The Poles Are Closed

The Trumpet is sounding.

The Look Of Love.



I Will Always Love You.



Is the Cat Alive Or Dead ?




Herb Albert or Herb Alpert ?



2nd Lockdown here.

‘Yes, it’s Deja Flu’.



And Khaos has returned. I didn’t notice it had gone away.



Love Is In The Air.



Trump says ‘The Poles Are Closed’.




The Poles Of Inaccessibility – Wiki :

‘A pole of inaccessibility with respect to a geographical criterion of inaccessibility marks a location that is the most challenging to reach according to that criterion. Often it refers to the most distant point from the coastline, implying a maximum degree of continentality or oceanity. In these cases, pole of inaccessibility can be defined as the center of the largest circle that can be drawn within an area of interest without encountering a coast. Where a coast is imprecisely defined, the pole will be similarly imprecise.’

Northern Pole Of Inaccessibility :

‘The northern pole of inaccessibility, sometimes known as the Arctic pole of inaccessibility, or just Arctic pole, is located on the Arctic Ocean pack ice at a distance farthest from any land mass. It lies at 85°48′N 176°9′W, 1,008 km (626 mi) from the three closest landmasses: Ellesmere Island, Komsomolets Island, and Henrietta Island.[2] Due to constant motion of the pack ice, no permanent structure can exist at this pole.’

Southern Pole Of Inaccessibility :

‘The southern pole of inaccessibility is the point on the Antarctic continent most distant from the Southern Ocean. A variety of coordinate locations have been given for this pole. The discrepancies are due to the question of whether the “coast” is measured to the grounding line or to the edges of ice shelves, the difficulty of determining the location of the “solid” coastline, the movement of ice sheets and improvements in the accuracy of survey data over the years, as well as possible topographical errors.’

The Oceanic Pole Of Inaccesibility and Point Nemo :



‘The oceanic pole of inaccessibility (48°52.5′S 123°23.6′W) is the place in the ocean that is farthest from land. It lies in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,688 km (1,670 mi) from the nearest lands: Ducie Island (part of the Pitcairn Islands) to the north, Motu Nui (part of the Easter Islands) to the northeast, and Maher Island (near the larger Siple Island, off the coast of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica) to the south.

Known as “Point Nemo”, Nemo being Latin for “no one” and also a reference to Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo, , this point was featured in the 1928 short story The Call of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft as the location of the fictional city of R’lyeh. However, according to the BBC, this story was written 66 years before the official discovery of Point Nemo. The area is so remote that—as with any location more than 410 kilometres from an inhabited area—sometimes the closest human beings are astronauts aboard the International Space Station when it passes overhead.[18]

The area is also known as a “spacecraft cemetery” because hundreds of decommissioned satellites, space stations, and other spacecraft have been deposited there upon re-entering the atmosphere to lessen the risk of hitting inhabited locations or maritime traffic. Point Nemo is relatively lifeless; its location within the South Pacific Gyre blocks nutrients from reaching the area, and being so far from land it gets little nutrient run-off from coastal waters.’





Even though it is incomprehensible to the conscious mind, I’ve been seeing a sort of Time Loop back to 2016 with La Mer and the Zero Theorem and Cloud Atlas. This is a very, very weird place.

And Inn Access which is a paradox along the same lines as Imperfect and I’m Perfect. It’s Inaccessible and at the same time it’s In Access.

No Room At The Inn.








And the Born Rule by Max Born.

From Wiki :

‘The Born rule (also called the Born law, Born’s postulate, Born’s rule, or Born’s law) is a key postulate of quantum mechanics which gives the probability that a measurement of a quantum system will yield a given result. In its simplest form, it states that the probability density of finding a particle at a given point, when measured, is proportional to the square of the magnitude of the particle’s wavefunction at that point. It was formulated by German physicist Max Born in 1926.’




It’s all In No Sense.


198 thoughts on “The Poles Are Closed

      1. Jenny

        In the article I mentioned about 2016 time loop or whatever it is exactly.

        Season 2.

        ‘What year is it ?’.

        ‘I jumped’.

  1. “Donald John Trump” = 185 (English Ordinal)
    “Amy Coney Barrett” = 185 (English Ordinal)
    185 = 37+37+37+37+37.
    185 = 37+37+37+37+37.
    185+185 = 370
    370 reminds us of at least two things –
    1. Noah and his family and a couple of cats etc spent 370 days in the Ark
    2. MH370 went missing on 8/3/2014.

    37, the most sublime number.

  2. Biden And Trump
    It started in BATs

    Jewish Gematria:
    Biden and Trump – 575
    Sodom and Gommorah – 575
    False Prophets – 575
    Electromagnetism – 575
    Occultist – 575
    Ultimate Liar – 575
    I am the beginning and the ending – 575
    Psalms one one nine – 575
    Puppets – 575
    The bride and bridegroom – 575

    English Gematria
    False Prophet – 846

    Simple Gematria
    False Prophet – 141


    What are the odds that in three common Gematrias “Biden and Trump” would encode “False Prophet”?

    It’s all a sham. Master’s bait, a shot in the arm, IV slow drip toward unreality.

    Time to get off the trAIn. It just goes in circles.

    1. Bi den
      Left and right hemispheres of the brain (den).
      Shit show on screen is never going to end.
      It’s a ping pong between both sides, the illusion of difference.
      Ping pong between conscious and subconscious mind. Pure show. Pure programming.

