Firstly an awesome pic of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction from Jenny.




I hope everyone has a good Christmas break or whatever spiritual path you follow if I don’t post before Christmas Day. Happy holidays. And for atheists and agnostics have a Happy Atheist or Agnostic Holiday.

Humerus ?




I’ve bought myself a Christmas present. The Essene Guide to Quantum Physics from the New Scientist.



And the Double Slit experiment.

‘One experiment , in various iteration, did more than any other to establish that quantum theory’s weird predictions do indeed reflect reality : the infamous double-slit eperiment which sends one two thing two ways at once.’




Over the last nine months or so I’ve been taking a journey into the Quantum world. Even though it is difficult to see and make sense of, for me it is definitely real. One of the conclusions that I’ve come to is that aspects of the quantum realities have been repressed or suppressed in the Self.

And I think it maybe relevant to Christmas as well. The Double Slit theory says that when faced with a choice, the Universe will choose both if faced with a straight right or left, up or down option. Which when it comes to the stable in Bethlehem would suggest that when faced with the choice of a male or female Christ it would choose both.




The Wheel of the Female Christ by Marlo Broekmans. Click Marlo Broekmans.






Daisy Daisy.


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  1. Motherhood and Fatherhood.

    ‘The original energy, the love of motherhood, is incredibly missed on Earth: in women, in men, and in children. In the past, caring for children became almost exclusively a task for women and this is an unnatural situation. Men were only allowed to assert themselves in the social domain. They had to compete and perform in the outer world, while women were relegated to the private domain of the home. The result was that women only derived their identity from motherhood. They got very little chance to express and carry out their creative, unique energy, the energy that says: “This is me and this is how I want to manifest.”

    ‘The motherly energy carries you in her two hands as long as you need it. But these hands cannot expel you from the nest; they are not created for that. It is the fatherly energy that gives you the nudge that tells you: “You are a unique person, go discover who you are, make mistakes, stumble. I am with you; I trust you, encourage you, and support your adventure.” From the fatherly, paternal energy also comes something caring and protective, but it is bolder and encourages you to step out into the unknown. ‘

    1. Last few nights I’ve dreamt of animals.
      One night I “found” two dogs, something I think was a pig and a pigeon which had on a “velvet” vest. We formed a little fam.

      Last night I dreamt I had a chicken whom I loved dearly then lost then found again. I went looking for it among jagged rocks and cried out, Birdie! Birdie!

      This is all real when it happens though not in 3D. I have enjoyed my animal dreams.

      1. Anon

        About 121 and the White House.

        Whitney Houston’s death was 2/11/2012.

        And link with the birthday as well. 121 connects with others as well. Never quite too sure how some people feel about me talking about them so if in doubt.

        This was my reply to a comment from MJ.

        ‘And more birthday stuff .

        I will be moving into the White House on 1/8 in US money. The presidential inauguration is on 21/1.

        The White House is on the A25/125. And Oral Kazakhstan : 51.2 which is same latitude as mine.

        And 360.

              1. Most importantly Happy Christmas 🙂

                I’m not sure with the human brain we can fully understand it. We deal with what’s in front of us but you can see the shifting sands of time.

                1. And In No Sense. I think the point of it maybe having to accept In No Sense. The rational mind attempts to make sense of things and it’s all In No Sense.

                  I was reading a chapter about Schrodinger’s Cat in the New Scientist book yesterday and last night before I dropped off to sleep I remembered about the Cat in the Box.

                  When I was about 5, one afternoon my mum said ‘Look in the Box’ which was placed in the middle of the room. And the box was slightly shifting. When I looked in the box, there was a little kitten peering back up at me.

                  Maybe the moral of the story is that the cat lives 😺


                  1. Frank, about physical problems, don’t get me started.
                    I broke my elbow. (EL bone?) It’s not a funny (bone). Humerus.
                    Somehow the energy of this place struck me into anxiety mode (and low iron) and those go together somehow.
                    My legs often hurt.
                    I feel panic-y.
                    I have had 2 eye infections this year. (right eye)
                    And my stomach hurts (can’t “digest” this place).
                    But I don’t have corona “virus”.
                    Whatever is coming through is a new vibration. Since its new and unknown (alien), it’s a “threat”, or virus. Wear a mask! Because the so-called ‘government’ isn’t successful at separating me from you.
                    I have been told that “I could be a threat” to someone else, without a mask. 🙄

                    1. Sorry youre hurting, MJ.
                      I cant believe you broke your EL bow!

                      Iron stories sync with Fe, Ma.

