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  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    ‘On the morning of January 1, 2001, Magnuson Park visitors discover a metalic monolith atop Kite Hill. The oblong object measures approximately three feet wide by nine feet tall and appears to be hollow. There is no indication of the identity of its creators or their planet of origin.

    Magnuson Park is located on the grounds of the former Sand Point Naval Air Station in northeast Seattle.’




    It a Trip.

          1. What they mean when they say “a lightbulb went off in my head.” 😊

            Bet the “vaccine” targets that.

            1. “Corona Radiata” = 120 (English Ordinal) or 60+60 or 66+54 = 66+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)
              13 letters.
              Corona = 66 (English Ordinal).
              Radiata = (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6) (English Ordinal)

              “Vaccination” = 666 (English Sumerian)
              11 letters.
              “A Covid Vaccine” = 666 (English Sumerian)
              13 letters.
              “Corona be death” = 666 (English Sumerian)
              13 letters
              “Corona Vaccination be death” = 1332 (English Sumerian) = 666+666.
              8+8+8 letters or 6+6+6+6 letters.

              1. A mark on the forehead. I don’t know what you’re experiencing in Oz, but here, more than sometimes people are waiting at the door to take your temperature with one of those creepy gun-at-the-forehead thermometers as a screening for corona.

                1. MJ,

                  Yes, my son went for a routine Dental appointment yesterday and they took his temperature by aiming the ‘gun’ at his forehead. He passed the test so they didn’t pull the trigger!
                  Here in Western Australia there is no risk at all of this ‘virus’ yet all the authorities still have all these control checks in place – Perspex guards at the Doctor’s surgery and the Dentist’s and the Chemist’s. Looks like they will NEVER take them away.
                  At a minor Christmas music event on the foreshore there was a youngish man dressed in a black uniform with big yellow letters on his back saying “COVID OFFICIAL”. It wasn’t ‘OFFICIAL’ but something like that. I should have taken a photo. Nobody there was practising any Social Distancing and he wasn’t enforcing anything either.

            2. We’re, as in US, are not getting a vaccine.
              A lightbulb went off in my head earlier and I was thinking of rivers and time. I bet somewhere, an ox-bow is about to happen, and the bifurcation begins…
              The oxbow becomes stagnant and dies (no more lightbulbs), but the flow keeps on. Old ideas that don’t work die off.
              We’re not getting a vaccine. As in Us, all right here.

              1. MJ, hope you’re feeling better.

                I think it’s about knowledge. Knowledge that is the right of everyone, but is being blocked and siphoned off by the few, as knowledge is power. The few are clearly scared and getting desperate to put a stop to this. Get us back to normal. Normal is code for the debt. Is there anyone here who thinks ‘normal’ was such a great thing they want to get back to it?
                The dangerous Kraken, is about to surface.
                I guess the question I have is, is the collective species, all of whom are so sure they know what they know, (myself included), ready for it?

                1. Elena,
                  But there’s no going back. And I’m curious, could you describe how we could not be ready for it? As in, specific situations. I tend to think “bring it on”, but then I get message from the universe ‘when you’re ready’.
                  At this point, the universe is waiting for me to break down? IDK. I would love your insight.

                  1. MJ

                    Maybe you can’t relate to this but, you know how when you were a kid you couldn’t wait to grow up. Be your own boss, make your own choices, live your own life. Then one day before you knew it, it happened. It was everything you hoped it would be, but more. Your life was now…your responsibility. I got my first parking ticket when I was 19, it was 24 dollars and I said to my dad ‘what should I do’ and he said, ‘pay it!’. 😩

                    I think we’re ready for it and I think we were here before and it got messed up. It happens, it’s not a perfect set up. I think that’s what the Eden story is telling us. And here we are in 2020, all the men and women exposed and masked up to cover our shame. 🤒

                    The process doesn’t end. If we fail we try again and again until we make it. Because the one who created the process doesn’t give up. What does end inevitably is the place of childhood in the process, where we step from the place of protection we know into the whole wide world we don’t know.

                    Are we ready to know the power and the responsibility?

                    In the hands of god.

                    1. Thank you, Elena. Going to ponder that for a bit and sounds right to me.
                      On occasions when not wearing a mask, I have been told several times (or reminded, rather), that even if I’m not afraid, I “could be a danger to others”. In other words, bare and unmasked, I am a danger to others?

