Love isn’t a choice. It’s All There Is but Love is free. It’s a paradox.

Dickinson House.





And it’s the Freakiest Show.

The Way Ting Game. Thank you for your Patience.



Thank you for your patients. It’s Over Whelming.



I am seriously seeing a Quantum world and a world of Magic. But Magic is only science we don’t understand yet. When Two Worlds Collide.

The Observer Effect and Wigner’s Paradox.



From New Scientist ‘Essential Guide No 5 – Quantum Physics’ :

‘Refinements of Schrodinger’s thought experiment have only deepened the mystery. In the 1960s, mathematician and physicist Eugene Wigner painted himself into the picture as an additional observer. As his friend conducts a Schrodinger’s cat experiment, Wigner stands outside the door. Before Wigner opens up and looks inside, for him the friend-cat combination is in a quantum superposition of happy friend/live cat and sad friend/dead cat.

This is so even if Wigner’s friend long ago opened the box and ascertained what state the cat is in and by extension their own emotional state. To compound the original measurement problem, quantum reality is now also observer-dependent. Different people can construe different realities at any one time with no way of saying which is right.’


Mr 2 Of Everything.

A few days ago I took a pic of 2 Alpine Cottage. Yesterday I came across 1 Alpine Cottage. Did 1 Alpine Cottage exist before I saw the house name ? And to take it one stage further did 2 Alpine Cottage exist before I saw it ?




And hopefully this pic will show what I’m seeing. Yesterday, as I looked up Nutfield High St I could see Time overlapping Time down the High St.

And Instant Karma. Within ten seconds of taking the pic a big lorry passed me by with ‘Quantum Grab Hire’ on the side. On the right track.



It’s Your Birthday. Each day is your Birthday or something.



The Manderley Effect.

A while ago I was looking at the Frank Sinatra version of ‘Send In The Clowns’ from The Joker movie. When it finished YT moved onto Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ and as it played there was a WTF moment. ‘My Friends I’ll say it clear’ had changed to ‘My Friend I’ll say it clear’.



And I have new Neural Pathways to explore but I don’t think it really matters which path you take I think. They all lead to the same place eventually.




The Long and Winding Pathway.



Let It Be.


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  1. When I wrote article and included the Long and Winding Road and ended with Let It Be produced by Phil Spector I didn’t know Phil Spector was dead – The Observer effect and the In Spector.

    Wall of Sound.

    ‘US music producer Phil Spector has died at the age of 81, while serving a prison sentence for murder.

    Spector, who transformed pop with his “wall of sound” recordings, worked with the Beatles, the Righteous Brothers and Ike and Tina Turner.’

  2. Along the lines of passing through the Sound Wall and New Real Pathways.

    “The incoming administration say they will work to address the root causes of migration, expand lawful pathways and rethink asylum processing.”

    “Can you create new neural pathways?
    Neural pathways, comprised of neurons connected by dendrites, are created in the brain based on our habits and behaviors. … As patients participate in new activities, they are training their brains to create new neural pathways. The pathways get stronger with repetition until the behavior is the new normal.”

  3. I believe it is MLK day.

    This is a weird place.

    And the Artifact. As I was packing I came across this silver box on a shelf. I’m really not too sure where it came from. I can’t remember being given it. The first time I saw it was about a month ago.

    Birmingham Alabama

      1. Frank

        And out of sight…
        In The Atlantis World they’ve discovered this thing called The Beacon. It’s a cloaking device set up by the Atlanteans, to protect the earth against some perceived threat. The earth is nonexistent to anything outside the Beacon. The characters in the book have just transported to the Beacon and now to figure out how to turn it off or should they?

        ‘There’s some places where the road keeps going.’

          1. Frank

            Yes, I thought of that. What is strange to me, is that a beacon or a lighthouse signals the way to safety whereas this beacon’s function is to hide us. Seems like a contradiction. But, I haven’t read far enough yet.

            1. A lot of paradoxes out there.

              A beacon shines a light and also casts a shadow.

              And as an example from the article : ‘Love isn’t a choice. It’s All There Is but Love is free. It’s a paradox.’

              As is the way of things I came across this article yesterday. I don’t endorse the content or not endorse it but the title fits.

              Beacons of Light and House of Mirrors.


        1. Could be an interesting few weeks with 10 Day Blitz as well.

          As Fast as Fxxk.

          The Lightning War and Blitzkrieg and the war with Germany.

      1. Elena

        I think you are on the right track with that. Trying to heal the original split from God and All There Is is how I see it. As Philip Larkin put it : ‘They fuck you up, your mum and dad.’ And authority figures in general who play God.

        I know I’ve been banging on about it but I’m seeing a lot of fxxking weird stuff with Time and the Quantum world. President Biding seems part of it. The Waiting Game. Thank you for your infinite patience. And patients.

        If anyone sees lots of surprise changes and collapses in ‘possibilities’ one after another in various aspects of their life that’s whats happening.

    1. And the Birds. ‘Take omens from the flight of birds’.

      Inauguration :

      “ceremonial investiture with office; act of solemnly or formally introducing or setting in motion anything of importance or dignity,” 1560s, from French inauguration “installation, consecration,” and directly from Late Latin inaugurationem (nominative inauguratio) “consecration,” presumably originally “installment under good omens;” noun of action from past-participle stem of inaugurare “take omens from the flight of birds; consecrate or install when omens are favorable,” from in- “on, in” (from PIE root *en “in”) + augurare “to act as an augur, predict” (see augur (n.)).