                  1. Roob

                    Are you working from home ? They didn’t reopen council offices here. They’ve been shut down since original lockdown.

                    At present my brother and fam lives in Tier 2 but if he goes 2 miles up the road he’s in Tier 4 . He likes to play tennis. The tennis courts are in Tier 4. It’s OK to play singles and not allowed to play doubles.

                    1. FRANK,

                      They are just laughing at us by making such completely ridiculous restrictions. And everyone affected by it are just going along with it without objecting in any way. It is a joke. But you can see that their testing of the population is working so soon they will employ even stricter restrictions and then worse and worse. Should be fun eh?

                    2. Also about Leg Iron’s story.

                      A few years ago I visited the Reigate tunnels. One of the sections was used as an underground bunker in war time. They showed artifacts and images from WW1 and WW2 which was expected.

                      What surprised me was that there was a section about a nuclear war between East and West. I can’t remember the exact date but think it was about 1970. Apart from CV, I’ve also noticed many people are having all sorts of physical problems of one sort or another. Similar to Leg Iron’s story I’ve wondered whether it refers to a WW3 alt reality or memory which has seeped through or merged with this reality. I was asking myself why was that section there if nothing happened ? And why we are told to stay indoors and wear masks ? Something in the air and a hard rain’s going to fall.



                    3. That’s the one . Brilliant story ! IMO.

                      And also fits with my meanderings about the Fourth Wall and how imagination in movies and books, etc interact with physical reality and the subconscious mind.

                      I have a friend who has written a book about a witch c1700s. I haven’t read it but she outlined the plot and characterisation and my thought was that it was a past life coming to the surface and being released by writing the book. But if it’s always Now to confuse matters ? 🤔

                    4. Did you look at my LoL post from last night? It’s all about witchcraft syncs that started with this very post yesterday morning and ended with a third remote reviewing of ‘Good Omens’ in the evening 😉

                    5. Agnes Nutter in ‘Good Omens’ is named after one of the actual Pendle Witches, or an alleged witch…


                      ‘Marine base Camp Pendleton, which is home to the 1st Marine Division, Marine Expeditionary Force, infantry training schools and many other key units, is under threat by the Creek Fire.’



                      It’s a little bats 😉

                    6. ‘St. Agnes, martyred 303 C.E., is patron saint of young girls, hence the folk connection of St. Agnes’ Eve (Jan. 20-21) with love divinations.’

                      Lost girls and in no sense.

                    7. Roob

                      Apols. Hadn’t got round to that one yet. You’ve put a few articles out in last few days !

                      Part of the reason for Jessica title is that my niece is called Jessica and we met in
                      Austin at Jo’s Coffee with the I Love You So Much wall. She had been over here here about two weeks before and we arranged to have coffee four thousand miles away. It was matter of fact for her but slightly blew my mind casually arranging coffee so far away.

                      It’s more than a Little Bats with the sinking. Jessica is Hermione in HP. Totally In No Sense.


              1. Anon

                Thank you ! 🙂

                Does one reality collapse or do they both happen ? And if you expand it to Many Worlds Theory the brain says ‘Doesn’t compute’.

                    1. Celebrating this holiday feels ever more ridiculous and not because im agnostic or atheist. Im neither.

                      Maybe i will celebrate the Ethiopian Christmas on 1 7, day after Qnuts ass emble to die for their eye con.

                  1. MJ,

                    Just sayin’ that in the Bible the number 11 stands for antichrist where the 11th horn (power) comes out of the 10 horns in Daniel.
                    BTW, I Pet Goat II is all about the birthing of antichrist.

                    1. horn = KER
                      as in, keratin. It’s not kosher. My son’s friend can’t eat gummy bears. They’re made of keratin. Hair, skin and nails.
                      Ker is cer is deer, or Cervinae. All of the “Ker” stuff is moon symbolism.
                      Cancer the crab also. “cancer” means ‘hardening of the skin’, as in the shell of the crab.
                      Ker is also (like cer), as in, CEREBRUM. Golgotha, place of the skull.
                      CERN. No coincidences.
                      But how does it work? Some of it is anglish, which I would argue is a thousand times more hateful than plain ol math and numbers.
                      Just ask Eve(il)…just sayin.

