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    1. Quantum Love.

      ‘Love. Quantum physics. Completely unrelated, and yet strangely parallel.

      For one thing, they’re both mysterious — we don’t really understand how either one of them works. But they share something else — what scientists call “entanglement.”

      People get entangled with each other when they fall in love, and it can start when they’re nowhere near each other, perhaps catching each other’s eyes for the first time across a crowded room.

      And it seems that tiny, subatomic particles — things like electrons or photons — can also get entangled with each other at a great distance, in a way that physicists still don’t understand but are already starting to make use of.’




      1. guarDen of Eden.
        So many tenets.
        So little joy.

        I no longer say I’m going to the store.
        I say, I’m going to the morgue.
        I dont believe in death so I’ll stop doing that altogether.
        Plant my own seeds.

            1. I may edit that word out of my vocab too, as I’ve done with ”morning.”

              About the sausage ban: UK did vote to be hemmed in.

  1. Harry Styles – Sign of the Times (Mimi & Josefin, Kimberly, Greta) | PREVIEW | The Voice Kids 2019
    “We got to get away!”

    1. Ken

      From Germantown.

      And bizarrely Greta maybe coming round in a while with some boxes.

      I realise my replies may come over as weird and not taking seriously what you are saying but I do. But the reality we live in is stranger than strange.

      1. FRANK,

        Well the song title was identical to your article title so I had no choice but to comment accordingly. Some of the lyrics of course echo Christian expectations of leaving this wicked world behind.
        Not sure what the boxes are that you suggest Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg will be coming round with though.

  2. Sham BE — the i con stella,
    the constellations, the con junction, the con X
    The tenet, ten net, ten ten, 10 10
    ten net — ten grid
    the Rhino (in rho) removed from Usdna and taken to ken ya
    The X nessee event and the batman bldg MJ calls Anubis
    Anubis, a new BIS, a new bank of international settlements

    Stella Tennant died in DUNS
    DUNS, the data universal numbering system of all biz, uses base 10 math in service to the faux chi rho

    Drumf’s holographic relative, Christ, born on 10 10 88, dead on 6 6 66


    Does anyone else see the habbenings?


    “As we entered October, the annual 10:10 Transmission window intensified the global conflicts over maintaining base 10 architecture in the Alien Machinery embedded in the planetary body, used to project artificial timelines into an Artificial Tree of Life manifestation template.

    Metatronic Reversal Code
    The Melchizedek distortion which fell into Metatronic Reversal became the primary root of all the predatory mind control over the patriarchy, the masculine principle digression, and the subsequent damage incurred to the Universal Rod function which governed the organic timelines.

    During the most recent 10:10 window, the base 10 architecture met with a massive Cross Spiral of Krystic forces that dissolved and annihilated sections of the infrastructure of the AI Signals used for controlling the Golden Eagle Grid. These are the transmissions used to relay reversal 10 patterns that enforce the base 10 mechanics in this reality, along with propping up the Base 10 Artificial Tree of Life. As a result, a massive wave of Monad bodies and monadic extensions have been moved and extracted out of the Artificial Timelines that were used for powering up the 10:10 reversals that are used to control the gateways that the Family of Michael and Royal Avian collective consciousness embody.

    These unique spiritual records are being returned to many on the earth through corrected birth transduction sequence patterns, during this most recent wave of activations and dismantling of artificial timeline grids that was emphasized on 10:10.”

    “Trump” is a dumbass

      1. Nibiru is called “Planet X”
        Ten net
        X NET

        “The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field)[1] was anchored into Earth using the NDC and Nibiru Crystal Temple Network during the Luciferian Rebellion, 25,500 BC. By impinging scalar sonic pulses at the Earth’s inner grid system an ‘interference’ pattern or electrostatic force-field was created, enshrouding the Earth. This NET has the effect of buffering (stopping) incoming and outgoing signals, in particular to the higher dimensions (Guardian Founder Races ETs, etc.), creating a kind of quarantine. It blankets the civilization, isolating it from its natural connections to its inner consciousness and spiritual levels, and this field system interfaces naturally with man’s existence and constitutes a Holographic Insert. Surveillance of the Illuminati by the Krystal Star families is also blocked due to the cloaking and scrambling effect—it causes ‘false readings’. Many Starseeds are here to be on the ground for reconnaissance work. This Astral Plane(4th dimensional) Addiction Webbing and False Ascension Matrix NET is said to be an ‘astral mess’.

