There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.



Every Mother’s Son.

De Winter Son on Christmas Day.





And Manifestation and De Manifestation. I had an interesting Christmas Day morning. I walked up to the local shop and on the way back I saw two joggers running towards me. I blinked and they disappeared into thin air. Nowhere else they could have gone. And shortly after I got home I went for a stroll round the house and then came across this Cordate stone engraving. I have been here since 11/11/2011 – that was the day I moved here – and I can promise you I would have definitely seen it before if it had been there before.

This has happened a fair few times over the last few years. The one incident which blew mine and Jenny’s mind at the same time was when we visited UT in Austin Tx and looking down from the campus the Texas Capitol building suddenly materialised out of thin air. ‘Glitches are memory’.

The Artifact – see Donnie Darko.

Cordate – Wiki :

‘Cordate is an adjective meaning ‘heart-shaped’ and is most typically used for:

Cordate (leaf shape), in plants
Cordate axe, a prehistoric stone tool.’





Pre History.



Let The Sunshine In.




Yabba Dabba Doo. In No Sense is real.



And update to article. A few hours later I came across Event Create Ltd. We’ll see what that means in time I suppose.



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  1. Accepting In No Sense and Car Clues. And life at present.

    I just bumped into a very pleasant couple who lived in an apartment in the same house as mine. They moved a couple of years ago. I won’t give their first names but they are Mr & Mrs Cornish. I asked where they are living now and the answer came back ‘Just off Batts Hill’.

    ‘There ought to be clowns’.

  2. Cordate rings like core date.

    Like the battle over the 911 timeline and the disparity in Christ’s birthdate.

    Hope your move goes well.

        1. Anon

          I didn’t mention it but I thought it. Was working through it in my mind actually and then you had same idea.

          The Birth Day again.

            1. Frank, God’s tone…

              Question for you. When someone contacts you through the webform, is it private? Also, what’s your email again?

              1. Anon

                As far as I’m aware its private. As much as anything is private with WP. It goes through WordPress rather than direct to my personal email and shows up in the dashboard in a similar way to a comment. And email address :

                And fittingly for 2020 Francis Nash died in Germantown.

                ‘Francis Nash is not the enemy’.


                And the Magi. You know it makes it No Sense.


  3. I only do quick scans but anyone else see the conneXion b/t the Xessene story and TTN? Instead of a Van, though, it was an RV 😂😭. Is R the initial of last name of TTN?

    Anyway, tennessee story is also linked to the Kenosha saga through the city of Antioch. In Ken-osha, a dude with last name R from Anti-och, Ill, did it. So it is ritten….

    Antioch City is linked to Christianity and is talked about in the Suda. 😂

    They are saying a “Q warner” 😅 did the do in TN. Anthony Q is ANNTYOQH.

    It’s all hodge podge. Easy to see the links in the dream of consciousness.

    1. “The Suda is somewhere between a grammatical dictionary and an encyclopedia in the modern sense. It explains the source, derivation, and meaning of words according to the philology of its period, using such earlier authorities as Harpocration and Helladios.[3][4] It is a rich source of ancient and Byzantine history and life, although not every article is of equal quality, and it is an “uncritical” compilation.[3]”

      “Philology is the study of language in oral and written historical sources; it is the intersection of textual criticism, literary criticism, history, and linguistics.[1][2][3] Philology is more commonly defined as the study of literary texts as well as oral and written records, the establishment of their authenticity and their original form, and the determination of their meaning. A person who pursues this kind of study is known as a philologist.

      In older usage, especially British, philology is more general, covering comparative and historical linguistics.[4][5]

      Classical philology studies classical languages. Classical philology principally originated from the Library of Pergamum and the Library of Alexandria[6] around the fourth century BCE, continued by Greeks and Romans throughout the Roman/Byzantine Empire. It was preserved and promoted during the Islamic Golden Age, and eventually resumed by European scholars of the Renaissance, where it was soon joined by philologies of other non-Asian (European) (Germanic, Celtic), Eurasian (Slavistics, etc.), Asian (Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Chinese, etc.), and African (Egyptian, Nubian, etc.) languages. Indo-European studies involves the comparative philology of all Indo-European languages.

      Philology, with its focus on historical development (diachronic analysis), is contrasted with linguistics due to Ferdinand de Saussure’s insistence on the importance of synchronic analysis. The contrast continued with the emergence of structuralism and Chomskyan linguistics alongside its emphasis on syntax, although research in the field of historical linguistics is often characterized by reliance on philological materials and findings.”


      The term philology is derived from the Greek φιλολογία (philología),[7] from the terms φίλος (phílos) “love, affection, loved, beloved, dear, friend” and λόγος (lógos) “word, articulation, reason”, describing a love of learning, of literature, as well as of argument and reasoning, reflecting the range of activities included under the notion of λόγος. ”


      1. “The oldest accounts of Essenes we have come from Philo.” 😅😅

        Do you see it?!

        And the “love” in the game tennis and in philology?

        The Philosopher’s Tone.

        Someone pulled the words out of the tones.

