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  1. Going through the pics in the media library.

    MJ mentioned this in her latest article but seems to fit somewhere with the Hand of God.


    And two versions of reality.



    And Star Children and sons and daughters. The Fourth Wall or Kaleidoscope or something.God only knows.

    Charles and Camilla.


    Rebecca and Max. She’s not called Rebecca in movie but close enough. Point made.


  2. The actor who played Darth Vader dies

    Prouse gained worldwide fame as Darth Vader in George Lucas’s original Star Wars trilogy (1977-1983). The actor wore a hero costume, and his voice was James Earl Jones. Prior to playing Darth Vader, Prowse rose to prominence in the UK as the first actor to star in the Green Cross Code road safety campaign. He also made a cameo appearance in A Clockwork Orange and also appeared in films such as Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell and The Horror of Frankenstein.
    Prowse also worked in weightlifting and helped prepare actor Christopher Reeve for the role of Superman.

  3. https://www.planetanovosti.com/news/ischez_zagadochnyj_metallicheskij_monolit_najdennyj_v_shtate_juta/2020-11-29-23064
    Mysterious metal monolith found in Utah disappeared
    The journalists went to the element to study it, but in the end they were disappointed. In place of the monolith, only a triangle, also made of metal, remained. Previously, this triangle was at the top of the entire structure.

    The State Bureau of Land Management noted that it did not collect the property. They only received information that the structure illegally installed in the communal territory had disappeared. Who could have done this is unknown.

    There is one eyewitness named Riccardo Marino who saw a truck in the evening. She was transporting a large rectangular object. With a high degree of probability, this was what everyone is looking for today.

          1. Elena

            Jen had a weird one this morning on her TV.

            She heard the weather forecaster say it was going to be ‘A Cold Saturday’ on a Sunday which was part of the plot of the movie – ‘Before I Fall’- which we watched yesterday on Saturday and part combination with Groundhog Day. It’s just a movie, illusion, dream, hallucination or any other description that comes to mind.


            The Rule of Six


      1. They do! ACB is an older version.

        I always found the Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher story surreal. Lots of weird things with it.

        And Knock Knock jokes.

        Knox Knox

        Q: Who’s there ?

        A : Amanda Knox

      1. Jenny

        Turning Japanese. Wax Wings.

        And Inner and Outer Mongolia.




        Kubla Khan and Xanadu.


        ‘In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
        A stately pleasure-dome decree:
        Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
        Through caverns measureless to man
        Down to a sunless sea.
        So twice five miles of fertile ground
        With walls and towers were girdled round:
        And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
        Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;
        And here were forests ancient as the hills,
        Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.’

  4. I was behind a mother in a store today. She was buying a pole of masks for her child and complaining that her daughter always leaves them at school. How’s that for sanitation? Then she said -with zero irony or grief- that her daughter comes home sometimes and says, “Mommy, we got a mask break today so we can breathe!” She explained how to get a break, students are selected to go to the back of the room, stand apart and take their masks off.

    Fucking insane. Insanitation.

    Suffocation and suffering for God.

    I don’t buy it.

    If there are two realities there perhaps each has it’s own God because I sure as hell don’t recognize the one that abuses children and psyches. If that’s my “ego” talking so be it. Maybe the ego was formed to protect people from a nut man in the sky or a mad mummy whose god is Conveince.

  5. diego — id + ego

    full integration. no more split psyches. no more ”that part’s bad, that part’s good.”

    remember ”it’s all one.”

      1. Kamela Harris
        Karma is real.
        The weighing of our hearts and minds.
        Administration is synonymous with accounting and accountability.
        Sovereignty IS accountability.
        Not “shame” and “guilt.”
        But being accountable.
        If I take a shit in your country may I call you a shithole country?
        And so forth.
        Natural law.
        Law of Nature.
        Kamela Devi Harris
        Id karma is real, eh?

        Every action causes effects.

      2. Just looked at the article.
        See that it speaks of Deloitte (accounting firm).
        Bloody irony.
        Deloitte, that criminal org of money changers and book cooking. Shitting overseas and kicking cans down the road for Green backs.
        The accounting itself has some accounting to do.
        2020: Everything done in the dark will come to light.

