No Rest for The wicked



Wrapping up 2020.

#ConnectThe Magic.





Be Prepared . Again !







Keep Watching The Skies and As Above, So Below. Following on from the recent Lunar and Solar eclipses, on 12 / 21 / 2020 or 21 / 12 / 2020 there will be the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. No rest for the wicked.











And ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’. In the movie the destination for Discovery is Jupiter and in the book it is Saturn. With Saturn, the moon was Iapetus and with Jupiter it was Io.








Even though 2020 has been an unimaginably extraordinary, extraordinary year following a string of extraordinary years, it has been further confirmation for me that this reality is an unreal thoughtform reality emanating from belief in guilt and fear and hate and the rest of the subconscious illusion of separation from God and All There Is.






And paradoxes. At times I’ve found that as 3D reality dissipates, the more sparkly does the world become.







And ‘The World in Motion Pictures’. Yesterday a very large construction vehicle passed me by with Terranova on the side – New Earth. And again connects with 2001 and the War on Terra following 9 / 11 / 2001.





Release the Quacken. It’s an abstract thinking game.





Going Beyond Belief.




237 thoughts on “No Rest for The wicked

  1. Question for Jen – do you remember the ‘311 Orange Monkey Virus’ thread on Sync Miss For Him?

    ‘What was the basis of panic that led the lights to darken on civilization?

    ‘The most important date here might be March 11, 2020. That’s when Congress itself flew into an unwarranted panic, and acquiesced to a lockdown at the urging of the “experts.”

    ‘State governors followed one by one, with few exceptions, and the rest of the world joined the lockdown frenzy.’

    Fauci triggered a tidal wave of global lockdowns because of a virus on 3/11, in the fourth year of Orange Man Bad’s presidency?

    1. Exactly 9 years (or 108 months) since Fukushima. A 9.0 earthquake, 81 miles off the coast of Japan.
      3.11.2011, or 3.11.11
      Radium is a chemical element with the symbol Ra and atomic number 88.

      “The Chernobyl disaster was caused by a nuclear accident that occurred on Saturday 26 April 1986, at the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR.[1][2] It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history and was caused by one of only two nuclear energy accidents rated at seven—the maximum severity—on the International Nuclear Event Scale, the other being the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan.” (Wikipedia).

      Chernobyl means “wormwood”.

          1. Speaking of “scrubs”, here is a YouTube of a nurse collapsing after receiving covid vaccine, and this takes place here in Chattanooga at CHI Memorial.

            1. Her last name is (supposedly) Dover.
              Cliff-any Dover.
              Just kidding.
              Dover is where King Lear hid from the Duke of Cornwall and his mad dochters.
              Lear is real backwards.
              The story is derived from the legend of Leir.

              Sangrail, sæŋˈɡreɪl, sangraal.

              I know the real King of Kings.

              1. Pointing out the un-realness!
                Lots of planets and energies mentioned right now, except for NepTUNE.
                Saangreal. (in TUNE).
                It feels like a watery dream to me.

              2. Oh! Yes, I see now. 👍🏼
                Sorry, having iron problems. Ironing out problems with my platelets, or maybe palette.
                Da vin-CHI-covid.
                Brilliant ⚡️


    2. I came across this the other day.

      It’s was by the Covent Garden tube station and wikipedia says closest tube station is Charring CROSS. Looks like what’s happening.
      Time, backwards and forwards. It’s going to “cross” Dec. 21.

  2. Neural pathways and the Georgia Godstones. Apols if the maps are difficult to read.

    And Crossroads.

    Firstly a map of the Georgia Godstones. Redhill Road runs into the Georgia Godstones and is intersected by Hartwell Highway.

    The A25 – Redhill Road – runs from Godstone through Redhill into Reigate and then Dorking and intersects with the A23 London – Brighton Rd.

    At this point.

    And the Hanging Tree. I think this tree is on Redhill Rd to Georgia Godstones but not sure.

    1. How do you do that?! You are the best photo filer. It takes me 3 hours to find a photo. You must have PHOTOgraphic MEMORY!
      The apocalyptic tree near the Guidestones.

      Speaking of S-TONES, If you draw a line from Teotihuacan to Stonehenge, it goes through Mobile, AL, Atlantis, GA, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Washington DC, NYC (and very close to Philly and Boston.)

      1. Neural pathways in the memory bank I think.

        And another example of the birthday neural pathway with Highway 180. And circles are 360 degrees.

        Weatherford, Tx

        Mineral Wells, Tx

        And the stone circles link with the stars as well and ley lines it is said. I think it is a reflection of a Universal chakra spiritual ‘body’ that includes time.


        ‘What is a Meridian?

        Meridians are also energy pathways in the physical body, that come from ancient Chinese schools of thought. There are 12 main meridians in the body and 8 extraordinary channels. The 12 main meridians run along the surface of the body and have bilateral symmetry. They are connected to and named after the abdominal organs and relate to physiological processes, musculoskeletal functions and emotions in the body. The meridians also have corresponding myofascial pathways (consisting of muscle and connective tissue).’,pathways%20are%20fear%20and%20shock.&text=The%2012%20main%20meridians%20run,body%20and%20have%20bilateral%20symmetry.

        1. (annoying voice but good take on movie)

          When I worked at the acupuncture clinic, the wife of the head of a famous private school here came in. She was really wanting to break out of her ‘Stepford’ mold. She ended up crying and having an emotional catharsis right in the waiting room before any acupuncture. She said “I don’t want to go to the game. I never want to go to the game. The game is STUPID!” (talking about high school football). She said she really resented the expectation of going to “the game”.
          (I think time is not real and everything backwards and forwards in a skewed reality). It is hypnosis to think there is expectation of anything.

  3. Roob

    I do remember that thread from Synchromystic Forums! Would be nice to go back and reference it now.  March 11 was also the date recorded for the first known cases of US Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.  100 years prior, the Cholera pandemic. 3 Waves and 3 Tiers

    And Mars Bluff

    1. It’s about time!
      “Russian” to the Finnish line. Or something like that.

      When you can’t describe watts happening, it’s a threat. Too much e-motion.

      daisy (n.)
      common wildflower of Europe, growing in pastures and on mountainsides and cultivated in gardens, c. 1300, daiseie, from Old English dægesege, from dæges eage “day’s eye;” see day (n.) + eye (n.). So called because the petals open at dawn and close at dusk. In Medieval Latin it was solis oculus “sun’s eye.” The use of dais eye for “the sun” is attested from early 15c.

      “Day’s eye” is like Dave’s “I”, or, ego shutting down. He’s letting go.
      Dying so he can live. “seeing” both sides for the first time. Me too.

            1. Elena, that has disturbed me today. First, is that supposed to be for kids? Because most adults can’t handle that truth. Second, it’s more profound than anything in the media (of this dimension), and thirdly, shouldn’t it be called “Daisy’s Dilemma”?
              I always feel like I’m not getting something! That cartoon is crazy! It’s saturated with symbolism, as though it didn’t exist until you wanted to post it. How does it work. I think, point is not to think, or something. Drop a flower pot on my head and call me in the morning!

              1. MJ

                I’m trying to ‘simplify’ as we are being buried in details, it seems. Trying not to miss the forest for the trees. Getting to the ❤️ of the matter. The core. ☢️
                And ‘childhood’s end’, and what it means to ‘grow up’. 🎓

                Daisy’s Dilemma, yes!
                I was hoping someone would make that connection. 🤗

                “We must either love each other, or we must die.” ⚖️

              2. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more WTF, it does!

                “Maturity is a series of shattered illusions.” – LeVar Burton

        1. Anon


          ‘Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a historical region in Asia located between the Caspian Sea-Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Tartary was a blanket term used by Europeans for the areas of Central Asia, North Asia, and East Asia unknown to European geography. It encompassed the vast region of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, the Volga-Urals, the Caucasus, Siberia, Inner Asia, Mongolia and Manchuria.’