        It was fortified in 9558 BC and has since been progressively blocking all natural communications to and from Earth. Preparations have been made by the Annunaki to lower the NET from the Astral Plane into physical matter which will then form a Frequency Fence and present easy Mind Control over the population during the Ascension cycle, 2000-2017.These NETs are Black Hole Technologies that were created in Atlantian Cataclysm to keep Earth and her life forms in a prison planet. The NET fields keep the DNA block locked in. The NET is connected to the Hibernation Zones.”


        1. Anon

          Just checked spam and this was in there. 5.0 and Quinn.

          From XEvil: Home


          ‘Revolutional update of captchas solving software “XEvil 5.0”:

          Captchas solving of Google (ReCaptcha-2 and ReCaptcha-3), Facebook, BitFinex, Hotmail, MailRu, SolveMedia, Hydra,
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          XEvil Net’

    1. Tick tock

        1. Get Naked. I see a Pope Rebecca on the horizon.

          Pope Francis Strips. Powerful Vatican Office of its Assets.

          ‘Pope Francis has stripped the Vatican’s most powerful office of its significant financial assets, the Vatican said Monday, after dubious investments squandered millions of euros in church donations, sparking an embarrassing scandal and prompting an ongoing corruption investigation.

          A new law enacted by the pope orders the secretariat of state, the diplomatic and administrative arm of the Holy See, to transfer all its financial holdings and real estate assets to another office, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, which administers the Vatican’s finances, by Feb. 4.

          The changes, included in a law made public Monday, follow a Vatican investigation into the mismanagement of funds at the secretariat of state.’


          1. I see no need or reason for a pope of any kind on the horizon, male female, alien or trans.

            I see sovereignty for all in a fro sia תִּיק

            What is love? Love is beyond the symbolic.

          2. Let him return all the stolen art (i.e. technology) they have loched in the vaults too. Let him return the stolen libraries and all the stolen land. What does he want for partial measures and symbolic gestures? A cookie?

            1. Anon

              I understand what you are saying. However I see it slightly differently. Kicking the money changers out of the temple. If I’m reading this correctly it’s saying expect a financial and banking crisis to go with the reality changes.

              Money matters until it doesn’t.

      1. Robots as in Rho Bots, faux chi
        Romans as in Rho Mans, locking the chi

        Funny thing about that holographic author who wrote about Baron Trump, he was (hologrpahically) a founder of a currency lock called Ossining Bank and also a warden of a prison (currency lock) called Sing Sing. 🤣😅

  3. The principle of uncertainty.

    Can you be comfortable with not knowing?
    A question someone asked me many years ago.

    And fwiw, Happy New Year, everyone. 🎉

    1. Well this guy’s girlfriend told the Police that he was making bombs a year before Christmas so the authorities knew all about it but still he was allowed to go ahead with his plan. (If that is the true story)
      Even if it wasn’t the true story once again we have the intelligence authorities looking like amateurs in not being able to discover his plans to assemble large explosive devices.(if that is what he did)
      Alternatively it could have been a laser weapon or something similar.
      Can you trust anyone any more?

    1. Chiron is from “Kheiron.”

      Kheir iron

      “Kheiron’s name was derived from the Greek word for hand (kheir) and meant something like “skilled with the hands.” In myth it was also closely associated with the word kheirourgos “surgeon.””

      Surgeon is surge on.
      Surge is currency is chi.


      I surge on.

  4. Oh my god, I’ve been posting in the dark ages….

    Time is flying me by.

    Haha, excuse me!

    I just wanted to post to Frank and my “readers” out there….

    Make preparations to “take a day off” on 1/6/21.

    Date: JANUARY 6, 2021

    Place: Washington, D.C.

    United States of America

    Re: Peaceful Protest Against a STOLEN Election

    Code word: “Let’s [not] go ‘wild.'”

    That’s like, NEXT WEEK?


    Let’s DO THIS.


        1. And finally for me to say…..

          I’ve always gotten the “Oh, haha, are you the “Captain” Kirk???



          I AM

              1. Satan (i.e. Google) just blocked me from posting this.

                I’ll try again….with Christ (i.e. Firefox)

                Ha, actually it’s…

                “Space: The Final Frontier…..

