Life On Venus



In the mirror or something. God knows.

It was assumed that the first signs of alien Life on another planet would probably be Life on Mars. It is possible and hasn’t been fully confirmed yet but there could be Life On Venus in the Cloud.




From Nature Astronomy.



The Royal Astronomical Society.



From New Scientist :

‘A team of astronomers has spotted a gas called phosphine in Venus’s clouds. This isn’t the first time we have seen phosphine on a planet – it’s produced on Earth in industrial processes and by microbes, and at crushing pressures and high temperatures deep inside giant planets like Jupiter – but the strange thing is that there shouldn’t be any on Venus. As David Grinspoon at the Planetary Science Institute in Arizona told me when I was covering this discovery for New Scientist: “It doesn’t belong there.”

That’s because any phosphine on Venus should be destroyed within 1000 years of its production by the harsh environment, meaning it must be being continuously made. But the researchers couldn’t find any way to produce anywhere near as much phosphine as they detected on the planet.

Right now, it appears that the only way we can explain all that phosphine is life. That doesn’t mean that we won’t find another explanation – it could just be weird chemistry that we don’t yet understand – but it’s a promising sign.’


‘Did We Just Detect Life On Venus ?’



From DNA :

‘In ‘Annihilation’ it was the alien wot done it and I’m going out on a limb here and say that I think that sometime soon we will have alien contact but I believe it will be different to how we imagine. Not sure how it will show itself. What I’ve picked up is that ET is actually multi dimensional ‘Us’. It’s all us.’


The Observer Effect.



And ‘The Rule Of Six’.



Not Alone.



It’s the Freakiest Show.



Keep watching the skies !


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    1. Swim

      Demis Roussos bizarrely has played a 3 degrees of separation part in my life. Life is strange.

      And how triggers can connect with others by memory.

              1. Elena

                Testing times.

                Testing Testing.

                ‘There are two related meanings of beta: the first is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. The second refers to things that are secondary in a different way: the beta version of software or hardware is a version that isn’t quite ready for prime time. The beta model is a testing version. Often a company will let some people use the beta version to see if there are problems which can be fixed before the final version comes out.’


                1. Frank

                  I once considered switching from the stable channel to the beta channel on my Chromebook and was immediately warned that ‘switching is risky’.
                  “Go inside”.

                  And if everything is running true to form, I’m guessing this is connected to brainwaves. Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.
                  Beta states are the states associated with normal waking consciousness.

                  Brainwaves are rhythmic or repetitive patterns of neural activity in the central nervous system. Which leads again to the sensory test.

                  1. Elena

                    I was watching this yesterday. Stay Inside and the five faces of Raleigh Ritchie. Going back to 2013.

                    Great thinking about Beta wave – 2nd Wave !


                    Beta brain waves (13Hz – 39Hz)

                    13 Hz – 27 Hz – Focus with attention toward external stimuli. The normal waking consciousness, active thought process, and alert mental activity.
                    13 Hz – 30 Hz – Processing outside data your brain takes in, problem solving and active conscious thinking. A very wakeful state which combats drowsiness.
                    14 Hz – An awake, alert state. Allows you to focus and concentrate on tasks.
                    15 Hz – 18 Hz – Increases your mental abilities including focus, alertness, attentiveness and IQ. You are aware of yourself and surroundings and are alert but not agitated.
                    16 Hz – Stimulates oxygen/-calcium release into cells.
                    18 Hz – 24 Hz – Euphoria and ecstasy, similar to a runners high with serotonin release around 22Hz.
                    18+ Hz – A fully awake state with normal alertness. Significant improvements can be seen in memory, reading, spelling, math, and planning.
                    20Hz – Stimulation of the pineal gland. The frequency can help with tinnitus.
                    20 Hz – 40 Hz – Ideal meditation frequency for stress release.
                    31 Hz – Release of growth hormone, can help to develop muscles and recover from injuries (rejuvenation effects).
                    32Hz – Enhanced vigor and alertness.
                    33 Hz – Christ consciousness and the Pyramid frequency.
                    35 Hz – Balance of all chakras.
                    36 Hz – 44 Hz – The learning frequency range; will help maintain alertness when actively studying or thinking. Related to the prepiriform cortex and amygdala. Coordinates processing of information in different areas of the brain simultaneously.
                    38 Hz – Endorphin release.