        2. Frank,

          “Tartarus, the infernal regions of ancient Greek mythology. The name was originally used for the deepest region of the world, the lower of the two parts of the underworld, where the gods locked up their enemies. It gradually came to mean the entire underworld. As such it was the opposite of Elysium, where happy souls lived after death. In some accounts Tartarus was one of the personified elements of the world, along with Gaea (Earth) and others. According to those accounts, Tartarus and Gaea produced the monster Typhon. Compare Hades.”

            1. Anon

              Thanks. Didn’t know all that.

              Part of the reason for my link is that Tartary was in Rain’s part of the world. There’s something going on with her part of the world which I think is connected with dragon energy.

        3. See also the Book of Peter.
          (Wonder if I PET Goat refers to this book)

          The word Tartarus is only found once in the Bible and that is at 2 Pet. 2:4,

          “Certainly if God did not hold back from punishing the angels that sinned, but, by throwing them into Tar´ta·rus, delivered them to pits of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment;” (2 Pet. 2:4)

          Notice the “pits of dense darkness”. To help better understand what Tar´ta·rus is, consider the parallel text found at Jude 6:

          “And the angels that did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place he has reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.”

          Showing when it was that these angels “forsook their own proper dwelling place,” Peter speaks of “the spirits in prison, who had once been disobedient when the patience of God was waiting in Noah’s days, while the ark was being constructed.” (1 Pet. 3:19, 20) This directly links the matter to the account at Genesis 6:1-4 concerning “the sons of the true God” who abandoned their heavenly dwelling to couple with women in pre-Flood times and produced children by them, such offspring being designated as Nephilim.

          From these texts it is evident that Tar´ta·rus is a condition rather than a particular location, since Peter, on the one hand, speaks of these disobedient spirits as being in “pits of dense darkness,” while Paul speaks of them as being in “heavenly places” from which they exercise a rule of darkness as wicked spirit forces. (2 Pet. 2:4; Eph. 6:10-12)

          So considering the above, the “dense darkness” that the disobedient angels are in suggests a condition – not of non-existence or unconsciousness, but of – being cut off from illumination by God as renegades and outcasts from His family, with only a dark outlook as to their eternal destiny.

          It is also evident that Tar´ta·rus is not the same as the Hebrew Sheol or the Greek Hades, both of which refer to the common earthly grave of mankind. This is made plain from the fact that, while the apostle Peter shows that Jesus Christ preached to these “spirits in prison,” he also shows that Jesus did so, not during the three days while buried in Hades (Sheol), but after his resurrection out of Hades. (1 Pet. 3:18-20)”

          Tartarian bots on the move, indoctoring their “age of glory.”

  4. On Saturdays, Jenny and I have a ‘Saturday at the Movies’ day. I have a look on Netflix in the morning and see what jumps out and pick three movies and then from the choice Jenny chooses which movie we will watch. It works .

    Maybe we are given a choice and we think we just choose one movie. And the Universe when faced with a choice chooses all the movies so we end up watching them all but the other Us x 2 don’t know it. Who knows !

    1. Tell us.
      You’ve sparked my interest⚡️
      (Because in similar situation, I often say “you pick”). Or, I say what I DON’T want. For me, it’s easier to say what I don’t want because of all the nice choices.
      How do you guys pick movie? Does Jenny ever have one in particular? Is it often the case that she does, but doesn’t say it so you pick? Really, Sirius question here.
      Or, is it process of elimination?
      Also, with movies, you can get on a subject or mood (theme). Does the ‘mood’ change with the stars? Do you change it because you want to purposefully change it?
      And while typing this, I feel like I’m talking about a movie, in a conversation about movies, in a movie.
      send help.

      1. Probably in “mood’ of viewing mode in a series. Again, is it the series (like Stranger Things, or OA, etc), or the field that we exist that makes it that way?
        Maybe we can realize the fifth element in this way. It all happens at once. And to “think” that there is action causes re-action is an illusion. I “think” its more like a will of love breaking through a pattern. But where did the pattern come from? And why break through it? Why can’t we just be in a nice place?
        Our mind? See, this is a rabbit hole that is absolutely maddening and useless.
        sending signals for help.

      2. MJ

        I thought it may pique your interest !

        Interesting questions . Saturdays at the Movies has become a bit more than just watching movies. As it’s gone on it has become plain that at some level we interact with the movie. Or the movie projects a subconscious process. Yesterday we entered The Secret Garden. Twenty minutes into the movie I received a text from Rebecca saying we are now in Tier 4.

        As for the reasoning for the choice of movies there is rarely a conscious decision. I wake up Saturday mornings and go into Netflix and see what jumps out at me. The only movies that come to mind that were conscious were Rebecca and a documentary about the Whitman UT shooting called The Tower. We fell into it to be truthful. I can’t remember the exact linear process. Originally I didn’t have Netflix and we watched what I could find on in cheap DVDs and matched what Jenny could find on her channels. And then we found a way for me to watch Netflix. I think I tended to pick the movie even then but have always said if there is a movie Jenny wants to watch ‘please say’.

        Recently it changed as US and UK Netflix didn’t always match so it became easier to send a choice of three movies working on the principle that at least one movie would be there and Jenny picks the movie. Again we fell into it.

        And there is more to it. Many of the movies we have watched have had a habit of appearing in the Mindlines. But I think there is one major point being made. I have made a list of all the Saturdays at the Movies we have watched and update it after every movie and we refer to to it as The Notebook. Which was partly why Amy Coney Barrett got our attention.

      3. Hi MJ. 🙂

        Frank summed it up well. I would only add that there is never a ‘choice’ in the films we pick – they tend to pick us. Out of the illusion of three, there was always One. And, as is almost always the case, parts of us are mirrored in the particular movies we watch. The themes and genres vary but the end result is always the same. It’s a bit like being Observers of ourselves in an animated snow globe. You, Me, and We – all Starring together in a Nutshell!

      1. Sud = south en Francias
        and sud is related to Sol
        it happens in a FLASH
        its coming from the south and the east. Sounds Sirius.

        “… created a vulnerability to get into solar winds…”

        sounds like the fall. Here comes Lucifer before the Great Conjunction SOLstice (Sol Inviticus). This is a crossing of heart/mind. The logic brain is having a hard time with this, as is the heart (coronavirus).

        1. A couple of days ago avi smi sent a message to me.

          I looked up the name.

          Avasmi (अवस्मि):—[=ava-√smi] [Ātmanepada] (impf, 3. [plural] -smayanta) to flash down (said of lightning), [Ṛg-veda i, 168, 8.]

  5. Satan’s agenda is to get God’s children to withdraw from the Earth and Nature as he created it into a digital world, which is not real at all.

    I get the feeling, Frank, you and your regulars don’t spend a lot of time OUTDOORS, in Nature…..

    I’m not JUDGING you I just don’t wanna BECOME like you….

    President Trump is calling on American “Patriots” to show up for REAL in D.C. on January 6.

    Is it going to be “wild”?

    Welp, I’m sick of being stuck to this computer screen.

    I think I might just GO and see for myself…..

    Protest PEACEFULLY against what I think has been a stolen election….

    And just SEE……

    What has our country come to.


    1. I want to see if this “Q” is for real.

      Hmm, you gotta wonder tho…

      What a great way to get TRUE PATRIOTS all in ONE PLACE.


      Listen, that comedian guy on the internet, ah sorry, can’t remember your name, called Trump “Zoolander” and I kinda think he’s right….

      This is all a SHOW.

      You want ME and all us PATRIOTS to SHOW UP for you in DC, President Trump, when you have SHOWN US nothing.

      No indictments, no arrests, no NOTHING.


      So, let me say….. IF … we still get NOTHING

      (because I think these Q slick Patriot videos are produced in ISRAEL)….

      YOU will get NOTHING…..

      On January 6

      Go WILD with your BIG NOTHING.

        1. We’re a little BORED with the show, as ENTERTAINING as it is….

          You are the KING of Entertainment., that’s CLEAR.

          Hmm, “Enter-train-ment”???

