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        1. There Is More Than One Of Everything.

          Ho Ho Ho.

          Adolf Hitler has been re-elected in a landslide . Doesn’t want world domination though.

          “Of course, 2020 would not be complete if Adolf Hitler didn’t win an election with 85% of the vote,”



          1. For the purposes of the exercise.

            An idea I’ve played around with is that Planet Earth and solar system and maybe more have been created purely for ‘Ascension’ . To seem like a real world.

            Showed up in this article as well.

            ‘Specially created planet’.

            ‘Those brave Souls who would later come forth as StarSeed Wayshowers for the Ascension of humanity and the Earth agreed to take on a special role on the Planet Earth sometime in the far distant future. This group of Souls, who bravely answered a new Clarion Call, would incarnate into every race, color, culture and creed. They would be spread far and wide upon a specially created planet in preparation for a preordained cosmic drama, the mass Ascension of humanity and the Earth, along with all material manifestations within this Sub-Universe.’


          2. Along the lines of Two of Everything – from the same article – Jo Baiden of Japan…

            “Yutaka Umeda, the mayor of Yamato, a town of about 15,000 people in Japan’s Kumamoto prefecture, unexpectedly found Internet fame over the weekend as people pointed out that the characters of his name can also be pronounced as “Jo Baiden,” sparking a flurry of interest in the 73-year-old.”

                1. ‘Level playing field’, ‘governance’ and ‘fisheries’ – 3 monoliths?

  1. OMG….


    Ahhh, Sidney Powell is the ONLY former Federal Judge?

    Um, I don’t know … but I decided SHE ROCKS when I saw the clip of her in a press conference or whatever CALLING HILLARY”s hellish video of her FACE-OFF torture of a young girl on the WIENER (her lover, NON-American Huma’s HUSBAND’S) LAPTOP as “really bad.”

    That takes…. cojones.

    She has them! In spades and SHE’S AWESOME….

    “Evil must be made EVIDENT” said the great HERO Gandhi.

    It’s being made evident HERE, I have to say…..

    1. This might be a good place to reiterate my belief that MV is CIA run….

      Every regular is a CIA idk…. douche bag.



      Have at it…..

      Because you are LOSING…..

      And Trump is WINNING……


      1. Frank,

        I didn’t include you, now did I?

        I don’t think YOU are “CIA.”

        Thank you as always for allowing me to post…..

        And now a shout out to my employer:

        Anything happens to my Supervisor, who has done the right thing by me and stood by me…..

        I’m suing…. YOU.

        Also at the top of the list will be “Rebecca, ” the wife of a powerful Dutchess County official, and her FAMILY….

        who CONTINUE to harass me in my workplace and have harassed me for YEARS…. at which point I will bring in my entrapment by the State Police, and ALSO Rebecca’s FAMILY.

        She’s got a LOT of cousins, let me tell you….

              1. Also, um….

                “Everybody’s looking at her, but she’s looking at you.”

                Whose “you.”

                Maybe it’s YOU….

                Not always a “good thing.”

                    1. It’s different this time around, am I right?

                      Boring because we’ve seen it before…..

                      But it’s then that you start to notice the details:

                      And “Bourne” really starts to look like a WOMAN.

                      This transgender agenda is so deeply woven into our psyche compliments of these Hollywood movies that it’s ….oh f-it.

                      Holly Wood = Holy Wood = the wood of witches

                      MY HOUSE was fronted by holly-wood bushes, and I thought, yuck…

                      Who would choose those for bushes?

                      Um, witches maybe?

                      MY FIREPLACE used to have a red-painted cubby for FIREWOOD that I didn’t think much of ….

                      Till now?

                      The fireplace itself looks like a big MOUTH with eyes for vents….


                      What the HELL house did I move in to?

                      I’m ASKING YOU, Pawling.

                      Fuck you, I am going to TAKE YOU DOWN, you and your BRAT Rebecca and her evil son “Jakie”….

                      You mess with me…. You are DONE.

                      DO YOU HEAR ME?

                      Oh awgh hahah!! awgh hahaha…. glomphg urgh…

                    2. Oh and, “Fishkill”? e.g. Fish Kill, New You?


                      Doesn’t sound good for a walking-dead “fish” Mermaid Princess like me, AM I right?

                      Until you understand that “kill” is from the Dutch (omg… “Dutch” is in that “Predator” movie…. he’s “Eric”!)

                      A “kill” is a body of water, like a creak or a stream, in which fish…..



                      From my Vernon Howard email this morning:

                      Vernon Howard's
                      SECRETS OF LIFE (R)


                      "ON YOUR SIDE!

                      'We need to realize so many things.'

                      'There is one realization, which if attained, leads you straight to a
                      thousand psychic gems.'

                      'You make us eager to know what it is!'

                      'Realize that the truth is on your side. No, you don't realize this as
                      yet, for you still resist its healing message. Realizing that the truth
                      is on your side is like opening a letter while expecting bad news, but
                      finding an invitation to a banquet. Now, what must you live by?'

                      'By the fact that the truth is on our side.'"

                      There is a Way Out, Chap. 3, p. 49

  2. Beautiful sky….. indeed!

    This “transgender” thing going on in the worldly realm is Satan’s mimicking/copy of something going on in the spiritual realm….

    a la Neo = Trinity

    a la from person experience, knowing I AM a “woman”….

    But wished I were born a “man”…..

    Maybe I got my wish from God….

    and I’m BOTH

    1. Bring it, “Fish Kill”

      I seem to have “Fallen” into the “Gap”!

      “Let’s see where this goes…..”




        1. So, Who is Morpheus?

          Hmm….. as others have postulated….

          John the Baptist

          The Voice who cries out in the desert….

          27 “He is the One who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” John 1:27

              1. So I figured out who my “Supervisors” are!


                From CHRIST-opher…..

                And “Mike”…..

                From MICHAEL, the Archangel….

                I got Angels in the HOUSE!

                Whether they know it or not…..

                I say….

                Thank you

                P.S. I just came across some “Muscle Milk” to get me through these 8 hr shifts packing bags….

                And I bought it.


                1. I said, “Just let me work…. let me get those extra dollars…. that I EARN….

                  And everything will be OK.”


                  I’m done being “weak” and bending over.

                  I’m done being a SLAVE.

                  They’re not “extra dollars,” they are what I am due.

                  Your “system” is BROKEN and CORRUPT.

                  I’ve COME…..

                  to BREAK YOU.

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