        Teet idol

        1. Deloitte

          De toilet
          To de lite

          Man, things like up perfectly.
          Perfect alignments.

          I’m yelling tiiiiiimmmmmbbbbeeer.
          Artificial TOL (tree of life) coming down.

  6. I think…. it’s the “suffocation” of “The Chosen”…..

    Satan is trying to kill US.

    I’ve suspected for quite a while now he is trying to kill me….. Why?

    Welp, BEFORE “I”….. do what?


    “Break through?”
    um, Make it to the END.

    Which is EXACTLY what we are told to do in Revelation:

    Revelation 3:11, NIV:

    “I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”

    And we are sent “saviors” along the way… to keep us going.

    I just keep saying:

    Stay away.

    Unless you are willing to risk your “life” to “be” with me…..


    1. I’m not “looking for somebody”…..

      I AM scared to perhaps “fly free” alone, just being a woman alone….

      I might just need to get a guard dog…..

      A Husky

      He’ll eat me out of house and home …. but?

      He’ll PROTECT me.


        1. “Get out!….and come find me.”

          Yes, that’s what it’s ALL ABOUT.

          What “men” still have the cojones….

          to DO THIS…..

          to even TRY this.


          I don’t understand this “journey”

          I can’t control how I FEEL along the way….

          All I know is my soul LIGHTS UP…..

          when I see him.

          1. So…. HERE WE GO.

            Because “They” all know this.

            Time for torture games!

            Time to um, yeah, make “him” a putz.

            Time to haha hahaha…


            I’ve been through ALL THIS before…..


                1. Look at “Ken,” “covering.”…

                  I thought about how in that scene against the Merovingians….

                  It’s a trio: Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo…..

                  Fighting the same battle TOGETHER as ONE.

                  THREE in ONE

                  WHO AM I?

                  I’m a voice crying out in the desert! {that would be John the Baptist = Morpheus]

                  I’m yes, Neo…. the “One”…..[ the “Son” of God}

                  And I AM….

                  Trinity……[ the HOLY SPIRIT]

                  The “WOMAN” who HOLDS it all together.


                  1. Do not take Jesus’ words lightly….

                    He tells Nicodemus he came to save us and him…..

                    From “spiritual death.”

  7. America’s (and many other countries’) Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting A Smiley Shirt And Armed With A Syringe

    “Patrick Henry, one of America’s more outspoken Founding Fathers, famously remarked “give me liberty or give me death” when the life of his nation was on the line.

    Today, America’s famous battle cry has been replaced by a masked and muffled gasp that advises, without hope of a second opinion, “give me lockdowns and keep me safe.””

    1. Ooh, ouch.
      Smiley faces armed with syringes have been the M.O. of United Corps of the West for centuries. Ask humans in shithole countries how they survived that fascism. Might have good tips for you.
      “You reap what you sow”?

    2. How many times did Americans not give a fuck when they heard vaccines were to be tested on Africans, et all?
      What goes around comes around?

      I’m not being mean. I’m asking real questions. I want humanity to survive.
      Without all the bullshit and hypocrisy and can kicking.

      1. I always thought it was weird that a billionaire computer guy wants to jab kids in Africa. I can’t stand him or his creepy wife.
        I guess nobody knows about this?


        But the “fact checkers” say it’s conspiracy.
        You know, anybody can stick a badge on themselves that says “official fact checker”, and it doesn’t mean sh*t.

      2. Anonymous

        That’s so not fair.

        We “Americans” at that time believed the LIE, that vaccines were “safe,” NEVERMIND THEY WERE REQUIRED FOR SCHOOL ENROLLMENT!!!

        We allowed our OWN CHILDREN to be vaccinated at birth!!!

        It’s only in the last decade or so (my son got through all the shots, Thank GOD!) that ADHD has blossomed like an EPIDEMIC!

        Get off your “Black” African bandwagon, will you?

  8. Gary Barnett- Dark Winter Will Never End
    “The agenda for the future is to keep society in the dark not for one winter, but for eternity. The tool being used for this effort is called a deadly ‘virus pandemic,’ but in truth, it is simply astounding propaganda based on a lie, a lie that is totally dependent on a weak, ignorant, and compliant populace.