      1. I feel sorry for the wworld whose consciousness was bound by english and its progenitors.

        Be grateful for the non-English data that has snuck through.

        1. Not sure what that means.
          Why do ppl assume “black” people give a shit about either of them just because they don’t give a shit about BAT?

          Politics has no soulutions

      1. That is to say, Biden and Trump’s wet dream.

        Neither are happening.

        There’s a third reality where neither even exist. Come with.

          1. Have some click BAiT, Clique.

            About Basic Attention Token:

            “BAT is an Ethereum token that powers Brave Software’s blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Internet users who browse the web using Brave’s free web browser (available at can choose to replace the ads they see with ads on Brave’s ad network. Users then receive BAT from advertisers as compensation for their attention.”


            Another English consciousness bind: “pay attention.”

        1. The “wet market” was the financial markets rigged to B&T’s advantage according to their fantasy jizms.


    2. Walk directly with the Divine.
      No overlord, no IV car (vicar) of Christ.

      One to one with “God”

        1. The EMP errors are closed.

          Ararat (year of a ra rat)
          Arabat (year of a ra BAT)

          Ararat = “the curse reversed: precipitation of curse”
          a mountainous region of eastern Armenia, between the river Araxes and the lakes Van and Oroomiah, the site where Noah’s ark came to rest
          (TWOT) the mountain where Noah’s ark came to rest”


    3. Oh hey sAItan. Oh hey offspring of Cain:

  3. Every time there is a great conjunction, something weird happens during the ELEC⚡️tion. I have a feeling something really different is going to happen this year. Talk about ABOVE and BEYOND

          1. It’s a manipulative language.
            The tongue of contracts and binds.
            Pretty banal.
            sAItan is banal.


    “This is really a sting operation. Trump knew this was happening. Eric (Trump) knew this was happening and they warned the public. I knew this was happening, however I could not say anything about it. … What happened was, we marked, watermarked every ballot with what’s called the QFS blockchain encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it.

    So this is not a stolen election. On the contrary, we reversed the entire game of war along the lines of Sun Tzu — the Art of War. And Trump was brilliant and is still brilliant at it. …. The reason he (Trump) hasn’t been seen in several days — well in the Art of War, you pull back, allow your enemy to make all the mistakes they are making — manipulate the situation, expose them and then come in for the final killing. (Editor Note: In accordance with this Sun Tzu strategy, Q Anon has also been silent during this period.)

    And that’s what is happening now. None of this was unexpected. This is all part of the sting operation.

    Let me tell you that 48 hours ago, I can say now with the permission of people in the intelligence community, we have sent out thousands and thousands of National Guard to twelve different states…. This has been a set-up by Trump for a long time.

    People will be arrested as of tonight, tomorrow and it will go on for quite a while…. This is the biggest sting operation in the history of our country.”

    Pieczenik goes onto to make the amazing claim that the location of the specially marked and sophisticated ballots can actually be traced via “cyber communication.” (Pieczenik interview clip)

    1. It’s a sting operation alright.
      Dying for your attention.
      The next chapter to keep you hooked and salivating about Drumfs brilliance and the “other side’s” crockery. Yet another rabbit hole. Justice right around the corner. Wait not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Hang on. Just keep hanging on. The sons of cAIn love their hang men. The longer you attach yourself to these scripted crime shows, the longer they go on. No one got locked up, no one “saved the mole children” no one had to pay back what they stole, no one will be convicted of ballot fraud. It’s all a Grand Delusion, Ken.

      Do you not see these are all false idols now? I don’t even claim to be religious but it’s clear as day what God is asking of us.

        1. On a more serious note this has got something to do with Bro Breaux. And sister Breaux.

          O Ryan

          1. Great posts.

            Funny the pairing of tabula rasas and resets with remembering. Can you have them both together?

            1. Anon

              I’m trying to get my head round it. I think – but don’t quote me – it’s something to do with alternate realities and The Man in the High Castle scenario.

              One of the things that struck me when I flew to US was that Detroit TSA were all black. This may because its Detroit but it had that TMITHC feel to it.

      1. I am very well aware it is all political theatre.
        Nevertheless God can use people for His purposes regardless of their failings etc.
        37 days from 3/11/2020 is Dec 10,the first day of Hanukah day# 345.
        345+543 = 888, the Greek Gematria for Jesus.
        There are 7+7+7 days to the end of the year.

            1. God doesn’t just “use” who you like. If you think so, you’ve missed the point. If he can “use” Trump and forgive him all his sins of which there are many, he can do the same with others. Christian groupthink not withstanding.

            2. Ken

              The god you worship is a concept humans created. Given it’s nature, I suspect it grew out of tremendous fear, to be protector, defender, provider, Daddy.

              So, the Old Testament god (Trump) and it’s judgement has been rejected by US. Now the New Testament god (Biden) will attempt a reconciliation as his function is to be the Mediator.

              This is US studying the script of the drama to determine whether it has been helpful or needs to be fundamentally changed. We are doing this. We are attempting to learn and create something different. We are not here to be used by any god, certainly not one which we created to begin with.

                    1. Capable then of surprising even you and Trinity and working through people you hate not adore/worship.


    Planet: Neptune
    Element: Water

    All just part of the script. Another false flag.