                    2. DAN IEL
                      “Symbolically, this is the threshold between the physical dimension and the utterly spiritual dimension. In other words, at the boundary line of the physical world, the number 137 emerges. The wisdom of Kabbalah is to find correspondences between the mundane and spiritual levels of reality.”
                      The boundary! Where’s your MASK? (the point is to emphasize no individuality, of course).

                      Interesting that ‘I Pet Goat’ is always brought up about the anti-christ. As if it is an accepted and agreed upon commentary about the dreadful character of the ANTI-Christ. It’s just one of a million animation films from one little studio of millions of computer animation studios. Nothing special in terms of numbers, but the way it captures the archetypes and symbolism. It was “brought forth” via sorcery, as that is how it works.
                      Fortune, or 4chan. This is incredible.

                      “If your brain is still trying to process the fact that millennials think they’re witches and worship the Egyptian deification of primordial darkness, let’s back up. Belief is fundamental to human culture. If you’re being purely objective, there’s very little difference between spreading the word of Kek and proselytizing for a more socially acceptable prophet. “The consensus is that the internet speeds up the same processes that always made up folklore,” says Jeffrey Tolbert, a folklorist at Bucknell University. “Think of it as the telephone game. All of that happens a lot faster on the internet, and it’s a lot more visible.”

                      Which makes sense, as long as you don’t think of technology as the opposite of spirituality, as many people tend to do. But actually, the supernatural and (to the non-technical) the mysterious black box of technology mesh together quite well. Tech can either lend a kind of scientific authority, or provide a blank digital canvas welcoming of screwy new ideas. “As soon as there’s tech, people will incorporate it. Look at ghost hunters,” says Lynne McNeill, a folklorist at Utah State University.

                      But, McNeill says, there’s a more interesting comparison to make: “The best example of the ability to embody a fictionalized world on the internet is probably fan fiction. Suddenly fiction is no longer something you can only access from the outside. We can redraw the boundaries of reality.” That’s the kind of flexibility the supernatural needs to flourish.”


                      What’s weird is, the 4chan people are Kabbalists, and they didn’t know it.
                      They are the same as the incels, and this is what is scary.
                      Gnosis yourself, Ken. And I am doing the same.

                    3. What a waste of time! Like you even read my comments. While you’re sitting there with your calculator, I’m writing heart-felt comments to reach out and connect, something JESUS would do! But your confined, programmed, mind won’t allow you to break free and that is the most AI you can get!
                      Mary Christmas! and let’s not die this time.Or if we do, birthed a better place. Let us know when you find the man behind the curtain.

                      Merry Christmas, Merovingians!✨

                    4. I was merely replying to your comment, “Ken, WHAT?” which I thought was a little abrupt.
                      I’m not sure what you wanted me to respond to other than that.
                      I’m not sure which of your comments are reaching out (to me?).

                    5. Will I give my soul to Satan?!

                      Am I scared of “satan”?

                      satan, santa, etc…?

                      Barak Hussein Obama
                      “lightning from the heavens”, O’bam!⚡️

                      The thing is, whatever those humanoid bloodsuckers are, they can’t make anything new. They can only be parasites.
                      And they aren’t real. The images are illusions in the mind and we see that!
                      The coronavirus is a test of the threshold of “realness”. And it’s not real. Just like the “nation”, “is-real” 🙄 yep. I said that.
                      I am ready for REAL.

                    6. Since the rhino sparked the ker exploration, i’ll just drop this here. Current leader of SS is named Kiir which sounds like Ker. Rhino.
                      In rho.
                      As in chi rho?

                  2. About 121… That number is one that I love because of the birth of my sonshine, Dec. 1st, which is the 336th day of the year. It is also Jan. 21, another important date, and 121 is symbolic because of to-get-her-ness.
                    duo (n.)
                    1580s, “song for two voices, duet,” via either Italian or French from Latin duo “two” (from PIE root *dwo- “two”). Meaning “two people” (especially as an entertainment team) attested by 1887.

                    (that’s a Merry Christmas from America to OZmond) 😉

                    121 is hinting at a gateway and time.

                    Anyway, December 1st is the 336th day of the year (in a leap year) and my son was born on a leap year.

                    If you’ll remember, there was an earthquake in Italy in August of 2016 and what we kept hearing is that the “clock tower stopped at 3:36”.

                    “Amatrice’s medieval tower, which somehow remained standing but whose clock was stopped at exactly 3:36 a.m.—the time of the earthquake—has become a poignant symbol of what has been lost. On the day after the disaster, the mayor stood next to the tower and said, “Il paese non esiste più” (“The town no longer exists”).”