                    2. And cute story, too
                      “What should I do?”😩 Pay it! 😂
                      I have often said I grew up the moment I had Charlie. I was 34.

                    3. MJ and all fellow sinners who sing

                      If the other is infected because you refused to mask up, then ‘shame’ on you. If they die you are to ‘blame’. Guilty!
                      And there’s a long slog thru the graveyard ahead of us. Until we get to some kind of enlightenment about all this. Lets make it worthwhile.

                      It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how we interpret the lesson.

        1. Abby Normal…I don’t know why, but all of a sudden this is all connecting to The Modern Prometheus or is it Moderna? 💉 🤔

  2. A Pledian and a blonde bombshell walk into a bar. He serves questions while she is wasted. The pole book? the pull book? you mean the pull buk? Slur slurp.

    All cheesy porn. Even the videography is low class.

    1. Carone…Corona. 🤫

      They’re the cast of Young Frankenstein. The doctor, Inga (Carone), Igor, Frau Blucher, the Creature, and the brain, Abby Normal. 😊

    1. Ken

      When I was a teenager my school was given a flu vaccine after a flu outbreak in the school. Next day everyone had flu. It did pass during the day but it’s putting a disease into a body which doesn’t have that disease.

    2. This is something totally new. Has not been tried before.

      mRNA…messenger RNA. It’s a manipulation of the genome, which they (scientists) say is only temporary.
      Now there’s a first for everything, much of which turns out good, but bottom line, they don’t know how this is gonna play out. But, they sure seem to be in a hurry to find out.

  3. When my mother died I went to see her body with my brother and step father. I looked at the body and what I saw was a lifeless 75 year old mannequin. Obviously I was very upset but Tempus Fugit at the same time.

    But something my step father said at the time brought me up short. He was actually blind at the time but as we looked at the body he said ‘She has the most beautiful face’. They were cousins and they knew each other since they were teenagers and I can believe the effect my teenage mum would have made on him. And she admitted he had the same effect on her.

    Do you know how beautiful you are ?

    1. Only GOD knows the hearts of MEN….



      “Oh my God…..”


      For saving US.

      Saving me….

      Saving him….

      From this.

  4. I’m racking my brain for such another vid of Michael Jackson’s….

    But, Frank…. I can’t find one.

    Meaning this MESSAGE….

    “Leave the struggle and the hate

    On the Wall, and just “enjoy yourself…”


    “Off the Wall” was huge…. so huge that I somehow was able to purchase an album of it despite my meager means, and my parents…whatever, no
    “stuff” from them…. ever.

    Point is…. I don’t remember how I got it but I did…..

    And then what?

    HOLLYWOOD and the Phil SPECTOR music industry….

    took over Michael’s LIFE.


    And KILLED him

    He’s dead, been dead a long time now….

    Got replaced….

    By a demon

    God bless you, Michael

      1. Frank,

        I’ve been trying to post my comment on a bitchute clip regarding vacs….

        Are they all in the trash bin and if they are, could you retrieve my latest?

          1. Thank you, Frank!

            This guy, the “Dollar Vigilante,” consistently has very informative vids!

            Everyone, please watch, skip to when he relates the “shocking” info regarding the “pandemic” and the masks.

            It truly IS shocking, because when you hear it, you realize….

            It’s the truth!

            The “MASS EXTINCTION EVENT” is here.

            And it’s all going according to PLAN.

            1. Also if you can’t lol, “unmute” the video ( I mean, c’mon!!!!)…. Open a new “incognito” or “private” window and copy the web address in it and it should load correctly….

              WITH SOUND….lol

            2. TRINITY,

              I watch all his videos.
              However, he is pushing a financial/wealth/investment solution to the problem because that is his business – crypto and gold and silver – even though he is also a committed Christian.
              Lives in Hawaii too.

              1. Ken,

                I know…. I hear you.

                I had the same reservation about him…..

                He makes his “living” off of selling “crypto currency.”

                HIs “way out.”

                Just a new form of Satan’s “currency”: living a life in which your “safety net” is money…..

                Instead of trust in God.

                I won’t “condemn” him as I think “in the end” his heart is in the the right place.

                I noticed he NEVER talks about Jesus.

                I pray for him to discover the Son of God, Who is the ONLY ONE who can truly SAVE us.

                1. Trinity,

                  I totally agree and have said similar things as a comment on some of his videos. We also need to remember that Jesus tipped over all the money-changers’ tables in the Temple which was the most aggressive thing he ever did and just days before he was crucified.