    2. Anonymous
      Look at ,,guy has same words looking for and same individual happenings as you all in franks blog

        1. Im well because my dauther is quite well. She has tried to do her jop as bookmaker.
          Well done bit very tired . Becouse its only one year after accident.
          In our area very few coronavirus patients. I know nobody and livenormal life.
          My hobby sauna with swimming in lake is now forbidden in common saunas.

          1. I’m happy to hear all is well with you and your daughter. Whenever things get too nuts in the world around me, I think of you swimming in your lake and remember this v thing is all illusion and there are pockets of freedom still.

    1. One of my favorite reels of all time. Thanks for sharing. 🍂🍃💃💃🏿🕺🏿👯🏾‍♀️👯🏾‍♂️

      DNA sing dnasing dnasing!

    2. Funny be cause I’m knee deep in research about building domes with air
      Crete. It literally uses a foaming agent like the dishsoap, Dawn, and is championed by a descendant of The Prophet.

      Castles in the air…😅

      This is the dawning of the age of aquarius!

      1. “The Patriarchate of Antioch: The Council of Crete is a Pre-Synodical Conference
        Announcement of the Holy Synod: We do not recognize the Cretan Council as either Holy, Great or Pan-Orthodox”

        Syn tax here, tenants there. Rules rules rules. Guarding their Game of Thrones.

        Sorry fellas. Relationship with the Divine is 1 to 1.

  4. Christmas Eve when I saw Puppy jogging by I also saw another tiny dog pass. It was named Maggie.

    As in magi 😅

    1. Maggie is eg+magi.

      Or 5G magi 😂😂😂😂

      I gave the dog a can of Puppy’s leftover food as I cant just throw it out.
      Believe it or not it was a can of duck and quinoa and as I handed it to Maggie’s owner, i miss pronounced it as Quinn Noah.

      Once more for fun

  5. The most profound gnosis feels disappointing to me, because of the attachment to physicality.
    Right?! … why?
    Because what is the purpose in the first place? Why is the “place” set up so difficult in the first FUCKING place!!!!!!???!
    And there is NO ANSWER.
    It is though the “place” is set up to be ‘dis-joined’.
    What is the ‘thing’ drawn out of the void?
    to me, feels like heartbreak 😥

    I say, loud and clear, IT IS NOT THAT.

    The restrictions are an illusion and there is no threat.

    1. MJ

      We are born into this reality and over a few years we come to believe our name and body is who we are and it is reinforced all through life. The little ‘I Am’. I would suggest the larger ‘I Am’ is far larger than just the body or our persona.

      1. We have a physical, astral and casual body. Heal the casual, reach enlightenment there, all the other bodies are enlightened and healed. Imo thinking we can cut one off in favor of a other is a route to all problems.

        We came here to manifest spirit in matter. In service to the Divine who is present in ALL dimensions. My innerstanding.

    1. Itd have to be because seems those old dumb runes call for an angel in a pit to sit where s/he doesnt belong.

      Let’s right the story.

    1. “More than 333,000 people have died of Covid-19 in the US.”
      address of the bat building
      333 Commerce St. and it has 33 floors.
      and a coca-cola bottle tested positive for coronavirus.

      1. MJ

        TVA – 815 33. And Donald J Trump !

        ‘President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act (ch. 32, Pub.L. 73–17, 48 Stat. 58, enacted May 18, 1933, codified as amended at 16 U.S.C. § 831, et seq.), creating the TVA. TVA was designed to modernize the region, using experts and electricity to combat human and economic problems. TVA developed fertilizers, and taught farmers ways to improve crop yields. In addition, it helped replant forests, control forest fires, and improve habitat for fish and wildlife. The most dramatic change in Valley life came from TVA-generated electricity from the dams it constructed on area rivers. With electricity, farms could be provided with lights and modern home appliances, making the lives of residents easier and farms more productive. The available electricity attracted new industries to the region, providing desperately needed jobs.’

      2. MJ and Swim

        It’s the real thing.

        And it’s in The Tree of Life.

        ‘You would rather die, than face the truth.’
        The light at the end of nightmare alley is nuclear.
        It’s Daisy’s Dilemma, over the power of love.
        ‘We must either love each other or we must die’.

        1. Elena

          Personally speaking I always expect the unexpected these days. For me the day my story changed was when I walked into the crystal warehouse in 1994 where
          I used to work and I’ve been in a state of bewilderment ever since. Not a lot of the last twenty years or so made sense at the time but with 2020 hindsight it sort of does. Even this pic of Louise Hay seems to fit. Shortly after I started working there, I bought a Louise Hay book about mirroring for no apparent reason at the time.

    1. This!!!
      This is how data gets fed and manipulated through the simulation, how the algorithms get cooked in the race for “quantum supremacy.” Tennessee is a stepping tone for that entity. I am pretty sure I know where the story goes next. Possibly on 12521. It’s suppised to be pre-cognition but it’s just banal pre-diction. That entity is the cosi(g)ner of the sine wave sim. What a dumbass.

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