It’s a Sun Moon day today.





YU ?




‘Quantum theory might imply there are an infinite number of Yous out there’.



Two Hearts.




‘Meet Me On The Corner When The Lights Are Coming On’.






La Grande Illusion.




That’s the way God planned it.


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      1. 😊

        How this all works God only knows.

        Smiley’s People.

        I came across these on Saturday afternoon.

        And death of David Cornwell / John le Carre in Truro hospital in Cornwall on same day.

  1. FRANK and all,

    One very special fact about today’s “smiley” eclipse down in South America over Chile and Argentina is that it is exactly half way between the two USA eclipses which form a giant X across the USA.
    The first was on 21/8/2017 and the second one is going to be on 8/4/2024.
    The centre of this giant X is next to Cedar Lake in Illinois just about on top of Salem Rd.
    21/8/2017 + 1211 days = 14/12/2020 + 1211 days = 8/4/2024.
    Also, if you like 14+12+20+20 = 66.
    And 14+12+2+2 = 30 and 30+ mirror 3 = 33 and 33+mirror 33 = 66 again.
    And 1+4+1+2+2+2 = 12 and 12+21 = 33 and 33+ mirror 33 = 66 again.
    2422 days between both USA eclipses is exactly 3+3 years and 33 weeks.

      1. FRANK,

        Yes Carbondale is the biggest town close to Salem Rd but is between 9 and 11 km north east from Salem Rd.

        1. Ken, I’m curious, are you making this point because of Jeru-SALEM, or something else? Because in 2017, one of the first cities in the path of totality was Salem, Oregon.

          1. MJ,

            I was just pointing out that Carbondale was not quite at the centre of the first eclipse and probably not the second but I am not an expert. Yes, I was also pointing out that the Salem Rd was closer to the very centre of the first eclipse.
            I was also aware but didn’t mention it but the first eclipse covered 7 Salems not to mention the Salem Rd at Cedar Lake which is at the very centre of the X. All this just cannot be coincidence IMHO.
            Origin of the word Salem –
            “From Late Latin Salem, from Greek Salḗm, from Hebrew Shālēm, a name of uncertain origin and meaning, but traditionally interpreted as a synonym of Jerusalem and associated in meaning with shālōm “peace”; see also Jerusalem”
            Also, at the very centre of JerUSAlem is USA of course.

        1. «She-Guardian» “The sculpture“ Guardian ”reaches a height of 11 meters and represents a cat with wings protecting its offspring. The work on the sculpture took Namdakov more than two years. In it, the author demonstrates his special attitude to the cultural heritage of the Ancient East, ”RIA Novosti reports, citing representatives of the Halcyon gallery.
          There are special venues in London where various exhibitions take place. The place where the Guardian is now installed is specially designed for large art objects. There is such a special program “City of Sculptures”. Our sculpture of Genghis Khan was exhibited at the same place – now it is in Mongolia. We were invited to participate by our partners – the mayor’s office of London, – says Namdakov’s assistant. – For the most part, the problem of installing the “Guardian” in Bolgar is a religious problem. Therefore, we better not go deep into this moment. After all, it was not our initiative, it came from anyone known. The place of installation was determined by the customer. Life doesn’t end with religious controversy. People used to live on this land before the modern inhabitants of that land appeared, and it is foolish to cross out your history. All this is a matter of religious movements – as they say, there is no tolerance.


    1. Ken, Cedar Lake is 20 minutes from Giant City Park! I went there a few months ago. Beautiful place.

      It’s on the 37th parallel N. This is also minutes away from Makanda, aka “The Star of Egypt”.

      It’s little hippy town.
      They have an annual Vulture Fest.

      (with performances by Miss Jenny!) 😃

      Also, IlliNOIS… SION, ZION.

        1. MJ
          Dog days of rising of Sirius always were noted from 3 July to 11 August
          As you already know, the importance of the date of August 12 in the destinies of the world.
          This Swan Lake and Montauk Project, which was launched on 12 August.
          This is the time line and the start time of quake

          The SIRIUS word equivalent to the number 85 and the word DOOR
          Adept Sirius also has the names of Wizard Secret and Name of voice
          In the continuation in the number 69.
          It is the equivalent of the sign of Cancer. Many astrologers know, that the fixed star Sirius is 13 degrees Cancer
          All sorts of stuff coming up for me with Christian ‘archetypes’. Never been my thing before.

          I think it’s to do with the energies of Rio and Christ the Redeemer. And Mary Magdalene. She’ll show her face somewhere.

          And Dahlia. Fate or Destiny is showing her face, as well. See the Jim Morrison pic in the article. And Swan Lake.