                “These are the voyages of the Starship “Enterprise”….

                “Her ongoing Mission….

                “To explore strange new worlds

                “And seek out new life forms and new civilizations

                “To boldly go ….

                “Where no one has gone before.”


                The Starship “Enterprise” is a SHE.

                I’m coming down to D.C. on the 6th!

                I’m so excited.


                You’ll see me there.

                I’ll be RIDING my electric E-bike with a white helmet.

                Making my first tour of our Great Nation’s capital….

                Time to WASH the SWAMP clean.

                1. This is NOT about “Black Lives Matter”…..

                  This is about “ALL Lives Matter.”


                  Be you “Black”…

                  Or be you “White.”

                  1. Cuz guess what….

                    Yo, “white people”….

                    THEY don’t want you to know….

                    THEY … don’t want you to SEE…..

                    That we’re ALL “slaves” to the “powers that be.”

                    DO YOU GET IT?


                    See you ALL in D.C.!

                    I noticed January 6?

                    It's the Feast of the Epiphany

                    [ ih-pif-uh-nee ]
                    (initial capital letter) a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day.
                    an appearance or manifestation, especially of a deity.
                    a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

                    Like a "peaceful protest"?

                    Um , YEAH

                    1. I’m not sure if I ever said so, but I love you, Will Ferrell. Weird name (“feral” uh oh….) but I know I think I know, you’re Irish?

                      And I think?

                      You’re a “good guy.”

                      Funny, too!


  5. Listen, it’s all pretty simple.

    There are two kingdoms.

    Light and Dark

    You have been given the option to CHOOSE.

    Light and Dark do not “interact”

    They cannot.

    Light and Darkness cannot “COEXIST.”

    I can’t speak the language of the dark anymore, fake shit. Emojis and Hallmark cards…. all instituted by Satan! i.e.e If you do not “comply” YOU are the evil one…



            1. So I just searched for a vid on the U.S.S. Enterprise…..

              “Enter PRIZE”

              Welp, Satan wants EVERYONE to know….

              He GOT me.

              Spock speaks the narration but not going to post it, but he (or THEY) change “her” referring to the USS Enterprise as a “HE.”

              I kid you not, actually I should post it.

              here it is:

              Please do your own research, and see the lies for yourselves:

              1. Yes, I got bit by the Sssnake…. from behind.

                Um, almost 22 years ago….!

                And I didn’t even know it at the time, lol…..


                I’m still um….



                Satan can’t “change” Who I AM.


                No matter HOW MANY tries he makes….to “kill” me.

                I’m a SURVIVOR ….

                of the game of “Death by a Thousand Cuts.”

                How do I know?

                Because I’m not dead.

                1. Hahaha…..

                  It’s 1:31 A.M., people……


                  I’m happy.

                  I had a super-Warp-Speed day at work.

                  And whaddya know….

                  I’m rewarded with a day off tomorrow!

                  I AM pushing 60, people. If you can believe that….. I’m probably old enough to be “Michael’s” grandmother.

                  “What color is (my newly dyed) hair” you ask?

                  Um, idk…. “Cool brown, 6A”? Got it at Hannaford’s.


                  I offer you all this, from my latest “job” in copy-editing:

                  “Is not this world an illusion? And yet it fools everybody.”
                  -Angela Carter

                  This lyric “came to mind”

                  “Oh Lord, troubles so hard….”

                  but I’m actually not troubled at all.

                  [Oh and Ken? Your prophecy didn’t come true re January 1? And all the “children” being um, gone missing? O h I mean, um…. “RAPTURED.”
                  But I’ve seen your comments after the fact and you don’t seem “troubled” about it ALL. Just sayin, brother! <3 ]

  6. “PROVING” Lightning Destroyed The Georgia Guidestones.

    Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

    The Georgia Guidestones first Guideline?
    To reduce the population of the earth to 500 million to maintain perfect balance with nature.

    Step this way to take your Covid 1st and 2nd and Booster Jabs and now more and more jabs to reduce your God-given Immunity from diseases.
    Queue up for the Mark of the Beast right now!

    1. ‘Some people concerned about vaccine safety wonder whether vaccines may enter the brain and cause neurological conditions. In order to affect the brain, vaccine components would need to reach the brain. Importantly, our brains are protected by a barrier, called the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which keeps foreign substances from entering the brain.’


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