Remember DNA ? Is You Tube just a memory bank for songs you’ve forgotten ?



Its been an interesting week shopping wise. On Monday when I went to a local store, I gestured to the security girl outside wearing the yellow jacket whether it was OK to go in and she nodded at me but said ‘Be very cautious’. And I thought ‘What? Where did that come from all of a sudden after four months.’ And ten minutes later I thought of the ideal answer ‘I’m always very courteous’ but too late.

Yesterday, the ‘rule’ making face masks mandatory in shops in the UK was introduced. If I believed in all this, I would be asking ‘Why Now ? Too little, too late’. The numbers say the curve has virtually been flattened here so why now. But I don’t believe in all this, so it’s a slightly irrelevant question for me. Click LOL.

I had hoped not to wear a mask but yesterday I found myself ‘In Sainsburys’ grocery store wearing a camouflage mask. As I donned the mask, I got the feeling I was entering the Chernobyl or Fukushima No Go Zone and the Heart of In Sainsbury’s. It certainly feels like the heart of madness.

I thought I would take a pic of myself In Sainsbury’s wearing the camouflage mask and send to Jenny which I did. When I returned home I looked at the pic again.

Every picture tells a story and what the naked eye can’t see.




And it’s creating something new.



On the way back this passed me by.

DNA. Its a big truck.



Earlier this week a new 50p coin in the UK was introduced in honour of Rosalind Franklin’s 100th birthday.



Photograph 51.



The Day Everything Changed.

In ‘Annihilation’ it was the alien wot done it and I’m going out on a limb here and say that I think that sometime soon we will have alien contact but I believe it will be different to how we imagine. Not sure how it will show itself. What I’ve picked up is that ET is actually multi dimensional ‘Us’. It’s all us.



Arrival is a stupendous movie. Alien contact is a big part of the plot but the main theme is about Time and Memory.



I mentioned a few articles ago about my theory that I had actually had two childhoods. One over here in England and one in Texas and that my memories are a mind jumble of the two. The more I’ve thought about it, the more possible it seems.

And what happens with the jumbled memory is that the 3D rational mind arranges memory to fit the programme and so I have just one memory timeline but the two memory timelines weave in and out of each other and the mind creates one distinct memory. And what is happening is that as similar to DNA cross species and flora and fauna merging in Annihilation, Time DNA can also do the same. Also if ET does appear, we may actually be experiencing a memory. Everything maybe a memory.

When you’ve worked it out !


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  1. I’m reading a sci-fi thriller called The Atlantis Gene. It’s about a huge metal artifact discovered in the ice in Antarctica, an international security group called Clocktower, a genetic study of children with Autism, and a secret code to be unraveled.

    And last night I fell asleep on the sofa and when I awoke this morning the first thing I saw was the alien (Red Spotted Lantern Fly) sitting on my pillow looking at me. That’s the first I’ve seen since the infestation of last year.

    And this morning I walked to a store which has a small billboard on it’s wall. A new sign had been put up which dealt with The Shame of Childhood Bullying and read ‘Kindness is Key’. 🔑

    1. Elena

      The mystery of Antarctica. Shows up a lot.

      Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry and Nazis and all sorts. Watched an interesting movie called 2036 Origin Unknown a few weeks ago about an inter dimensional structure which was a Cube that was in more than one place including Antarctica but was at its core just a bit of software. And the Ant again. Anti Matter and Antibody.

      Same with Atlantis.

      The Sunken Garden.


        1. From Fleetwood to ‘Deadwood’, an albatross turned up whilst Cade and I remote viewed the episode ‘Full Faith and Credit’ last night…

        1. Roob

          About Scooby Doo.

          I had a strange conversation with some friends about Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo came up in conversation for some reason.

          One of them said he was disappointed with Scooby Doo as a child. He would wait for the unveiling of the monster and the villain would just be the local bank manager or the fairground owner. He felt cheated. Thought it should be something more exciting.

          We said ‘Well it’s Scooby Doo. That’s what happens in Scooby Doo’ but he wouldn’t have it. He’s still disappointed with it.

          1. Pardon my scepticism. About everything really.

            What’s black and white. And read all over.

            Here is the pic of the victim of the shooting in Austin – Garett Foster and his girlfriend Whitney Mitchell.




        1. They are calling melania Marie Antoinette who made hay while the city burned. She was married to Louis. Meanwhile in Louisville, melanated people are walking.

            1. Kanye used to date amber rose.
              Amber waves of …. amber is ”plasma”
              rose is rose.

      1. Frank

        We’ve lost the concept of street theater. 🎭

        When face covering became mandatory in PA way back in March, I bought a pack of men’s white handkerchiefs big enough to use as a bandanna. First I wore them as is, then I drew the bottom part of the Guy Fawkes mask on with a Sharpie. Now you can buy them that way. 😊

        Enter Col. Kill gore. The name says it all.

          1. And etymology of Mascara :

            ‘The source of the word “mascara” is unclear. The Spanish word máscara meaning ‘mask’ or ‘stain’, and the Italian word maschera meaning ‘mask’ are possible origins. A related Catalan word describes soot or a black smear, and the Portuguese word máscara means ‘mask’ and mascarra means dark stain or smut). There is even strong support for a possible source from the Arabic word maskharah or ‘buffoon’.The Hebrew word משקרות (MaSQROTh) as relating to women’s eyes is found in Isaiah 3:16.’

    1. nurse scrubs, white lab coats, handwashing, ‘chasing the light’, ‘future proves past’ Q mantra nonsense ———> e-Race

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