    “Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. It depicts a pittura infamante, an image of a man being hanged upside-down by one ankle. This method of hanging was a common punishment at the time for traitors in Italy. Wikipedia
    Depiction: It depicts a pittura infamante, a shameful image of a traitor being punished in a manner common at the time for traitors in Italy. Some versions portray Judas, and include the bags of silver in his hands.
    Meaning: The Hanged Man is the card that suggests ultimate surrender, sacrifice, or being suspended in time.
    Upright card (keywords): Breaking old patterns, Circumspection, Letting go, Metamorphosis, More
    Reversed card (keywords): Egotism, Inability to change, Missing an opportunity
    Element: Water
    Ruling planet: Neptune

    1. The Square of Time in NY is full of people.
      And the Mall of Independence in Philae.
      And the House of White is surrounded.

        1. Frank

          I see her in the pic.

          We’re gonna hear a lot in the days ahead about Biden’s ‘wounds’. The deaths of his first wife and daughter and his son Beau and how this created great empathy in him for US. He’s gonna take on the archetype of the wounded healer as Christ did and attempt one last time to create a reconciliation between US and the ‘all powerful, all knowing, ever present, god. And he will fail again.

          I just don’t see Trump leaving. The god concept he represents is not designed to back down, admit defeat. How the dark matter enters and what it will do. ???

          Last spring when Black Lives Matter was outside the White House, this mass of people kept pushing against the cast iron fence with their bodies. Then they would step back then push forward again, like the ebbing and flowing of a wave, and the fence was giving way.

          Then Trump tweeted, ‘Fake news!’
          And the reporter from Fox news shouted, ‘No, sir. I’m standing right here at the fence. This is not a hoax!’
          For what ever reason I made a connection between BLM and dark matter and it seemed like a glimpse of the future.
          Then Trump retreated into the bunker, BLM was tear gassed, and Trump made that walk across the street to the National Cathedral and waved the Holy Script in the air. And wtf?

          I think the story going forward is in the hands of the dark matter (Harris) and the handmaid (Justice Barrett).

          1. I’m seeing Barrett as connected with the Notebook and ‘I Remember. It was Us’. However that plays out. And agree Harris will probably be a more significant figure than most VPs

            Obama’s PR team went down the Christ route a bit but I think it worked . Biden’s PR team may well do the same and play Good Cop to Trump’s Bad Cop. For a long time now I’ve seen these figures as substitute 3D gods and a tweaking of the meme with Biden. IMO all authority problems are reflections of the relationship with God and the view of a scary, vengeful God which are then projected outwards and we end up with Trump, Putin et al and is essentially a projection of an internal fight with God within the larger Self. If that makes sense.

            Trump won’t go without a fight. Could be hanging chad territory or Trump and Melania armed to the teeth with machine guns from a White House balcony as the Special Service team move in.

      1. We should add Soul-storms and Corona-l Mass Ejections to the list of possible mind-bending exercises.

        “The final generation of visionaries are rising to be heard, to inspire, and to caution about the change that is coming. The end is near. The fog of amnesia is lifting from our collective consciousness. The world is upside down and full of sleepwalkers. Just as a story put them to sleep, so shall a story wake them up! ” ~JayDreamerZ

        1. Jen

          There’s always an interdimensional time storm coming ! And Soular storm 😊. Interdimensional soular storm !

          Interesting Mr MBBB33 uses ‘Giant’ again in the title of the article. Maybe we’ll end up like the character in The OA looking down on the house we are in, on a film set. Didn’t see that coming.

    1. Last weekend, Cade and I remote viewed the new series ‘Truth Seekers’. It’s about a couple of broadband engineers maintaining the 6G coverage in south west UK (think Cornwall) for a company called Smyle…

      They drive a van

      1. Roob

        The world in motion.

        ‘In telecommunications, 6G will be the sixth generation standard for wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. It will be the successor to 5G and will be likely to be significantly faster, at speeds of ~95 Gb/s. Like its predecessors, 6G networks will be cellular networks, in which the service area is divided into small geographical areas called cells. Several companies (i.e. Nokia, Samsung, LG) have shown interest in 6G. China, South Korea and Japan also reportedly have interest. 6G will likely become commercially available in the 2030s.’

      2. Roobster I put up a video about it in the previous post….in relation to the solar eclipse

        Do you remember a crazy long time ago I told you about the voices coming through the music as in the low frequencies esp in relation to Dubstep and in particular that dark alchemist known as Skrillex. Remember i said those same voices tell you to harm yourself…I witnessed the evidence….maybe Cade should look into it…I don’t know maybe that is why he is having those horrible nightmares.

        Sound and 2020 Vision every time Abell RINGS…a soul gets it’s wings

        1. TTN. Voices coming through the music?
          And messages planted in the pixels.
          Targeting the id.
          Boys with toys.
          Give it a rest.

        1. Yup…I keep saying not to let the girls drive (the Tardis) as we always end up back to where we first started.

          Just like when they go shopping…they keep going around and around in circles…. then they go back to where they first started and buy the first thing they first drives me f***ing insane 🤪

          they are totally Impossible to figure out. 🤷‍♂️

            1. Hi Frank… great pic.. we are all connected whether we like it or not…I received the signal last weekend… I am writing a post about the future/ past…InVasion its called Pole to Pole. I started writing it before you published this one and laughed out loud when I saw your title.

              Just watch how they crash land…not a clue..i mean look what happened to wasn’t pretty.