  5. Frank,

    I tried to post this but it went into junk apparently. (Bitchute, lol)

    But this info regarding the “mask” agenda is indeed “SHOCKING.”

    Until you realize…..

    We’ve been BLINDED to our own Common Sense for a LONG TIME… generations, even.

    It’s time to Wake up.


  6. Roob picked up on this.

    The Milky Way star map.




    ‘As of today (Dec. 3), scientists have 1.8 billion local stars at their fingertips.

    That bounty is thanks to the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission, which has spent 6.5 years tracking stars in our Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Using the spacecraft’s observations, scientists can create a precise 3D map of stars and find patterns playing out across the galaxy.’

    2001 : A Space Odyssey




    Apols for showing this gif again but it is connected. Stars of the Silver Screen.


    1. And Elon Musk reportedly plans move to Texas.

      ‘Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is planning to move from California to Texas, a move that would potentially save him from a huge personal income tax bill, CNBC reported.

      Musk announced in July that Tesla was building its next US factory in Austin, where it will produce its Cybertruck, Model Y, Model 3, and Semi vehicles. The company received tens of millions of dollars in local property tax breaks to build the plant on 2,100 acres east of Austin’s airport, over the objections of some local residents. The factory is expected to begin delivering its first vehicles in 2021. Musk’s Boring Company already has operations in Austin, and SpaceX has a facility in Boca Chica, Texas.’


        1. Cam county will hopefully be resolved at some point !

          On a tangent. There is a famous Argentinian football club known as Boca Juniors. And Genoese.

          ‘Club Atlético Boca Juniors was founded on April 3, 1905, by five Italian immigrants that lived in La Boca, Buenos Aires.

          The Xeneixes: This nickname is derived from the great Genoese colony that lived in La Boca when the club was founded. Xeneixe means Genoese’.


          1. “…the nickname “La 12” is used to refer to Boca barra brava (a group of hooligans).”
            Hooligans, I tell ya! 😄

            Genoese. Xeniexe. “X” marks the spot.

            city in Italy, Italian Genova, from Latin Genua, perhaps from a PIE root meaning “curve, bend,” which could make it a cognate of Geneva. Other theories hold it to be perhaps from janua “gate,” or from the Italic god Janus.

            We’re back to the mouth of the river.

  7. want to write some weird stuff
    which happened to me in November
    I don’t understand LJ at all (live diary, Russian site)
    and I don’t go there, it’s uncomfortable.
    I registered there long ago. I do not know why.
    but came in on November 1 wanted to communicate with one user from the bigone website
    more precisely, I was invited. supposedly it is more convenient to communicate there
    did not work, along the way I wanted to see my personal information,
    maybe something is wrong with the mail. and what I see.
    there is automatic location
    when determining the location, it shows Romania 45 ° N. sh. 26 ° East etc.
    Buzău city

  8. 17 days later (November 18) I left a comment on the GPL
    and I expected to see the blue flag of my country (as I understand the site there automatically determines the country) and what I see
    it shows romania and romanian flag.

  9. and then there was news about the megalith in romania
    it was November 30
    now I looked about Bacau 46 ° N. sh. 26 ° East D. Bacău
    these cities are even spelled and sound almost the same and almost the same coordinates

  10. now the most interesting

    In addition, as everyone noticed, the monolith seems to be looking at the Chakhlau mountain, which is called the Sacred Mountain by local residents. That is, there used to be some kind of temple or something like that. It is possible that in pre-Roman times a shiny iron ash-tree landed on the mountain and some people in foil space suits handed the local Moses a hammer and a chisel, after which he began to chop tablets under dictation.

    1. Another interesting point is that Utah was chosen as the place for the American monolith, where Yellowstone is nearby and all that.
      And the monolith was stuck in Romania as if they wanted to mark the Vrancea Zone – the most dangerous seismic region in Europe.

      Finally, there is one more unusual thing in all this – the relative proximity of the monolith to Bulgaria, where there is such a strange place as the so-called “Tsarichina Hole”.
      This place is very mysterious and experienced comrade warrant officers from the South-Eastern Front said that there was still something dug by the Foshists, but no one knows what. One local sympathizer once came to the Soviet commandant’s office and promised to pass off a terrible foshist military secret for cookies. The Soviet field commanders dismissed him, but, as expected, reported the clown to Moscow, and from Moscow immediately came a command to interrogate the Bulgarian. But when the NKVD rolled over to him, the dude was already cooling off. Moreover, he was executed in a very symbolic way – his eyes were gouged out, his tongue, ears and fingers cut off, that is, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I will not say anything to anyone”.