    2. Roob, I was thinking the exact same thing! Maybe not exactly, but I was thinking of Surrey and that scene from when harry met sally. And I was thinking Surrey…surreal. Looked it up on etymonline. It’s funny how the subconscious wants to tell you something and it does so with funny associations!
      “Meaning “two-seated, four-wheeled pleasure carriage” is from 1895, short for Surrey cart, an English pleasure cart (introduced in U.S. 1872), named for Surrey, England, where it first was made.”
      And then what comes to mind is a spaceship or Ezekiel’s wheel.

      The wheels within wheels is the paradoxical situation, but its our mind opening up to something new. Seeing time backwards and forwards, or getting a glimpse of a cycle within a cycle?

      IDK why but right now what is tumbling around in my head is alien stuff and a feeling of being here while not being here.
      I look up Surrey on wikipedia. I wasn’t expecting to find this:

      “Much of H. G. Wells’ 1898 novel The War of the Worlds is set in Surrey with many specific towns and villages identified. The Martians first land on Horsell Common on the north side of Woking, outside the Bleak House pub, now called Sands.”

      also says that Atonement was based in Surrey. The novel was anyway. I was thinking the “field” is changing, and things are not as they seem, but what is trying to “get through”?

      propitiation (n.)
      late 14c., propiciacioun, “atonement, expiation,” from Late Latin propitiationem (nominative propitiatio) “an atonement,” noun of action from past-participle stem of Latin propitiare “appease, propitiate,” from propitius “favorable, gracious, kind, well-disposed.” The current explanation of this (as of de Vaan) is that it represents *propre-tio-, from PIE *propro “on and on, ever further” (source also of Sanskrit pra-pra “on and on,” Greek pro-pro “before, on and on”), from root *per- (1) “forward,” hence “in front of, toward, near.” It is thus related to Latin prope “near.”
      Earliest recorded form of the word in English is propitiatorium “the mercy seat, place of atonement” (c. 1200), translating Greek hilasterion. The meaning “that which propitiates or appeases, a propitiatory gift or offering” is from 1550s.

      If the mercy seat is the place of atonement, then what is bound up there that has to be appeased? It’s beyond the rapidly-decreasing veil.
      I was listening to a YouTube and someone was saying these strange false flags are seeming to be ‘earth acupuncture’. Perfect examples are Boston bombing, the Nashville car bomb, and the narwhal knife in London. (and Texas with so many examples).

      The Boston bomb and 451 Fahrenheit. The pressure cooker! And who is this guy that is never the same? A “traveller”? from the Fringe?

      He was born on July 22, another pi day and also Mary Magdalene day.

  4. Surrey is also home to the Devil’s punchbowl. A “place of special scientific interest”.
    I do think these terms thrown at us, like “place of special scientific interest”, and “Bureau of Land Management”, and “world heritage sites” are just some Fringe or MIB entities putting rope around something, as if to say ‘nothing to see here!’

    I went to the “badlands” last April. Talk about other-worldly!

    Oh, and this from the Bisti badlands wikipedia page:

    “Humans have occupied the area almost continuously since 10,000 BC. The area contains numerous Chacoan sites and part of the prehistoric Great North Road, used to connect major Chacoan Anasazi sites in the San Juan Basin.”

    We saw a couple of other huemans there. Found a big piece of petrified wood, and incredible formations.

    1. MJ

      That looks awesome. What occurs to me is that it looks similar to pics from Kazakhstan Rain posted which I think she said was part of the original Tethys Ocean.

      And about Surrey and War of the Worlds . I was thinking about that a day or so ago and wondering about the link with Germs. It was bacteria wot did for the aliens. The Devil’s Punch bowl is an interesting area. I’ve been there a couple of times. Lots of weird names which speak of something else.

      And Alien in general and Time. In the new article I mention 2016. One of the things that struck about the movie ‘Arrival’ is that it is dated 2016. The day everything changed. For me if Alien show up publicly, at a spiritual level it’s a sign of the end of separation. Privately I think they have made contact. Or at least the beginning of the End. We are not alone.

  5. The “Tent of Tomorrow”, when everything is NOW.

    Arcs, tents, poles, etc. Something about that atonement and mercy seat stuff and ark of “covenant”.

    In MIB, the World’s Fair exhibits are spaceships that land, if you remember that scene when Will Smith is flipping through a book and Tommy Lee Jones explains its a “cover” for their living on earth.

    World’s Fair, War of the Worlds, World Heritage Sites.

    In the field, things happen that are strange and seem to be not as they are presented. Kyle Rittenhouse is a strange character from ANTIoch, Illinois and thinks “Blue Lives Matter”. He shot 3 people, made bond, then was seen wearing a t-shirt that says “Free as Fuck”.

    Now, get all of that stuff out of your head that polarizes. Kenosha is right on Lake Michigan. Just like the riots in Ferguson, on the Mississippi. Soemthing about the water… (also Cahokia is right across the river).

    I can tell you there is something very strange about the Great Lakes. For one, there’s a Lake Michigan triangle! And it’s a huge graveyard! And there’s stuff older than Stonehenge and the pyramids under there!

    Also, there is something so dreamlike and watery right now, I find it difficult to get a grasp on anything.

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