                    It feels like there was a building up of something (quaking) and there is a pattern to be seen with Italy, and the last pope, the Roman Empire, and the coronavirus hitting extra hard in Italy?

                    Je suis Charlie knows. “Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon depicting Italian earthquake victims as pasta dishes, causing “shock and outrage.” In response to the reaction of Italians unleashed on social networks, the cartoonist Coco pointed out with another cartoon on the official Facebook page of the magazine: “Italians … it’s not Charlie Hebdo who builds your houses, it’s the Mafia!””

                    😮 Damn! Ils sont brutaux!




                    1. That earthquake was on August 24, 2016.
                      This is bringing me to my point (sorry it takes so long), but also on that date…
                      August 24, 1998 – First radio-frequency identification (RFID) human implantation tested in the United Kingdom.

                    2. Why does 11 stand for anti-christ? I thought it was 666 or 616?
                      What I want to say or ask, is this: if we are using Kabbalah to ‘figure out their game’, then isn’t Kabbalah just esoteric knowledge about 3D manifestation and you’re catching on to it?
                      Better example is, the monolith…is the stone a weapon or tool?
                      And with that, aren’t the numbers harmless, yet the intention is what we don’t want?
                      Sometimes its just the universe. There is no way those clowns are capable of what you are showing with numbers! Sorry, I don’t believe those idiots could coordinate that. They can have their weird ceremony at a Swiss (?) tunnel, or superb owl ritual, but usually, I think you are just de-coding manifestation.

                    3. MJ,

                      3:36 am is also 216 mins into the day or 6x6x6 mins into the day.
                      Most of us also know that 4/8 is Obama’s birthday, the 216th day of the year (so they tell us).
                      3x3x6 is also 18+18+18 or (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)
                      Obama was 54 years and 54 days old on 27/9/2015, the last day of week# 39 (13+13+13)
                      This was the week that Obama entertained the 266th pope in the White House on Sep 23rd, the 266th day of the year.
                      266 is the accepted number of days for twins to be birthed.
                      Soon antichrist will be birthed as will the man-child be birthed into Heaven.
                      The next visitor to the White House was Xi Jinping on the 24th and 25th Sept. Count forwards from Sep 23rd 266 days and it is Xi Jinping’s birthday.
                      The 266th pope flew back to the Vatican on Sep 28th the super blood moon of the tetrad and which completed their 8 day satanic ritual.
                      The two centre days of this ritual are the 24th and the 25th Sep.
                      24+25 = 49 or 7×7 as do both dates either side etc etc.
                      So now consider these two centre days, the 24th and the 25th.
                      If you calculate the number of days past both birthdays for Obama and the pope you will find they add to 666 ie 332+334. This is therefore the same for both days either side of the 24th and 25th etc etc for the whole 8 days.
                      THIS CANNOT HAPPEN ON ANY OTHER DAY!!!
                      It was a Satanic Ritual of Mega proportions!

                      Now, just for some added fun, add the mirrored numbers to the two centre days, 332 and 334.
                      332+233 = 565
                      334+433 = 767
                      565+767 = 1332 = 666+666!!!
                      Even these two mirrored numbers add to double 666’s.

                      Ephesians 6:12
                      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

                      Who’s side are you on people? God’s or Satan’s?
                      Satan is after your soul!
                      Will you give your soul to Satan?
                      Time to choose before it is too late.

                    4. Thank you, Anony! I hope this is a reply to you because I can’t directly reply to you under your comet, and WordPress doesn’t let me “like” anything. 🙄 I haven’t figured out what it means.

                    5. Comet received, MJ!😍

                      Boy, that transition at 2:18 mark gives me chills. Might be one of the best transitions in the mystery of songs. 💫💦♒

                1. MH370 went missing on 8/3/2014.
                  The first US Solar Eclipse was on 21/8/2017
                  The second US Solar Eclipse that forms a huge X across the USA with the first Eclipse happens on 8/4/2024.
                  From 8/3/2014 to 8/4/2024 = exactly 121 months or 11×11 months.

                  1. It all works out like that so “perfectly” because your guy created that counting system.
                    Why do you only glorify it/him? All you bear witness to is the beast.

    1. So weird you posted that band. I’d never heard of them before two days ago when discussing dome architecture. Apparently one member’s bro lived in a dome.