            1. He “turned left”.
              That “blue steel” was a CHInese star called “wormwood”, aka coronavirus. Sometimes I think the one-facing swastika is like looking at a clock; you only see the face. But if you see the other side of the ‘face’, you see the inner-workings. There is something about origin that humanity abhors.

              face to face
              vis a vis
              or holy grail?


                1. It seems to me that Satan has created a “virus” just to STEAL Mary’s Crown…. AGAIN (Believe me, he has tried before….starting with the whole, ahem, YOU KNOW….the “chimney” guy)

                  The CoronaVirus…. COVID-19.

                  The 19 nails in her crucifixion.

                  My “Crown of Glory” [my hair!] has been falling out of late, now that my right foot is healed…..

                  It’s an ONGOING BATTLE.

                  Um, Jesus had to battle Satan at the End….

                  Maybe this is MY “End”?


                  Don’t think so…

                  NOT YET

                  1. It’s a paradox. “She” is the lotus flower that blooms because of Him, who she gave birth to.
                    It’s not linear. It’s from the HEART 🙂
                    the mind will never be satisfied but who cares?

                    1. Hahaha!


                      Yeah, I don’t “CARE” anymore…. not in the worldly way

                      I’m the “Light of the World”…. [“This Is It”]

                      And I’m so filled with JOY


                  2. omg my hair too! anemia.
                    Our hair will certainly come back! you are not alone. And this will pass. And we will have our hair back.

                    1. Hair and nails and horns. Rhinos.
                      Anony posted the Rhino named Sudan. He has a big horn. It’s keratin. The root “Ker” is horn. It’s the same stuff hair and nails are made from. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is structure against expansion.
                      We are mesmerized by languish. I think of it as “lighten up”, as a direct confrontation to the structure. It’s always a battle within. And since you talk about it, I think it’s ok to say that it is why Jesus was in the middle of two other crosses. He wasn’t right or left, he was within.

                    2. I think so, yes, MJ

                      Just had the thought today, Take your iron multi!!!

                      I’ve been “anemic” before.

                      But this is NOT the “end” for “me”

                      I feel that too….


                    1. Maybe the wifi and radiation is a hair thinner…. trinity you are right..get back to nature. The machine is sick.

                  3. I also see attempted hijack of Divine feminine. All those men calling themselves women now. First it was the ideal women made to look like skeletons and addicts devoid of life (and food). Now it’s the ideal women made to look like a drag artist.

                    In it “to get her.”

                    1. Totally, Anon.

                      I think it’s a hijack and a desecration of HER at the same time.

                      But Spirit has finally “gotten thru to me” that we Womb-men are SAFE.

                      “Sacred,” even.

                      We’re the Beloved!

                      Of the Most High


                    2. Anon,

                      Wow! “Public Enemy” really DOES get it!!!

                      Fight the POWER (Company)

                      Get OFF the GRID (iron)

                      Quit “The Electric Company”


                      This song of the past has ALWAYS gotten me “goin'”….

                      And see, how “Public Enemy” and we’ve moved from “political protests” to getting back to NATURE!

                      Getting BACK to Source

                      It’s good to look back and SEE….

                      Just how FAR we have COME!

            2. Thank you, Owen Benjamin, for making the President Trump is Zoolander connection.

              I always attribute my “sources.”


          1. MJ

            There is a little blue book called “Christ in You” by Anonymous [is that you, Anon? haha] that says we all must walk His same path…..

            And as you put it, MJ, it certainly feels like, as it was with Jesus, being put in between TWO crosses: the “crosshairs”

            the “Catch-22

            You are damned if you “do” and damned if you “don’t”

            I’m not angry about it anymore, I’m suddenly “happy”

            Vernon Howard’s
            SECRETS OF LIFE (R)


            “When you are out at night, you do not have any problems with the
            darkness, for you understand its nature. You do not try to hide from it,
            nor fight it with your fists, nor do you accuse others of trying to
            frighten you with darkness . Your understanding of the night frees you
            of problems that a small child might have with it. Now, apply this to
            psychic darkness. _Realize that the full understanding of psychic
            darkness is the very same thing as bright light_.”


            1. When you reach the end of the “road,” but your are still too scared to take the “leap of faith” and you’re still trying to “do it” nicely and keep your good “credit rating” and reputation etc etc etc…..

              For me being a mom, it’s not just “my”reputation, it’s my son’s “mother’s” reputation, and he’s now a professional. I mean, he’s at the “top” …. he’s an “orthopedic surgeon.”

              I mean, are you kidding me?

              So …..

              I just want to TAKE OFF like a bird…

              Or I DID….

              But now I feel like, what’s the point?

              There’s nowhere to go

              When the only one I love is here …..on the ground.

              I can’t leave…..

              I’m gonna stick around.

          2. The BIGGER the LIE…

            THE MORE YOU TELL IT…


            A large plane hit the building?

            I mean WTF…

            Where is the debris of Da Plane?

    2. I met two MV folk in person and we drove into the forest and camped under the stars within the first week of my arrival. We got out as much as we could. One MVer is a huge forest walker and even knows how to identify plants and forage for food in the woods. We collected black and white wall nuts (pun intended), branches to whittle, rocks and flowers to dry in bundles.

      You do realize the irony, dont you, Trinity, of worshipping Trump and following Q, both of whom are 100% reliant on the digital. If the internet didnt exist Q wouldnt exist nor would Trump have been able to sit on Twitter 24/7 collecting wall nuts who’d die for him.

      I distinctly remember self described Christians here saying those who love and visit Nature are “worshipping the Creation not the Creator”. They were wrong then and wrong now. That’s illogical.

      1. Anonymous,

        I’m in total agreement with you.

        I finally “woke up” this morning to what direction I want to take!

        And I’m so happy about it and energized to FINALLY make the preparations for my big JUMP.

        Yes, it will be “back to nature.”

        A Big JOURNEY…. Back on the “Trail.”

        And at the same time, staying close…. not “going missing.”

        So I’m not going to “give up” posting here on MV like it’s some sort of fatal addiction….

        I’m just going to take a break.

        I think this NEW YEAR is really gonna be the start…..

        Of something NEW.

        For ALL of US

        Aries is the FIRST SIGN of the Zodiac, and wow, just realizing that the 22nd of March is like New Year’s Day! The First Full Day of the Astrological “Year.”

        The First Sign of SPRING


        Rising pink and gold over a flat horizon.

        And the daylight SAVINGS “time change”…..

        “Spring Forward” in time…..

        Into a NEW DAY

        Lamentations 3:22-23, people!!!

        3/22 (mine)
        3/23 (the Good Shepherd who COMFORTS me!)

        22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
        his mercies never come to an end;
        they are new every morning;
        great is His faithfulness.

  6. MJ and Trinity,

    That rhino was born in a gorgeous place called Shambe in the land of Kush. There is an important port along De Nile there where people fight over the currency, including wolves in sheep’s clothing. Shambe looks like the english word “shame” which isn’t surprising given that the Sudd may really be the Garden of Eden and given that the animal was sent to Ken ya. It doesnt meant shame, of course, but all language data has infected the CC.
    Rhinoceros — in chi rho eros.
    Horns are associated with enlightenment (Moses and others in the bible had horns) and also with the deity, Pan.

    Anyway, more thoughts on the Divine Feminine. Imo if we dont come to terms with matter which is mother which is the Divine Feminine, we’re not going anywhere. The hatred for and repression of matter is what made us stuck.

    “The Secret Book of John relates Christ’s description of the Divine Feminine as the power of God Almighty. “She is the first power. She preceded everything, and came forth from the Father’s mind as forethought of all. Her light resembles the Father’s light; as the perfect power She is the image of the perfect and invisible Virgin Spirit. She is the first power, the glory, Barbello, the perfect glory among the worlds, the emerging glory, She glorified and praised the Virgin Spirit for she had come forth through the Spirit. She is the first thought, image of the Spirit. She became the universal womb, for She precedes everything, the common parent, the first humanity, the Holy Spirit”. The Holy Spirit is here described as the Divine Power of God Himself. This power is maternal in its character (universal womb, She, the common parent) and all powerful as the ‘first emanation of God’. More so, She is pure (Virgin) and She glorifies purity. So ancient christian tradition seems to tell us that the holy spirit is actually the Divine Mother!”