    “All political institutions are manifestations and materializations of power; they petrify and decay as soon as the living power of the people ceases to uphold them.”

    ~ Hannah Arendt”

      1. Frank sometimes it seems you’d see a child get abused right in front of you (except your own) and come back and say “oh it’s a good sign” or “oh it’s not real” or “oh you’re living in your ego if you report that.”

        Tbh, denying your own ego is the height of egoism.

        1. Anon

          Is it ? I’ve gone very deep into the more unpleasant parts of my ego and belief system I can tell you and it’s full of scary spiders. But at the same time you realise its not me. It’s within but is not really real I don’t think.

          As far as the abused child go. If I saw a child being abused in front of me I would attempt to stop the abuse. It is difficult to get your head round I know but none of this is really happening. In my opinion.

          1. That might have been unfair of me to say. Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes bad signs are bad signs showing us where we can correct course. Thanks for your reply.

          1. This ACIM idea that “It’s not real,” so don’t WORRY ABOUT IT….

            BOTHERS ME

            I think it’s Satan’s Voice masquerading as the Christ.

            Yes, JESUS.

            What would Jesus do?

            He’s SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.

            He wouldn’t say, oh, it’s just an illusion…. All this tyranny and pain and being treated LIKE A SLAVE is just an illusion….

            “Live with it.”

            No, Jesus would NOT say that.

            1. Also, to Anonymous’ comments:

              This idea of being one of “The Chosen”….

              And to the clip I posted above:

              First of all, there’s lots I like about “The Chosen” series, being a big fan of Jesus….

              But there’s stuff that sneaks in that I don’t like:

              Jesus and Nicodemus at a table conversing, both doing the pyramid hand sign.

              “Jesus,” when he smiles big, looks like he has some pretty big “fangs.”

              The actor who plays Jesus was in an interview with the filmmaker and in the background he had the portrait of what we all know now is the False Jesus. The post-WW2 image of the Caucasian Jesus with the blue and the red rays pointing to his “Sacred Heart.”

              The filmmaker who is in all the spots FUND-RAISING has tattoos, military tattoos on his arm (BIG warning sign for me…)

              And his father is the author of the “Left Behind” book series.

              I just don’t like him.

              He’s not an artist, a la Zefferelli, whose “Jesus of Nazareth” TV series is the best film depiction (as good as it can be, let’s be real….) of the life of Jesus I have ever seen….

              The filmmaker is always asking for our MONEY.

              And Anonymous….

              I’ll give you this:

              This whole “Make America Great Again” campaign by Trump:

              I knew it was fake when I got letters in the mail trying to get me to “pledge allegiance” through DONATIONS!

              I don’t ever remember a former President of the United States asking for my money!!!


              Fuck ALL OF THEM

              I’m done

        1. Rain

          Every Mother’s Son and Daughter.

          Starchildren and Monoliths and 2001and 911. Some sort of very strange kaleidoscope throughout time and space.

          ‘But it also turns out that “Dark Winter” was also a code name for a high level simulation that was conducted back in 2001.’




          Back in 2010/2011 I wrote an article titled ‘911 Never Happened’ which like the monoliths disappeared.Can’t find it on Way Back Machine either. If my memory is correct the article included info from September Clues.


  9. Knock Knock Effect

    “: something (such as a process, action, or event) that causes other things to happen
    The drought is likely to have a knock-on effect throughout the whole economy.”

    Knock knock who’s there?

    1. Anonymous

      I just tried to reply about how I think the Voice of ACIM is Satan’s.

      The One Frank is aligned with, and it didn’t “go thru.”

      I GET you with this Trump business, I”m not stupid…

      I want the survival of humanity too.

      1. Wait, my bad….

        My comment is there…..

        Apols, Frank.

        But you DO know I’m trying to convert you, don’t you?


        1. Trinity

          Please don’t. I don’t need saving !

          What I liked about ACIM from my personal perspective was the rather strange view that God saw me as Innocence and loved me unconditionally and that illness and death do not exist and eternal life and the rest of it. The Voice of Satan 😈.

