Real Time


11/11/2020 is in a few days and it’s 9/11/2020 today.



TIME : The Great Reset.



Yes, it’s Deja Flu.



Real Time.



From The OA Season 2.



‘And what year is it ?’


‘And who is the President ?’

‘Barack Obama’

‘Who’ ?



In the background.



Storm Estimated Time Of Arrival.



And the giant Soular storm.



There was a storm.



From Arrival.





La Mer.




Tik Tok.


32 thoughts on “Real Time

  1. Everyone will have their mo.ent to purge.
    Not purge others (as they may hope) but purge themselves.
    Biden is still presumed so that the ever Drumfers can purge – get all the rage, fear, ignorance, hatred and ugliness out of themselves.
    Then new rabbit holes will open, say via Q and its morphs, and the “courts” will assume Drumf for the win.
    Then Biden folk can purge, purge, purge.
    Throw it all up and out.
    Clean themselves of thier own ugliness.

    Then finally both sides may see that the BAT keeps them as cavemen and cave woman, addicted to the shadows on the wall.

    The God and Godess wants everyone to purge themselves of false idols. She and he is using them to reach you.

    1 to 1


    1. Anon

      I see the pixels on the screen and this reality as substitutes or a pale shadow of the real thing.

      ‘I am under no laws but God’s’.

  2. “The predictive programming of Gematria and Astrology and all that are void now. We’re in real time because the matrix is falling apart.”

    -amanda atha

    Welcome to the real world.
    Welcome Ohm.

  3. Trump is Christ. The numbers, names and dates say so.


      1. sAItan Script: 2020 starring BATmen and Robinette robbin the net, co-starring last springoffs of cAIn.

        Me: babbahhahahhhhhhahahhahaaaaa

    1. My guess is some benevolent force is showing us that “numbers” are useless and poor signifiers for the Divine. The fake virus numbers based only on computer modeling. Fake votes. All of it fake and binders of consciousness. Consciousness blinders. Math with always fall short. By Design.

      1. The ill, logical mind hangs itself on the fiction of numbers and calls them truth. They aren’t. That’d be too easy. If numbers were true you could eventually build a computer to “reach” and predict God. Oh wait, that’s how gematria works. That’s how all of script ure works.

        All human consciousness (the mind kind) is bound within the limits of its languages. I doubt the God/Goddess is similarly bound.

  4. My guess is it’s also NOT “all about consciousness” and that expression is peddled by the same entities that developed the expression “pay attention”.

    Don’t call it “stream of consciousness” for nothing.

      1. All I offer is the Truth Underground NeTwork

        The Nazis Won the War HH Heil Hydra 88

        Addressing Captain America (Christ E Vans) and Black Widow (Scarlett Witch John sson), Zola describes how SEVEN decades of world history has been subjected to interference by the renegade Nazi organization HYDRA, spreading chaos and uncertainty so that humanity would give up its freedom for order and safety.

        America and the world have become a global fascist state.. resistance is futile.
        Your illusion of freedom is gone…you never had true freedom only what we allowed you to have. Now bend over to your new Master Reptilian Race…take the V accine and become one of us. We are Legion.

        “HYDRA created a world so chaotic that humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security. We created CoVid so that once the DNA purification process is complete, HYDRA’s new world order will arise. We won, Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life. A zero-sum.” And you are out of time..tik tok…game over.

        ― Arnim Zola to Captain Christ America

        Hydra is a seven headed reptile.

        Like a parasite in the brain it feeds of fear and hate and jealousy. It is not real however but an AI an artificial creation…a Dream Lord.

        The Evil Twin Within

        The Reptilian Brain and Kung Flu

        The AI Matrix has a smart trick up its sleeve.

        In neuroscience it´s called : The Shut Down Mechanic.

        The brain stops growing around the age of 25. So the frontal lobes are not fully developed until the age of 25.
        Roughly put : The frontal lobes are right behind the forehead and is the centre for reflection and consideration. Behind it is the lack of that: The reptilian part of the brain.

        The mechanics are: If we feel threatened, intimidated or similar the frontal lobes shuts down, we kind of brain-freeze and the system goes on : Reptilian Brain to prevent the freeze.

        The Reptilian brain is designed for survival and has two basic modes: fight or flight with some interesting nuances.

        When we are in a reptilian state of mind we are very controllable, …as we have witnessed recently.

        It wants you to fear and mistrust your neighbour, to spy and inform on them…it wants to make you feel totally alone in order to isolate you are easier to control when you are on your own.