    1. chi rho in eros

      say that fast you can hear the sounds of rhinoceros are the same as those in corona virus

    2. “Consider this idea: The term ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, does not (say German theologians) relate to Christ’s times in Nazareth. Proper understanding of the original language shows that such a term is not linguistically possible (despite the fact that Paul uses it). The original term is more likely, “Jesus the Nazareen.” Nazareen is an Aramaic word meaning “one who has bound himself to the service of God” or “one who is anointed.” Compare this to the meaning of Yoga, “Union with God” and ‘Yogi’ – one who has union with god or to descriptions of the awakening of the Kundalini, “the mystical anointment”. The Nazaria were a group of Gnostics contemporary to Christ. They taught a mystic spirituality similar to the Eastern ideas already described. It has been suggested by some authorities that this Gnostic word is ultimately derived from the Hindustani ‘Nazar.’ This is a yogic term for the point between the eyebrows and above the nose (the ‘third eye’) where sages of old performed meditation. ‘Nazaren’ means to envision or behold. Then a more accurate meaning of “Jesus the Nazareen” would be “Jesus who has Yoga or Self Realisation” or “Jesus who meditates”. Considering Christ’s status as the” Son of God” perhaps a more appropriate meaning would be “Jesus who is the object of meditation”. Was Christ himself the object of meditation as are many deities in Eastern cultures? Christ himself might well be the Nazaren.

      The Nazar physically corresponds to the location of the Agnya chakra, the sixth vital chakra through which the Kundalini must pass before She enters the Sahasrara. The Agnya manifests physically as the ‘optic chiasm’ whose shape itself is cruciform! Is the cosmic Christ represented within each of us in the Nazar, Agnya chakra, just as the cosmic Mother or Holy Ghost is represented within us as the Kundalini?

      The position of the Agnya chakra is such that it is the final centre to be crossed before the Kundalini finishes its journey to the Sahasrara ( the ‘Kingdom of God Within’). Entry of the Kundalini into the Sahasara gives the blissful experience of divine awareness. This literally explains Christ’s words, “None can enter Heaven except through me”.

      Ponder also on Christ’s instruction ‘to be as little children’ or “look at the birds of the air for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly father feeds them….which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”(Matthew 6). The innocence of mind which he describes is that same Zen awareness obtained in the state of meditation, when the Agnya chakra is pierced by the Kundalini giving rise to a heightened awareness of the present moment, all thoughts of past and future neutralised. Consider also that Christ himself told us, “When your two eyes become one, your body will be filled with light.” This implies that when we go beyond the physical sight ( the two eyes) to the subtle experience or perception which occurs by opening of the third eye and thus entry of the awareness into the Sahasrara our body is filled with light, purity, grace etc.

      There is further symbolism eg. the twelve apostles represent six pairs which are symbolic of the lower six chakras from Mooladhara to Agnya. These six chakras are limited to dual awareness, ie. past and present, cause and effect. However, the final chakra, Sahasrara, represented here by Christ, who was the leader of the twelve apostles is non-dual, being derived from an awareness higher than the causal plane.

      Here are some possible conclusions which are equally reasonable, though entirely contrary to modern dogma about Christ and Christianity. Christ’s spirituality differed radically from our modern understanding. His teaching was dynamic and zen-like focusing on the experience of inner purification and transformation, the elevation of the seeker’s awareness into the state (not concept or dogma) of self-realisation. He sought to overthrow the immoral culture of the Romans and to deliver to the dogmatic, letter-bound Jews the mystic fulfilment promised to them in the Mosaic covenant.

      Central to his teaching was the understanding that the feminine aspect of God, God the Mother, was the means by which self-realisation and spiritual evolution to god-awareness occurred. Christ venerated the Divine Mother as the Holy Spirit. It is this power, described in the East as residing in the human being as the Kundalini, that is the last vestige of the Goddess-tradition in the Christian West.

      Mary was in her own right a divine being. She was venerated as such by Christ and some of the suppressed scriptures describe her as the Holy Spirit incarnate.

      Why did the Churches suppress these true christian traditions? Partly because they are patriarchal institutions based on the questionable dogma of Paul who perceived women (and therefore the feminine principle) as inferior entities. Partly also because spirituality which focused on the Divine Feminine would also focus on the redemptive power of God the Mother and on Her role as the grantor and matriarch of mystical experience. This kind of understanding, like all mystics and mysticism, defies organisation, dogmatic hierarchies and institutions preferring the role of individual experience, revelation and progressive growth toward divine awareness.

      The Holy Ghost, then, threatened to neutralise the fear-oriented dogma which the Churches have used, in the name of Christ and Spiritual Truth, to maintain their secular power and wealth.

      Christ’s promise of a comforter, the “second coming”, implies another divine incarnation to bring about the redemption of humanity. As we have seen it is the Divine Mother who has the power to redeem her children, the Sons of Man (as the gnostics put it), in the eyes of God the Father. Who better to comfort the children who suffer, as does the West and much of the world from a culture whose ethic of materialism and immediate gratification is characterised by terms such as “the lost generation”, “eco-disaster”, “terrorism”, “future shock” and “psycho-social alienation”, than the Divine Mother?”

      1. Anonymous

        I Agree!


        Aren’t I the one who exposed “Paul” as really “Saul”?

        Satan! The ANTI-Christ, who came BEHIND our Savior and his seeding of the Word with his tares and weeds and “undoing” of Christ’s MESSAGE…..

        And with his Letters in the New Testament he has steered many SHEEP onto the WRONG PATH….

        OK? yeah…..

        So the “Christianity” you keep projecting onto me is not….



    3. Yes, thank you Anonymous!

      I agree, and of course the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, is part of the Holy Trinity.: Father {Spirit} + Mother {Earth matter} = the Son {Diamond}

      I’ve always thought of it this way, and in The Essene Gospel of Peace, the Healer teaches both the “Our Father” AND the “Our Mother” prayers.

      From The Essene Gospel of Peace:

      “And pray every day to your Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, that your soul become as perfect as your Heavenly Father’s holy spirit is perfect, and that your body become as perfect as the body of your Earthly Mother is perfect. For if you understand, feel, and do the commandments, then all for which you pray to your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother will be given you. For the wisdom,the love, and the power of God are above all.

      “After this manner, therefore, pray to your Heavenly Father:
      ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil {Satan}. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.’

      “And after this manner pray to your Earthly Mother:
      ‘Our Mother which art upon earth, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, and thy will be done in us, as it is in thee. As thou sendest every day thy angels, send them to us also. Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee. And lead us not into sickness, but deliver us from all evil, for thine is the earth, the body, and the health. Amen.

      And they all prayed together with Jesus to the Heavenly Father and to the Earthly Mother. And afterwards Jesus spoke thus to them:
      “Even as your bodies have been reborn through the Earthly Mother’s angels, may your spirit, likewise, be reborn through the angels of the Heavenly Father. Become, therefore, true Sons of your Father and of your Mother, and true Brothers of the Sons of Men. Till now you were at war with your Father, with your Mother, and with your Brothers. And you have served Satan.
      From today live at peace with your Heavenly Father, and with your Earthly Mother, and with your Brothers, the Sons of Men. And fight only against Satan, lest he rob you of your peace.
      I give the peace of your Earthly Mother to your body, and the peace of your Heavenly Father to your spirit. And let the peace of both reign among the Sons of Men.
      “Come to me, all that are weary and that suffer in strife and affliction! For my peace will strengthen you and comfort you. For my peace is exceeding full of joy.
      Wherefore do I always greet you after this manner: ‘Peace be with you!’
      Do you always, therefore, so greet one another, that upon your body may descend the peace of your Earthly Mother, and upon your spirit the peace of your Heavenly Father. And then you will find peace also among yourselves, for the kingdom of God is within you.
      And now return to your Brothers with whom hitherto you were at war, and give your peace to them also. For happy are they that strive for peace, for they will find the peace of God.
      Go, and sin no more. And give to every one your peace, even as I have given my peace unto you. For my peace is of God. Peace be with you.”