      1. The White Stripes is Jack White and his ex-wife. Now he’s solo. He’s a big Nashville star. From the music city walk of fame…

        “A resident of Nashville since 2005, Jack White is one of the most prolific and renowned artists of the past two decades. He started The White Stripes in 1997 and the band’s 2001 release White Blood Cells with hit song “Fell in Love With a Girl” served as the band’s breakthrough hit and its accompanying Michel Gondry LEGO clip was chosen by Pitchfork Media as the No. 1 music video of the 2000s. The following release of Elephant in 2003 offered the hit “Seven Nation Army,” which has become the most popular chant in sports stadiums around the world. After the White Stripes, White went on to play guitar in The Raconteurs, a band that started in Detroit in 2004, and drums in The Dead Weather, which started in Nashville in 2009; he sings in both.”

        white blood cells and red blood cells and anemia.

    1. Him too. Never heard of him until few days ago when I watch this video. He looks like Cat Stevens. Or has Frank posted him before and I just can’t remember?

  2. Let us all be aware where the term “Lockdown” comes from.
    Merriam-Webster says clearly,
    “Definition of lockdown
    1: the confinement of prisoners to their cells for all or most of the day as a temporary security measure”

    It applies to prisoners who are in jail.
    These prisoners have been to trial for an offence and have been convicted of a crime and sent to jail to carry out the sentence and are under the total control of the jailers (essentially the Government).

    So now the government officials are using the word “Lockdown” to apply to you and you and you all around the world.
    They are saying you are prisoners who have been convicted and now we are going to enforce lockdown on you.
    Make no mistake sheeple – you are prisoners and you will do exactly as you are told, whatever that might be!

    1. Ken

      Have a good Christmas !

      This is the etymology of Lock.

      Lock (n.1)

      “means of fastening,” Old English loc “bolt, appliance for fastening a door, lid, etc.; barrier, enclosure; bargain, agreement, settlement, conclusion,” from Proto-Germanic *lukana-, a verbal root meaning “to close” (source also of Old Frisian lok “enclosure, prison, concealed place,” Old Norse lok “fastening, lock,” Gothic usluks “opening,” Old High German loh “dungeon,” German Loch “opening, hole,” Dutch luik “shutter, trapdoor”).

      Could also mean letting your hair down.

      Lock (n.2)

      “Tress of hair,” Old English locc “lock of hair, curl” (plural loccas), from Proto-Germanic *lukkoz (source also of Old Norse lokkr, Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Dutch lok, Old High German loc, German Locke “lock of hair”), a word of uncertain origin. According to OED, perhaps from a PIE *lugnos- and related to Greek lygos “pliant twig, withe,” Lithuanian lugnas “flexible” (see reluctance).

  3. Someone’s having a laugh.

    Franciscus has been at it again. He’s liked another Instragram model’s pic.

    ‘I want to walk with you along the way of God’s mercy and tenderness.’

    1. It’s time for the pope to confess. Not of sin, but love. Even if it’s love of boobs.
      Imagine that confession…
      (Pope sits down next to bishop in booth, says “forgive me father, I think I sinned.”)
      What was this sin?
      “I “liked” a nice pair of boobs”.
      Bishop: *faints*
      World ends. Nuclear “weapon”. Cold War over.

    2. It’s time for the pope to confess. Not of sin, but love. Even if it’s love of boobs.
      Imagine that confession…
      (Pope sits down next to bishop in booth, says “forgive me father, I think I sinned.”)
      What was this sin?
      “I “liked” a nice pair of boobs”.
      Bishop: *faints*
      World ends. Nuclear “weapon”. Cold War over.

          1. WordPress won’t let me like anything and the pope gets in trouble for liking boobs.
            When I press the “like” button, it does nothing. Pope likes something he “shouldn’t” and it is under investigation.

    1. The Wise Men (‘experts’) seem to gno what’s good for the sacrificial lamb. And if we’re comparing apples to oranges, here, it’s funny how the vial is so much bigger than Jesus. Which one is the bigger savior?

      Hoping Jesus Juice is nothing more than water turned to whine. The Magi(c) of creating the illusion of something that is nothing. Perhaps both are a vile interpretation of the same thing.

      1. For me it shows the absurdity of the mantra that babies are born imperfect.

        If you think that, logic dictates that you must alter them.

        1. Babies are born in absolute perfection.
          It’s the world that happens. Believe me, I know that heartache.
          If the love of a mother was allowed to permeate through, we wouldn’t be in survival mode.