        1. The place was cordoned off, people were knocked on their heads and the locals even thought that the damned foshists had returned. This circus was called “Operation Light Beam” and it appears in the official papers of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria. Then a psychic named Elizaveta Loginova was driven there, which became the cause of the leak.According to Liza, they found some kind of tunnel that went underground in a spiral and rested against some kind of slab covered with incomprehensible signs. The inscription looked something like this:


          1. Lisa told the military that this plate is something like a protective plug that cannot be touched. Then there is the entrance to Hell and some creatures are sitting there, sending telepathic messages of a threatening nature.

            Then the military got a little scared and ran to Vanga. Vanga was already waiting for them and said this:

            “When you started excavations in Tsarichino, the aliens told me that the research should be stopped. Don’t dig, it’s not your time! There is the center of the Earth – at a depth of 2000 km there are crystals. One big like the sun. Do not touch him!

            People will not reach it, but they will disturb the atmosphere. It is a large crystal that is dangerous and will remain there as long as the Earth exists. He controls her movement. Stop digging because otherwise the Earth will die. Hard days will come for your people. There will be many new, terrible diseases if you dig in Tsarichino.

            There is hell in the hole, but it is not hell. There are people living there like you, but their origin is different. There is also a space device. He was sent by an extraterrestrial civilization. There are astronauts down there. Thousands of years ago, when your country did not exist, a civilization from another planet sent a spaceship with three astronauts to Earth. These were not people, but robots.

            1. They were sent to investigate life on Earth, but they were damaged, and the spacecraft crashed in Tsarichina. With every meter you dig, more and more radiation will be emitted. Do not dig in the pit of Tsarichina, now is not your time! ”

              Hearing such terrible things, the Bulgarian warriors were slightly stunned, after which they drove concrete trucks to the area and filled everything with cement, and now they just shrug their shoulders and move their shoulder straps to their ears. You can walk on this concrete, but you cannot dig there:


              1. Romania, of course, is not Bulgaria and the Romanian monolith is far from Tsarichina. But those who read the Deep Book of Vladimir Pyatibrat know about the same terrible stories with dungeons guarded by the NKVD along the entire Black Sea coast. And according to legend, there, under this sea or under the mountains of the Caucasus, something like that lies. And at the exits from this area, the locals set up some kind of temples.

                Now let’s see what’s up with this Romanian monolith:


                1. https://a.radikal.ru/a43/2011/0d/f2c1830869ea.jpg

                  That is, when viewing at close range on a monolith, it is also not some kind of rough polishing, or the encoding. And then there is Wanga with his underground crystals, from which new diseases will spread. And 12/22/2020 is also planned – a date with five deuces, about which Wanga also warned.

                  In general, maybe this new story with a monolith is just some kind of circus of local clowns, or maybe it’s not clowns behind these monoliths, but these pieces of iron somehow grow or materialize out of the ground. In this light, the appearance of other monoliths in other places is not completely ruled out, so we are following the development of events.

                  1. Rain

                    Some of this is very strange. What I’m experiencing is dual experiences. I’m finding much of what I’m doing is replicated a week or so later. Very bizarre.

                    And I’ve had a friend who had some unfortunate run ins with her equivalent of the NKVD in the Ukraine. Don’t know what it is like now but the Soviet controlled police and security services could be very brutal in all the different countries.

                    About Location . I’ve had sensations of being in different locations. I sensed being in Japan a month or so ago and this morning I was doing my grocery shopping and for a short while I felt that I was in a Texas grocery store. The picture doesn’t change. I just feel that I’m somewhere else at the same time.

  11. 1,816 units, of which now 64 are believed to be Dangerous Goods containers, swallowed by the ocean…

    ‘The vessel continues to proceed to the Port of Kobe, Japan with an estimated arrival of December 7 or 8.’

    1. OMG…..

      On my way back from the gas station to get somemore ….

      I saw a idk huge shooting star? a meteor?

      Shoot across the sky and flame out…. like it was hitting the DOME.

      The DOME

      LUCY in the SKY with DIAMONDS….

      It’s A DIAMOND SKY….