      “And he left them.”


  7. Travel pandemonium hits Australia just before Christmas when many families are planning reunions. Can’t have that now can we! Oh no, you are not going to enjoy meeting your beloved family members who you haven’t seen for ages. You WILL do as we require you to do and NOT as you want to do. Don’t you understand? We choose what is and is NOT allowed. We are in charge of YOU and the media promotes anything WE want it to promote. Sit down and shut up or else!

    Western Australia BANS anyone from New South Wales entering.

    And guys and gals here on Merovee you don’t think it is going to stop here any time soon. Oh no, clearly they are going to take this further and further and things will get much worse. If you don’t comply there will be more and more intrusions into your life until you don’t have one!
    So it is my aim to make you aware of the solution to this dilemma.
    The solution is a spiritual solution.
    The solution is Jesus Christ.
    No, not the fake antichrist who at some stage WILL be presented as the solution but the Lord Jesus Christ who died for all your sins.
    Accept Him now as your Lord and Saviour and pray for your forgiveness.
    Anything less will NOT cut the mustard!
    Don’t say I didn’t tell you all!

    1. And this –
      “Cluster” = 343 (Satanic) or 7x7x7.
      “Cluster” = 98 (English Ordinal) or 7x(7+7)
      7 letters.

    2. Ken, why are most Christians following all these rules then? They have confessed their sins and say they are born again in Christ but they are the ones walking around in masks, rushing to get tested, shutting churches, hanging on Trumps every turd and avoiding loved ones, etc.
      No one is forcing them to do any of this. They are complying. Instead of preaching to those who dont wear Jesus on their sleeves, might they preaching to those who do. They’ve dropped the ball.

      Christ said not to worry, he’s got their back but their compliance with the machine shows they don’t believe that.

      1. ANON,

        The crunch will come when the Mark of the Beast is about to be administered. To qualify for this you will have to worship antichrist. The MOB will allow you to continue to buy and sell. We are not quite there yet but that is definitely the way they are moving.

    3. I agree, Ken, 100%!

      God bless you and YOURS and ALL of US!!!!

      Hallelu Jah!

      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

      For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

      For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

      For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth

      The kingdom of this world is become
      The Kingdom of our Lord
      And of His Christ, and of His Christ
      And He shall reign for ever and ever
      And He shall reign for ever and ever
      And He shall reign for ever and ever

      King of Kings
      For ever and ever
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      And Lord of Lords
      For ever and ever
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

      King of Kings
      For ever and ever
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      And Lord of Lords
      For ever and ever
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

      King of Kings
      For ever and ever
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      And Lord of Lords

      King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
      And He shall reign for ever and ever
      And He shall reign for ever and ever

      King of Kings
      And Lord of Lords
      And He shall reign for ever and ever

      King of Kings
      And Lord of Lords
      King of Kings
      And Lord of Lords
      And He shall reign for ever and ever
      King of Kings
      And Lord of Lords
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

  8. Trinity, if you believe in retrocasuality, maybe I wrote that book. 😁

    Ken, “look at the birds of the air for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly father feeds them….which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”(Matthew 6)

    1. Anon,

      I think you, me, and Ken are all trying to “say” the same thing!

      This is a world of separation, miscommunication, and ships that pass by in the night!

      We are still under the rule of the ….

      Tower of Babel!

      The “New Kingdom” of “peace and understanding” is about to LAND.


      1. So if President Trump is Zoolander…..

        Wouldn’t we try to help him “win” against EVIL?

        Wouldn’t we try to FIGHT a system in which our OWN VOTES were STOLEN?

        Wouldn’t we FIGHT to expose LIES?

        If you are a true, um…. let’s call ourselves, “Nazarenes.”

        After Jesus of Nazareth!

        Not pseudo “Christians.”

        And we FIGHT for TRUTH!


        So…. January 6


        “Let’s go Wild?”

        1. We have been BETRAYED.

          We are UPSET.

          We have been LIED to…..

          We LOVE America!

          We are CITIZENS of the greatest country, born under God, on Earth.

          Of COURSE Satan slithered his way in and now CONTROLS the SWAMP.

          You, “Master Masons”….

          You, “Home” Depot…. ORANGE

          You, 33…

          YOU LIED…..

          1. This is not a woman…..

            This is a “beautiful” transgender.


            We ALL suffer

            And we must all… go on and….

            Shine like a DIAMOND.

            Because that is what YOU ARE!

            The CHOICE is YOURS.

            “Shine” or don’t shine…..

            It’s a GRAVE “freedom” our Father has given us…..

            because some of us SHINE….

            And some of us don’t

                1. God is real, my brothers.

                  And thus you are made aware, that so is Satan…

                  This priest looks at a child’s mother who is begging him to save her child….

                  So he rises up, and….

                  he does.

                  1. You can never become a DIAMOND unless you REPENT of your sins, which we ALL have… and then, serve God.

                    We’re just bits of coal.


                    Don’t you see that?

    1. Welp…. no

      There IS an ending to every story.

      Because they are not REAL.

      So…when you are READY to escape from your insane asylum…..


      That “SAVIOR” you call out for in your mind with full heart and desire…

      at the point of desperation….

      WILL come for you.

    1. See? No NOT “To be continued”….

      Time for it to END.

      I told my sister at the VERY BEGINNING of this NO-End Story…

      Twenty YEARS AGO…

      that this was a WORSE NIGHTMARE than I could ever imagine.

      That it seemed HYPER-REAL, when he was here….

      And that it seemed like somehow “destined” to happen….

      And that it was “INEVITABLE and IMPOSSIBLE at the SAME TIME.”

      Still TRUE.

      To this very DAY.

      My “Catch-22.”



      So what DO YOU DO?


      I’ll let you know.

        1. So let me take back what I said, that I will sue my sister Rebecca, if they “do” whatever they “do” to me and my son…..

          I don’t need to sue YOU.

          I’m not in a battle with YOU…..

          So just sayin’

          I’ll fight my battles one at a time.

          And “give you” that it’s “NOT YOUR FAULT.”

          Yes, you hate me and you want me to die…..

          But I SEE now…..

          It’s not your fault.


          1. If I sue, I’ll sue the employer that is denying me the “work” they hired me to DO.

            They TOLD ME I’m a “valued” associate.

            And if you do not “TREAT ME THAT WAY.”?

            I’ll sue YOU.



            1. Do you really want me to expose the “cheating” going on at the Gap’s Distribution Warehouse?

              That you are CHEATING, and you have your family members getting the whatever, um, WORK.

              I don’t NEED your work, but actually I DO need the job.

              I don’t know where this is headed…..

              I don’t want to see other people, like my “supervisors” who have stood up for “me,” SUFFER.

              I’m not gonna to let that happen, I’m sorry.

              If someone LOSES THEIR JOB over “Rebecca and her family’s” WAR against ME….


              I will SUE the Gap, Inc.


              1. In other words….

                Where is my supervisor, “Mike”?

                I want to KNOW….

                Because “Matt” was “in charge” last shift and he seems to think, um, he can “rule” over me and get me “gone”?

                He wears a hat: “Run Fastah”

                He’s clearly IRE-ish….

                A “family member” of Rebecca’s…..


                Like I said….

                I don’t need to sue “Rebecca”

                You get me?


                1. Who Am I?

                  I’ve been made dead and still live!

                  Been “dead” and brought back to life.

                  I LIVE.

                  And I live to ….

                  bring JUSTICE…..


                    1. But hey…..

                      I’m not the President

                      God bless you, President Trump

                      It’s not over til the FAT LADY SINGS…..

                      And I MEAN “sings”….