  4. Harry Styles – Sign of the Times (Mimi & Josefin, Kimberly, Greta) | PREVIEW | The Voice Kids 2019

    Sign of the Times!
    Sign of the Times!
    Gotta get away from here!
    Gotta get away from here!

  5. Frank
    I would like to ask for help is there anyone present here who is registered on this site
    for several weeks now I have not been able to get there
    maybe it’s blocked in my country
    can someone help me with advice
    there is my theme
    I need information from it
    my nickname there is Ragnarok
    I just got lucky to see the site
    but when i wanted to enter the password it disappeared again

    1. And reality.

      On the walk back from the shop, I saw two joggers coming towards me. I blinked and they just fxxking disappeared into thin air. Nowhere they could have gone. This is insane !

        1. MJ

          Thank you 🙂

          The other thing I’ve noticed is with joggers and walkers are exaggerated movements. They’re not real !

          And absolutely stunningly beautiful morning here. It’s about zero but beautiful winter morning.

          Maybe difficult to see but leaves frozen within the ice.

          And Daisy Daisy

          1. Yesterday i was sitting in my car avoiding going into a store. I scrolled through my photo gallery and satyed on a photo of a little dog who looked like my Puppy. Next thing i know an old man jogs by and i could tell by his movement he had a dog on a leash. Who the hell jogs in this weather on Christmas Eve, I wondered? I waited for them to pass so i could see the dog and when it didnt appear i realized it must be very, very small. Eventually it came into view and Ill be darned…tbe dog was the spitting image of the dog in the photo and my late Puppy!

            1. Anon

              The other thing I’ve noticed is when I go out to the shops or wherever I can guarantee that within five minutes I will see a jogger, someone on a bike, a woman with a child in a pushchair and a dog walker.

            2. Anony, this tells you all you need to know about joggers: there are TONS of them in Washington DC. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but I call it Rome and it has lots of non-human entities.

              1. I went a few times including just before uni for an internship. I lasted maybe one out of three months. The federal mind is a whole nother breed. Everyone whoring and pimping for keyword
                FUNDS. I’ll never forget dragging my suitcase up a hill to a bus stop in the wee hours of the morning. Call it a prison break.

                The only great thing about that time was one day a van pulled up and I got in and there in the back was the freedom fighter from Kush….Won’t forget that either.

                Other than that, yeah, the place is like walking through cement that’s just been poured. Heavy on the chi.

    1. Jessica lives in Nashville.

      The Home of C&W.


      It’s all in No Sense.

      And my take on it.

      All Man is Jesus

      All Woman is Jessica.

      Something along those lines.

      1. Completely Quackers regarding birds – actually that was a round on the episode on Pointess I watched earlier; people with ‘bird’ in their name – John Bird, Dickie Bird, Ladybird Johnson…

        The end of the following footage is quite shocking, so maybe turn the sound down…

    1. Unrelated to my last very special comet but…

      Did you see the vid where the mayor of Nashville laughs? His name is Cooper. And the story featured A TNT (a TTN).
      tnt is shorthand for 🧨 and also for “attention.”

      And then did you see the story about the British eye con, Stella Tennant, who died on 22nd (i think?), just a few days before Tennessee event? She was a feature in the London 2012 Olympics, the guidebook for 2020 theatrics. She walked the catwalk in lockstep and wore a gilded dress by Christ-opher Kane.

      Stella Tennant
      See all ATnT

      Atenhut! “Lockstep”

      1. And speaking of Stella Tennant on the CATwalk, Frank, you wrote “I’ve bought myself a Christmas present. The Essene Guide to Quantum Physics”

        The Essene

        1. Anon

          About Tennessee . Since my brother said he was going to visit Jessica on Christmas Day in Nashville, Tennessee has been on the radar for me and I was only half surprised when I heard the news.

          And during 2020 my other brother’s difficulties in being able to play tennis have been regular parts of our phone calls. And on Wednesday I signed the Tenancy agreement for the White House. Let It Be, Re Lease the Kraken. The Universe likes its wordplay. In No Sense.

          And over the last few months, Dolly Parton has been following me around. Very interesting woman. I heard a radio interview with her once. She is very faith driven for better or for worse. Underneath her bubbly persona she is very serious about God.

        1. Here’s another weird sync.
          The words used for the death of Stella are “sudden” as in sudden and she is said to have passed away in Duns…as in the anagram of Sudn……….

          Weird or what

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