          ‘Dalia is the goddess of fate in the Lithuanian mythology. She is the giver and taker of goods and property. Dalia is often confused with and hard to distinguish from Laima, another goddess of fate. Sometimes Dalia is thought of as a different manifestation of Laima.However, Laima is more involved in predicting the length of a person’s life while Dalia is more concerned with material wealth a person would earn during the lifetime – allotting a proper share (Lithuanian: dalis) to everyone.[2] According to myths, just as a father divides his estate among the children, so Dievas Senelis (manifestation of supreme god Dievas) allots each newborn with a proper share. Dalia is seen more as an enforcer of Dievas’ will rather than a decision maker.She can appear as a woman, lamb, dog, swan, or duck.’

          And Roob posted this ‘Destino’ video on her LOL website two days ago, by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali.()

          1. The Great Comet of 1811 aka Tecumseh’s Comet.

            ‘The Great Comet of 1811, formally designated C/1811 F1, is a comet that was visible to the naked eye for around 260 days, the longest recorded period of visibility until the appearance of Comet Hale–Bopp in 1997. In October 1811, at its brightest, and when it was 1.2 AU from Earth, it displayed an apparent magnitude of 0, with an easily visible coma.

            The comet was apparently visible during the New Madrid earthquakes in December, 1811. A report on the first steamship to descend the Ohio River as it approached the confluence with the Mississippi River states, “December 18, 1811.—The anniversary of this day the people of Cairo and its vicinity should never forget. It was the coming of the first steamboat to where Cairo now is—the New Orleans, Capt. Roosevelt, Commanding. It was the severest day of the great throes of the New Madrid earthquake; at the same time, a fiery comet was rushing athwart the horizon”.



                1. Rain

                  There seems to a form of numerological birthday fractal grid crossing time and space. That’s how I’m reading it anyway. Rebecca and Max 🙂

              1. MJ

                All sorts going on. Again the birthday. 15:20 UTC for earthquake.

                You can palpably feel the energies with the eclipses. Yesterday morning I wrote this article and after I finished I went to check G Mail and that was down and I thought ‘It’s going to be one of those days’ and the energy rose before and during the eclipse and then it dissipated as it grounded itself and you end up with slightly depressed feeling.

                I find the Solar eclipses to be very energetic and the Lunar eclipses have a slower deeper feel to them.

                And this was Goro’s take on it.


                ‘As 2020 comes to a close in December a new phase is set to begin. The “dark winter” is getting started and based on multicontextual clues the “tipping point” has cosmic implications that are “Atlantean” as well as… “time altering”.’

          2. 69 (cancer) is the keystone in masonry. It allows for arched DOORways. The sun is at the most in the northern hemisphere. In Egyptian cosmology, the crab was sometimes a scarab, symbol of immortality.
            And Sirius with the goddess Isis and her myth with the sun god Ra. She is the archetype of temperance, sounds a lot like Dalia/Laima.
            Pluto has lots to do with wealth and since he is in the underworld, there are mysteries about how this manifests in the physical. He doesn’t give his secrets away…Pluto can square Saturn anytime and Pluto has a message for Saturn: die.

            The christ archetype on the cross is the worst symbol. It really doesn’t do much to permeate consciousness. That’s why I like the Shiva symbol. He is dancing a blissful dance at the point where destruction meets creation. I think that’s what the christ symbol is, but it only shows the death side.

            Destino is beautiful. I did not know it existed!

          1. Anon

            I remain positive. I find it difficult to believe we are going through this for nothing. I hope !!! It’s tough medicine. But I’m seeing lots of weird time stuff with 2012 and 2016 and 2020.

            IMO the 2012 Olympics were about Time as they were held on the Greenwich Prime Meridian.

            And the Arrival of the Birds and the Hawk and the Theory Of Everything.

          2. Holy shiitake! I have not seen that part before 😧
            That is the creepiest and most awful production ever. Something so strange about the DJs behind Hawking. They didn’t get it right, did they? And the horrible band. Why is he talking about CERN at the paraolympics?!

      1. Frank, the Mississippi is the Nile, or that’s how the colonists thought of it, anyway, obviously.

        The X crossing over this area of US, the heartland, is hinting at the weighing of the heart. Can we raise our vibration? The love wants in. I think that is what’s happening.

        And speaking of EARTHQUAKES! The New Madrid seismic zone. It made the Mississippi flow backwards. And get this, part of Tennessee is WEST of the Mississippi because of the huge earthquakes of 1811-1812.

        Guess what that part of Tennessee is called? CORONA

        pre-earthquake (bottom, left corner)


        1. And let’s not forget this important Corona.

          “Corona is the closest populated community to a purported UFO crash in 1947, approximately 30 miles (48 km) to the southeast. The rancher who found the crash first came to Corona to report it to a few residents, before going to Roswell to tell officials there.” (wikipedia)

          and this corona

    1. I’m not feeling it…I think they got it wrong. The color of the year, to me, feels more like an array of sparkling jewel tones in crystal clear water 🙂

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