t so HARD nor do we need GUNS to do it.

                Just RESIST.


                “BE HAPPY”

                (I love you, Mike)


                1. Texas might become the SEAT of the New Republic.

                  D.C. is DEAD

                  The State of Texas won’t ABIDE these stupid masks….

                  Go, what is it, “Longhorns”?

                  I don’t know, I’m from Massachusetts, but it’s either Texas or Florida for me, at this rate.

                  We are American “Patriots” meaning we REBELLED against the TYRRANICAL AUTHORITY of the “Elites” way back in 1776….


                  We’ll DO IT AGAIN.


                  It’s IN OUR BLOOD.

                  1. Find different ways to resist wearing this… stupid “mask.”

                    It’s not normal, and if you can’t SEE that, then you are SHEEP.

                    Behhhh! Behh!

                    Fight the mask now.

                    Or your children will pay for your LACK of “leadership.”

                    And they will become SLAVES.

                    To the “New World Order.”


                    1. The bottom line is the govt telling you and your children that wearing a mask is being a “good citizen” by keeping “safe” and keeping others safe is a complete and TOTAL LIE.

                      In FACT, you a jeapordizing your own health!

                      Some have DIED from bacterial lung infections from wearing a mask daylong and every day, which as you now know is DISGUSTING!

                      It’s a DIAPER on your FACE.

                      You cough and you sneeze into it!


                      It’s HUMILIATING.

                      It’s a JOKE beyond all jokes… on YOU.

                    2. It’s a hard lesson for me too.

                      There’s no superhero, including the “Messiah,” who is going to save me from this, from my own failure to stand up.

                      It’s the spiritual battle of OVERCOMING.

                      To CROSSING OVER.

                      And guess what?

                      It’s a “Required” Course.

                      No one promised me a ROSE Garden.



                      (I know it’s stupid! Mike, just call me? Can’t you see it’s spring! Haha I’m laughing…. sort of)

                    3. Pshuh, ha!

                      I was pretty much just being funny….

                      I sense that Mike will never call me because he idk……

                      WHAT EVER

                      It is what it is.

                      Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus…..

                      How’s that.

                    4. To ALL Of you…

                      But most of all to the Sheriff:

                      HOW DARE YOU?

                      How dare you allow YOUR OWN SON and WIFE TO stalk ME?

                      You are a JOKE.

                      Why do I have to keep replaying this?

                      Because I’m not out of this house…


                      You, Mr and Mrs Sheriff,

                      better make sure I get out of here….


                      Just sayin….

                    1. It is what it is.

                      I need to leave….

                      And I need you to let me go.

                      In PEACE

                      Because ONLY THEN…

                      When I’m gone from here…..

                      When you say my name…..

                      Will YOU AND I BE SAVED.

                      In Jesus’ mighty NAME.

                      By the power of YOUR forgiveness…..

                      And MINE.


                    2. The point is we need to cease from our battle with each other…

                      And face the Enemy… together.

                      I’ve had major synchs on the number “42” which basically means “you’re a DOG.”

                      The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 42
                      The meaning of the number 42 is derived from its direct connection to the coming Antichrist. His evil efforts will last forty-two months in the end time, and thus it is firmly associated with him.

                      Then the angel gave me a measuring rod like a staff, saying, “Arise and measure the temple of God, and the altar . . . and they shall trample upon the holy city for forty-two months” (Revelation 11:1 – 2)

                      Revelation 13 states that the end time Beast power will be so powerful that no one will be able to make war with him. He will speak boastful things and receive authority to do almost anything he wants for 42 months (Revelation 13:4 – 5).

                      At what point in time we are in regarding that, I know not. But I think it’s happening….


                    3. “Few creatures are as misunderstood as angels. According to the Bible, these heavenly messengers are supernatural beingsโ€”not human beings who have โ€œearnedโ€ wings in the next life by being good in this one. Also in the Bible, when people encounter an angel, they donโ€™t say โ€œAww,โ€ like we do when we see the artist Raphaelโ€™s chubby baby cherubs. On the contrary, angel seers are filled with awe. They fall to the ground and reach for the nearest defibrillator.

                      Gabriel is one of only two angels whose names are mentioned in Scripture (the other is Michael). Whatever epic assignments Gabriel had previously undertaken for the Lord, this one surely topped them all. He was sent โ€œto Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virginโ€™s name was Maryโ€ (Luke 1:26โ€“27).”


                      “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

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