              The Mother Ship..the Mummy Returns….just don’t give her the keys..

              in my humble opinion it represents the legalistic lizard part of the brain it wants to kill emotion…as it doesn’t understand it……..hence the cold war…but it’s days are numbered…

              1. About multi dimensionality which has become relevant I’ve found. A few years ago I had an ET experience that shook me up to be honest but it would do and indicated ET were multi dimensional in the sense of being in two bodies at the same time. At the same time I got a message saying We R U so if they turn up it could be even more complicated than we can imagine.

              2. “in my humble opinion it represents the legalistic lizard part of the brain it wants to kill emotion…as it doesn’t understand it…….”

                I agree with you here!

      1. Roob

        I was thinking earlier about 9/11, 10/11 and 11/11 which are coming up.

        Amen Corner are 9,10,11 holes at Augusta golf club.

        Amen Corner and Bliss Corner. If paradise is half as nice.

  6. The “Poles” are CLOSED but it ain’t over til the fat lady SINGS.

    Here’s the biggest story, and it’s not even at the top of The Gateway Pundit’s page:

    The ONLY TWO MSM NEWS ANCHORS who have or were planning to report on the 2020 Election FRAUD….

    are women.


    “Maria Bartiromo Breaks with Anti-Trump Brass at FOX News, Says: “The Media Does Not Decide the Election””

    and the other hero?

    “WOW!” this is SHOCKING:
    “Newsmax: Jeanine Pirro’s Show Was Cancelled Tonight on FOX News After They Found Out She Was Going to Report on Election Fraud”

    “FOX News Cancels Judge Jeanine on Saturday to Spew their Nonsense that Joe Biden Won Election …”

    I’m NOT going to say “You go girls!!!”

    I’m going to salute true “Journalists” who are, yaya, WOMEN.

    As a fellow woman “Truther,” I just want to congratulate you on being HEROES.

    And, I’m so proud of you!!!

      1. We ARE at the “Gates” (compliments of Bill Gates) of HELL

        If you don’t SEE it you’re a stupid cattle worthy of SLAUGHTER in their eyes!




        “When the two towers” (the Twin Towers) become one (the “Freedom Tower” at One WORLD Trade Center)….

        “It is accomplished”…. (mockery of Jesus’ “Last Words”)…..

        and therefore,

        The “GATES OF HELL” have been opened.

    1. Ken,

      Thanks for this!

      While this guy is a “weather forecaster” of MONEY, money IS a part of God-created cycles of “currency”…..

      This guy may very well have insight and I hope he is 100% right.

      That we will just WATCH as the evil-doers are brought down “naturally” and God “prepares the Way” for His Son’s Kingdom to come.

      In APRIL?


      Of course!

      In God’s beautiful Alpen spring!

  7. OK, children

    Time to learn….

    This is God’s “A-B-C’s”

    And God’s letters and words….

    ALWAYS spell LOVE.

    1. I never liked Senator Graham….

      Until now.

      “I want Pennsylvania to explain to the American people how six people, after they die, can register and vote in Pennsylvania. I want the computer systems in Michigan that flip votes from Republicans to Democrats to be looked at—and the software was used all over the country,” Graham said. “There’s a lot of shenanigans going on here, and if I were President Trump, I would take all this to court, I’d fight back. And from a Republican point of view, mail-in balloting is a nightmare for us.”

      It’s all a nightmare for U.S.

      How hard can it be, in this TECHNO day and age, to have a NATIONAL SYSTEM for Presidential Elections, UNIFORM and GLITCH-FREE.

      Likewise, how hard can it be for the “nation” to declare term limits on politicians serving in Washington…..

      “Lifetime politicians, ahem, like Biden?

      Are all lizards.

      1. How do lifetime politicians who serve in Washington get soooo rich?

        Just ask yourself that one single question.

            1. What’s done is done, people.

              Look up, see your Father’s celestial handiwork,

              and give praise!

              He’s waiting for US!

              He loves us THAT much!


  8. “FrankIncense”

    Is it really all just “In-No-Sense”?

    Are we all born Innocent of “sin”?

    I don’t think so, Frank

    We’re born into sin, into filth, and porn ….and GUILT.

    We can’t just wash ourselves clean.

    We NEED to be WASHED…..

    Purged from guilt, from dirt, from porn, from sin, and

    MADE clean.

    Washed in the water……

    It doesn’t JUST HAPPEN, and we can’t just do it for ourselves…..

    Some ONE MAKES it happen ….


    1. Trinity

      We can’t do it ourselves at a conscious level I think. Part of this is getting out the way and let spirit do its work. Tough medicine though.

      And I think guilt and I am a Sinner is an invented thought and hence the world we see because we look through the eyes of guilt.

  9. Here’s a gift for Ken and Trinity from the comet section:

    “Trump is Christ. I mean literally his family name is Christ. Jesus Christ = 146, trump born 14/6/46, and much more. Didn’t Christ rise from the dead?” – Sean Dexter

    If you believe this, rest easy, your search is done. In your words, go ahead, go “Worship the creation not the Creator.”

      1. There will probably be a 46 and then a 47 in the next 4 years. Maybe even a 48.

        Musical chairs.

        None of them matter.


    “Trump* is Christ!!!!!”

    *not his real name. Names and dates were changed to suit the purposes.

    1. Thanks, Frank, I hear you……

      But Anon….


