The Waiting Game

I’ve spoken about neural pathways. This is a phrase I use to describe a process where the Mind links through Nodes for want of a better word. And again is a bizarre link to a now deceased Crystal Palace FC chairman called Ron Noades and confirms to me in it’s strange way I’m on the right track. And the neural pathways can connect through multi dimensions and also Time.



The Universe speaks in a very strange language contrary to how the human 3D brain sees the world. Another aspect to reality making sense I believe is understanding multi dimensionality is real and also that Time is flexible and can run both forward and backwards. Also a lot of this is ‘Insight’ rather than definite proof as we experience reality in linear terms. Time appears to be moving purely forward and we experience our self as just one physical being within linear time.

Quantum Quilts.




Waiting For A Train.

Mr Nobody.




Sliding Doors.




I’m seeing Time moving forward from 2012 to 2016 and Time moving backwards from 2020 to 2016.

From The OA set in 2016.

President Biding.



And the two timelines meet on 30/6/2016.





But what is an Ocean ?


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    1. MJ

      Neural Pathways. It’s nuts with Jenny at times. I was sitting here writing about Time going forwards and backwards and you were having same thoughts at same time and writing a comment on previous article about time going backwards and forwards. As you said LOL.

      And ‘As you said’ again things are opening up and they were wide open enough already.

      2016. The day it all changes.

      1. Frank, you know I don’t give a damn about who is president, as nothing ever changes (at least not because of the president, anyway), but something is so strange today. It’s not because of the inauguration but just the general feeling. And I just can’t envision Biden as president. I can’t envision anyone as president. Because what is president?! I’d like no president.
        Feeling could be this I guess

        1. MJ

          I’m seeing it as not happening. I see Biden and Trump etc as dream figures and projections from the subconscious mind that somehow turn up in the NEWS or media . 2D Flat Earthers.

          I would go further and say the world is a subconscious projection . A distorted reflection of reality. The little voice has been saying today reality is about to change totally beyond belief. Somehow we have to go beyond belief.

          1. I agree. You’re ‘preaching to the choir’.
            I’m trying to step back and let things unfold without getting bothered. Because what is more annoying than the false reality? The false reality that is annoying, hostile and retarded.
            The more you know its unreal, the more hostile it gets.

      2. Frank, here’s the “state” of my mind: I see ” … you are NOT ALONE.” And my mind says ‘you are ATONAL ONE’.

        “From an unknown composer.
        The quality is not the best, but it will get better with the next one.”

        Nope. I am anti-next.

        Take this tone/atone or there’s not/not anti tone at’ all! *slams something or nothing”


        Have or not-have a great/anti-great day!

        1. In my heart, …

          (Somehow taking cues from Trinity with stream of thoughts and emotions without any pretext for readers and its more than ok and I like it. thank you Trinity).

          1. MJ

            Imo, not just the president concept but the white male sky god concept, which Trump and Biden embody. Old testament and new testament versions, Judge and Healer. And the Holy Script that goes with them.
            Now the Dark Matter awaits and shall we dance? 🤗

            1. Yes! Pretty soon, he will have to dance with her 😉 there is no choice. It’s a paradox, but there it is.
              The holy script gets tossed out!

              1. And he won’t know ‘what to do’ FREE-style dancing!
                I would post it again, but it seems like I’m the only lego movie fan. Anyway, they go to cloud cuckoo land and Emmet says “there’s no signs telling us what NOT to do!
                Posting it. Here it is, UNI-kitty and ALL

    1. Roob

      Traffic and On The Buses. Why can you wait ages for a bus and then three come along at once ?

      It’s a multi pack.

      And as an example of what I’m experiencing at the moment. If something similar happens to you this is what is happening. When I was trying to find a new apartment I think I viewed four different properties. Said Yes to three of them and the probabilities collapsed – or did they collapse ? – and then found this one.

      I’ve been trying to arrange new Broadband . I have now arranged x 4 engineer appointments to install new Wi Fi. Up to the time of writing x 3 were cancelled for different reasons and I’m keeping fingers crossed for the new date. But fits with today – it’s 1/2/2021 in English money and Biden’s inauguration is 20/1/2021 Maybe each appointment was linked with the other properties that fell through. Or did they fall through ? Also when I initially checked Biden’s inauguration date it was 21st Feb and then it changed to 20th Feb.

      And I didn’t point this out in article 201. In Sliding Doors one of the number of the trains that Gwyneth Paltrow gets on is 201 and the other is 777.

      1. Wait, you have toilet paper called Quantum Quilts?
        Here in the US we have cute bears that use toilet paper or angels with cloud toilet paper and also lumberjacks on paper towels. makes sense.

        The Sun just entered Aquarius and is conjunct Saturn.
        Pluto is still in Capricorn, and Uranus just stationed direct in the fixed Earth sign, Taurus. All planets are stationed direct, today! No retrogrades! You can feel it. Molly McCord says the energy is a paradox… it’s a bright light, but its glass, so you can see right through it.
        It is, and it is not 🙂🙃

        1. Maybe too much information but at the present moment I am using Andrex . Not that I’m choosy in the matter. I just grab whats on the shelf as I go pass.

          The Quantum Quilts pic was taken in Poundland. Pound has been showing recently.

          On Monday a big lorry passed me by with Quantum Grab Hire on the side.

          Quantum Aggregates. Located in Woodlands House.

    1. Elena

      ‘This explainer from TechCrunch offers a good overview of how the protocol works. But here’s the short version: while HTTP is designed for browsers to access information on central servers, IPFS accesses it on a network of distributed nodes.’

      I had a bizarre doublespeak conversation a couple of nights ago about Nodes. I support Crystal Palace FC which is a Premier League football/soccer club. This chap turned up on my doorstep. He was visiting his pal next door to me and he was there when I went to put out the rubbish and it transpired he was a Crystal Palace supporter as well. We got talking about the history of Crystal Palace . A now deceased chairman called Ron Noades came up in the conversation and he was saying ‘Noades said this and Noades did that’ and he kept on repeating Noades. And I’m trying to have a sensible conversation about Crystal Palace and Ron Noades when my mind is thinking ‘Nodes, Nodes, Nodes’ and neural pathways.

  1. Don’t Look Up.

    Jenny and I were wondering whether we should watch the Inauguration together. We decided against it. Just couldn’t stomach it. Yesterday we decided to watch the highlights. After scanning two websites I felt nauseous and I emailed Jenny apologising and saying I couldn’t take it. Jenny emailed back saying Ditto. It repelled. Total energy frequency mis match.

    Biden behind the mask behind the desk in The White House. It’s not happening ! This shit ain’t real.

    And Don’t Look Up.

    Biding Your Time.

    From Leo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie – Don’t Look Up.

    And on the walls of this White House. In Wonderland.

    ‘I Look Up When I Walk’ and the beautiful face .

    ‘Let’s look up as we walk, so that the tears don’t spill
    Remembering that spring day, that lonely night.
    Let’s look up as we walk, count the blurry stars
    Remembering that summer day, that lonely night.’

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