                      I’m out for JUSTICE

                      NOT to “win”….

                      You get me?

                      Let’s go back….

                      to the Beginning.

                    2. Are we BLOCKED from communicating with each other because it is “bad”?

                      No, we are blocked by Satan from communicating because it is GOOD.

                      I’m not TALKING about “Adultery” or “Cheating.”

                      I’m talking about “Brotherhood,” um simple “Friendship”…

                      I’m talking about Union in Christ.



                      Of “Good Faith.”

                      And THAT is what Satan will demonize, slander, and call “cheating.”


                      “It’s “all good’.”

                      And THAT is what Satan HATES.

                      Have a good night, people.

                      This story is almost DONE.


                      Did it never really “happen” at all…..

                    3. Did this ever really “happen”?

                      Or is it JUST ANOTHER DEATH THREAT……

                      From Satan.


                      You tell me…..

                    4. I’ve not spoken more than ten words with “Brody.”

                      It’s ALL in our imagination.

                    5. Welp….

                      I’m sick of lies, gossip, and slander.

                      I speak the language of honesty and truth.

                      No lies.

                      I just AM.


                      And if YOU can’t DEAL with it…..


                      I do not want to know you.


                    6. Frank!

                      I actually appreciate your video.

                      I get it, and thanks.

                      But the way you sort of hijack “me” doesn’t feel good?

                      Do you not see that?

                      I was just marveling at how your site had given me a “voice” and I do thank you for that…..

                      There is no other place I could’ve posted my “stuff” since it is mostly movie driven.

                      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

                      OK, so whatever.

                      I guess it’s the price I must PAY to be here.


                      What's it called, um…

                      "Tough Love"


                    7. Trinity

                      You have to be aware that I would really like to keep the site up and running. Don’t want anyone to have an excuse to remove it again.

                    8. I will also say that I want to “do great things” for “you” and MV.

                      I don’t want my “story” to end in failure and victimhood, and hate.


                      SO it won’t!

                      More “great stuff’ to come…..

                      “Better” stuff

                      Thank you as always for always…

                      being there!


                    9. OMG

                      Thank God I am not “Caroline Biden”




                      Um yes I gave a little PUSH BACK to the “LOCALS” the local State Troopers who have relatives that work in my car dealership….

                      I will not be ripped off anymore…. if I can help it


                      I got entrapped into a drunk driving violation, and this is how THEY WORK.

                      I’ve got ten years from the arrest before it clears my “record.”

                      Let’s see, um it happened in um idk 2015?

                      So these JERKS and their family who got JOBS in the LAW ENFORCEMENT community called the “State Police”…

                      think..they can harass me because?

                      they can CATCH me AGAIN?

                      Within ten years of the first arrest…

                      I go to JAIL.


                      Ya think?


                      Why am I still Here, period.

                      Sticking around for some LOSER to “come for me,” to rescue me…

                      I GET IT!

                      I FINALLY get it….

                      I actually don’t want him to “come” for me or “Do” anything….

                      He’s not what….

                      I want.

                      I’m a free bird.

                      I want a man who loves me the way I AM and wants me to be FREE.


      1. Frank,

        By the way, feel free and I’ve always thought it your right, to delete any of my posts that you feel are a threat to MV staying up.


        All the best


          1. Thanks, same to you, Frank!

            And same to all on MV who have connected with me:
            Ken, TTN, Roob, Anon, MJ, Elena, Jen

            And to my enemy and lover neighbors out there:

            Butch, Jake, Rebecca….

            To my enemies and friends at work:

            Chris, Matt, Mike, Rachel, Tammy, Miss Vanessa, “Pierre”

            And my family:

            Scott, Clare, Melanie, Patricia…. Claire, Peg, Trish…. Richard, ALEXIS, Martha….Luke and Christine……

            And my FRIENDS
            Lynn & Charley, Sarah & John, Annie & Tom, Dana & Bob…..

            I love you ALL.


            MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  9. To end this thread, I just have to ask…

    What is wrong with you?

    Really, what is wrong with you?

    to KNOW I am the ONE for you…..


    It MUST mean,….

    It it MEANS to me from here on out…

    THAT you are NOT the ONE for ME.



    Fuck off, before I SUE YOU and YOUR COUSIN to DEATH.

      1. You SCARE me.

        Let’s put it that way.

        I’m taking OFF.

        If you can “protect” me along the way….

        That’ll be great.

                1. I’ve become a bird watcher!

                  And it’s true, different kinds of birds stick together!

                  Some war with each other, some don’t…..

                  But I’ve seen fights go on between nuthatches and chickadees…..

                  We live in a fallen world of separation and division.

                  Do you really think the Creator values Cardinals or Bluebirds over the cute little chickadees and wood thrushes?

                  How bout squirrels? ….

                  who RUIN EVERYTHING.



                  Just comet-ing

                  A Merry Christmas to ALL

                  And GOODNIGHT!

          1. Frank,

            I hope you don’t think I mean YOU in the above….

            calling you a “Vampire”

            (You must think I have serious issues if so……)

            No, I’m talkin to the Sheriiff

            I’m always talkin to the Sheriff……

            Sorry for the confusion and welp….

            Maybe it’s better if everyone thinks I’m just a CRAAAZY….


            Because at this point…..

            I AM!


            I can LIVE with that…..

            No harm, no foul!


            1. Thanks be to Our Creator

              Who sent His Son to save of us from….

              welp, for me?

              To save me from hell.

              I AM….like, Mary Magdalen, possessed by a demon called alco-ghoul, but maybe more….passed down through my family….

              I AM in HELL

              1. Welp

                Merry Christmas, people.

                Get right with the REAL Savior of our “world.”

                Jesus Christ

                The only ONE who can save us NOW, and FOREVER more.

                1. There is a Sheriff, Manuel Gonzales III, in New Mexico who has answered my call?

                  It’s on Bitchute.

                  You know, County Sheriffs actually have ALL the POWER…..

                  If they OWN IT.

                  They are the ONLY ONES who can actually fight “THE POWERS THAT BE.”

                  For US

                    1. It’s TIME, people…..

                      They “killed” the American “Spirit” on 9/11…..

                      And NO ONE said otherwise….. No ONE!

                      We’re DEAD in the water, so to speak…..

                      We’re DEAD.

                      But with real men like Sheriff Gonzales sparking a charge to lead the WAY…

                      We CAN come back to life


                      That means….


                      But first must come real….

                      LAW and ORDER

                      Putting criminals behind bars.

                      There’s no other way……

                      It seems an impossible task, at this point…..

                      when the “criminals” have taken over and are now in “charge.”….

                      Pray to God.

                      Because with God….

                      ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

                    2. To sum up…

                      We must FIGHT for our “salvation.”

                      It is not just GIVEN us by saying the name of “Jesus Christ” and yes, I believe in Him.

                      That will NOT save you on yes, “Judgment Day.”

                      Actions SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

                      (I will struggle to live this as well as I can, too….)

                      We must FIGHT for our “freedom.”



                      Oh, and what a joyous thing it IS!


                    3. And finally, I don’t know the truth… I know nothing.

                      But I’d like to know….

                      is she your cousin…. or is she (gulp) your sister???

                    4. If so, have at it, but you are in hell, yes, like me…..

                      There’s no way out.

                      These are DEMONS set upon us by Satan.


                      I can’t save you.

                      And you can’t save me.

                      Our salvation is in Christ.

                      Only in Christ.

                      It’s a set up….

                      But it’s ALL GOOD.


                      Believe me!

                    5. I would encourage you to seek therapy, and I don’t mean it condescendingly…

                      I’m a potential “therapist,” but not when perhaps one of you is in “love” with me.

                      I AM a Teacher.

                      We can HEAL this problem, no doubt.

                      ALL IS WELL, people!!!

                      Hahaha, all is well.

                      We’re gonna be OK.

                      I AM a HEALER.

                      I asked God for this, and hmm….

                      I feel it.

                      I’m not gonna “seek you” anymore…..

                      You want “healing”?

