Last Chance Saloon

In the Mindlines, it’s the Last Chance Saloon.

Do Ya Feel Lucky ?




‘Sparking Panic’. When I first saw the article I read the headline as ‘Sparkling Panic’.

From Donnie Darko. Sparkle Motion.


Epstein and the Lolita Express and the little black book.

‘Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out.’



And ‘Keep Watching The Skies’. From Jenny. It’s crazy up there at times at present. It’s Another Planet or something.




And The Mask.



It’s all In No Sense.


55 thoughts on “Last Chance Saloon

  1. I think it’s TTN’s birthday on 23rd Sept. I maybe wrong as 29th is going around my head as well. Maybe we all have two birthdays or it’s my dementia.

    And Happy Birthday if he looks in.

    1. It was 29th september my dauther fell from horse.
      Now she is working bookkeeper half day and drive a car.
      I am so happy!

          1. Dream

            Great to hear about your daughter. That must be wonderful for you ! Let’s hope she continues to recover some more.

            It’s very weird in the skies these days at times . Everything is !

    2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Frank. 👍 Hope everything is good with all the Merovee gang.

      Funny you should use a video posted by a Man City fan you know how I have always hated their song Blue Moon and standing alone and the Alamo is about standing alone against all odds and the Texas Lone Star State of Mind.

      Reminds me of High Noon which is a retelling of the story of Kane and Abell where Gary Cooper is waiting for the train to face his nemesis Death and Judgement and everyone forsakes him so he has to stand alone. Because everyone faces death on their own right….But his new wife while waiting for the train to leave changes her mind and stands with him…..shoulder to shoulder…they are joined at the hip….because two heads are better than one.

      Last Chance Saloon indeed…..time is running out tik tok Judgement Day approaches. We are nearing the end of the script finally.

      but perfect love (when two become one) casts out fear (of death and judgement) and the question is will they escape in time.

          1. It’s kinda weird or what Frank but I have always had an intense dislike of that song ever since childhood. And obviously can’t stand the two teams from Manchester.

            Palace have started well and you got Batman back we play you shortly which is kinda worrying but at least we finally bought a keeper today instead of the expensive cardboard cut out one we had before.

      1. Happy Birthday TTN. 🍻

        Love High Noon and Gary Cooper.
        Amazing Grace, in the film her name was Amy. A name that’s about to become very important, maybe. (See my comment further down)

    1. cast TOR
      casting for the toroidal flip
      which itself is just a sTORy and not an inevitability
      stop watching the screens (including the sky)
      momma earth is here now

      but that’s just my opp in ion

    2. Thems fightin’ words. 🙂

      Arrows in the quiver?

      We will go to Mars/war by 2020.

      The Day of Atonement in 2020 begins after sunset this Sunday.

      Slow motion waiting for the containment to fail.

      Etc. Etc. Etc. 🙃

  2. BOL occurred to me and then Kane posted this: soul lure bol lore. Book of Life. The ai Cast Tor Y. Bol locks and cast tor

    1. Book of Life stories
      Bol lore
      Bollure the ”paper energie” company.
      Paper energy = fiat energy, fake trees

      I don’t always know what what I write means. I just write. Something suggests ”lithium” encodes ”lilith”. Lithium (bat teries) is a very dirty bizness too….

      “On February 17, 2009, Bolloré held talks with Bolivian President Evo Morales about the use of its lithium reserves for electric vehicle batteries…Transport & Logistics: freight forwarding by sea, land and air, ports, handling and shipping services, operation of shipping lines.[11] According to Liz Alderman, its air, sea, and land network constitutes a “virtual stranglehold” on West African transport. Bolloré manufactures the Bolloré Bluecar, a small electric car, initially produced to showcase the company’s range of electric power cells…”

      “Free energy.”
      My ass.
      “No such thing as a free lunch.”
      The artifice vampires it from somewhere.

  3. strikes me the ”subway” may have to do with the ”mud flood” of the subconscious thus why ”tartaria” (tartarus) is appearing

  4. the aether needs plasma, is plasma is screen is sky is screen

    1. Roob

      33 is in there. I was thinking about it the other day. It all started kicking off for me when I was 33. Not uncommon. Bit like pop stars and getting past 27 alive.

      And 33rd Parallel etc. Not sure why public announcements would be made with 33 but Nancy Pelosi and ‘Good Morning, Sunday Morning’ had the same coded message feel.

      Is Heaven’s Gate any good ?

      1. It’s long – over three and a half hours (3:39). I quite enjoyed it; Cade not so much. There’s graphic violence, long meandering scenes, unexpectedly noisy and has parallels with the present day, in my opinion. So basically weird 😉

        And its beautiful to look at 😀 Oh, and John Hurt is in it, so it has a of Doctor Who connection 😉

  5. “country girl, but not Rangeley-stranded country.” – last night of the following article. I read that as ‘strangely rounded’. There’s a missing bridge, a forest that sounded Jung-all and interesting names,to boot 😉

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