    1. And the Solar Eclipse on Dec 14th is 7 days before the Alignment.
      Dec 14th is exactly halfway between (1422+1422 days) the two US Solar Eclipses that form a giant X across the USA with the centre at Cedar Lake or more precisely, at Salem Rd. The first Eclipse went over 7 Salems!
      These two Eclipses are on 21/8/2017 and 8/4/2024.
      The centre date is Dec 14th, 2020.
      Make NO MISTAKE – GOD has put this all together!
      From Kilauea volcano on Hawaii to Salem Rd, Cedar Lake, Il is exactly 6,666km.
      From Kilauea volcano on Hawaii to the Thai cave entrance where the boys soccer team were trapped = 6,666 miles.
      From the Thai cave entrance to Reunion Island where the flaperon belonging to MH370 was found = 6,666.66 km.

      1. Ken!
        I was going to ask you if the halfway “crossing” date was that way because that’s how it works. But it’s not! This is a new eclipse season! Isn’t that wild?!
        And interesting about the 6s.
        About reunion island, a species of acacia trees are native to there. The ark made of acacia wood covered in gold inside and out. Acacia trees “correct” carbon dioxide. The Sun has effect the atmosphere and the plane went out of the field?
        Reunion Island is also the antipode of one of the “4 points of the earth”. 40 deg S, 90 deg E, or the borders of the “field”.


        1. G,

          Thanks for that but I’m not really able to comment on what you have said as I am not familiar with those things.
          However “Acacia” = 18 (English Ordinal) or 6+6+6.
          And it starts with an A and finishes with an A and has only 3 different letters in its name. Lots of Acacia trees here in Australia and they bloom their yellow flowers at the end/beginning of the year.
          Th Ark you are talking about is the Ark of the Covenant of course.
          Strangely enough my youngest son just brought back from school his latest creation – a very well made oblong box with a removable lid. I said it looked like a coffin for a parrot which didn’t go down too well! I don’t think the wood is Acacia wood however and it sure isn’t covered with gold!
          Interesting about Reunion Island being the antipodes of the 4 points of the earth.
          Reunion Island is also the apex of a triangle formed by two other key locations connected with MH370.
          1. The location in the South China sea where it first went missing
          2. RAAF Pearce where all the flights went out from looking for it in the southern Indian Ocean.
          In both cases the distance to Reunion Island is 6,066 kilometres!
          And if you halve the distance from 1 to 2 and draw a line right through the Apex at Reunion Island it points directly to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City.
          From the Pyramid of the Sun to Stonehenge in the UK is 8,800 kilometres.

          1. Looking at the end of the Ark of the Covenant it is square being 1.5 cubits x 1.5 cubits. About 30″ square or 762mm square. Length was 2.5 cubits or about 50″ or 1270mm.
            The external dimensions in mm of my son’s rectangular wooden box are –
            266 long
            110 wide
            68 high.
            266+110+68 = 444 = 37×12.
            444+mirror 444 = 888, the Greek gematria for Jesus.
            266 days is the normal gestation period for twins and in 2015 on the 266th day of the year Obama entertained the 266th pope in the White House, Sep 23rd, 2015.
            110 storeys were in each of the twin towers in NYC
            68 anyone? 68+86 = 154 = 77+77.
            2+6+6+1+1+6+8 = 30 and 30+mirror 3 = 33, the highest degree in Freemasonry.
            The difference between the width and height is 110-68 = 42 and there are 42 months in the Tribulation or (7+7+7) + (7+7+7) months. 7 Biblical years of 360-day years.
            The difference between the length and the height is 266-68 = 198 = 33+33+33+33+33+33.
            The difference between the length and the width is 266-110 = 156 = 13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13.
            Just lookin’ at the numbers . . . . . .

            1. MJ,

              Too small for any decent sized parrot really so maybe more suited to a Willy Wagtail or perhaps one of the Honeyeater varieties.
              Birds never die though do they? There are millions and millions of them and yet you never ever see a dead bird anywhere around the place. When their time is up they must all just fly up to Heaven and roost up there.

  10. Jesus is real.

    But you can ONLY find him… by reading the Gospels.


    You can never find him in some Hollywood/TV/Internet production.

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