                      You’re gonna have to come for me.


                  1. This surely will get me killed….

                    How did I land in this “place”?

                    There’s no way out of such I’m sorry… EVIL.

                    No way out, when it’s your OWN FAMILY.

                    I can’t get my mind around it!

                    NO WAY OUT!!!

                    That’s enough to set anyone on a murderous rampage.


                    Just sayin’

                    Leave me alone….

                    … and I will leave you alone.


                    1. Just leave me alone.

                      And you and your evil kingdom can go to the grave as a royal family.

                      And no one will ever know.

                      And it will be….

                      As if you never even EXISTED.

                      That’s because you didn’t, not in God’s kingdom….

                      Nor will you EVER

                    2. I’m a “MOTHER” alright…..

                      I’m hijacking Satan’s scheme to cause HATRED among us.

                    3. I am a mother… a divorced mother.

                      So it’s hard for me, I’ll ADMIT….

                      thinking “Brody” was going to “come for me.”

                      And idk, going to “save me”….

                      “true love”

                      I’m over it!

                      Hahahaha, and you should be too!

                      It’s All Good.

                      I’m a MOTHER!

                      And don’t YOU FORGET IT!

                      I could post Ripley vs the Alien, who is just another MOTHER!

                      Hahaha! Another endless battle…..

                      I’m “done” with battles.


    1. If I AM “the” Mockingjay, I would say that we don’t have to FIGHT at all to preserve our “freedom” against this encroaching “Communist” takeover….

      Shouldn’t it be a relief that to DEFEAT this THING that men actually don’t have to leave their families and “go to war” like the men did in WWI and WWII…..?

      See the coding there? WWGIWGA?

      I don’t think I have that right but the POINT IS:



      Our chance to MAKE OUR STAND is approaching:



      If EVERYONE refuses to COMPLY….

      They can’t “TOUCH THIS.”

      This vaccine is clearly a POISON of some sort…. If you don’t get sick or your face doesn’t fall in Bell’s Palsy…. there’s a hidden weakness introduced into your body that THEY know how to trigger on down the road….

      They are SNAKES!!!


      They have no SHAME and they don’t EVER fight fair!

      And worst of all?


      1. If you watch the video you will see where this ALL is began:

        In a “Bris” which is so horrifyingly video’d here, they cut the foreskin of a baby boy’s penis, and as the boy screams and cries in pain, the Rabbi takes a “hit of adrenochrome” off his penis.

        I’m serious. He SUCKS the boy’s penis.

        They show a what’s it called, um KOSHER (lol) slaughter of an ox or somesuch….. there’s a REASON they don’t just give it a merciful punch to the head, you’re-out instant killing…..

        No, they slit its throat and the beast, seeing its own blood and feeling its own death dies in PANIC MODE for as long as it takes to bleed out.

        Hmm, um OK…..

        A Beast DYING in PANIC MODE produces in its blood a huge amount of ADRENALINE, am I right?

        is literally FEEDING off of US, the “GOYIM” through their evil ntewroks of child-trafficking.

        WE’RE THEIR CATTLE!!!!

        And “THEY” are simply child-trafficking monsters all addicted to adrenochrome.



        “They Live”

          1. Say NO, and disregard all their threats like this:
            You’ll need a vax pass to travel….

            F- you, and this is when and where we NEED OUR SHERIFFS to step in and NOT COMPLY by not making US citizens comply with this UTTER BULLSHIT.

            TYRANNY is what it’s called.

            There IS no “pandemic”

            NOBODY is DYING from f— “COVID-19”

            Hey, we don’t travel anymore, and you and f— airlines and polluting “cruise liners” can just go out of business.


            1. This is the battle line, “just saying ‘No.”

              Because refusing the vaccine could have huge consequences for you and your family. Yes, life will not go so easy….

              But if we stand together now by simply refusing a clearly DISINGENUOUS attempt at instilling FEAR in the populace whereby THEY can introduce their TYRANNY, and thereby take control of US….

              If we just use our common sense as parents, and see THEY are MANUFACTURING a fake “threat” that is not real for our children….

              We CAN WIN.

              THIS IS IT.

              1. There’ve been times in my life,
                I’ve been wonderin’ why
                Still, somehow I believed we’d always survive
                Now, I’m not so sure
                You’re waiting here, one good reason to try
                But, what more can I say? What’s left to provide?
                Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracle?
                Stand up and fight
                Make no mistake where you are
                (This is it)
                Your back’s to the corner
                (This is it)
                Don’t be a fool anymore
                (This is it)
                The waiting is over, no, don’t you run
                No way to hide
                No time for wonderin’ why
                It’s here, the moment is now, about to decide
                Let ’em believe
                Leave ’em behind
                But keep me near in your heart
                Know whatever you do, I’m here by your side
                For once in your life, here’s your miracle
                Stand up and fight
                Make no mistake where you are
                (This is it)
                You’re goin’ no further
                (This is it)…..

                1. Make no mistake where you are
                  (This is it)
                  You’re goin’ no further
                  (This is it)
                  Until it’s over and done
                  Oh oh oh oh
                  (Who makes the choice of how it goes?)
                  It’s not up to me this time
                  (You know)
                  Comes a day in every life
                  Make no mistake where you are
                  (This is it)
                  You’re goin’ no further
                  (This is it)
                  Until it’s over and done
                  (This is it)
                  One way or another
                  (This is it)
                  (No one can tell what the future holds)
                  (This is it)
                  Your back’s to the corner
                  (This is it)
                  (You make the choice of how it goes)
                  (This is it)
                  The waiting is over
                  (This is it)
                  (No one can tell what the future holds)
                  (This is it)
                  You’re goin’ no further
                  (This is it)

                  1. “This Is It”

                    Now I don’t have anybody to talk to…..

                    But don’t you agree……

                    That is QUITE a synch!

                    And hmm, “Kenny Loggins” sure does look like “Jesus”!!


                    This is it, people!

                    Time to party on down!

                    Turn it uuup!!!

              2. TRINITY,

                Also worth bearing in mind that when the first rapture happens all the underage children from around the world will be taken to Heaven. This of course will lead to pandemonium among affected atheists having all your young children taken from you.
                Several people looking at January 1st 2021 for a major event to happen.

                1. Ken,

                  Thank you, that would make “sense” in a merciful Father’s plan for his “children’s” salvation.

                  If the “Remnant” is to be tested by Satan, how merciful of our Creator to remove the innocent children from the Devil’s grasp, who has ALWAYS used them as hostages in order to force their parents’ compliance.

                  Knowing your children are safe and sound will release the full power of the “saints” to DEFEAT Satan in the Final Battle.

                  “Stand up and FIGHT.”

                  I CAN’T WAIT.

                  1. I’d in the past want to post that great battle scene from the Tolkien movies, the Two Towers, that depicts the Fall of Suaron, the One Eye, at the top of the two towers that were made ONE.


                    What are these “Holly Wood’ movies, really? “Magic” “Illusion”

                    Predictive programming?

                    Not so much THAT….

                    No, they are WORSE

                    Now I hesitate as a “Lady” and a mother to say so, but the Truth must be told and SEEN, as in the bris video that makes your heart sink….

                    Hollywood movies are….these heroic movies of battles won and happy endings….


                    It’s PORN… to which the masses, instead of standing up and fighting themselves, masturbate.

                    It’s the truth, ans YOU KNOW IT.

                    I won’t “masturbate” any longer to these fake dreams of victory and lol, True Love!

                    It’s all FAKE

                    It’s ALL–the MEDIA run by the “Elites” who drink blood and eat shit–


                    The Serpent in the GARDEN!

                    WAKE UP

                    WHO is my “True LOVE”???


                    Jesus doesn’t want me to ahem, spiritually “masturbate” any more….

                    Jesus LOVES ME and wants me to…


                    to HIS love!

                    This song speaks to HIM, not, for example in my “drama, the “Sheriff”

                    My True ….

                    OUR True….