      And only the JEWS with their access to this rare commodilty KNOW ABOUT IT.

      Because WE ARE THEIR SLAVES!

      DO you GET IT???

    2. Welp. the censorship is ramping up, let me tell you.

      This guy, MAG, broke the “common sense” truth!

      That “diamonds” are mined at the edge of the earth…. where only Serpent Seed are allowed to go…..

      The SKY is made of DIAMOND!


      THE most valuable ROCK “on Earth” and of course the Serpent Seed have made their LIVING OFF IT.

      They are PARASITES.


            1. Welp….

              I’m not gonna take this lie-ing down.


              Because I don’t lie…..

              I try to be….


              1. “YOU” can’t seem to “DO” it.”

                I um…..

                Need to let YOU GO……

                DO me the favor, will ya?

                Let me go, too…..


                  1. You’re a VAMPIRE.

                    You and your COUSIN are SOUL MATES in HELL.

                    You and “Becky” are MONSTERS…..

                    You KILL others who don’t “go your way.”…

                    You’re TWINS,… conceived in HELL.


                    HAVE AT IT

                    YOU MAKE ME SICK

                    MONSTERS, INC


                    1. F– you losers, I’m so sorry for your [lives} = loss.

                      You Live in hate….

                      And seriously?

                      F– off

            1. Frank
              have you noticed that dawn is almost always yellow
              and the sunset is always red
              as if in the morning the sun begins to heat up by itself
              and by evening it is red-hot
              but this is strange
              because it should be the same all the time
              before we got dawn
              someone had a sunset

              1. About the sun. I know what you are saying. Doesn’t make sense. It’s like going from pole to pole. You should be able to go down the other side. You probably can but doesn’t make sense to me.

                And nothing about this but official teaser from Dimash which you may enjoy.

                1. I’m so happy for him
                  thank you Frank!
                  The concert will mark the singer’s first global performance since the start of the global pandemic. As part of this performance, a presentation of the updated program in a new digital format, premieres of songs, productions and exclusive content will take place. The show will integrate modern television and virtual technologies, which will enable viewers to plunge into the atmosphere of the artist’s live performance as much as possible. An international team of 140 people is working on the organization of the online concert of Dimash Kudaibergen. During the concert, Dimash will sing in several languages. NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – The world famous Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen will hold his first long-awaited online concert “DIMASH DIGITAL SHOW”. It will take place on the American streaming platform Tixr.com. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to charity, Kazinform MIA reports with reference to DimashNews.
                  Situated in the heart of Santa Monica, California, the platform has already provided widespread access to millions of fans of today’s leading celebrities and world-class stars such as 4-time Grammy-winning Drake, musician, actor and producer, multi-platinum award winning artist Snoop Dogg , the legendary rock band KISS and many others.

                  1. In the bigger picture I’m seeing this as awakening suppressed dragon energy. And what you were saying about the link with Kazakhstan and North American ‘Native American’ heritage.

                    Release the Kraken.

                    Elena called it the Atlantis Gene.

                    And just because I like the song.

            2. And a Thousand Winters.

              ‘Mangistau region (in translation from Kazakh “thousand winters”) is located on the territory of western Kazakhstan. Several times, this area passed from Turkmens to Kazakhs and vice versa. This explains why there are many cemeteries with Kazakh and Turkmen burial places mixed up. In Turkmen this region is called Mangyshlak (thousand settlements). Administratively, this big region belongs to Aktau city on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.’


              Max de Winter.



              1. Ken

                You may need your son’s help with this. Or you may not depending on your tech savvy !

                What you have to do is upload your pics to an image hosting website.

                Here is a link to a website that gives a list of different image hosts.


                And each image then has its own URL address which you can copy and paste into comments. It’s not always guaranteed that they show directly into comments. Rain’s pics sometimes show and other times just show the URL link.

                Here is a pic of St Mary’s Church in the distance but it is from Google Images rather than from the WordPress media library. Hope this explains it. It doesn’t show the pic and just the link.


                Another possibility but a bit more complicated. You could set up your own WordPress.com website and just use the media library to link which would show here. Here is the church from the WP media library which shows directly.


        1. And for anyone wondering what is going on.

          Jenny and I watched the Rebecca movie set in Cornwall. It triggered memories within us. Rain also watched the movie and again it felt like an ancient memory to her.

  12. Welp….

    I THOUGHT I was a bird….

    Who can fly on….