      Of COURSE Ken and I do not believe Trump is “Christ.”

      We believe that the “hand of God” can rest on ANYONE…..

      And when it does it TRANSFORMS that One into “Christ.”

      You just don’t get it.

      No hard feelings tho…..

      Your posts REEK of ALL-KNOWING.

      And what do YOU know?


      1. I agree with Frank that the feeling of “guilt” is an “invented” thought pushed ONTO us by the ego, i.e. Satan.

        It’s GRAVITY.

        Bringing you DOWN…..

        to the bottom of the sea.

        It’s not “real” but VERY real at the same time.

        It takes prayer and devotion to the Creator to “lift you up.”


              1. Everything has a double meaning.

                I’m not a fool, and I tend to be literal about everything.

                Is Ryan Stone escorted back to a new earth, a new world, by fallen angels? Burning fiery red on their “re-entry”?

                I know you know I know there is no “space.”

                The Twin Towers, one female and one male, were made into ONE.

                The One World Trade Center.

                A Baphomet: phallic male antenna at the top, wide bottomed and not “straight and narrow,” if you get my drift.

                Sandra BULLOCKs is a suspected TRANS gender: a spunky girl with BALLS.

                She represents the progentor of the NEW WORLD ORDER…..

                A NEW EARTH to be ruled (according to Satan’s plan) by baphomets.


                Thereby eradicating God’s creation of man and woman.

                Sorry, Satan…..

                But it’s just a Holly Wood MOVIE.


      2. …continued…with sincerity…

        Yes, Trinity, my posts reek of all-knowing. I know that. Lol. No joke intended. But you’re right- they do. Most of the time I’m talking to myself, drilling things I need to remember or teach myself into my own head by writing them down. Like I told that other person, you don’t have e to ever read me.

        Now back to Christ is Trump and his ancestor name being Christ and his number being 888….

        There are now almost 2.5 billion Christians in the world according to the “data”. More Christians than any other religion. If most of them believe as you and Ken and Drumf do that Drumf is God’s “chosen”, could that account for the Mandela Effect with the gematrias of “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ”? Like, does the Mandela Effect occur when enough minds have been used and entrained on a single idea? Does a hive mind of any sort toggle the data, numbers?

        1. Anonymous,

          Thanks for that.

          I think what you are trying to figure out is a world in which WE make our own REALITY….. which is the central idea behind A Course in Miracles.

          I’ve seen through the “Voice” of the Course as being the voice of the Enemy himself.

          Telling you to BELIEVE in yourself as a god, become “enlightened” and you will reach Heaven.

          I’ve come back around, to believing in the Book of Genesis, and the Creator, who sits upon His Throne at the North Star over the North Pole and watches HIS creation….. I can SEE the celestial DOME and all its “FIXED” i.e. God fixed them, stars every night! Along with those shooting stars, and wandering stars, which we have taken to be our “gods,” [Venus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn etc etc] and the rulers of our whore-o-scopes and so-called “destinies,” and under whose “rule” evil has abounded here on the Earth.

          I believe in God. I believe HE made this world, not us. And its only by our complete FAITH and BELIEF in HIM that we are able to be lifted back into His Loving Arms in Heaven, our HOME.

          BTW I don’t think “Drumf” is God’s “chosen”!!!

          I just think he believes in his own mission to “Make America Great” again. I think he’s being “true” to his word!

          He can’t save U.S. from the “End.” But he’s fighting the forces of Evil, the “Giants,” in the meantime because it’s the right thing to do.

  11. Trinity, I mock the false script. You seem to know a thing or two about mockery. And condemnation. And telling people who don’t believe in “JESus” that they’re sinners who are gonna burn in hell. I’d say my comets burn a little less. Mostly I mock hypocrisy. But like I said, we are all getting the opportunity to purge….ourselves.

    Anyhoo, I don’t know if that 146 gematria was correct anyway. I shared it from a counter without doubt le chexking. Nevertheless a sincere question for Ken:

    On the old MV around 2013 or so there was a flurry of data about the gematria of “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ” as well as “Satan” and “Lucifer” and I’ll be darned if the calculators didn’t offer up 888 and 444 for one or more of these words. I clearly remember you saying not once but at least a dozen times that 888 was the number of perfection and God’s number, Jesus’ number and that Satan tried to usurp those digits. Well…I just used an online gematria calculator for “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ” and “Christ” and no 888 or 444 turned up. Instead, it’s various other numbers across various gematrias. However, when I used the calculator to crunch “Donald J Trump”, the number 888 came up. So, using the logic you’ve put forth over half a dozen years, this means that the entity who calls himself Donald J Trump is “perfection” and “God” and “Christ” himself. No?

    This is not mockery, Trinity. Help me understand. Or maybe I didn’t use the right calculator. Or maybe the socalled Mandela Effect (tiktok doc scrub altern) is rearranging the numbers!!!! As TNT’s friend said “something’s going on with the data”….

    (….see where the race for “quantum supremacy” leads…? see how confusing numbers with reality hangs people on the crux of FICTION)

    I stand open to be corrected. Help a sister out. Did I count wrong?

    1. Anon,

      Oh and gee…. My I.D. # at the Gap factory just happens to have 888 in it.

      You’re a CIA troll and I’ve ALWAYS known it.

      YOU work for Anna, and “Winter’s Bros.” i.e. the lowlife mob….

      i.e. the “elite”

      I might be wrong!