                    My true “Love”

                    1. See the Devil in the details?

                      The ONE EYE is in the “water,” do you see him?

                      That’s Satan…..

                      AN EVIL EYE….

                      WATCHING you…..

                      Watching ME.

                      ALWAYS watching.

                    2. I’ll play THIS “movie” again because it really …. gets to the root of the problem, ALL of your “problems”….

                      …all the “World’s” problems:


                      I’m not alone in this “battle”….

                      He’s fighting YOU too, even if you don’t know it.

                      We’re ALL in this together, that is the Truth.

                      And so is Jesus!

                      Get it? “We are not alone?”

                      Satan twists and MOCKS every truth you hear.

                      He introduces DOUBT every time you decide to make another “go” at it….

                      It’s true, every road in this world is a DEAD END.

                      Until you take “the Road Less Traveled”

                      The High WAY to Heaven.

                      I’d say the world does not have this “road” on any of its maps….

                      It’s invisible.

                      It’s the High Way of the MOST HIGH.

                      Get it?

                      This is Lesson 101 in “Satan’s Power Over You: Learning to Wake Up”

                  2. January 1, 2021….

                    is 1/1/21 = 1/1/3

                    Hmm, “my” numbers….

                    Well, Ken…..

                    The “numbers”

                    What do they MEAN?

                    I’ll tell you EVERY TIME I check the “time” on my phone it’s ALWAYS some permutation of the 1 and the 3, ALWAYS…..

                    So much so that I think I’ve gone MAD.

                    So what does that mean.

                    I think Satan is mocking me 24/7, every minute every hour….

                    But I can’t let “it” get me down, you hear me?

                    I must FIGHT Satan in my own MIND.

                    I must REBUKE EVERY SINGLE EVIL THOUGHT he assaults me with, thoughts of the past, thoughts of fear of the future……

                    And it’s a CONSTANT BATTLE.

                    Just to TURN IT OFF.

                    To focus on the Beauty of nature and your mankind all around you….

                    THAT’s my ROAD to FREEDOM.



                    1. “I just wanted you to know you did a real good job in this tournament, man, and I’m real proud of you….”

                      “Thanks…. thanks!”

                      “High five me, man….

                      “Take care….”

                    2. Anon has taught us so much about words and sounds of words….

                      A “saint”

                      To me that sounds like, a “sent” from God

                      noun: saint; plural noun: saints

                      a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death.
                      “a place dedicated to a seventh-century saint”
                      (in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches) a person formally recognized or canonized by the Church after death, who may be the object of veneration and prayers for intercession.
                      “Innocent III stressed that only the Pope had the authority to declare a saint”
                      used in titles of religious saints.
                      noun: Saint; symbol: St; symbol: St.; symbol: S; symbol: S.
                      “the epistles of Saint Paul”
                      a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; a Mormon.
                      noun: Saint; plural noun: Saints
                      “Smith began to cast around for uninhabited territories where the Saints might build their Kingdom”
                      (in or alluding to biblical use) a Christian believer.
                      “the poor saints which are at Jerusalem”
                      a very virtuous, kind, or patient person.

                    3. I don’t want to be “right” all the time….

                      I don’t KNOW anything at ALL

                      I just want to BE happy and content and be “better.”

                      How’s that?

                      I want to be “better.”


                    4. Ba-dum-dum, thanks Frank!

                      I won’t say “I’m done”….

                      Never say never again.


                      I’m getting old, my son said as much….

                      He wants me to die my hair.

                      Oh well!

                    5. TRINITY,

                      Regarding the date 1/1/2021 we see that it adds to 7 which is very interesting as it took God 6 days to create the earth etc etc and rested on the 7th day.
                      And for those still in denial we still have a 7-day week. No, no, come on guys it still is a 7-day week regardless of how much you dispute it!
                      And each of my 3 names has 7 letters in them and my first real job in the Royal Navy lasted for 7 years and 7 days.
                      And when I was about 7 years old my family shared a big red brick and slate-roofed house with the family of the foreman of the farm in England.
                      One day I had a vision in my upstairs bedroom. I saw a man in my room looking out of the window. It might have been a dormer window. I’m not sure. He was dressed in a creamy white robe and had longish golden hair. I could only see down to his elbows. As he looked out of the window there were streams of golden rays of sunshine coming in. There was a feeling of complete peace and tranquility.
                      The people we shared the house with were Christians and when we went there for a meal I noticed that the father said grace at their dining table for the food they were about to eat. They had two sons, Timothy and David. It is more than likely that those parents prayed for us.
                      I apologize if I am repeating this story.

                    6. No, thank you, Ken!

                      I love hearing people’s testimonies of anything about Jesus Christ and how He has touched their lives, least of all an actual “vision” of Him!

                      Very beautiful, thank you!

                      And I knew I was fudging the numbers with my comment, and sorry to have been idk “flippant” in the past about their meaning, for you and for any of us…

                      And “7”

                      I’ve been synching on that one quite a bit too of late.

                      I mean, Hey.

                      The number of God’s “Completion” of CREATION!

                      The Day He has commanded US to REST from our work just as He did….and the DAY he COMMANDS, as Our LOVING FATHER, we Honor IT and Him! (“Honor your parents….”)

                      A Day of Worshiping Our God!

                      Giving Him thanks and praise!



                      "O the JOY of the LORD it will be my STRENGTH
                      When the PRESSURE is on
                      He's making DIAMONDS!"

                      We are in the "crucible"

                      "He is "refining" and in His timing….
                      He's making diamonds out US."


                    7. December 31, 2020–

                      31…. 22 …. My “numbers”…..

                      Been a great year, eh?

                      Haha, and I just had to laugh when a read today’s email inspiration from the late Vernon Howard, and ….

                      Wish YOU ALL a Happy NEW YEAR!!!

                      ‘Well, we have a problem, do we not, a problem called this life on
                      earth? More specifically and right to the point, your problem is
                      your life, right? Correct. See we started off accurately, haven’t we?

                      Here we have these wide varieties of difficulties, and listen to this
                      one. Ladies and gentlemen, just look around at your life and the lives
                      of your relatives and your friends and the people you meet down on the
                      street and just look and see how we treat each other.

                      Isn’t that enough already to make you gasp? Wonder how we ever got into this situation where all we can do is snap at each other, be jealous of
                      one another and look around and try to find something to attack in the
                      other man, in the other woman or in that system or in that government or
                      in that philosophy?

                      Haven’t you ever just quietly looked around and been astonished at what
                      you’ve seen, which you see in yourself also of course, and ask yourself,
                      ‘why?’ Or are you so busy wrecking things that you don’t want to take

                      I said wrecking things; that includes that commodity called your life
                      that we just discussed. Wrecking it because it is not getting any better,
                      is it? You know it’s not getting any better; you know all these haunting
                      secret thoughts you have inside you. You know how you try to get rid of
                      them with your toys and your games and your drinks and your talk and
                      they never, never go away, right?

                      Don’t you agree then, that it’s about time that we start doing
                      something practical instead of letting this foolishness run away
                      with itself and with us?”

                      From “A Flight to a Higher Place” DVD # 11, talk 3

                      I mean come on: I see … “131” here.

                      It means, Jesus is with ALL of “US!”

                      Jesus is FOR all of us.


                    8. Thank you, Frank

                      Happy New Year to you as well.

                      I’m feeling a surge, a wave, a “thermal” of a joy to ride, into 2021, I really do.

                      RISE-ing into a Higher Dimension….

                      I’m letting go of the “battle,” and of course the “hate” that goes with it.

                      I don’t need to be “right” anymore…. my desire to just be happy is taking over…..

                      The one wish that instantly becomes True the moment you wish it!

                      For “joy.”

                      “Ask and you shall receive!”

                      Yeah, you know….

                      I MEAN…..



                      It’s all words, all symbols, of a TRUTH that is above it all, BEYOND this little “world” we are “planted” in, um, I really do think it’s Yahuah’s domed terrarium!

                      And in HIS timing….

                      HE will set us FREE.


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