        It has no empathy, it wants to kill you or even better get you to kill yourself. It want’s separateness and it feed’s that feeling into you all the time, because it want’s to create disconnected psychopaths. Once this soulless vacuum is created within, then it has succeeded in creating a fixed extension..a host..a ready made mind and body for the evil twin to return…then it will connect through the AI network to create a hive mind.

        We can stop it. You can stop it. Go human with those around you.. The AI Matrix doesn’t want you to have freedom, it hates the idea of family, of community, of togetherness, of unity, when people come together and look out for each other, so break the lockdown rules, ignore the social distancing, don’t wear the masks, those symbols of slavery, laugh, have fun…get together with friends, give them a hug, sing, dance. You will find it will spread like a a Love Bug.

        The longer we are kept in fight or flight mode, the longer the frontal lobe system with reflection and abstraction is down. Until it can no longer function. We don’t want that to happen.

        And the grander scheme of this AI is to activate the reptilian DNA through the long term conditioning to the reptilian brain behavioural patterns. Why is it so eager to get your biometrics and DNA? It want’s to see how much it has triggered, to see how effective it’s conditioning and brainwashing has been.

        The resonance of the reptilian brain is a very low frequency, which is why it bombards you with these frequencies through music, phone, television, wifi.

        We are kept in Brain-Magic-Fear-Tricks. Don’t pass it on, wake up.

        “ Shut down “ Kung Flu :

        We can bypass this with mental Kung Fu at a very basic level: It really is a very basic technique, but we seem to have forgotten about it.

        We can bypass and prevent this closure or shutdown of the frontal lobes and we can teach it to our children and social network. Every time we feel intimidated and threatened by some dysfunctional idiot or idiotic system that’s trying to frighten us we can bypass the auto – mechanics of the brain by using a conscious word! Think of it as shooting an arrow into your brain. An arrow of conscious thought.

        So The AI Matrix goes: “ Fear, Fear, Fear “

        And we go: “ Think, Peace, Love, Compassion, Laugh “

        There is no threat it is not real.

        Don’t be a system drone – be human.

        If we want to sea change, WE will have to be the change.

        Signed V the Resistance to the New Vorld Order.

  5. Frank, I’ve never really understood why you select popular scripts produced by demigods as signs of real change. Katy Perry, Elon Muskrat, NASA, Time rag, Vatican, etc… they’re not singing any new tunes. They’re just doubling down on the control systems and broken records. Might be better to RIP them all up. Use a new language or none at all. Go shhhhhh

  6. Do you think Drumf roared “stop the count!” through the matrix as soon as the Mandela Effect altered the gematria “in his favor”? Was it a kind of “executive order” to computer? A timestamp of sorts. To bookend this side of the fake “reset.” Imagine the books/boks recording that Trump is sin-onymous with Christ and 888 just ahead of the great scrub. And people’s memories being wiped clean before coming back for another round of tiktoktrination. First amnesiacs back will be taught that entity in WH is the king of kings. Beginning and ending. Script, sure…..

    What a shitshow. The method is so banal.

  7. Solar ejection election Corona solar eclipse….or is it just pretend….they could fake a CME and switch everything off like it has been touched by the t sun ami.

  8. If the “reset” includes a pope, priests who pretend to be intermediaries between the people and the Divine, a “stock market” of any kind where some in the know use the Logos rhythms to cheat, monopolize, scramble ahead of others, where knowledge is hidden, patented and copyrighted…well then….it’s not a reset at all. I don’t care if the new pope is “better” than the last or if the new currency is digital rather than metal or paper. If hearts, methods, structure and intentions remain the same…


    Anon above, yes, there may be a screen mushroom cloud to keep people in fear and quardon off areas for plunder similar to the “demilitarized buffer zone” sham….but imo it won’t be real. Gadget viewers will just be used to make it real in the mind.

    1. Are there any non-“white”, non-European knights templars, popes, disciples, “round table” people participating in the DESIGN of the “great reset”? Of the 3D or other dimensions? Any descendants from “bloodlines” NOT of the usual suspects? I’m not talking token folk who parrot ways and means of thier masters.

  9. I dedicate my life to making amends;
    Forgiving myself and setting myself free;
    Forgiving others and releasing all debts.
    I dedicate myself to walking with the Divine.
    Through the “dark” and the “light” I am in full command of ME.
    Blissings to all humans, benevolent beings, the soil, the water, the trees and all the beautiful animals.

    I see you running and happy, Puppy! 💞💞💞🌠🙏🏿

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