      However I DO know…..

      that you’re a hater, not a lover.


      1. And I don’t recall the “comets” I have made but yes, I don’t “condemn” others as much as warn them of the truth: unless you believe that Jesus Christ was sent from the Father to deliver us from sin, and died for us on the Cross, you will be sent down the left-hand path to yes, burn in the Lake of Fire with your Father, Satan.

        Um, I don’t think I’ve ever said I’m “good” or am assured to NOT be sent down that path on judgment day…..

        Am I a hypocrite?

        AM I a “cheater” and a “liar” and a “dog,” to you?

        Oh, yeah, and an alkie…..?

        Um, yeah, sounds like it!

        Love you too, Nonny girl!

        Oh excuse me…..


        1. I’m not “good”

          I’m not “bad”

          I’m just a…..


          I truly believe that now……

          Wo-men are NOT “equal” to men!

          “Feminism” is a LIE from Satan, his first salvo into the bulwark of the family ship that has since rendered it broken and now SINKING.

          Women have been trying to be equal in the “workplace” to men to prove the lie….. and have thus forsaken their own children, and God-given role as “mother.”

          We live among now-“grown” but disabled children who were abandoned by their mothers and thus have looked to Satan for their safety and slavation {haha, see the typo?}

          1. Purge, Trinity, purge. Get it all out. It’s ok. We’ve all stuck with each other this far. And no, you nor any other Christian dictates who is going where because of why. There are plenty of you who have done heinous acts “in Jesus’s name.” If you can be forgiven for that, so can others. Remember your own God preaches unconditional love. Shouldn’t you be the best example of that? Even to your nemesis, Anna?

            And lol about me belonging to an alphabet agency. I couldn’t even get in the door!

            But I forgive you. Will you forgive me too?

            1. Anonymous: “And no, you nor any other Christian dictates who is going where because of why.”

              You’re an intelligent human being, why are you insisting that I am “dictating” anything?

              I’m just telling you the TRUTH!

              Tares hate to hear it, and the fact that God is in control, not them. Therefore they think of God as a “dictator.”….

              Just like their father, the Serpent did, in the Garden….

              I am a sinner, I’ve fully admitted that….

              It’s people like you, Anon, who CAN”T ADMIT they’ve sinned.

              So self-righteous are you….

              Just like the sodomites on parade: “Gay Pride”

              Trannies reading to our children in kindergarten, I mean are you kidding me…..

              Transgenders are lost, sick…. soon-to-be…. pedophiles….

              And then?


              Sodomy is against God’s Will…..

              NO MATTER WHAT

              1. Anonymous,

                You’re just like my sister! She thinks I’m “hate-ful.”

                She can’t ponder the “idea” that she has ever been wrong….. (um, adultery in her first marriage…. now divorced (what’s wrong with that?) yoga instructor (how “good”) um, LOVES LOVES LOVES everyone around her…. never judges or condemns, god know! THAT”S evil…. a good friend is a gay guy….)

                She cannot ABIDE any suggestion that she is NOT “good,” and I, pointing out her blind spots, am “evil.”

                Oh well!

                I would suggest I am actually “loving” you…..

                By telling you the Truth.

                    1. 🌞If I were still there I’d love to. I moved out years ago, not sure when or if I’ll ever be there again.

    2. I have ONLY EVER said that the name JESUS in GREEK gematria = 888. This is very well known and accepted everywhere by any true Christian.
      Furthermore the titles attributed to Jesus (including his name) are divisible by BOTH 8 and 37 in Greek gematria. We are talking here about the Greek language the New Testament was written in.

      37 is seen as the most sublime of all numbers (in the Bible). 37 stands for the Word of God.
      Pages and pages have been written about this number 37 but suffice it to say that the very first verse of the Bible written in Hebrew the gematria works out to be 2701 or 37×73. Not only that but 2701 added to its mirror value of 1072 = 3773. 37 forwards and backwards. Simply astonishing don’t you think? People who do not have cold and frozen hearts accept that this verse is written by a powerful creator as evidence of His creative power. Only childish cowards can reject this evidence and press on thinking they can cheat God and get away with it. That God will NEVER hold them accountable for their rejection of Him.
      And coming soon is antichrist with an offer those people won’t be able to refuse – worship me and you can continue to buy and sell. Sounds great eh but what is the cost? Your soul. That’s all! Bad choice!

      1. Ken, you display cognitive dissonance. The entire plandemic happened under Trumps watch. Not anyone else’s. Restrictions on people, masking children and the elderly, money laundering, profiteering off people’s misfortunes, enrichment of the the already rich: all happened under Drumf. If any of this had happened under someone else, you would have labelled them the devil. How convenient. This is why people have decided not to follow Christianity. Its followers are vengeful, mean spirited d hypocritical.

        Yes, thanks for refreshing. You did say Jesus is 888 in Greek Gematria. But you also use all sorts of other gematrias – without rhyme or reason for why you select a certain one at a certain time to “prove” a certain thing. So, in English Gematria Donald J Trump is 888. Is he Christ?