    But …

    #1 I guess I’m not

    and #2

    Why would I?

    When I have “someone” to stick around for.


    I’m not a superhero

    That said…..

    RAIN’s photos of…welp, the DOME

    She comments on how dawn looks yellow and sunset looks red……

    Yes, that is TRUE

    And it is ALSO true that IF we lived on a globe spinning through space with the sun so FAR FAR AWAY, that shouldn’t happen…..

    Dawn and Dusk should look the same.

    But they DON’T.

    Because we DON”T live on a GLOBE, that is a LIE.

    We live under a dome on a flat earth, and the sun circles above us… as does the moon…. under a “glass” actually diamond, dome with waters above the dome and waters below…

    ALL designed by Jah (Halle lu Jah)

    Our Creator


    Much love to you, Frank

    1. God created this…. “world.”

      For US.

      He WANTS us to GET UP early to the yellow “Golden Rays” of the rising sun in the East, so that he can EMPOWER us to victory through our Day.

      The sun sets in the West, red….

      It should be beautiful!

      Another Day another dollar…?

      Or a day of Victory, by which you can sleep safe and sound by night.

      It’s a Divine Clock.

      Our Loving Father CREATED it……


      To Help his children incubate and GROW, until they “hatch.”

      Into “gods”

      Happy and FREE!

      Satan likes to cross-dress alot, like in the Statue of Liberty (Masonic)…..



      And make it “his”


      It’ll NEVER be “Ursula’s”…..

      The “woman’s”

      it’s ONLY the Man who should EVER be CROWNED … King.


      1. Satan is, however, ever-present in the Garden of Eden: the Garden of God’s Children

        He is the “Ssserpent,” the “worm,” the parasite, who’s only “purpose” is to destroy the crop.

        And he is a LIAR (hmm, LIAR = LAIR….)

        forever the “Cross-dresser.”

        He always destroys a “man’s” spirit through the betrayal by a woman.


        Watch, it’s coming…

              1. That’s not a “SAVIOR”

                A “savior” CHANGES people’s lives, from poverty and hate,

                and, if they’re WILLING, to the abundance that GOES with tolerance and love.

                Jesus Christ NEVER sought vengeance.

                As a matter of fact…

                Jesus never “sought” ANYTHING in this world.

                1. “So what do we DO?

                  How do we stop this CRIME being committed right in front of us?

                  How do we EXPOSE “them” when they block us at every turn?”

                  You don’t.

                  You just sit back, oh hoho, hey, I think I’ll even just “lie” back….


                  Enjoy the show.


                  It’s COMING

                    1. Hmm, interesting!

                      And I REMEMBER being quite energized, “empowered,” lol…..

                      By THIS James Bond theme song:

                      “DIE ANOTHER DAY”

                      My favorite song by Madonna, and if I remember correctly, denounced by Sir Elton John himself!

                      As trash.

                      hahaha….. i”m just laughing to myself…..

                      But first….

                      “Saved by the bell”…..

                    2. I’ll be completely honest Frank

                      I don’t like that “I’m Like a Bird” video….

                      For one simple reason.

                      All the multitudes trying to “get a FREE feel” from 22….

                      are all men!


                      Talk about a “trust fall.”

                      YOU ALL SUCK

                      You “men” are lowlifes….

                      Suck on your porn, fuck everything you can…..go to hell.

                      Where you are, and where you …. BELONG.

                      GET OUTTA HERE!!!

        1. Hahahaha!

          That little piece of SNOW that lands on Batman’s nose???

          LOL! Hahaha, I wonder if Christopher Nolan um, idk? Did he want to airbrush it out???



          And you know what?


          That’s ALL “he” can do!

          That’s WHY it’s so FUNNY!!!!!

          1. When I said “Face the fire, n*ggers”….

            You STILL didn’t “get it.”

            Because “I’m” not the One who is gonna be doing the “firing.”

            I TOLD YOU….

            I’m gonna “lay back”…..

            and enjoy the show.

            And WATCH….

            …the TRUTH…..

            as it “fights” for “me.”

            It’s DEEP, people!


            So VERY deep.


            1. What’s my MESSAGE?


              For the Kingdom of GOD…..

              is at hand.”

              Don’t kill the Messenger.


              1. Because like Frank says…..

                It’s ALL love.

                It’s ALL GOOD.

                Every Little Thing is Gonna Be All Right.

                THAT’S what I’VE…..



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