                    1. Also wondering about what the Judge ment.
                      The tennis player Novak Djokovic (the joker) hit a line judge in the throat with a ball, 9/6. Deliberate or accident. He was de fault ed.

                      And the passing of Justice Ginsburg on the 18th the beginning of Rosh Hashanah celebrating the creation of the world and leading to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, ten days later. Next weekend.
                      The Law or Amazing Grace.

      1. AI stories are not real. The enter net is not real. tteesssllaa is not real. the artificial matrix choking the freequency and projecting things onto the sky is not real. it wants to be real and is using us as hosts but it is not real.

  1. Looking back and 2020 is Hindsight. 2 mins ago. How long it takes for light to hit the eye but it’s all experienced in the brain. Supposedly.

    ‘To calculate how long (Time, T) it takes light to travel from Venus to Earth, you need to know how far away Venus is from the Earth (Distance, D), the speed at which light travels (Speed of light (S), scientific symbol: c). Then you use the following formula: T = D / S

    Speed of light:

    ‘The speed of light in vacuum, commonly denoted c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. Its exact value is 299,792,458 metres per second (approximately 300,000 km/s (186,000 mi/s)).’ Speed of light – Wikipedia

    Earth-Venus average distance:

    On average Venus is 40 million kilometres away. Sometimes Venus is further away, and sometimes a little closer. How Far Away is Venus?

    You can get an approximate value by using 300 000 km/s for the speed of light or you can convert everything into metres and metres per second. 40 000 000 km = 40 000 000 000 metres (you multiplied by 1000, because there are 1000m in a km).

    T = 40 000 000 000 / 299 792 458 = 133.43 seconds (rounded up)

    Now, you divide the number of seconds by 60 (because there are 60s in a minute): 2.22 minutes (rounded).

    0.22 of a minute is (0.22 x 60) = 13.2 seconds.

    So, on average, it takes 2 minutes 13 seconds approximately for light to travel from Venus to Earth. This means we are looking at Venus as it was just over 2 mins ago.’

    1. Extremophiles.

      Is it life, but not life as we know it?

      If life did exist in the clouds of Venus it would be very different to anything on Earth, Dr Dempsey said.

      “We know that extremophiles on Earth can exist in acidic environment, but that acidic environment might only be 5 per cent, and it’s still very much water based.

      “Whereas the clouds in question we’re talking about are more like 90 per cent acid.”

      And “Maybe we were looking in the wrong direction.”

      Dr Dempsey agreed.

      “We are really glad there is a new focus coming back on our next door neighbour,” she said.

      “We’ve been looking in the other direction for life on planets,” she said of the focus on Mars, and moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

      “Maybe we were looking in the wrong direction.”

    1. can you feeeeeeeeel it?

    1. Dunning

      I suspect there is no cure for the virus but interesting link with the morning star.

      Phineas, also spelt Phineus, was a figure in Greek myth.

      The king of Thrace, he appears in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. Granted with the gift of prophecy, Zeus later saw his gift to Phineas as dangerous, fearing he may reveal the plans of the gods. He had Phineas blinded and banished to an island with a feast. Before he could eat the food, the harpies ruined it and tormented Phineas until a pair of winged heroes called the Boreads scared them away.

      I notice a University of Texas and Galveston link to your article. They follow me around.

      Normal weird stuff with Phineas. I have a friend who online calls himself Phineus. Occasionally over the last five years we have bumped into each other and shook our heads about what is going on. One of the few people who I can talk to about these things in my locality. I’ve put up Daisy pics comment about Daisy Bloom. Phineus is a bit of an Orlando Bloom doppelganger. Every one I know seems to be a movie star !

      One of the good guys.

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