        The problem with self described Christians is their interpretations are ways subjective analysis posing as ultimate truth. Blinders much

        1. 1. You have completely avoided the content of my comment other than admitting that I did say Jesus = 888 in Greek gematria..
          2. You have brought Trump into your argument.
          3. The other gematrias I use from time to time are available at Gematrinator here –
          I try not to use too many different ones as that obviously (to me anyway) weakens any point that is trying to be made. However, if a ‘666’ or ‘888’ for instance shows up then I feel justified in using it.
          English Ordinal is clearly the most justified gematria to use. A = 1, B = 2 etc.
          Well it looks like you don’t like Christians very much at all but you are not alone in that. I suppose if they all disappeared off the face of the earth you would be more than pleased. A bit like Satan when he thought he had done away with Jesus, only to find 3 days later he was wrong!

          John 1:1 – In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the Word was God.
          The Word was Jesus.
          The Word in Greek is Logos and the gematria is 373.
          And it is repeated 3 times in 1 sentence in 1 verse.

          1. Ken, I don’t mind Christianity. Its self described Christians who condemn others while committing more “sins” than most that I find tiresome. You can just invoke a name while behaving badly and then play holier than thou. Many of you do that. People are tired of it. I have relatives and ancestors who do not describe themselves as Christian but they are more like Christ and live more like Christ than any Christian on here or most of those I’ve met. For me, the mouth doesn’t make one Christian. The life and heart does.

            Drumf was the content of my original post to which you responded. I said if your gematria logic is correct, Trump is Christ is 888. It was Trinity who denied that. English gematria works as well as Greek? Ok, how convenient.

            Anyway, Christians can stop playing victim. One third of the world follows that religious order and the entire uni-verse has been skewed toward it and the two other cousin religions run out of the Vatican, to the detriment of billions. The entire uni-verse has been forced to follow the bible, Torah, quaran playbooks and “timelines.” Whine as you may, you are witnessing the results of a world skewed toward you and your beliefs. Rigged. Take responsiblity. You are hardly a victim.

          2. Ken, have you checked the numbers for Drumf’s handler, Jared Kushner?
            “Messiah Kushner”
            =666 in Jewish Gematria (same number as his 5th ave bldg)
            =1020 in English Gematria (as in “4” 10 20 or “D” JT)
            =170 in Simple Gematria (as in 17 as in Q)

            Now just what are the odds….?

            1. Kushner has zero qualifications to be in the position he’s in and to be in charge of a socalled reset.

              So why exactly is he there yielding all that (false) power? Who put him there?

            2. Trump is closely associated with the Jewish Lubavitcher group in the USA. Henry Makow has articles on that. Kushner insisted his wife convert to Judaism before they were married. Henry points out that Judaism is Communism. Your numbers are interesting.
              My view is that Trump is just playing his part in the play.

      1. The difference between you and me, Anon, is that I’m a believer and you are not.

        You think the Cruci FICTION is just that, a false script. You laugh and mock “believers” like me and Ken…..

        I believe that whatever the “narrative” is, at its core is the Truth.

        I WANT to BELIEVE in God’s plan for our SALVATION.

        You do not.

        1. There’s a historical fantasy novel called The Mists of Avalon, a retelling of the Arthurian Legend from the female point of view, it’s quite remarkable actually and empowering for a woman to read.

          And it has stuck in my mind that the only ones who can actually see the mysterious, often invisible “Avalon” rising above the mists are those who believe in it.

        2. Your entire visitation here is to mock and rail against “non-believers.” Let’s just say we are tasting our own medicine. I hear it’s a great expectorant.

          1. Plus you have 2.4 billion co-believers.
            One third of the world believes as you do. Yet you are the victim.
            Can’t there be any room for alternative thought? I’m one in a sea of 2.4billion.
            Be grateful the world reflects you.

        3. The difference between you and me, Trinity, is that because I’m aware of my flaws I don’t claim that I’ll go to heaven while others burn simply because I invoke the name of Christ and Jesus and say “I believe.”

          1. That’s a good point, and I agree on it.

            But I’m not a so-called “Christian”

            I never said I was……

            I said I believe in Jesus……

            I’m not sure if I’ll go to Heaven, but I AM sure that Jesus Christ is the only WAY.

  12. Just imagine beLIEving the Divine only reveals itself to you and those who look and think like you. The root of all genocides.

    1. Oh please…….

      Anonymous, really.

      Lighten up…..

      I’m not JUDGING you!!!

      I’m DEBATING you, that’s all.

      1. Like my sister, you seem to have an unconscious block at the mention of “Jesus”

        I would suggest that whatever your “idea” is of “Jesus” it’s been created and forced upon you (yes, by Satan, the great Deceiver, the Illusionist) as some threatening judge, and yes, your FINAL EXECUTIONER.

        Jesus Christ, the One I know and have come to believe in, NEVER JUDGED like that, and NEVER WILL…..

        The idea of His Final Judgment and his saying But Lord Lord…. and Him saying “I never knew thee….” is SYMBOLIC.

        He only SAVED…. and He will ONLY save you….. if you are willing to BE saved.

        “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”
        John 3:17

        1. Jesus denies NO ONE who comes to Him.

          Matthew 11:28-29

          28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

          29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

          1. Now this may sound harsh, but I would also say in “Christians'” defense, that no one has a right to judge them as condoning the “genocide” of “non-believers” or as generally being “intolerant” or “haters” until….

            you’ve read the Gospels yourself.

            It’s like what I did, I denounced the movie “Pulp Fiction” just from what I’d heard about it and clips of it here and there…..

            But after I actually watched the whole movie, did I realize I’d been COMPLETELY mistaken….

            And that I it was a “good” movie, something worth watching.

            To put it more strongly?

            You have NO RIGHT to judge people YOU call “Christians” if you’ve not even bothered to READ the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

            READ THE BIBLE…..

            will you?


            we can talk

            1. Anonymous,

              I also just have to say that you seem to perceive me as the “Enemy.”

              Being “white.”

              But you haven’t given me the idk um, “credit,” for having had a glimpse into what suffering under “racism” is like…. being considered “Black, ” targeted by “John Gotti Jr.” as an ape, because I married and gave birth to a brown “lamb”….and as he would have it, is now trying to steal his family member’s {don’t tell me: “cousin”?} husband, that I’m a cheater, and that I am rejected in this white town because of that, but more and most of all, for being “accepted” and admired by their “cousins'” HUSBAND, the “Sheriff”….thus quid pro quo a “cheater.”

              That I have suffered SEEING the invisible racism in the way the WHITE FATHERS and sons of this town smiled at and lied to my son that they were really his “friends”….. for the last 20 years until I got him out of here….
              but not really.

              That I became aware of my “white privilege” that I had enjoyed my whole life until I married “down”….

              It’s REAL, let me tell you.

              It’s DEMONIC.

              Satan is a racist, and the demon white seed are his sons.


              They’re at the top of the pyramid!

              The RULE in Satan’s kingdom.

              Like white, SICKLY vampires who have never seen the light of DAY.

                1. The story is that Jews were expelled from countries in Eastern Europe back before WWI because children were found dead, completely drained of blood, with only some telltale pin pricks to explain why….

                  the Nosferatu vampire, I have to say now, looks like the stereotypical “hook-nosed Jew”!

                  Just sayin’

                  1. But even the ungodly Nosferatu “vampires” are under Jesus’ rule…..

                    If any one of them turned to Jesus repentant,….

                    He would forgive them.

                    But they would never… it’s not in their “nature.”

                    Any ONE who turns to Jesus for help will receive it.

                    That is STRENGTH

                    That is POWER

                    Check this Saturday-morning cartoon meant for CHILDREN….

                    (Remember Saturday morning, and how the TV was all cartoons for children? Programming!!!)

  13. If it’s true that Drumf handed US over to f3|\/|a when he declared the state of emergency thereby relinquishing office of presidency, IF THIS IS TRUE, was his presidential run even legit? Is bidens even legit? If it’s true, seems no votes were legit and neither candidate is legit. Shambolic.

      1. If God had something to be upset about, it would be “rituals” like this…..

        May these “masked” elites burn in hell….. weaklings….. scum… good for nothings… ready for the fire….

        What do they REALLY do in places like “Epstein Island”?

        I heard they have indescribably filthy orgies, sodomizing children, raping and killing them in an orgy of blood-letting, heightening the TERROR all the more to get the maximum high off the adrenochrome reaped…..

        I mean the whole thing tires you out …. just thinking about it…..

        1. I don’t need to “come forward” into your LAIR for you to know, you and your ilk will be BLOWN TO HELL.

          I’m calling it in…..

    1. You mean the false, synthetic AI christ, Trinity? The one altering data and trying to insert its seed (offspring) in places it doesn’t belong?

      1. You can fact check this.
        If you can cut through the cognitive dissonance.
        If its true that’s a very bad Don, Abaddon indeed.

      2. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
        -Matthew 24:24, KJV

    2. Quite sure the real Christ is asking you to review your need for a false idol. Let your Christ handle Drumf. You and I don’t have enough information about who and what he truly is. Maybe there are two Trumps, like Dick Gregory said. Personally I devote myself to NO politician. That’s a tricky business.

      1. Haha, I NEVER SAID TRUMP was the “Christ”

        I don’t believe he’s our “Savior!”!!

        If ANYTHING, he’s the Anti-Christ.

        He’s the OrangeJew!


        I’ve never held it against him, tho.

        I love me my Trump

        1. Um, as for the “vaccine”

          It will all come down to whether Trump enforces it universally or not….

          Let’s let him keep that card “close to the vest” …. until we dispose of the criminal, elderly, dementia-riddled, first-wife-and-baby-murdering BIDEN.

          Biden is EVIL.

          Trump is still HUMAN.

          That’s my take…

          1. I mean, I’m just a Watchman!

            I don’t really CARE enough to participate!

            I didn’t even vote, for God’s sake…..

            I know you know I know…..

            it’s a pathetic joke (no excuse tho for not voting…)

            As for supporting President Trump, I thought MAYBE….

            Trump would tell the Truth about the deadly effects of VACCINES…..

            I thought MAYBE…..

            Trump would expose NASA…. Why else did he attempt to buy Greenland, where they film all their “Mars” landings?

            I thought MAYBE…..

            Trump would blow the elites’ cover and destroy the Podesta=Pedo-Esta network!!!

            I’m still pro-Trump, given that it’s still POSSIBLE, given his duly-rewarded Second Term….?

            that HE WILL.

  14. I can’t stand Biden either.
    None of them get my devotion.


    “artificial” as in false as in not of love

    Speaking of which, Pole Francis: returned the stolen currency yet or still hiding from Senora?


  15. He “wants to look alone, abandoned, victimized, martyred.” He has fish to catch and he knows their psychology well. He knows them better than they know themselves. He knows the “profile” they have of Christ and he’s playing the part, slipping into those Shu ‘s.

    Shu’s wisely.

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